Finneas - I'm In Love Without You Lyrics

I'm in love without you
Please don't still love me
I'm in love without you
But you still find a way inside my dreams

How can you say there was nothing wrong with us?
When everyday you called, you yelled, you had enough
I loved you more and more each time you slammed the door
My bloody knuckles knocking on and end up bruised
But I loved you less and less as my love turned to loneliness
And I'd already lost what I was afraid to lose

Now I'm in love without you
Please don't still love me
I'm in love without you
But you still find a way inside my dreams

Now, can you see, why you should get over me?
Soon there will be someone else for you to learn to need
You loved him more and more as you stopped keeping score
Of who I was and what we were and when we knew
You loved me less and less as you lean in against his chest
And hear the heartbeat that only beats for you

Now I'm in love without you
So please don't still love me
I'm in love without you
But you still find a way inside my dreams

Inside my dreams
Inside my dreams
Inside my dreams
Inside my dreams
I'm in love without you

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Finneas I'm In Love Without You Comments
  1. Deepti Vishwakarma

    He is underrated just like billie was at a time. Give the people some time, they'll definitely wildly love your songs too.

  2. Bigmember91

    Spotify pleases

  3. Michelle Talley

    Another great song!!

  4. Sarah Franco

    You are so talented!!!!

  5. Laura Semik

    Bro I just discovered he and Billie are siblings like bro wtf, why isn't finneas more recognized, he does literally) A R T broooo

  6. Floris De Lint

    This song needs more attention. So much more, I hope this will just blow up one day.

  7. Júlia Lacerda De Sousa

    Love this song to my core

  8. Teresa Sproles

    You are so talented. I love this song.

  9. Allessioz TV

    thx to Youtube random playlist, i have discover this song & Finneas. congratulation!!!

  10. Saifur Ex

    I just leave this mark ... i believe after few years it would be the most streamed song. Because it's a genuine song.... full of purity, emotion & creativity

  11. Brian Wagner

    "But you still find a way inside my dreams" ugh man, my last relationship really turned out to not be the best for both of us, but i still want him to live his life move on and be ok. Its been almost a year and he still pops up in my dreams, literally

  12. Brian Wagner

    His production is so amazing

  13. Leah Rojas

    I started listening to his music & wow he has so much talent

  14. Moni V

    Some random person:
    “There aren’t perfect family’s”

    The O’Connells:
    Are we a joke to you?

  15. Lesleigh Hart

    One of the most beautiful songs.

  16. JackieIsAwkward

    His words perfectly describe how i feel. Got me crying and shit.. Damn

  17. carolina san juan

    Necesito las tomas de ese video para dibujarlo

  18. Ilona Kachan


  19. Jeremiah Lidington

    2020 anyone?

  20. רון צלח

    Just a proof i was here before he gets famous..😅🤗

  21. Gianna Bruce

    I've never seen this feeling so perfectly expressed, and it hurts so badly. I love this song so much.

  22. Baohan Huynh

    This song makes my chest hurts, and yearn for a love

  23. WhiskersNPaws

    There are two ways this could have played out.

    1. Theater Manager: You wanna do WHAT with my theater?

    2. Theater Manager: Alright dude, you can have this building for a day. What are you gonna do with it?
    FINNEAS: *Makes video*

  24. Naíla Tainá

    hino injustiçado

  25. Mar Aguilar

    Came to know Billies’ brother music, but realized his music was in my playlist way before hers.

    This is crazy and nice somehow. ✨

  26. Miss von Vengerberg

    How did i not discover this before? This is so great I want more songs from him sounding like this ♥

  27. LIT Media By Matt


    👇🏻 Hit that LIT

  28. Hieu Pham

    Hey guys, is the girl at 2:52 his new gf or still the girl from the start?

  29. Jenna K

    finneas is so underrated my god

  30. Kaitlyn McDonald

    Damn he fine

  31. darwin Suyon Q.

    Woww hermosa canción y la letra es una pasada 🎵👏👏 sigue adelante nunca te detengas con tu musica! Saludos

  32. Rachel Criswell


  33. Salary Jenny

    every time I watch this, I cry for my love :((

  34. Silvana Valderrama

    In here he looks like the redhead dude from Austin and Ally

  35. FLux

    2 years ago? Woah!!

  36. Abhijith m

    Who else wants to hear Finneas and Billie singing together, like wouldn't that be awesome (they're both amazing and I am a long time fan).

    Oritsejolomi Okirika

    Abhijith m Finneas provide backing vocals to a lot of Billie’s music, since they write together a lot

    Abhijith m

    @Oritsejolomi Okirika I know,but we've never heard them sing a duet together where both are heard

  37. Carmen Pagnotta

    Gives me I Imogen Heap vibes and I can’t say I’m mad!

  38. Kalea Thornton

    Am I the only one in 2019

  39. Sherry Light-n-Love


  40. Jen_123x

    Finneas and Billie both have songs that move me like no other songs can

  41. chimken nugget

    his best song

  42. Rac Hed

    Can someone explain how this song havent millions of views




    I think finneas is so underrated

  45. Ángel bts 2.0

    Selena gomez ❤

  46. Ashton Henderson

    Everybody sleeping on Finneas's music. Wtf wrong with the world.

    chimken nugget

    Ikr I got into listening to him when I lost a friend came out, this is my favorite song of his

  47. Afreen Azmy

    The O’Connells are taking over the world

  48. Ally L

    awh look at this little bean...
    he’s come so far :’)

  49. the queen Balkes

    who is my heart🤔🤔🤔🤔
    my heart is finneas😊😊😊

  50. yarmuelo loco

    Omg this is music

  51. Althea Nava

    I am very lucky....i've watched this before it turns to one million views💘😻


    AMAZING SONG!! Beautiful video

  53. MEWK

    The way Finneas is so powerful with his songs and clips are just killing me, I hope Finneas will get more recognized as an artist and not only Billie's producer, he really fucking deserves it.

  54. Tanairy Cuevas Rivera

    Am I the only one with shivers from his voice!

  55. I.R A


  56. balmainhearts

    im just here leaning on my knuckles staring bc im overwhelmed

  57. Lisa Lmn

    I could seriously listen to that song endlessly, he is a pure genius, this song is SO GOOD I don't even have enough words to describe how much I'm in love with it. THANKS A LOT for your unbelievable talent Finneas ❤

  58. Jeanmar Tabaniera

    I keep on replaying this song.

  59. flense j


  60. Annabel22000

    Where can I find this man's album

  61. Rida khan

    *That hair flip* 😭💞

  62. Rida khan


  63. HendTolba

    This is like when someone exhausted you in a relationship and finally set you free , and after awhile they come back asking for forgiveness but the damage is already done , and they will quickly forget about us but will always find a way inside our dreams sometimes because of how much love was invested in it to begin with

  64. Swoopenheiser

    OOH, this song is so GOOOD!! Shit!

  65. Ali raza

    mastermind behind billie☝🏻

  66. karisma3211

    Billie was my gateway drug to Finneas

  67. Lincoln Knights

    Can I just say that finneas has the same perfect smile like with Charlie Cox.

  68. Bilal Nadeem

    I am also in love with your and your sister's music 🙄

  69. Xhulia Cara

    awww he's so young here😂🤩but he's the best and so underrated for real

  70. eduard gevorgyan

    Американский певец, композитор, музыкант, продюсер и актер. Он выпустил ряд сольных синглов и пишет музыку для других исполнителей, включая свою сестру Билли Айлиш. Как актер, О’Коннелл известен ролью Алистера в сериале «Хор» от Fox. Он также появился в ряде серий «Американской семейки» от ABC и двух сериях «Водолея».
    Родился: 30 июля 1997 г. (22 года), США

  71. Sarah Adams

    I'm in love with finneas
    His voice is so deep and raspy and strong and sexy
    His appearance is always cool and very fashionable
    His eyes more beautiful than (ocean eyes )

  72. Leo Hall Remove

    This is so catchy

  73. Chenai Kacie

    I'd die for this song

    yes I'm aware of how little sense this makes to people

  74. my lucifer is lonely

    why did I just find out this has a music video after listening to this song for years...?


  75. Shelby Taylor

    I love Billie soo much but why is Fin still known as “Finneas, Young sensation Billie Eilish’s older brother!” I just don’t get iiittttt

  76. hASHtags

    literally nobody:
    Finn's hair: *floop*

  77. Anisa Mohamed

    I love this the most!

  78. ayya mer


  79. ayya mer

    Why u are not famous

  80. Brook Ruiz

    He's giving me sam smith mixed with a little james arthur

  81. Seda Kara

    3:01,3:02,3:03 I heard Shawns voice😱

  82. star art

    You have the voice of coldplay ❤️i like it and you jast 21 omg

  83. Edwina Marie

    Those vocals and that JAWLINE? We in danger. He's gonna be big.

  84. karisma3211

    He kinda looks like Eric from 70s show

  85. Desaray Garcia

    wait wait, i’ve been listening to this song and never thought about it, it’s been on my playlist, i finally thought to to the music video, it’s billies brother? i had no idea😭

  86. Mr Dude

    genius songwriter! There will be no billie without him

  87. elli .l

    still one of my favs

  88. Sync nners

    i don't know why, i just watched this right now and hell this is song is something just like the song i composed a year ago hell this is fantastic

  89. Keishanbrrrief x

    Here before he got famous

  90. Summerplays

    This man is so beautiful

  91. Miacutiea

    My very favorite song of his

  92. Ella Ashley

    Not only are these siblings talented, but they are SO FREAKING PRETTY.

  93. Ella Ashley

    he needs the same fame as billie. GIVE HIM THE FAME HE DESERVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Pudim De coco

    To sofrendo e nem sei pq

  95. Akeesha George

    Gosh!! Bleedy talented!! Love it❤

  96. Rida khan

    2:48 damn do y'all here his voice 😭💞

  97. Rida khan

    Finneas isso underrated he needs some attention his voice is so beautiful Claudias do lucky