Finneas - Luck Pusher Lyrics

On again, off again
That's the way it's always been for you and me
Fall in love, fall apart
Draw the circle 'till you start to see

You don't make it easy for me to stay or try to leave
I don't take it easy, I don't walk away if it's killing me
If you're bad odds then I'm a luck pusher

Better off, later on
When the rain has come and gone, and we've run dry
We can both find our own
Place to live and love and loan and die

But you don't make it easy for me to stay or try to leave
I don't take it easy, I don't walk away if it's killing me
If you're bad odds then I'm a luck pusher
If you're a stray dog, I can be the butcher
If you're a lost cause, I'm an overlooker
If you're bad odds then I'm a luck pusher

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Finneas Luck Pusher Comments
  1. Abdulrahman Khabbaz

    If you're a bad odds then I'm a luck pusher..🖤
    Now that's me!!
    I wanted to go back home so bad to continue listening to your songs Finneas!!


    I'm working and listening to your music to relax and concentrate.. such gems you have here man! so much talent! :)

  3. Eugénie Gomes

    i honestly don't think i've ever heard something so gorgeous

  4. Hannah Rose

    dude i think this is my favorite song wtf

  5. Melody Music

    you're amazing and dont let anybody tell you otherwise <3 This song touches me so much

  6. Yuliana Ortega

    Such a plessure with headphones and without them is still beautiful

  7. Las Chicas

    On one hand I want you to be „more successful“ (whatever that means) but actually I just want you for myself...

  8. Afia Tasneem

    So... Soft song.. Love it...💓💓💓

  9. İr

    wow such a perfect song



  11. Elineth Guilarte

    Love it.

  12. Jeff Wynn

    Why does this sound like a song Dan Fogelberg would sing and would do quite well with? I never heard of Finneas until yesterday. Such a great talent.

  13. Ronnie Music


  14. Purple Moon477

    I love this song so much...He's a real gem

  15. Maria S

    9k likes????!BUT THE TALENTTTTTTT???!!

  16. Francesca Tanasa

    Wow i just love this my ears are blessed🥺

  17. Bilal Nadeem

    I love your songs and the new one is the best one so far I am talking about Shelter.🙂

  18. jenna faith

    Finneas you deserve so much more attention than you get! I love you so much💚

    you don’t know how much I’d freak out if you liked my comment

  19. Bisma Ahmed

    amazing 😉

  20. Moisa J Wroy

    Found your music yesterday and now I cannot stop listening

  21. Kishoar Tahia Aabha

    So beautiful

  22. Lies Linsen

    Here before 500k

  23. thoughts of a rebel

    o h my G o d. your songs are bringing me this beautiful peace

  24. Jacey Boswell

    W H Y I S T H I S M Y F I R S T T I M E H E A R I N G T H I S

  25. Francisco Martínez

    its incredible! listen thits song in 0.75 and 1.25 two ways so beauty for hear one song

  26. Andrea F

    I’m a Stan. This is the second song of yours I’ve listened to and now I’m hooked for life. Dude you are a total and complete gem. Thank you for making music. 💖

  27. -I’m addicted to it-

    I really don’t know how much to stress this enough. You are so underrated but you will rise one day I swear. You’re going to get so much more attention. The kind of attention you deserve. I looovvee you Finn. Your singing is AMAZING ❤️❤️

  28. Call me Dahlia

    Yep...Yep i'm in love with this guy damn

  29. Jaqueline GM

    I love you! ❤


    corny head ass

  31. Esmee H

    A masterpiece

  32. F V

    Your voice is music to my ears ❣

  33. niknejm

    Dear, greetings from Serbia.
    You are not making music.
    You ARE music.
    Keep it up, no matter what.
    Much love. 🌻

  34. Insaf Rya


  35. Savannah McGee

    this song can get me through anything

  36. Alexis Kerns

    Finneas. Give me an album. Thanks.

  37. Hanan Kanaan

    I love you

  38. Claira Gayanthi Perera

    I should have been here years ago.

  39. Party favor

    I am here before Finneas becomes the most famos and rated singer in the world

  40. Catherine Sallya

    Finneas: fall in love, fall apart
    Billie: fall apart, twice a day

    Tatis M.

    Billie now: we fall apart as it gets dark

  41. evlyn cin

    anyone please explain to me what this song all about

  42. Chairina Anwar

    listening to this song for the first time and I directly find it as my fav song :)

  43. Krystiana -P

    U got more views on this song then Kanye west lol btw I love your songs 💕

  44. Suraksha Joshi

    Your voice could lull me slowly to die and honestly I wouldn't complain

  45. Cosima Kerber-Snyder

    i always listen to this on spotify but never on here lol

  46. samara hoad

    💜💜💜🚀🌺💙💜💜 woo

  47. Hangoutwithdee _


  48. sophiamb

    When the album first dropped I pronounced “luck pusher” as “luck puhsher” in my head for the longest time

  49. stancxii

    I tried to sing this with 'i love you' and it fits wtf-

  50. Luke Harrell

    I am tired of babysitting while they hold me "hostage"

  51. Luke Harrell

    Anyway she sang everywhere she was supposed to without even meaning to, and the fire alarm definitely stopped. So can the PoPo quit being such a cunt?

  52. C C

    the intro sounds like Emergency of Paramore. i <3 it!

    Gonzalo Velasco

    I scrolled down to find this comment

  53. Maddy Edwards

    just came across your account! can you even write a bad song?💗

  54. ArianaCamila Harmo

    I've watched this for so how many times right times but the number of views doesn't change. What's wrong?

  55. ArianaCamila Harmo

    Am i the only one who completely watch the ads?

  56. ArianaCamila Harmo

    3rd time

  57. rylei L

    All of your songs are so meaningful. Woah.

  58. spooks

    I honestly cant comprehend how good this guys music is. It's absolutely amazing. I haven't found a song I dont like.

  59. Victoria Nguyen

    this is so pleasantly pure

  60. Unique Burton

    I literally get the chills listening to your voice, but then I focus on the lyrics and I get goosebumps all over-

  61. Copito de Nieve

    this is so beautiful.

  62. Ridhima Joshi

    Let's be real : without finneas, Billie wouldn't be where she is right now.

  63. Copito de Nieve

    With your songs, you make me transport myself to another world. Your voice is so, but so, magical, precious, thick; but reassuring.

  64. Copito de Nieve

    I love you Finneas, marry me. I would be a good wife, he. Well, that will never happen, but I do not lose anything with dreaming.

  65. Yana Kacarova

    2 min 43 sec perfection <3
    i LOVE this song!

  66. Mariel Strasser

    I literally am in love with your music you are so underrated and I hope you get the recognition you deserve also I love Billie eilish but u should be recognized for your music also not just as her brother not trying to hate love you both you both are so talented

  67. Cassandra Allen

    Get thee to Montreal & collab with Arcade Fire

  68. Alyapixy L

    Finneas you deserve so much more it makes me upset. This is pure gold.

  69. Jessica Savoy


  70. Jasmine Gravador

    There needs to be more comments than “you need more recognition” or “you’re so underrated”... Recognize him. Support him all the way to the top! He deserves his own fan base because he is his own artist.

    Finneas, I am SUCH a fan. Your lyrics, your music, your voice... it’s a MASTERPIECE! I am rooting for your happiness and success!!!

  71. I Me

    I love billie but god this guy is brilliant.

  72. Michelle Vitória

    Ok so i had the most terrible day, i was feeling so sad and lost, and your music has the power of making me feel brand new. Thank you for your art.

  73. Mo Manson

    Name FINNEAS
    Job Billie's brother

  74. Anna Teo

    You are such a gem! So glad to have found youu 😭❤️

  75. Catherine Cabrera

    What the heck why didn’t I find this earlier😭 his music his so beautiful

  76. Xx undergoer

    This song makes me emotionally unstable.

    *In a good way.*

  77. Paul T

    Finneas O'Connell.. I'm delighted to find you.. and your musical talent (with perhaps some Irish creativity in there).. If you ever venture to Ireland itself, make your way to Grafton St, where young musicians try stuff out.. you'd probably be intrigued.. I've only just arrived at your site, enjoying your stuff immensely...and like the kind of person you seem to be.. ☺️

  78. StephyLOL87

    how.... how are you so talented. your work, your music, everything... it touches my heart. yeah you may be Billie's brother but you are so much more.. you have so much exceeding talent its incredible. if only people appreciated you more. I hope you get more fame than you already have... because you most definitely deserve it.

  79. Susana Gomez

    I really LOVE this song! One of my favorite songs!

  80. Eman Azam

    I regret not listening to this earlier so much

  81. Monika

    obsessed with this. pulls at my heart strings.

  82. sarah reder

    this song has been in my head the whole day but i love it too much to not keep it on repeat ugh i love you finneas ❤️

  83. Tiago

    Boy, you expire me


    All your song need to be on the radio, how do people not realize that💙💛💙

  85. ezkl

    Why finneas hasn't collab with his sister

  86. Luana Herrera


  87. H K

    how does he not have more subscribers honestly

  88. Gfriend Little Buddy!

    His sister sound like an angel and here he is singing sound like a prince 💕💕

  89. Nina Ko

    I love that there's sounds of rain when he sings about it

  90. Lola 96


  91. Adeline Alphonso

    How are you so UNDERRATED???

  92. sweta moda

    the way he says "pusher" my hearrrrtttt

  93. Alef Ramirez

    I see now why your sister looks up to you so much. You are so talented Finneas. Chase your dreams 💗

  94. Michelle Moch

    You are so fucking talented this is beautiful <3

  95. ella m

    okay kinda obsessed finneas im in love 😫💘

  96. Kartoffel Einhorn

    You know its a good artist when u dont even need to listen to the lyrics. Just the feeling in his voice tells all

  97. Mayaaa

    Why is your family so damn talented my family is a lost cause with this shit 😂 I love you guys your so damn talented ❤️

  98. Riley Flores

    This is the best Finneas's song for me I love others too tho

    Kiki Aliens

    I love break my heart again

  99. Noda q

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ In love with his lovely voice