Firm, The - Five Minutes To Flush Lyrics

They say they just wanna question me the interuption
4 in the morning they knocked and caught me fuckin'
Throw on something mad provocative play with the top lock
Buy me some time so I can hide the shit kinda quick
Move the guns clip the herb
They got me shook up plus my nut was disturbed
Hide the chocolate pickin' up shells form off the carpet
Baracaiding the door for war like a hostage
It's my crib, got my name on the lease
Can't explain niggas just get arrained and released
But who snitched set me up, I think it's you bitch
Sacrificing my life for you two kids?
Truth is, I got a business to lose eyewitness news
Paper tellin' bitches to move, police turned this into a zoo
Mad reporters, I laugh as I'm sippin' my brew
They think they caught us

4 in the morning Feds are out at the door
What you gonna do?
What you gonna do when they come through for you?
Ooh ee ooh ee ooh ee yeah yeah yeah yeah
4 minutes left

About a minute went by they knocked harder
My bitch went hysterical in shock
Slapped her to calm her
4-4 cocked to armor
It's been a long day now I raid with jakes playin' in the hallway
It's senseless, enter my crib and can't prevent this
Blockin' my enterence, trying to knock it off the hindges
Battering rams coming inches, my hoe was buggin'
Throw a fit thowin' puttin' coke in the oven
Like I'm Larry Davis the phone rang some D.A. bitch
"Nature turn yourself in" I didn't say shit
Knowin' in my heart I'm a stay rich
It's abusing, confusing them until they lose patience
Try to ease up, calm my nerves with the cheeba
Hoping the door doesn't fall before the keys flush
Thieves rush, plus the riot squad
No surrender no retreat shit's deep but times is hard


By the time they had busted in I had touched the cash
Just flushed the last hundred grams nigga subduct the math
They made me either that or let them take me
Still in my night clothes fake like I'm asleep
Spoke to my rat heard him ask where the coke at
Predicate felon hope to never go back
They had survelance aware of all dealings
Knew about bitches that liked to shoot and loot kept in ceilings
Searching my spot behind curtains stay cursing
Chief of police finally meet him in person
But I just flushed the yayo what could he say do
Trying to flip on me, once was on the payroll
Trying to laylow he can't find what he need
So instead I'm cuffed taken down for some weed
But it's just for a short say, I call the Firm then emerge
On the streets to return the next court day


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Firm, The Five Minutes To Flush Comments
  1. Maritez Scott

    Tape and CD 😎

  2. larrym8404

    2019 and still here

  3. Alex Mason

    Nature is on Nas's level

  4. Luiz Carlos

    Dr Dre no beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. warren johnson

    Shit been banging this since 98 nigghhha still hit the album songs back in the day sound better than todays hits .....facts

  6. Earnest Jackson

    2019 🔥

  7. Alpha Africa

    They should rerelease this album.

  8. Jeffrey Ingram


  9. Kenneth Byrd

    Dope ass remake of 5 minutes of funk

  10. John Doe

    Bump this shit when I dump this shit on break at work lol

  11. Shawn Steed

    Dre should've kept working with Nature after this album, they was a good collaboration together🤔

    Alex Mason

    Right, Nature was very skilled MC

  12. wr513


  13. Zukisa Japhta

    2019 anyone?

  14. Jondu Flee

    We need a firm reunion

    red crimson102

    I dont know the cd was trash i only like this track and firm biz

  15. AAA M


  16. AAA M

    I'm pretty sure the 'Statute" has "PASSED", now. Leaving ME, FREE to say whatever I please! Whenever the "time is right"!

  17. William Johnson


  18. Joseph Hall

    Nate one of the best. For all seasons was dope.

  19. Tezzington Sir

    The Firm Flopped????!!! That's reason I'm getting no sleep!!!

  20. Judge Dredd

    Roger Troutman on the Voice Box

  21. Chino Simpson

    #229 GA $h!t# Up To N.Y. #315... Upstate 💯💯💯👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿 [email protected]

  22. Krunoslav Blašković

    Nature murder this

    Prodajem sina debila

    Brate viđam te na dosta old school stvari, respect zbog tog

    Darnel W

    As always

  23. columbusohio72

    Nature + Zapp + Dre = Hit

  24. fitch_tnb

    who liked all the comments! This guy

  25. Kory Pettiford

    When music was music.

  26. domitilio allee

    Who's still blasting this shit in 2018??👊🏼💪🏼

    Dale Traverso

    domitilio allee Right here...drove to this early in morning

    Allen Mitchell Gardner

    Check out my version.


    @Mookaron 2019 as well

  27. Quadear Jones

    Shit still lite

  28. Andrea mcgehee

    been there 5 mins to flush the deeee.... ooooo.......ppppp.....eeeeeee

  29. Robert Bell

    Love this track! Its crazy yo. Remind of the movie Goodfellas.

  30. Robert Bell

    5 minutes to flush! Nature turn yourself in, I didn't say shit!

  31. Marthell Johnson

    Love this song since the first time I heard it. 🔥🔥🔥

  32. GBtha G

    STILL a hit it aint goin nowhere. Real shet unlike todayz funny hiphop.

    red crimson102

    Word life lol

  33. chico5099 Granados

    made me wana flush lol still bumping this in 2018

    domitilio allee

    chico5099 Granados ......August- 16th - 2018- 6:34 A.M. - and still bumping this shit early in the morning😁👊🏾

  34. John Load

    Once was on the payroll

  35. Victoria Welch

    This is real life....sad and scary

  36. Charlie Brown Boxing Media

    Big Tune!!!!!

  37. Don .T


  38. shoqwave

    the story telling is immaculate

    John Load

    Hiphop has changed from this....


    It really has!

    red crimson102

    So was the word play, the rhyming was crazy how it connected

  39. J Noneya

    miss that NY state of mind rap u know with lyrics and content not this mumbled bullshit

  40. Derrick Armstrong

    they knocked harder my bitch went hysterical so I smack her to calm her..... whoa. This story telling

  41. Ash Dewhirst

    absolute banger

  42. Chris Lavan

    this that real shit, i still got the cd, just easier when on youtube. no matter tho people yall know 100. 2016. still bumpin it

  43. croplaya

    why couldn't they turn it down a lil bit and keep this goddamn beat bumping throughout the song.. ahhh finally got to say it after holding it in for 19 years

    El Chapo

    I feel you the beat feels to plain afterwards and nas or az should've rapped over this it's funky as hell


    Rail Pantoja It woulda been nice wit az and nas on it, but nature straight killed it

    Monkey Magic

    The synth melody at the start appears a lot more in the Whodini version.