Firm, The - Firm Freestyle Lyrics

[Foxy] uh, uh huh, huh y'all cats ain't ready for the firm

uh, dats right, uh, uh huh, brooklyn shit

[Foxy Brown]
All y'all hoes wanna stop my chips
Stare a bitch down when I rock my whips (UH!)
Knowin that you hate me on the low, cock glock by dicks
Stick me for the ice on my wrists
Keeps the chorme fifth, make you so sick
Y'all hoes give me honostly no choice but to shit
'Ficially Firm, no extra shit, no suprises
No disguses, no Foxes, lil Nases
Stictly Fan Fam, AZ, Mega, Na Na, Nas Esco for eva
When y'all hoes is in the range ain't no tame to y'all
I'm still a young bitch and i'm ashamed of y'all
Mad cuz they know no clique claimed to y'all
And y'all hoes is like fuck me, the same to y'all (thats right)
And I really got no time to play no games with y'all
And if I feel like shittin on y'all, I'm namin y'all (UH!)
If I'm soundin kinda harsh, please ignore me
Not to stop ya rhyme flow, but ya'll makes takes shorty
The nerve of y'all hoes tryna gail me
And Uhhhh, ya broke bitch, what the fuck ya tryna stale me
[Nas] where ya [4X] [singing] where ya at nigga?

Lost to the bosses
Rhymes in my mind like these pearls and oysters
Jew-els you deal because we bail in porches
Of course its the firm, this court is ajourned
My thoughts is to burned y'all little nases
Middle guises mouthin off I wanna speak to y'all leaders, you bump and smoke cheeba
I shoot em in my two seat-a
Yo you's the worst clown
The Jamie Fox with his first down, first rounds
If ya made it when it takes to stay paid
I'm in the trade trade in the double-o kuzzle
Guzzelin don twist on my dro my drugs yo
Glistenin um... rollie platinum like my records
My wallet be mad brolick
From Queen Bride Projects, the hottest

Still real from palm sockets
Hoes lovin the dick, I'll smuggle my wrist
To remind me of the days when it was nothing like this
I used to bust a nut on my fist, imaginin it was some lips, sucking my dick
Now I'm handcuffin my chicks, and yours too
Layin back gettin the all woo, In the back of the four-two-zero
Y'all better respect black DeNiro
Have ya crew graph a miro, of ya face with a halo
On your building on your block where you stay low
End your career, niggas like remember him, yeah
Nigga fucked with Esco, the emperor
Thought I might have passed you cris
Yo a nigga passed you pissed
Made the wrong move, now the nigga ass is His
We the firm baby boys, y'all surpass to this
Keep the facts about real life and death situations
Mack with real ice, rings, his breath taken
See me floss with whores, jumpin ways and doors
The crew papa commisioned out and clue(?) zada(?)
Gatherin thoughts up in the 12 bed room casa
The cigars on the way to see the opera
Up in the balcony with the wineians binocular
Black and white tuxes, black hustlers
Fuck with us, firm buisness we'll discuss this

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Firm, The Firm Freestyle Comments
  1. Im So Focused

    Nas said "Up on the balcony, with the one lense binocular, black and white tuxes, black hustlers." Jay-Z copied that on his song called "Thank You".

  2. autobots decepticons

    Yooooo!!! What the fuk???? Nas bodied that s*** ALWAYS HAVE My all time favorite rapper word up!👊🏾✌🏾

  3. Mica Oya


  4. john ryder

    I use 2 bump this 97 98 nas was blackn out on this track foxy bent this shyt 2! I luv dat 90dz shyt! grey clue tape dayz!😎

  5. C Dub

    How they crop my man Nature out of the pic? He ripped this beat on the Cutmaster C version.

  6. Darnel W

    Nas bodied Jay in dis

  7. NextLevelENT718

    I need this instrumental

    Aaliyah fan94

  8. Edward H

    Wish clue would stfu, ruins the whole track

  9. DreThaOnedaTV85

    Been looking for this forever NAS bar'd this song to death

  10. Kenoblackledge44 Blackledge

    Roly platinum like my records.

  11. Truthit Inc

    Is there an instrumental for this?

    Aaliyah fan94

  12. SuperCushcush

    Nas was getting at Mike Deloreon, Mega and Jay Z

  13. Billy Johnson

    🔑 2018 still rocking

  14. stypeones

    This was 1997

  15. Kelvin Miles

    One for the money, 2 for the weed Spot...yeah they took Nature's verse of this!!! He put that verse on the 4 all seasons album!!!

    C Dub

    Nature went in on his verse.....

  16. Darius Clayburn


    Jarrel Ely

    Nas vs Kool G Rap? Who is the best MC?

    young marvie

    Jarrel Ely lol Jesus you are annoying lol

  17. Marcus Ruffin

    When Mixtapes was hot

  18. Bobby On the Go!

    It’s 2018 and this is still HOT!

  19. Daniel Kietzman

    poor quality but still hot

    Daniel Kietzman

    Clue?, remaster this son!


    Mixtape feels



  21. Courtney R

    Craig G  master Ace, Kane in the video.. Red alert etc. This beat is still sick!!!

    Jarrel Ely

    Imagine the Fresh Prince on this track?

  22. Christopher Johnson



    @BughattiBody WRONG



    Euro Stacks

    Nas was going at mega on this believe it or not....and a another kid name mike delorean

    Euro Stacks

    Nas was going at mega on this believe it or not....and a another kid name mike delorean


    Actually Nas was getting at everybody!
    "Boss of the Bosses"

  23. Dramahawk Promotions


  24. calvin Guy

    Foxy boggie brown shut this down for all these hoes that rap like her & Kim

  25. edward thomas jr

    My two favorite rappers!

    Jarrel Ely

    Nas vs Big daddy Kane? Who is the best MC?

    Snowface Killer

    Jarrel Ely Nas

  26. philfromthefuture

    Foxy 😎

  27. Fairplay Terrific

    No Frillz Baby No Frillz Queens BrookNam Connection Official Isht....

    Jarrel Ely

    Nas vs Craig G? Who is the best MC?

  28. Ron Davis

    nas was killin shit in 96 best rapper alive. he paint lyric pictures ...nas direct lyrical movies like scoseese

    Jarrel Ely

    Nas vs Master Ace? Who is the best MC?

  29. Ron Davis

    the symphony video in the beginning

    Haze Jones

    Ron Davis and the alcoholics beat

    Jarrel Ely

    Imagine Scarface on this?

  30. Sam Brooks

    Waiting for the Fox haters to say Nas wrote this freestyle for her lol...

    john ryder

    I think he did but so wat if he did she still bent dat shyt it was I lot of ghost writing going on back then it still is 2 this day

    John Doe

    I remember how most of us thought Nas wrote the Affirmative Action verse for Fox back in the days... lol
    This was on a Clueminati summer joint, 97 shit... Nas killed this freestyle

    Suave Petro

    Reality Check lmao


    Nas wrote it.

    Sam Brooks

    Freestyles are normally on the spot, she wrote this

  31. Black Collar Ent.

    Where can I get this beat?

    Rick Harding

    Make it

  32. tear from the clouds


  33. nomibe2911

    Thought a nigga passed you Cris, a nigga passed you piss.

  34. Ty&Vell RvaBros

    Whats the name of this marley marl beat looking for it

    Christopher Johnson


  35. JOEDRO

    the alkaholiks - hip hop drunkies


    The Symphony-- Juice Crew
    Learn your history!


    cartierjoe No you learn yours! The juice crew beat is from The Affirmative Action Remix!



  36. b7k1l8yn

    This is that Crack!!!

  37. 112frankybaby

    I just love that marly marl bottle sound.

  38. TVFoxboogie

    @Hotskithegreat all day, classic. sub !!

    SweetPea 4EVER!

    TVFoxboogie hot shit

    Jarrel Ely

    Are you the real foxy brown?

  39. Hotskithegreat

    Man this shit still hot, foxy went hard and what more could I say about nasty nas.