Firm, The - I'm Leaving Lyrics

yo, Nori know this, and Nori know that
but Nori know gat (why)
cause Nori buck dat
Iraq'll make you famous
throwing gang signs like it's sign language
distinguish us from the others
kidnap your baby mothers
bringing drama to the deep covers
salute g, bust you down like a lucie
Jose probably lay with a gold uzi
crunk Italy, Africa and Sicily
niggaz acting sissy see
pointing guns and missing me
([Nas:] "Yo son, it's on son")
hey yo there's beef in the hood again
niggaz came with hoods again
thinking that it woulda been
saw us, from what we first did
when we did
now we twist another wig, a mother lose another kid
but it's beef now, keep it short
real brief now
strike vigorous, no intentions of missing it
they sent the message, or example, whatever
set it up man on man
only to score we apply the plan
quickly explain why you ran in this dark land
we lay you down in the sand
on the lines like the internet
many would come if you would pose off
against my set, there ain't a nigga yet
smoke so much, niggaz say I need nicarette
you say bogie but you used to say cigarette
nine-oh, a new religion, a new beginning

I'm leaving

baby don't go
I know the block is hot
boo I'll watch your spot

I'm leaving
sweetie don't leave
I need you to stay with me (come on)

uh huh, uh, uh
uh huh, uh, uh
I'm leaving

boo I can't understand

and don't think that I'll be back again

it's like a bad dream
and I can't wake up
mouth caked up
knowing these cats is fake fucks
and it ain't right
with no love, them hugs ain't tight
son we used to pop bottles and slugs the same night

hey yo they left me
right hand damaged and I ain't lefty
couldn't bust when I's supposed to pull
what I'm supposed to do?
lay down, watch these niggaz spray me
or maybe
we strike accurate
blaze them plus they ladies

I woulda never thought we'd ever get caught
in this way of life
prosecution, if you violate a player's rights
say it twice
Nature soon to be engraved in ice
hanging off my neck
glistens like it's framed in light

niggaz call me Jose
shootin the Artie Clay
Benedict Arnold type
getting this rap loot
still selling China White
either Allah or Christ
married to marijuana
now my niggaz don't write
(still ice, still living this life)


you got the nerve to say that Nature's slipping?
the greatest vision
bald-head kid
Cartier frames, the latest Pippens
doggystyle was my favorite position
until I switched it, dead shit
got on some head shit
headed in the wrong direction up in the Sheraton
QB to LA still puffing my medicine
for those lost in the streets up north or deceased
for those struggling unfortunate to eat
I dedicate this, tell me right now how do you rate this?
whatever happened to the mule and the 40 acres
it's outrageous, the way the god finesse the basics
invasion, me and Noreaga Firm made men

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Firm, The I'm Leaving Comments
  1. Joseph Hall

    Look up nature

  2. Joseph Hall

    4 da sleep

  3. WatchNo Face

    Jheez (N)iggas (O)n Da (R) (E)atin destroyed this track with sauce 💯🔥🔥

  4. Steve Amuz

    NORE Queen's Legend.

  5. dna dna

    Still slapping in 2019🚫🧢💯🤦🏾‍♂️✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿🤐🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Maree Nxxry

    yo noory know this & noory kno that

  7. Khalil Shakur

    The most slept on album in history

    running out of time

    Not really.

    Intelligent Hoodlum


  8. Donald Anderson

    We used to play this on the way to high school on the school bus
    We love this album in my hood
    The Firm is one of the greatest group album ever

  9. Christian Charles

    Married to marijuana now niggas throw rice - Nore

  10. Christian Charles

    QB to LA still puffin my medicine- Nature

  11. Christian Charles

    Nas one of the GOATS

  12. D Step

    Nas on Drink Champs? Yeah, that's how I revisited this classic!

  13. Michael Wilson

    Drink Champs - Firm connection

  14. Buur Abraham

    Nore kick this beat so hard✌️
    Still here in 2019 who else?

  15. Vaugenheim Nughnrn

    Still don't understand how this album flopped. #allclassics

  16. chax Erazo

    👌 kinG cha fuc solid lov

  17. Chez Pirito

    Drink champs brought me here 2 !

  18. David Perez

    This used to set off all the car alarms when someone drove by. On the lines like the internet!

  19. Ron Walker

    I remember hearing this in the Bronx lost my mind

  20. gemzzwhoa


  21. Creative Lael Ashif

    Nature knew what to say to grab u

  22. nurban w

    Drink champs

  23. HHT TV

    here after Drink Champs with NAS..

  24. Kaustic410

    Drink Champs bought y’all here ??? Lol Bruh This Album raised me

  25. Marvin Allen

    This was the best song on the album my opinion

  26. K X

    I thought that was bow wow on the left

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    Drink Champs referred me! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    drink champs with Nas brought me here! real rap

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    Song need more views and likes!!!

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  36. Abdul Bey T.V.

    Conquer Italy Africa and Sicily! Dope ass Moorish Science BAR!!! But Nature smh

    Rell Jenkins

    Nore was better but nature was hot on this jawn too

  37. saul cuello

    I came in because of drink champ interview of nas..... I'm in .... I'm listening..... And now " I'm leaving " .......

    NOT..... Why? Cause this song HOT.

  38. Kush Smokin

    I watched drink champs... YouTube heard all of the words and now decides to start showing me some of the song titles it heard.. Uhhh- mazing

    Gary Wade

    Bruh listen to that track "Triple Threat" they were talking about also. All 3 of them niggaz murdered that shit

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    Nore killed this. Nature killed this. Nas killed this.

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    Dr Dre beat

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    Shoutout drink champs

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    Drinks champs with Esco brought me here... great song

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    Ok!!! Gotta bump that War Report next!! I almost forgot how hard Nore was, respect to the drink champs and my fav Mc nas!! Much respect from South Carolina

    London Man

    One of my favourite albums.

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    Drink champs 🥃🥃🥃🥃

  46. Music Man Moe

    one of the dopest

  47. Moegee123 Nunny

    This when nore was fire.....everyone wanted a feature wit the boy NO.....even dre wanted nore to write 4 ur history kids.....

  48. Wesley Fields

    My auntie grabbed my Firm Cd when I got lock up in the county and said this was her favorite track.


    mos def had song im leaving ... who was first with this ? :D


    The firm album came out October '97, and travellin man by mos def came out November '97 on the DJ Honda album. So I think it's just a weird coincidence lol.

    Gary Wade

    @LYNX CANE dope shit everywhere in hip hop then

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    CaraCicatriz Pachnio

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    Brought me BACK here 💯

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    B.Mobile TD The interview was wack man.

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    Kevin Jenkins

    Me too. I never heard this.
    Nas is humble and very respected....

    bReezy MadMann

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    RoberTito Cruz

    Drink Champs brought me BACK!!! Love that I clicked on comments and immediately found someone representing Drink Champs..

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    This here is a stick up to all you 90$ Rappers. You better bring it back or else.

  61. Sambha Ham Da

    corona qnz nigga

  62. Sambha Ham Da

    Kidnap ya babymothers bringing drama to the deep cover

  63. 718Trace

    Music is the closest thing we have to a time machine..listening in June 2019, takes me right back to when this was hitting 🔥

    Detrich Swain

    718Trace yep, music and a picture.

  64. Anthony Mack

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    Headed in the wrong direction up in the Sheridan QB to LA still puffin my medicine

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    damn the memories, 42 this year!

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  77. LifeIsGood

    Nature killed this

  78. Daelin Proudmore

    I had this album when it dropped. It was panned by critics and nobody in my school had the album that I knew. Never understood it. This album dropped at the height of the Italian Mafioso movement in the 90's. Pure east coast movement. It's long dead now but many of the lyrics used during this time stuck around and are still used in rap. I think queens rappers binged on Godfather and Casino and wrote an album based on it.

  79. Tyki Mikk804

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    We live this Life. BOBO 😎 💯👊 🍻😯 💪💰 🍻🍷


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    tom tairua check my page out


    Hard straight from Central Auckland


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    Karen Malecki too slept on

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    Without a doubt

    First Last

    So is "Live Wire". Beat selection not the best but I've never stopped listening to it.

    First Last

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