Firm, The - Firm Biz Lyrics

[Verse One: AZ the Visualiza]
The six ease out CD laced digital readout
No doubt cop glocks from the dred fuck the weedhouse
Yo elegance hate females with no intelligence
Embezzelment got big boys behind the metal fence
Merrill Lynch it's your life Crist alright
Vince on ice sex chicks all types
General status smootheness mixed with malice
Trips to Dallas built a pool in my palace
Who want what from more moneys I want a cut
Extortin start from the corner step on us up
Sixty inch screen laserdisc with the beam
It's my life i'm holding the dice don't intervene
I send a team to smash out your whole plans
No cold hands liquid or hunger to hold grands
From state bids to large cats who lace cribs
It's Firm Biz, y'all know what time it is

[Chorus: Dawn Robinson]
I'm talking Firm Biz to you baby (Firm Firm Biz)
Talking bout the Firm, that is (Firm Firm Biz)
I'm talking Firm Biz to you baby (Firm Firm Biz)
Talking bout the Firm, that is that is
That is that is Firm Biz!

[Verse Two: Nas Escobar]
Peep the stee, creepin with AZ
B-12's crazy I ball with the firm's first lady
I brawl with those who hate me
Make me spray I all; hoping for the day I fall
Never that though Black 4 4's for fedz
Like Donnie Brascoe so peep the cappos
Who mack most splash it up with lactose
Pretty thug style, I blow you out slug style
Bent in the Caddy Coupe me and daddy duke
He schooled me on how to stand on my own two
He said son it's all kinda shit you gon' go through
Either you gon' make it or you gon' fall too
Now we headline tours remember me I told you that the world was yours
Married to the Firm laws
Esco bless flows y'all know me
Laced in the Sony Firm be the hottest click to blow G


[Verse Three: Foxy Brown]
My pops uesd to warn me never fall victim to the horny
Keep the pussy tight stay that bitch
If i'm gon' fuck lay that dick
Tony get him for his chips and pray he push a six
Now I got game to make the thuggish niggas scream my name
Hope the panties drop only if I cop
The baby blue drop gotta keep my wrist iced
The baddest bitch yeah the sex is alright
Lace 'em all night going to the crib
Jumping out the range in the iceberg tights
Yeah I know about the five and its one shut eye
360 wave spinning cat thinkin he Nas
From now 'til the day we shinin keep my diamond
Esco with me in the E reclining top dogs
The illest duo since the Boss name was Hugo
AZ Firm trio stay on the lee low

[Chorus with modifications]

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Firm, The Firm Biz Comments
  1. Stone Ghana

    They all fine😍

  2. Warren Dunaway

    That's istrueaboutlg and not the same

  3. Warren Dunaway

    WOW that looks like good

  4. Michael Manning

    When music was good. Rip.

  5. Canigula Cruz

    THE FIRM FLOPPED !!! Only because they didn't stick with the plan and vision they had...They should have immediately began and quickly finished a 2nd album once they realized the 1st didn't live up to sales expectations. I myself consider the album a certified hip-hop masterpiece, with maybe 2 skippable tracks. The Top 5 songs that are my favorites on the album, i will bump till i die._. FIRM BIZ is not one of them._..

  6. Nelson Betancourt


  7. Joe Smith

    #Classic Folks

  8. Lateshia Childs

    I still play this CD, I'm a huge Nas fan

  9. LLLUUU Bluetigers

    I'm out y'all . Seriously .

  10. your business now

    i didnt realize that when i was a kid,
    the scene in this vid were nas and az were fighting on the floor , in the office,
    was that done copying off of reservoir dogs

  11. Negasi88

    Inga 😍

  12. Mark Masters

    Dawn from en vouge also blessed this joint

  13. Jerry Mathurin

    Foxy Brown. She held it down for the Dark sling sistas and was always holding her own as far as I’ve seen. There’s probably plenty of things I’ve missed but she’s always been boss bae

  14. kvw007

    Joe Budden podcast brought me here

  15. Jason Mitchell

    Being a 80s baby New Yorker (83') I still get so much nostalgia from watching this video, and I feel good every time I hear this song. Nas and Az was the flyest in hip hop, and the nicest 💪🏾

  16. Charles Faraday

    Quelle belle époque🔥😍🖖🏾🤟🏾

  17. Neitra Tha diva

    I wanna talk about the firm!

  18. SeaTheGod Gold


  19. Sam Mejah

    Man! those old school sporty balck benz with them platinum rims! The Firm was killing it!

  20. Chantal Johnston


  21. Chantal Johnston


  22. Chantal Johnston


  23. Chantal Johnston


  24. Chantal Johnston


  25. Chantal Johnston


    Chantal Johnston


  26. Divine Jackson

    AZ flow is fuckn incredible!! Body this

  27. Ross Modesto

    Cardi b and these new female rappers ain't got shit on the Fox

  28. Darryl Morris

    I agree


    2019 I'm still listening to it

  30. IAmMister RedHook37

    October 31.2019 at 6:47 pm

  31. debra james

    The music, the Artists, the video all equate to a masterpiece from the Firm!. Timeless music and Artists. Az and Foxy brown underated for life.

  32. Doug Piranha

    Our firm was called The Gang.

  33. bep 2

    1 of the best groups

  34. BroadcastRevolution

    I much prefer this to "Star Trekkin".

  35. Neitra Tha diva

    Bumping this right fuckin now #mood

  36. Garlyn St. Louis

    0:30 start

  37. red crimson102

    Look they had a lot of making this funny

  38. Sammy Boateng

    Empire cind a in Hip Hop nintees.

  39. thisizdub

    Nas & AZ the album the industry got robbed of

  40. Edwin Otieno

    slept on track

  41. WishMar10

    Is that Amil Lareaux on the Hook? She was in the group Lucy Pearl and the group City High I’m pretty sure

  42. Emerge Matic

    You disrespect The Firm with mumble rap video commercials infront of it! these are Hiphop legends Nas AZ Fox boogie you crazy?

  43. The Joker

    This video needs more views

  44. Gregory Sumler


  45. Ros M

    Why is Nicki Minaj credited as an artist in the description? I know she used to ghost write for people before she came big, but that was in the late 2000s if i can remember right

  46. oreochick24

    Booo, the internet doesn't have the interlude when Nas explains to AZ that his wife is cheating on him and it ends before they throw the Joe Pesci lookalike off the bridge and into the water. Booo!

  47. Tshegofatso Sekhabi

    The firm needed a producer like Pete.R or Preem...🤷🏻‍♂️

  48. Shon De'Niro Don

    #Classic 🔥


    It's another version of the video where you hear nas &az talking before they started fighting. Can't find it on YouTube

  50. Mr247star

    Foxy Brown deserves soooo much MORE CREDITED #Rapper 🍫
    Shout Out Yo Dawn (Original Envogue Member)

  51. ayodele sanusi

    when female rap was the the thing

  52. kenneth hawkins

    Man Music Videos was on some other shit Backintheday.

  53. Anthony Martin

    Hearing these girls rapping makes me miss Foxy Brown Flows .
    Rapping is so easy these days .

  54. Anthony Martin

    Foxy holds her own against any male rapper's .
    She only fall off because of her hearing problems

  55. John Paz

    Nas and A.Z fighting for nas telling hilarious.

  56. Romello Bratner

    This song is horrible.borrowed happiness..the chic singing the hook got more shots than the rappers...with her old make up didnt work ass..

  57. James Watts

    Brooklyn Queens connection

  58. lovale lovale

    THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BABY 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  59. Pollo Dolla Son

    *Artist; Nicki Minaj???* 👀... in which part of this video did u saw her? Are we dealing with a millennial?🤦🏾‍♂️

  60. Kevin Isaiah

    The most #Talented #Rap #Group

  61. Alex Ivrsn

    AZ really should’ve been bigger. He was so nice!

  62. Emerge Matic

    Jay-z lovers put thumbs down Nasir 4 evr

    Jarrel Ely

    @Emerge Matic nas vs jaz-o?

    Emerge Matic

    @Jarrel Ely I gotta go with Jaz-O best fast Mc period he the one told Jay-Z that Nas bodied him yeah Jaz-O

    Jarrel Ely

    @Emerge Matic az vs sauce money

    Emerge Matic

    @Jarrel Ely Az will destroy Sause

    Jarrel Ely

    @Emerge Matic my new york barber said LL crush sauce money

  63. Boss Jones

    Damn, Foxy tho!

  64. Karen Lee

    Love the firm

  65. ronald sabb

    u see all these dark and brown sista in the video

  66. ronald sabb

    hearing tracks like this makes me smile. my teenage year was dope be!

  67. Kid Wray

    The jiggy era

  68. Joe Brown



    2019 firm biz

  70. Tosha Crooks

    ring thee alarm.......xx 7931.....

  71. Nicholas Nervina

    0:32 R.I.P. The Real Twin Towers.

  72. Nelson Rogers

    There was nothing sexier than a photo shoot with Foxy Brown

  73. nasaihyana

    Check how pure their smiles are... Having a ball in their youthfulness... I miss these days... 22 in 97

  74. Appetite 4 Chic

    “My pops used to warn me, never fall victim to the horney. Hope the panties drop, only if he cop ...”

  75. regina williams

    🤩Man I'm stuck in the 90s bih I was 18 when this drop!!!🤩

  76. Rodrick Ross

    Foxy killed it

  77. David Murray

    Trips to Dallas I built a pool in my palace - AZ

  78. hip2thabone

  79. monica blake

    I was 21 when this came out😃

    Michiel De Rooij

    I was 22. Love the 90's.

  80. 31membami

    2019 I Can remember not seeing the movie reservoir dogs till later on in life. So when I 1st seen this video around 97 I didn't know the reenactment that Nas and Az was acting out was from that dope as scene with michael madson and chris penn after mike just got out of jail.

  81. Japanese Toyota Corolla

    Foxy Brown is sexy Beautiful chocolate 🍫 2019?

  82. Anime foxy

    This is actually a epic song

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    Foxy smile is everything ❤

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    Escobar & Sosa 🔥🔥🔥

  85. Tosha Crooks

    Anybody no's james Brent.....

  86. Lorenzo Sloan


  87. Keith Witcher

    The Firm and r&b music singer Dawn Robinson's Firm Biz song and music video is a classic. The Firm sampled Teena Marie's Square Biz song. RIP Teena Marie. Dawn Robinson used to be with r&b music group En Vogue. What did Nas say at 1:44 that got edited? Foxy Brown's lyrics are funny LOL. The Firm album is terrible LOL. I like the album pictures. I love Nas, AZ, Foxy Brown and Nature. I wish Cormega would've been on the Firm album instead of Nature.

  88. Dan Newell

    Too much hate on this album

  89. Kevin Isaiah

    Most talented Rap group: #Nas #FoxyBrown #AZ I just wished it was only that 3 or #Camron

  90. Tisha Steen

    Shamar baby Duke the god nipsey hustle charlie silver suffer biggavelli Twista az beamon Jackson gaine Green March 26 1985 Sox ROC nation firm owww

  91. Antonio K

    For the longest I didn’t understand why they was fighting

  92. rox 222001

    Did anyone notice Fox's areolas showed

  93. odwa ngxokela

    AZ verse crazy

  94. Shenyae T

    I wish nas and foxy would’ve hooked up. They would’ve been one of the hottest couple in the the 90s.

    Jarrel Ely

    esco and queen pen ?

    MindingMyBusiness &Others

    I wished her and Az would have hooked up they seem like they had more chemistry between them.

    Jarrel Ely

    @MindingMyBusiness &Others I heard 50 cent was gonna join the firm. Could 50 go toe to toe with Az or foxy in 97?

  95. Shenyae T

    I desperately wanted nas and foxy to be together. Nas was fine as hell and Fox was mad beautiful. They would’ve made good looking kids.


    Nas had his eyes on other chicks

    Shenyae T

    MOBB DEEPER O'DELL Yeah and I’m sure foxy has her eyes on other dudes. What’s your point? I was just saying they would’ve made a cute couple.

  96. Greg Os

    0:33 Twin Towers. Coincidence?


    you think Manhattan skyline could be without the Twin Towers?
    an NY hallmark, nothing unusual

    Greg Os

    @BayanTheOne You didn't get my comment because you don't know the significance of the number 33


    a conspiracy theory?

    i know very much about its significance tho, there're 33 letters in Russian alphabet, a material for yet another conspiracy theory

    Greg Os

    @BayanTheOne The words coincidence, and conspiracy theory were created for the masses to be quickly dismissive of anything that doesn't come with a simple explanation. You can choose not to question anything, which means you will believe in any bullshit story an authority figure, narcissist, or psychopath tells you.

  97. Patrick Martin

    Thank You DR DRE...😂😁😁😁