Firm, The - Firm Fiasco Lyrics

[Verse One: Nas Escobar, AZ the Vizuliza]
As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be in the Firm
I can remember when I first met Sosa, it was a glorious time
There were wise guys everywhere, we were around
Twenty one, twenty two at the time
Yeah every place we go, every party
People would stop and stare when we walked in
We would give the doorman a hundred dollars just for opening the door
Sosa would give the bartender two hundred dollars just for keeping
The ice cold, yeah we were legends and we still are

Two hundred fallen angels, we balling from every angle
Heavy bag gold, panamania changed angle
Let's tangle, tabernacles
Ill lukiens coming at you, fuck Parus
A billion years B.C., originally black Jews
Cashsews honey now roasted, let's kill the colprate
He owe us shit, toe toe toe with that four four bit
Fuck the hoe shit, mercury back tax ?birth? for me
Personally I existed when Earth was in need, indeed
Human lifeform transformed from light storms, poltrons
Electrons nuetrons, iced long
Nights long, repltilaians I'll see ya'll in the next millenium
What world are we really in, amphibians moved to the Carribean
Underwater force, placed under the court of law
Usually sport Warlaw, my mind stay core raw
Fill of ambiants, love fine carats and cars that launch
Nonchalaunt, usually there are Jimmies up in the palms
Play low style, Guteians change my whole profile
Left the dope pile, bet the guard be around for awhile
Firm Islamic, hit the croner of the Earth just like a comet

[Verse Two: AZ the Vizuliza, Nas Escobar]
See I like Esco, he knew everybody and everybody knew him
He was the type of guy who routed for the bad guys in the movies
But hey

Die for this Firm, live for this Firm
Niggas learn, never should come before your fam
From ki's to ported grams, these are corners in the blue van
E's upon on us, cause of warrants
While we smoke hash cheese enormous, stack cheese
Travel the world like Taurus, went half with Sosa for four bricks
Down in Camdon, we handlin' to D.C.
Chips on fights with China White's by they tight PP
Wanting PC but all they get is good dick or four clips
For loose lips, by the jungle flise
Suck the pearl tongue juices, off you fly misses
Take her out to the Spark's stakehouse, gentelmen style
Coincidental, family's here
Meet fem fatale, French connection
Persian wet don, let's get this "F" on
The Ebony queen, Fox you grab my left arm
Dre made a QB the conton, BK and so on
Family strong ?? Nature, make sure we all get this millionaire's paper
What a sweet site for sour eyes, may we rise
Hope for now on we never cross sides

[Veres Three: Foxy Brown]
You know what, most hoes would have left these cats a long time ago
I mean if your man gave you a gun to hide, what would ya'll hoes do?
But you know, the shit kinda turned me on

Black Madonna, hoes kill for they popals
Never seen a bitch like this, queen misses
Rock BDS's on the left wrists, trick check this
Respect this, Firm's niggas lie knee deep in this bitch
Wanna need bitch and have my pussy bleed, swear for 'em
Fuck and take the chair for 'em, whoever dare cross us
The thoughts that thoughts across a bitch's minds, pops the nine
Leave 'em resting in peices, while my thorough bitches peep this
Death before decid-a, screw me on the dick-a
Lace me in Gabanna, peep dat
Think I'm flippin' on these three cats,
Set yo clown ass right up with my down ass
Bitch to hold the cash and G's, stash the guns for 'em
And the icedy E Berkee, breathe the the sun for 'em
Long dick style, swallow the enemies cum for 'em
Pretty ass hoe, bitches fuck 'em and I dumb on 'em
When Nas pop the Crist, Fox cops the fifth
Make my doe up for OZ's, now hoes that's real uhhh

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Firm, The Firm Fiasco Comments
  1. Akeel Abdul

    This shit classic saty fire never get played out. NYC holding it down. Every nice rapper is from NYC Including 2pac was from the bronx

  2. C. Griff

    Sound a lil like Whats The Difference...similar loop

  3. Ola DiPlenty

    Fox is the female biggie smalls

  4. Ola DiPlenty

    AZ has a unique voice. Damn!

  5. Kyri Kay

    Dope 🏆🏆🏆🏆

  6. Edwin vargas

    No one right now can’t fuck with the the frim or d block fohh word up qgtm QB stand up.!!!!!!!!!

  7. Treality Ent

    Idc what nobody say AZ is tough 🔥💪💯

  8. Joshua Stephens

    This beat is fire

  9. Joshua Stephens

    Dre mentions this song on "Light Speed" but I had no idea what he was talking about 😂😂😂

  10. Super Unknown

    This beat is so dope even holds up till now this was such a good album

  11. saïkik saïk

    If you wonder, the instrumental comes from the song "à ma fille" from Charles Aznavour.

  12. Oskar Herrera

    2020 y sigue pegando!!BOGOTA COLOMBIA ADICTOS A LOS CLASICOS 8)

  13. Glance adams

    Damn cormega bodied his verse

  14. Murllss Lee

    Damm this song 💯💯

  15. Mark Bay

    AZ.... Went to space in this


    Definitely left Earth quickly

  16. Mark Bay

    Nas... Killed this

  17. NYC

    My choice for the greatest rapper. AZ.

  18. Adel Bouaoune


  19. Larry Piñango

    Skating listending to this is from the old school

  20. Korie Newkirk

    Almost robbed a mf, 🔥 🔥 🔥

  21. Meera S

    I played this song to death

  22. Lovan Berényi


  23. 76shian

    This album needs a movie

  24. Ed Gunner

    mafiso rap

  25. Im So Focused

    200 Fallen Angel's, we ballin from every angle. The tabernacle, the Eloheem is coming at you." AZ is quoting information from Dr. Malachi Z. York books.

  26. Easthighland Kash

    if the whole album sounded like this and Phone Tap..wudda been an Undisputed Classic!!

  27. Nayden

    FOXY Brown tha Queen of NY

  28. Jonathan Blaze

    AZ's verse is beyond ill.

  29. John Dutch

    No disrespect to the god AZ but he never used this flow ever and it sounds exactly like I could hear half-a-mil rapping his verse. listen again. Az's flow is normally precise, half a mill puts more words in per bar and still has words left over after after the snare this is the only verse I ever heard az rap like half. I'm not saying he wrote his verse but I wouldn't be surprised if he assisted

  30. Intel-Pick

    Yo please don’t provoke AZ. His verse is timeless. Gotta dissect those bars !!!

    Cameron Ferguson

    He speaking above most niggas IQ

  31. Rey Hugo

    Once the strings drop at the end, pure banger!!!

  32. Rey Hugo

    Foxy could do no wrong then.

  33. Video Cookies

    Yeah go and work in a factory when you're fucked up at 18 YEAH. One of my favorite cd's.

  34. Damian Rivera

    AZ went away from his original style and went straight RZA. He sound wack on this song. Talking about comets, Islamic! Only the WU can pull that!

  35. John Allen

    They spitting..

  36. Easthighland Kash

    Dre the best behind the boards!!

  37. Noé

    The sample is from Charles Aznavour- À ma fille

    This Is Boone

    Dre is the master of european's sample.

    Ten Slider

    the Gza also sample too but different song.

  38. Brian Pimentel

    Foxy went in

  39. DJ Kenny RecK

    Nothing bangs like a 90s Dre track !!!!

  40. Flawless 154

    Black Madonna! Sorry but Foxy went bananas on this!

  41. Nick Gatis

    I still get emotional when i hear that AZ verse

  42. Frank Makhubela

    How come this album is not on spotify?

  43. Patrick Jira

    AZ murdered this

  44. Indigo Ali

    Set your clown ass right up/ with my down ass- Foxy 🔥🔥🔥

  45. Charlie’s Boston grow Jones

    This will forever be real talent and music !!! These new clown trap rapper mumble rapper or whatever they call themselves shit sucks bring back music like this

  46. D Cash

    Foxy had da best verse but the whole song send shots

    Karl Neho Farrington

    Mean old school

  47. Wax Doe


  48. Unapologetically British 1886

    This album is not in the UK App Store...

  49. david bordeaux

    for the bad guyz

  50. 88fingerslouie

    I was a senior in high school when this came out still listening to this day 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. Taahir Abdur-Rahim

    “Two hundred fallen angels, we ballin from every angle
    Heavy bag gold, Panamanian chains dangle
    Let's tangle” 🔥

  52. matt s

    nas was the best here.

    young internet thug

    Yea man...Fox get busy too

  53. Johnny TwotimesYa

    So underrated god damn man 🔥🔥🔥🔥 probably the best rap group in history

  54. Soina Clinton2#

    I remember this as teenagers me treacherous shimeka soina Clinton aka heartbreak💔💔💔✌✌✌

  55. So Cal

    This was and still is in 2019 straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Kurt Cocain

    in 2020 too

  56. Michael Lewis

    Cormega missing from top left of the album cover. This track is Wild!!!

    Johnny TwotimesYa

    Michael Lewis he was locked up

    John MoyaSODMG

    @Johnny TwotimesYa no he wasnt not at this time. Nas didn't even call him to come to the photo shoot they replaced him with nature ... Do your research before u comment

  57. Ever Antillón

    by that time the Westcoast had gangsta rap, but the Eastcoast had MOB rap.

  58. Krista Haslip

    Az killed this fosure

  59. Abdul Bey T.V.

    Panamanian 🇵🇦 chains dangle!

  60. roberto groomz

    Dr Dre beats bang!



  61. volks shaggen

    This group are seriously underestimated one of my favourites..

    Michael Lewis

    The Best

  62. Brenden Moir

    AZ was my muthaf**kin g🔥🔥🔥

  63. Benih fuckin' Hassanz

    Foxy's flow kille me

  64. San Andreas 9

    Is nas rappin in french??

  65. Akbarrel Yeshua

    *200 fallen angels + we balling + from Every angle*

    Ra Tehuti

    Angels are angles of light!!

    BluePiffGangstaz Official


  66. Ash Ernesto

    Foxy killed this shit .... Az and Nas always in their prime .... But foxy was 🔥

  67. wr513


  68. julien dumoulin

  69. julien dumoulin

    Listen Fonky Family-aux absents
    Sample charles Aznavour to

    lucas vrec

    Je voulais le mettre en commentaire aussi, tu m'as devancé ;)

  70. Cassie rose Cooper

    Damn this takes me back💣

  71. Cobe Lassor

    Real rap

  72. B Wheels

    My man Az was spitting some ancient future shit on here!!!

    Virtil Ruff

    @B Wheels AZ had knowledge already before half a mill came into the fold

    Virtil Ruff

    @B Wheels all that Hebrew israelite illuminati talk listen to we can't win and rather unique to get a better understanding peace

    B Wheels

    Virtil Ruff trust me I know fam lol

    Virtil Ruff

    @B Wheels peace

    Jarrel Ely

    97 Az vs 97 Canibus?

  73. raz well

    Why did this album flop? I picked it up when it came out. It's got excellent production and lyrics


    It didn't have enough promotion behind it. As much as I like Bad Boy, the music industry was almost only behind Big and Puffy during this time period.

    m0d3z Linuh

    Nas said it went platinum but if you didn't go double or triple platinum back then it was seen as a flop. #Legendary

    Jesús Lichtenberg G.

    It was #1 in Hot 200, Platinum for the RIAA 🤔 so what flop?

    This Is Boone

    @Jesús Lichtenberg G. it was a flop from Dre's perspective. It was the second album released in his new label, Aftermath, at the time and the expectations are high especially with the pedigree behind it.

  74. Fenixx

    AZ intro verse 🔥

  75. bob funcrabble

    I'm I the only 1 still trippin deep on AZ verse. 🤔

    Felipe Pineda

    No u ain't! AZ killed this one

    Johnny TwotimesYa

    bob funcrabble 🔥🔥🔥 fuck

    Ivan Castillo

    Legendary verse

    Nick Gatis

    Nuh not at all my G. I still lose my shit everytime AZ starts his onslaught 🙏🙏🙏

    John Dutch

    It sounds like a half-a-mil verse

  76. LifeIsGood

    AZ verse was dope lyrically, but probably shouldve been on a different beat...wasnt feelin the flow

    MoScO Kidd

    @Easthighland Kash Rae's style is nothing like that... it is similar to some of the Wu tho

    Virtil Ruff

    @Nolan Flemmings az was talking that Hebrew israelites godbody on that track

    B Wheels

    Nolan Flemmings exactly bruh had to study these lyrics now az verse always bring a smile to my face


    @Easthighland Kash Rae? 🤦🏿‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

    Joel Joseph

    I agree

  77. Ryan Williams

    Queens Finest Always

  78. Ryan Williams

    The book of Enoch.. these niggas don't know.. legendary

  79. Sebastian Sarmiento Q.


  80. ThaCape Buffalo

    This shit takes me back bruh🔥🔥🔥

  81. Chris B13127

    Charles Aznavour à ma fille

  82. tHeMeLeK

    R.i.p. aznavour.

  83. Gavin Smith

    My man Nas held his own. Always stayed in his own lane no matter how HIP HOP changed. He always did him. ESCO



    DJ Kenny RecK

    Thats what I love about Nas all these lames with different names but Nas remains to always stay in his own lane!!! His nickname should be HOV instead of Gay-Z cause Nas is like the HOV lane while everyone is stuck in traffic following the next man he's in his own lane moving gracefully & swiftly!!! Nas is def the GOAT tied with Rakim !!!!

  84. Gavin Smith

    I fucked with Mega to doh. I ain't really dig Nature


    Really? Nate was dope af, go copp *_"For All Seasons"_* & guaranteed you'll change yo mind. 😉

  85. Gavin Smith

    AZ had his own lane, style an his voice was unique. Kinda reminds me of a modern day Cam'ron

    Jarrel Ely

    Did you think the 98 Cam'ron sounds like AZ?

  86. Bmega81

    AZ the man underrated beyond belief!

  87. 6 Cyl

    pfft careful what you say im on tap

  88. Apostle9590


  89. Ąlēxąñđrę Xąňđåñ

    MUSICÃO amo ..

  90. Jordan Longmore

    Odd title being as tho fiasco means failure...


    Not to mention a weird foreshadowing of the whole project as well as it turned out for each member as a flop.

  91. DJ Smitty

    🔥 #banger

  92. Jovan Parker

    too bad cormega was locked up a the time

    MoScO Kidd

    Mega came home in 96?

    John MoyaSODMG

    @MoScO Kidd he did he was only on affirmative action from it was written. Nas kicked him out of firm when he lied to mega saying there wasnt a photoshoot for the album but instead there was a photo shoot & he put nature in ... Idk what this guy is commenting

    MoScO Kidd

    @John MoyaSODMG I knew I wasn't buggin out

  93. Bruce Michael

    Must say, I'm quite APPALLED at how little views this video has. It's still years ahead of what cats are spitting these days.


    This album was hella slept on

    Keith Norris

    Actual facts! This should be ahead of a lot of songs on this track. N. Y has always been ahead of the rest. Jersey approved.

    Aaron Creagh

    The production is top notch.

    The lyrics are decent...

    dralos1 bs

    you mean a billion lightyears

    Quenton LeDoux

    album flopped cuz of the east coast west coast beef, Sick album tho

  94. GustoGraphx

    Foxy destroys this track! ... Yes, over everyone.

    B Wheels

    Nah AZ got that


    Foxy did her thing, no question, but AZ tuck this one. Time to get knowledge of self! ❤

    B Wheels

    dfree14 💯

    Jarrel Ely

    97 foxy vs 97 Cam'ron?

  95. Anthony Charles


  96. Jesso von orange

    cormega - love in love out

  97. Benz Boii


    andres nunez

    i can relay Colombian kid growing up during Pablo escobars prime

  98. Mrchoice1210

    This album was the shit!!

    Max Power

    IS the shit!

  99. Amadou Mi

    Now I FUCKS with AZ…True legend of this culture…But did Half-A-Mil write that verse?!!!

    Donnie Tamone

    AZ always wrote his own sh*t,bro.


    No no no please don't ever say something like this again. AZ writes his own verses. Lol


    Listen I Love AZ's Rhymes but that WHOLE Verse was Definitely Half a Mills...It was too Futuristic and Lethal. One of the Best.

    Felipe Pineda

    @illwill4791 - they didn't need that help. AZ wrote his own shit... If it's to real for you. Welcome to the 90s 😠

    Eaze Drop

    it was rumored AZ wrote alot of Foxy verses during her time with the Firm before Jay-Z got his hands on her and wrote the entire ILL Na Na