Finneas - New Girl Lyrics

Crush, who's got a crush?
I like the way you blush
I like the way you bluff
Touch, each time we touch
I wanna take too much
Keep me up all night

I wanna scratch your surface
I wanna feel your groove
I wanna be your needle
I wanna lick your wound
You wanna play with fire?
Stick and poke tattoo?
You wanna play my new girl?
I wanna play with you

Cash, got hard earned cash
I like the way you crash
Your lips into mine
Fast, we drive too fast
We got a checkered past
But I can let it slide

I wanna scratch your surface
I wanna feel your groove
I wanna be your needle
I wanna lick your wound
You wanna play with fire?
Stick and poke tattoo?
You wanna play my new girl?
I wanna play with you

Why'd you cut up all your clothes?
Tell me something no one knows
I don't owe you anything
But you're too much fun to let it rain
Ain't it fun, remember it?

I wanna scratch your surface
I wanna feel your groove
I wanna be your needle
I wanna lick your wound
You wanna play with fire?
Stick and poke tattoo?
You wanna play my new girl?
I wanna play with you

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Finneas New Girl Comments
  1. Melvin Encinas Cabrera

    Here is the genius behind the Billie's talent

  2. -cAll_mE-sUnShInE_ -rayya-

    0:26 to 0:29

  3. kale

    this song makes me think things I shouldn't be thinking
    I fucking wasn't ready

  4. sHe sHe

    me realizing this is billie eilish’s brother

  5. Kenneth Seniuk

    Finneas is making a title sequence!

  6. Sharmane W

    He’s my favourite singer

  7. ana urias

    Love this guy so much 😍

  8. Miss Sanami

    Wish he was as famous as his sister Billie

  9. zury tufino.

    *claudia has left the chat*

  10. Rachel Sofaer

    I love how the story is so open and vague and left up to interpretation

  11. Matel Voice

    So much love 😭

  12. sara rosso

    Good work Finneas!! i like your songs

  13. Ната Югатова

    это прекрасно от и до

  14. Atiya Moin

    who's got a crush
    i like the way you blush"


    it might be the cold though
    nah i doubt it

  15. Fruit

    I had no idea how much I needed this omg, SOO GOOD!

  16. dayh ghni

    You look like Harry Styles sometimes, keep it as a compliment bruh

  17. Julia Juju

    The ooooooooo in the song i thought i heard billie singing it 😑😤

  18. raisin and leena adventures

    fin has 421k subs rn, this song was made 9 months ago, and it has 628k views. one day he’s gonna become as famous as bil 🥺❤️

  19. Sarah Reichert

    Te amo!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  20. Ольга Садовская

    omg, he is so sexyyy =)))
    I am in love with his sexy voice.

  21. Tiff jewel kitty

    i keep replaying

  22. HiDaniel

    with scratches at a level 6 and deeper grooves at a level 7

  23. nadia apostolov ocaña


  24. Eliane Ballif

    I like Billie eilish

  25. Mia Stegner Music

    Wait but this is the coolest fucking video I've ever seen?!?!! Damn.
    Brb gonna go follow the whole cast & crew on social media.

  26. Thekla Khalvashi-Wirth

    Wow this is litttt

  27. Diana Bieber

    He sounds like daddy 😂

  28. Jose Pinilla


  29. Deana Vukotić


  30. Jason

    lowkey would have dirty sex with this song in the background

  31. Nuray Bashembayeva

    I'm literally melting because of his voice😍

  32. Raghav

    thanks to spotify

  33. Burnt Dumpling

    I keep thinking he says "I wanna lick your womb" and I get really concerned 😅😂😅😂😅😂

  34. Shaq Blox

    Ok this song sis deffo his best song and deserves to blow up wtf

  35. zoë van vuuren

    This song is just WOW it's so beautiful I get goosebumps

  36. Just a random Billie Eilish Fan

    Don’t let Claudia see this!!!

  37. Stephanie Arita

    this was so firreee

  38. Ham & Cheese

    Isn't it kinda sad that Billie(his sister) dosen't comment on his popular vids....? :,(

  39. Jason

    Fuck yes

  40. IcedCaffeine

    I did a cover of this song if yall wanna check it out

  41. daydreamin

    This song should have been in fifty shades of grey.
    Who else agrees?

    Pajama Kids

    The song wasn’t out yet...

  42. R MCK

    2 brilliant singers, him and his sister.

  43. Miss Scalia

    You are like, my favorite singer / songwriter now

  44. Emily Ash

    the only disappointing thing about this is that the girl isn’t claudia

  45. Sydney Renea

    finneas: who’s gotta crush?
    me: 🥵

  46. Isabella Susarret

    mi canción favorita ):

  47. Aina Zamdzul

    Damn this song got fifty shades vibes. ❤️ It's kinda shame it came out late :')

  48. larissa

    this song is amazing


  49. lawv elllie

    I’m too into this like holy hell I can’t not spend all night listening to his music

  50. Αngie

    You're a music GENIUS Mister! Hope you know that 🙌👏

  51. Alin Mayanda

    lovely brother, isn't Billie?

  52. Kuellar Ayelet

    Am I the only one that thinks he’s better then his sister I love her too but he’s a little better

    Zhantore Bashembayev

    Kuellar Ayelet YEEEEEES🔥

  53. Summerplays

    Sexy sexy sexy

  54. Ami

    this song gives me riverdale vibes

  55. multi fandom edits

    how and why does this have 84 dislikes


    They forgot to turn their phones upside down 🙄

  56. Maroeska Van de Kamp

    This is my favorite song by him

  57. Lies Linsen

    Still waiting until he is famouussss

  58. Isabel Wu

    The acting though, like I love how you can slowly see Finneas getting more and more uncomfortable with his psycho girfriend and then last fifteen seconds you're like and I––oh.

  59. Hannah Grace

    So theory
    She killed him

    He beat her at tic-tac-toe

  60. Gintarue animates

    So no one gonna talk about how his voice is SEXY AND SMOOTH

  61. Hee Hee

    How are you not more famous.Like his music is legendary just like Billie's.Sheesh!

  62. x lilø x

    He deserves way more recognition, rather than just being known as Billie’s brother.

  63. just someone

    0:26 is that his foot i am so confused

  64. Haya Kayed

    How are my 3 favorite people are connect

  65. Andrea MM

    this sounds so good!!

  66. Free.Black.Butterfly

    I love this song 💗💗💗

  67. RKKDarksider06 _

    I love how he and Billie always don’t have the same style as the last song they create

  68. Blue Crystal

    Yo Finneas, check out Tom Misch. What your minds will create together will be out of this world

  69. Its Nina bitch

    All of ur music must be in radio and all of the word!

  70. RoMaNe


  71. WeAreBeautifulandSick

    I love this song and the video. But WTF is coming out of his nose? I know it's supposed to be blood but blood is not that thick. I'm not even going to say what it looks like to me!

  72. Drummer

    When is this gonna be on Apple Music😭

  73. La Lenteja Loca

    Un capo

  74. TastedGlory

    Do a collab with Billie pls 😍😍😍

  75. Avocados Nest

    Idk why, but the girl in the video reminds me a little bit of Kylie Jenner!LOL

  76. Francisco Martínez


  77. Corelie VAUCAL

    You sound just like a French singer name @JulienDoré

  78. Misfit

    Some people just don’t want the attention but he already has it 🤩

  79. rahmat ujang

    FINNEAS : I wanna scratch your surface, I wanna feel your groove~

    Zack JerryRig: Scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7

  80. faith jackson

    the end of the fucking world

  81. silvia tripinioti

    claudia won't be happy

  82. Bsparky Hatton


  83. Nicole Harvin

    Alright now I need an album and a tour, stop playing Finneas

  84. Charlotte Woodward

    I love this song.

  85. mr maker Rp

    How is here after -I lost a friend

  86. Alice Mennfort

    Most underrated artist of 2019

  87. Team K

    I was just at billies concert last night and he’s the opening act and I can tell you this songs awesome live

  88. malik soulman

    well, I'm in love with him.....

    BLACK cat

    Haha at first mess with Claudia 🖤

  89. Elizabeth Corkins


  90. abcd

    Literally want to keep him for myself but he deserves to be world known lol

  91. Itsnowme

    This is a type of music I’d hear when watching Lucifer 😈

  92. Kackja Aka. Mama

    He's so fucking talented

  93. Aldair Xavier