Firm, The - Executive Decisions Lyrics

Diamond cut vocals carved sculptures
Gats and hosters
Macks and four fifths
Two plagued verocious
We smoked spliffs when the drolls lit
Hoes get hit
Have them blow dick
Blow the whole click
Jeeps Tahoe
Shoes be shavo talk Pharagamoe
Catch a hamo
Guess long like Motumbo
From a land of heart rap phantom stalk ya'll
While we bent a pork off a raw torch ya'll
The god sports all dejour for all wear
Push the Range all year
Vision of war near
I laid out on ya'll
In money and ice
That's how I'm running your wife
Stay ripen at ripe
Clip in your life down to pipe size
Firm slice pies
Couple of trife guys in tinted up white five's

Whose the first to set it
At time my first pathetic
Nature one of The Firm
Our works phonetic
As seven digits
First class trips for summer never is it
Outlaw remain pessimistic
Used to jostle in hostile environments
Buying whips
Cheating like fiver ricks requirements
Psychics predict that I'll be dying rich
Until then catch me chillin flying in a giant six
On some next shit
Went from humble now to hectic
Reminiscing when they use to call me desperate
Minor drawbacks
I had to learn not to fuck with small cats
In fake cadier and straw hats
Sic 'em on the mix tape
They think they're all that
But just spread it through
Never sound unreasonable son
Whatever the cause I know it pleasible
Fought your way in the game
The wait is seasonable


We keep going on, we're gonna get this money
(Take money money take take money money
Take money take take money money)
We just play our part, we're gonna make this money
(Make money money make make money money
make money money make make money)

Show me the orbit
Stock bonds I own corporates
Rock the ?? shift
Filthy rich we caught the coach smiths
You must have lost sense
My whole firm we walk with offense
I push a Porsche bent
Fuck your main bitch at your expense
Laws intense hivalates
Death throughout the tri-state
Who lie evade a '98 Lex in wide plate
Well modernized
Wide body cup with foreign eyes
You far behind
I rock the reptiles
And steal a Karl Kani's
Guard your eyes
Mystical movements hard to size
We harmonize
And to its the force that's way beyond the skies
Love position parlaying duck nd truck evictions
Thug intentions every few months
Off this mission
Its principles master my square
No identical expensible
I figure you wise and play it sensible


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Firm, The Executive Decisions Comments
  1. Hassan Phillips

    AZ would have blown, in my opinion, had he came separate from Nas. It was too soon. It’s like Kobe coming in the league when we already had Mike. It was too soon.

  2. FrankWonderBeantown

    I’m so glad that Foxy wasn’t on this...

  3. Marcus Saxell

    AZ with one of the best flows of all time on this one.

  4. Louis Hart

    Thank you Jhon Rachid! ;)

  5. Antonio Ross

    If We Keep Going Hard.....
    If We Just Play Our Part.......
    Classic Firm

  6. Finesse Wit Style

    This song is life 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. H H

    reckless reckless aggressive aggressive

  8. Deuces Wild

    I also wanted to add. They fucked this song up so bad that no one else ever remixed it or used the beat. They did this shit ultimate justice.

  9. Deuces Wild

    I remember back in 96 hearing this before I had any real knowledge of self and I played this and like 3 freestyles Mr Nasir gave me this cd personally cause he was still in Qb. I played a hole in this cd me and my cousin sequan, I miss those days man. I remembered this whole cd from and back and it had unreleased music too.

  10. clive Ryu mgc


  11. B Wheels

    “We harmonize influence by forces way beyond the sky’s” bruh!🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. B Wheels

    Favorite song on the album all of them killed it Nas name 4 cars in his verse so smoothly

  13. Nick Pavloff

    This beat is the soul of the “not me” “ I’m makin it”

  14. SDS Overfiend

    "Jeeps Tahoe, Shoes be Salvatore Farragamo.... Catch a Homo (Homicide). Guns long like Mutumbo."

    Chill Nas.. Damn.

  15. Art Florian

    How have I never heard of this Album?

  16. matthew christopher

    First day of summer in 2019 and this shit is still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Loner Status


  18. silky dan

    This almost  sound like a RZA beat, I can hear Ghost rappin over this.

  19. Ndumiso Vilakazi

    there is just ish that only Nas can spit...a GOD

  20. Jason kH

    This is an underrated classic

  21. Noah Whaley

    We harmonized, jnfluenced by forces way beyond the sky

  22. Pablo

    5 puntos sal de mis asuntos que llevo tol odio por dentro

  23. Lcarter52

    2k19 Firm reppin from Nigeria

  24. Game Soldiers

    life is good. stop the b.s.

  25. Alex Macdon

    why did this album flop?

    Nolan Flemmings

    Jason kH Perfect response. Niggas wasn’t ready. Just like niggas wasn’t ready when Nas dropped It Was Written. We ready now. The firm 2 would be nice

    Ronald Honore

    @Nolan Flemmings They got sued for using the name firm so they had to abandon the project.

  26. Groman 187


  27. jmaal2345

    Nas killed this.

  28. Jonathan Soko

    Diamond cut vocals carve sculptures. /end of discussion

  29. Abdul Bey T.V.

    Diamond cut vocals carve sculptures! Only NAS.

  30. Alfredo rodriguez

    qke puta mierda suena shingon

  31. Ndumiso Vilakazi

    Nas too Godly, dude doesnt have to say much...A GOD

  32. Dolomite79

    This was my joint when I had the Firm CD

  33. David Bone

    Cuando tenga mi propia (firma) mafia de abogados xd

  34. David Bone

    doc tenes razon asi es jajaj xd

  35. David Bone

    esta vida es muy extraña

  36. David Bone

    un ñero de barrio que jamas tuvo dinero se deja como el aparente capo y es el que muere y el que purga las penas impuestas por el estado en el uso del ius puniendi

  37. David Bone

    por lo general en una cadena de mando el eslabon debil se deja como capo detras de todos esos esta gente estudiada y culta

  38. David Bone

    las mafias de maladrines baratos me dan risa pero las de gente estudiada como abogados y magistrados si me asusta jaja

  39. David Bone

    si no estudio voy a resultar en un mcdonalds friendo papas

  40. David Bone

    si soy juicioso un dia voy a fundar mi propia firma xd

  41. Roger Klotz

    Heb deine Faust!! check out nate57, best german mc, used this beat on his mixtape...

  42. Bilal Amjad

    Nas killed it damn 🔥🔥🔥😩

  43. Franky Lo_

    2018 anyone?

    Jason kH

    2019 my dude

  44. Darrion Brown

    The Firm might have flopped but this was my shit

    Steven Lankford

    Darrion Brown This album platinum is that a flop??

  45. Titou Bangalito

    hip hop was at the top

  46. Titou Bangalito

    hip hop was at the top

  47. David Bone

    nas tambien es re pro hasta que empezp con su mierdad e iluminati

  48. Battlerap Tv


  49. Byron

    Possibly the greatest beat on the album. Trackmasters in the muthafucking house!

  50. Battlerap Tv

    The beat sick i hear foxy in the back this one if the songs that made the album a banger facts firm shit

    Edgar Molina

    Dre is a producer genius

  51. Galvatron

    Summer 2018
    Listen to those drums and bass Dre wanted to expand he knew what he was doing when he left The Row

  52. Goodborn

    The album and the crew created by NAS was considered a failure, imagine that people... this is what happens when you are too ahead of your time, people dismiss what they don't understand...


    Too true, my dude

    Celestine Meyers

    The Firm will always be a classic and Nas is always ahead of his time..


    Nas was a man child in that era like LeBron James is to niggaz on the court right now n when u listen to the music from then to now I ask myself how n the fuck did get so stupid what the fuck happened? Niggaz nowadays were raised in a house fulla bitches gossiping n doing hair


    I want to drive a black 850, smoke a cigar, well dressed, blasting this out of my radio.

  55. Darius Clayburn


  56. Alain S

    2018?? Fireeeeee

  57. Kale Lewis

    Dre produces FIRE


    Produced by trackmasters

  58. DontDieWondering

    I miss the times when THIS was dope hip hop ..these new cats are killing me man.

  59. Sun Cease

    Push the range all year, vision of war near. The three of them killed this

  60. David Bone

    nas escobar jajajaja xddd

  61. TONY-DA-CUTIE Escobar


  62. Bill Fold

    viva corsia is realest racist in france @bouricco

  63. Vanessa Shannon

    Bars for real, rappers now a days don't know about bars

  64. Chris Price

    Az is so under rated

  65. Kayne Young

    They all used a similar rhyme scheme but somehow AZ executes it better than the rest

  66. Hilarious2Nefarious Connor Broderick

    Someone needs to carry on this tradition

    Figueroa Bianca

    ray bands w a side spectacles don't forget the paper clip

  67. Z Block

    Illest joint on the disc....

  68. nYani TrueVeritus


  69. Kyle Winters

    AZ's verse makes my dick hard

  70. RichRollin 252

    Used to be my shit!

  71. Hasooniisback716

    Ya dont kno nothing bout this, thats why it only got 1k likes smh... this was my era my time when everybody was eating


    just clicked on your profile english songs playlist you doont know shit

  72. This Is Boone

    The best song on that album with "Phone Tap". Nas Killed that shit !

  73. Dan Scarfo

    Ego and pride fucked up this crew 🤔

    DAB KAT420710

    Dan Scarfo nobody knows who that is.

    Robert Wisdom

    Dan Scarfo-No, a commercial flop.

  74. Светлана Воронина

    Кто от Димы Масленикова?

  75. Alex Inzagui

    Guns long like mutombo

    jamel eason

    Alex Inzagui Damn


    whys that bruh

  76. Alex Inzagui

    Salvatore faragamo.. Who wrote these lyrics? Lol



  78. Base Sinatra

    Literally nobody slacked on this whole album

  79. Escobar Season Returns

  80. nzingaworld

    HOT !!!

  81. Dëss Marchemort

    Putain cette instu' !

  82. Tiekson Tiekson

    Moi c'est la Grunt 11 qui m’emmène dans cette endroit mdr

  83. Tsotsii69

    plata o plomo , oops

  84. kalarla Pastos

    kahba de chienne x)

  85. Baptiste Bouillet

    Jhon Rachid ? Personne ?


    grunt 11 ;)


    ah les jeunes, toujours aussi revendicatif

    Hakkhan Kei

    Faut pas le dire !


    Ne pas connaitre ce classique sans John Rachid est une honte.


    le revendiquer est encore pire :D

  86. Stinkah Bell

    anyone remember the version with the movie clip at the beginning? miss that shit

  87. Lucas Lebinon

    "Shoes be Salvatore Feregamo", and we believe that we doing something new.. Nasir is 200 years ahead


    why does mutombo got long guns???


    screnciful Dikembe Mutombo is very tall with long arms. Prolific NBA hall of fame shot blocker.

    Keke & Smooth

    Damn I miss this era

    Joey Whitney

    Lucas Lebinon facts

    anthony fabrizzio


  88. Gert

    I played a browser game which had this song instrumental in the background. Finally found it.

  89. Solokey

    2016 still going

  90. James the Moon

    I only understand about half of the lyrics and this shit is still ten times better in my mind than anything dropped in the last decade. Fuck.

    cre8terz2020 Vijinn

    Where you from!!?? Lol... I understand everything they're saying!! But if you don't, you might Not be used to New York Hip Hop!!! 💯💯👌

  91. FrankWonderBeantown

    Somebody said Nature was dissing Jay....

    Jumah Brady

    oh yea. straw hats. Mixed tapes sounding breezeable not sounding reasonable (reasonable doubt his first CD) . remember 2 pac called Jay z Hawaiian Sophie.

    anthony fabrizzio

    Jumah Brady ALL FACTS

  92. mxsxkxcrc

    Nature has a flow that wouldn't be out of place on a Wu-Tang album

  93. Callum Hanlon

    which fuckin piece of shit thumbs downed this?

  94. Callum Hanlon

    fuck this is incredible

  95. Selma


  96. antonio ferrara

    God damn 90's rap is undeniable