Field Mob - Project Dreamz Lyrics

Rent thirty days late, gotta be gone by Saturday
Tired of sellin' cocaine, folks tryna' trap me
Every night dreamin bout livin life lavish
A watch full of karats, a candy coated Caddy
Off the show flo', sittin on fo' Vouges
Oak wood gear shift, ?? dash door
Choppin on seventeen inch Enki's
Bling bling from my mouth to my pinky
Enough about my jewelry, grill, and my Fleetwood
Tryna still live stable so my folks can eat good
House sittin out on the hill to sleep good
Livin peaceful, just like we should
Money legal, no more sellin reefer
No more FEDs tryna' stick me like a needle
When it's cold outdo' come in I heat ya
He ain't gotta walk in the sun, I A.C. ya
Bump worryin 'bout that burgular comin to creep ya
Get trapped by alarms and the millimeter
I'm a do or die playa for my people, follow the leader
I'm my brotha's keeper, for real

I'm a have me a big nice Caddy
House on the hill for my ma' and my pappy
Live life happy and I'm still nappy
Makin legal money, no FEDs tryna' trap me
I'm a have me a big nice Caddy
House on the hill for my ma' and my pappy
Live life happy and I'm still nappy
Nigga, legal money, no FEDs tryna' trap me
If you ever been broke put your hands up
You been broke put your hands up, put your hands up
If you ever been broke put your hands up
You been broke put your hands up, put 'em up

What ya know 'bout havin no dough, no coat for the winter
Remember, we poor folk
Most cut yolk and smoke coke, cut throats in ya dope, hoe
Talk about they wanna 'Lac with four do's, no Vogues
Wood kit and Momo's
I gets Polo, pockets so swol', Jenny Craig
Naw, Escalade hog, in the yard
Breakin all ya folks too, belly full a soul food
Chittlens, greens, pork chops, green beens
Yeah I pray for that, each and every day I rap
I rap with guard, 'cause I feel you ain't really safe with gats
We escape slacks, the government help and welfare
My folk cries to the Lord, ain't no help there
We ain't have much, or less to brag about, but mo' to lose
I ran the street, mama told me go to school
But now I got a chance to change things and maintain
Mo' so, I ain't gotta slang 'caine anymore
Hell yeah boy, you really understand dirt
Well I'm a rap if you gon' clap until your hands hurt
I ain't the only person feel like I feel, that there live like I live
And wanna chill, for real


[Boondox] Now put your hands up if you're broke, folks tried
to spoil ya
With fried bologna sandwiches and sugar water
[Kalage] Put ya hands up, if you feel my hurt
Have you ever bathed with soap the size of a Cert
[B] Don't disguise the dirt did 'cause we all know rocks
It's the real reason furniture go to the pawn shop
[K] 'Cause ya crackhead cuz smokin the car antennas
[B] Understand see...
[K] It's a junkie in every family
[B] Them my hand-me-down, tight pants, lookin slim in 'em
If they too big...
[K] What you do?
[B] Put a hem in 'em
[K] 'Member talkin over the loud sounds when the wind blow
'Cause the trash bag's replacin yo' car window
[B] Man, I been poor
[K] I been poor
[Both] Man, we been poor!
That's how it is in the Field, for real

[Chorus 2x]

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Field Mob Project Dreamz Comments
  1. Trascents

    Love these dudes

  2. tony moore


  3. Love Summer

    them boys had a nigga grinding to this back then for real

  4. Gerald Demp

    "have you ever bathed with soap the size of a cert ?" shouldve sold millions!

  5. Dj G-yo

    Listening in 2020

  6. T. Carter

    2020 💯💯💯

  7. Matthew Dumas

    Still bumping this Field Mob in 2020..!

  8. corey robinson


  9. Michael A. Grady

    Just hearing this song. These cats from Field Mobb was dope. Ahead of their time. Classic music Thanks for keeping real . Mike G from Albany NY

  10. Trascents

    These boys was so dope


    Southern classic ✊🏾🇿🇼🎙️


    2019 and this still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Beezo Beezy

    Boi Dis Always Gne Be Sum Realistic Shit...

  14. CiviliNation 7

    ATL before GAYTL

  15. Markell Suber

    Classic album

  16. Kevin Garland

    They was way before they time one of a kind

  17. shoehead_82

    Man what happen to ATL rap now...

  18. Aub LO

    Shit still riding

  19. Urban Alchemy Muziq T.V.

    2,000’s : NO Tight pants 👖..!!!

    2019 : hold my beer 🍺

  20. Trome Simmons

    Bumping this 2019 !!!!🔥🔥🔥

  21. Antron Baker

    Str8 classic the beat is epic the lyrics are inspirationly abstract and tough

  22. Big See

    Too underrated....

  23. LuLu Whodat

    Nov 2019 and still an underrated classic!! " If you ever been broke put yo hands up "

  24. Amazing Amy

    I visit universities too

  25. cokeboysmusik

    how about devin the dude's lacville 79

  26. Bennie D

    maan... these guys were so dope

  27. Malaki727

    Generic as outkast

  28. jeffery james

    That's about 100 million people.

  29. Quinton Muchena

    Fire .Classic

  30. Bobby Harris

    dat reel souf ish!!!

  31. RJW27

    #ADOS: No matter how broke you were, back in the days, if you notice at the last part of the video, YOU HAD FAMILY!! SO DAMN PROUD TO BE FROM THE SOUTH!! NEW ORLEANS BABY!! FIELD MOB The 1990's!


    When visuals was Visuals of thee record, not a song with just guns && a whole lot of nothing going on in thee background

  33. GaBestRapper

    CLASSIC GA music

  34. The TOMAHAWK

    Remember making sandwiches and fried chicken to take in the car on a long trip!!

  35. Sun Stance

    Lyrically this group was like Outcast with 2 3G's. Props to the Field.

  36. Gold N'Stacks

    I would've liked to had seen them do more.They had a short career but they was raw.Easily could've turnt elite/legendary.

  37. jeffery james

    Broke niggas can relate.

  38. Trascents

    These boys was so dope

  39. Youngthrift King

    First time i saw them damn the days watching B. E. T.


    🖐🖑....but not no more

  41. This is Laflare Tv

    Still dope

  42. therealmccoy2004

    Da sof got sum to say.. repin witch from MISSISSIPPI..
    #I-20 EAST

  43. Lateshia Childs

    This is my song

  44. Its KuttaKu

    I need dis beat somebody help me

  45. sublyminal07

    So slept on and underrated

  46. Brian Z 2

    Holy shit this brings me back to high school days. Loved this, so happy to hear it again after so many years

  47. Nykeisha Mcrae

    Classic 🔥

  48. Ricardo Walden

    Yess$s real music

  49. Denny Beatty

    Classic great muzik

  50. Donald Harris

    Still listen in 2019

  51. Chasen Cambron

    Forgot all about this soon as the 1st 4bars came in I knew it word for word!!! CLASSIC

  52. Omar Martinez

    Im a brother's keeper for real😎💯

  53. Omar Martinez

    So underrated 2019 still fucking with ya💯

  54. Tobias Hills jr

    this take me back when I was in junior high .11 years old in the 6th grade

  55. Earth1 Motors

    Who still listening in may 2019!! Let's go field mob!! Albany ga😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥


    I'm here

  56. Weldon Johnson

    Know I had to add my zone 229,demond Crawford and Shawn Johnson.Familiy thang here

  57. Tommy Beauchene

    Classic. Love it.

  58. Elio Sanchez

    let's get this to 1 million asap

  59. Brian Dadkhah

    Yo Calauge u still my favorite Rapper.Boondok yes I have bathed with soap the size of a cert my moma know that line u 2 r two of the Greatest

  60. eric robinson

    You ever been broke put yo hands up 👍

    M T33

    eric robinson 🙋🏽‍♀️

  61. Florida Boi

    These boys are really the 🐐 Frfr 3/20/19

  62. Jazzie Lena

    Still bumping in 2019

  63. Kay Whitley

    I love this song from the day it came out and still do.

  64. Calaga Brown

    If you ever been broke I give me a like😂

  65. Cora Lewis

    613 : Ashy To Classy

  66. Brantley Myers

    229 forever baby

  67. Jimbo Bruh

    Now looka hea, this song came out in like 99 or something, album probably a year later. As I'm writing this It's 2019 and everything still relevant AF. Beat good, wordplay and rhymes all good and relevant. If I woulda hear this on radio for the firs time today, I swear I'd have thought it was a new track fr fr. I always like Field Mob for how smart and before their time their music was and still is. Only wish they'd stayed on the scene and not let the music business get the better of them.

  68. Vcorr

    I had some demo with this and four other songs. Classic


    dey beet JZ anydayze  all praze be dah Yahweh ! Booyahkah !

  70. Kendel Mourniny

    Typou but the image that they put out there was a minstrel show for real this video and sick of bein lonely messed tbey career up badm but them boys got major major talent

  71. Didier Laflare

    Bumpin in 2018

  72. Arthur Andrews

    Bumping in 2018

  73. trill 1

    they should of been in the dungeon family. sound just like them


    Hip hop soul muzik

  75. Winnen

    Underrated rap duo of all time... Top 3
    Gonna go get the the first album raaaaat naaa

  76. Karma92 Sims

    How did we get from this to the shit on the radio today 😣


    Which It Is, Karma92 Sims.

    Johnnie Jackson

    We spoke in Hood Project Street Code and the whit man could not Decode it So they found a way to dumb it down so they could out what we spoke about.

    green beats

    @Johnnie Jackson today's music is all about doing drugs loving hos being sad fashion how easy it is to shoot a gun gang banging it's just made for little suburb people nothing real anymore just straight trash and everyone sounds the same now and they just let anyone rap damn this new garbage


    Young thug and Mummble rap

    none none

    @Johnnie Jackson you dumb murzyńska małpa

  77. big boi


  78. TL Wright

    I🙏 really wish these guys was a drake 2day! On the radio like FOREVER huh! They can sing too. I missed the Fbi#where they @⚡

  79. sean shine

    classic I still bang it


    Straight flow

  81. LuckyP 0718

    This is when the south started taking over

  82. Jeffery A

    Bling bling from my mouth down to my pinky

  83. Noartist

    Best beat in a long time

  84. Ed Bihh

    Still the shit hands down

  85. Pao Brown

    Boi I used to bump this on Rap City daily in high school!!!!

  86. Andre Peoples

    This still my song!! I'm gonna make you proud of me one day mom!!! R.I.P Mom

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  89. Tupreme dot com

    bars I swear

  90. Tiffany McAllister

    They make you feel proud to be country!!