Firm, The - Untouchable Lyrics

[Nas Escobar:]
Yeah, I'd like to welcome everybody that came
I know that I woke y'all up early this mornin', but shit is real
I need all y'all to come down
so we can talk about these things that's going on man
It's gettin' real

Escobar, reportoire, that's my man
Blowin' up how we expand
Stack grands up, pack vans up, with wild cats
Bustin' live gats
Claimin' that you illa than me, now how's that
In the Bridge hangin' wit the thug menaces
Images of mad loot, and beatin' sentences
Now we livin' large, remininscin' flippin' on prison guards
Jumpin' in and out of different cars
On a weekly, Benz or Mitsubishi
Got the flip phone in the strip zone
Satellite dish, 50 inch with the Knicks on
Everday it's real in my life, you live in sitcoms
Real Dons, bustin' out this hustlin' game with the name
See it lights, bitch get it right
Scorsese, capo, black Mercedes
Miami in back, with the crack, the late 80's
Brown Timbs, and thousands
Now we on to some real doe
How does it feel to count a mil?
What you bug?
Throw a party and show love
to the same cats after your stacks who throw slug

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Firm, The Untouchable Comments
  1. Em jay

    dope ass song.... when I heard the beat I went nutz when this record came out...…. I first heard this sample on a rap a lot group called the black monks.... the song was called secrets of the hidden temple !! that shit was hard !!! never the less.. this song is fiah

  2. tony brown

    The fucking 90$$

  3. Apostle9590


  4. fyve angelZ

    real raw hip hop when it had style

  5. Gee Status

    🕺🏾I Can Picture📸This Song In A Mob Flick During Shootouts!!!!!!

  6. busymike

    I think this was the first rhyme Wiz ever recorded. Shit is fire.

  7. LivingInTheKaliYogurt

    This beat is amazing.

    Adam Gordon

    LivingInTheKaliYogurt : Dope AF 🔥

  8. Loner Status

    Scorcese capo black mercedes

  9. Aaron9

    Nas wrote this shit, there for he should have did all the rapping, and it should have been longer 😠


    No, Wiz wrote it himself.

  10. Menelik X

    Scorsese,capo, black Mercedes. Enough said . This is too ill 🤒

  11. g boz

    Foxy brown should’ve went second

  12. King Sports

    Wiz killed that freestyle

    Adam Gordon

    King Sports : He went in 🔥🔥

  13. DummyboyDior

    Where can hear more wizard!!!

    Sandra Ruiz

    That's what I want to know

    Adam Gordon

    DummyboyDior : Bravehearts album, QB’s finest album 💯

  14. An Da

    excellent beat.. it gives me this nostalgic feeling and makes me extremely happy at the same time. music like this makes me glad to be alive

  15. Michael Latrell

    This shit cold

  16. Joshua M.

    Todays date 05/13/18 8 yrs later exactly today

  17. Nino Brown

    Every day in my life is real you live a sitcom

  18. Straight Mobbin

    I think it’s long enough tbh to me the album like a movie and this song like a cutscene to a secondary character before going back to five minutes to flush but idk

  19. Wale61Three

    Just wish Nas and AZ did a verse too.. Too short I just have to leave this on repeat a couple times lol

  20. Baby Preme

    Did wiz put any material out ?


    The bravehearts album

  21. Adam Gordon

    This seriously has to be one of the best beats in hip hop history 🔥🔥🔥 G -Wiz was ill too.

  22. Kyle Sager

  23. Sandra Ruiz

    this song go harder than a muthafucka I listen to this lil snippet over and over this beat so dope and his voice sounds so dope over this track should of been an entire song!

    Clubber Lang

    Hey Sandra!

  24. Alex Martinez

    Best track on the album

    Adam Gordon

    Alex Martinez : Real talk 🔥



  25. Emiliano Zapata

    I got this instrumental on my channel, check it out!

  26. hiram madera

    That's Nas one love instrumental just sped up that's all



    Matthew Bell

    No it's not

  27. KEDAR RA


  28. Chris Cruz

    Always thought it was Nature with his glasses completely embodying that mafioso rap of the late 90's. Fucking dope Gentleman, play this at your wedding with your groomsmen prior to walking haha flip phone in the strip zone 😎👌🏽🏆

  29. Jamal Williamson


  30. Sandra Ruiz

    this is one of my favorite songs on this album yet is so short. this beat is fire and Wizard is spittin! i could listen to this on repeat for a min!

    Syborg Lord

    Sandra Ruiz mine too had this on repeat constantly when it first came out lol

    Gee Status

    I🕺🏾Wanna Hear A DJ Like Tony Touch Cut This Up😎!!!!!(He'll Do It Some Justice Thru 1 Of His Extended Mixes)

    tony brown

    Fly shit

    robert anderson

    YOU AINT FUCKIN LYIN My Sistah Sandra Ruiz!👍🏽

    robert anderson

    imagin Kool G Rap spit to this track

  31. JWB Games _

    These beats remind me of no idols Domo genesis

  32. Jah left

    almost forgot about this if you never been around thugs he just give a nice pic with words ..

  33. Rachel Davis

    Why is this song so short? It was one of the best on this album.

    Sandra Ruiz

    my exact words!

    Used to be Ron

    The energy was crazy but the vibe just died out halfway. I've worked in studios before and seen it happen to lots of rappers.

  34. Agent 74

    I'd kill for this instrumental

    Robz Vega

    i remade it my self lol

    Emiliano Zapata

    Check my channel

    Simon Rozas

    Agent 74 Check Out 9th Wonder by Fat Joe it uses the same sample

  35. Tony Montez

    this album needs to be screwed

  36. Justin Morrison

    bless The Temptations for the keys sample,but I love it utilised by the Blac Monks Hidden Temple more so.Dope beat tho.

  37. MultiBillionHeir

    Dre get producer credit because he told Grand Wiz to step in the booth and record & fought for it the verse to stay on the album --- straight from Grand Wiz interview.

    Alex Mason

    MultiBillionHeir Wow!Thanks for the info


    Alex Mason no doubt

  38. MrSupermecton

    Other sample : Arsenik - "Sexe, Pouvoir et Biftons" ---> Listen this please

  39. Tom V

    Classic !

  40. Mario Camara

    this dope

  41. tear from the clouds

    it's been a while since i heard this joint...all U hip hop headz...check it!

  42. elementsofstars

    Classic example of how Dre gets credit for a beat he didn't make.

    Joshua Fult

    +elementsofstars once again no one produced anything 100% by their own especially back in the day

    Mark Whippy

    A producer, Chris the glove Taylor that worked on the album said he asked to have dre credited as producer or co-producer on some of his beats to promote his own name. I think it was the same for Mel-man on this song.

    iDemonKing- YT

    @Mark Whippy dude Chris the glove Taylor sued over it and lost so he must have been lying

    Kennedy Baloyi

    Mel-man did everything on this song. Dre did not even touch this song at all...

    Adam Gordon

    Kennedy Baloyi : 🤣🤣 Real talk 💯 that’s why i don’t respect Dre !!

  43. Kwame Chikuyu

    @illnigma Grand Wizard aka G-Wiz from Bravehearts

  44. TheGregs91

    what's the original song? :OO


    you mean the sample? The Temptations - Mother Nature ... 1972

    Grega Stopar

    @banjoakajambo_ teeenx mann :D

  45. wil1080

    Arsenik: Sexe, pouvoir & biftons


    Putain ça m'a hanté cet Instru, pendant 15 minutes je savais pas d'où est ce que je le connaissais ! ahah

  46. savagewebbie8

    Mel Man did this beat. Killed it. Wiz killed it. Wish it was longer

  47. 850iStyle


    Adam Gordon

    850iStyle * Grand Wiz

  48. John Doe

    see it in lights bitch get it right.....this shit is so ill

  49. Kyle Sager

    such a classic album, so ill!

  50. iLLNIGMA

    when i was younger i always thought this was "nature" rapping here! who the fuck is wizard? but this is one of my favorite albums< i mean that from the bottom of my heart!


    Grand Wiz from the Bravehearts.

    Alex Mason

    "Big Nas, Grand Wizard, yo what is it, ha, nahmsayin" - Memory lane intro

  51. virtual system

    this went hard! Dre was on fire on the beat as always.



  52. Rick Harding

    an alrite Dre beat..I think a lot of people didn't feel Dre's production and wanted something more grimey



  53. visuaviewer

    best shit on the whole CD.


    Bitch please. Phone tap was the best

  54. Manu Beats

    Mel-Man beat

  55. Robz Vega

    repeat !

  56. Matyn Mashad

    the only thing i hate about this song is TOO SHORT!!!


    Too Short isn't on this song... Haha kidding

  57. DragonAurora

    This beat was one of the best I ever heard....the piano shit is SICK...

  58. Jacks Johnson

    the most underrated Dr. Dre beat



  59. cojack252

    such an under rated ill...