FIDLAR - No Money No Honey Lyrics

I'm goin' down down to the river
I'm gonna bring a 30 pack
I'm gonna drink with all my good friends,
And I ain't ever ever coming back
I got no money and I'm starving
I got nothing left,
Spent it all on golden honey,
And two lines of meth
I'm gonna chug a lot of jim beam,
Til my face turns brown and blue
I'm gonna get in my car and start it,
And drive right over you
I got nothing else to live for
I got nowhere to be,
Spent my money on that honey,
And life in the beam
I wanna tell you that I like you,
But my heart is black and blue
And you say that's such a bad idea
That's hard to swallow but it's harder to chew
You probably think this is funny,
As I do too
I gotta keep on just laughing
Or I am through
I'm going back down to the river
I'm gonna find my duffel bag
I'm gonna stick my puppy in it,
And drown him till his tail won't wag,
Cause I can't spend any more money
I can't give him a bed
I get a feed it golden honey,
Or two scoops of meth,
And the next thing you know I cannot feel
My air bags open on my steering wheel
I guess that that oak tree was kinda real
Now I gotta skip this town
I've gotta call up max and Elvis,
And tell them how I feel
They're gonna call me a fucking pussy
And pass me a couple beers
We got no money got no honey
We got nothing left
Spent it all on golden honey
And two lines of meth

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FIDLAR No Money No Honey Comments
  1. cesar galindo

    “I’m going to Jackson”

  2. joey davis

    Just dancing on that thin ice

  3. Error 404

    A couple years ago I got piss drunk, listened to this song and play halo. Fun times

  4. dennit tinned

    are you a soccer player because u have fancy feet how much for them?

  5. monkey balls

    <3 <3 still opPIN

  6. carrion240

    Where have i been ! this tune !! :) :)

  7. Skiivin

    This song is the reason for my band's existence, found it when I was 15 and it just changed my fuckin world bro

  8. Scooty Scoot

    Put it on 1.25 speed

  9. dinosaurusQ

    This is honestly one of my favorite music videos

  10. Veronica Lindsey

    Jesus this should have been on one of their albums.

  11. Isaiah Martinez

    What movie did i listen 2 this on, i discovered fidlar right wnen turning 21, 23 now, but i recognize this song from a movie

  12. Kiddo

    Some dick: you can never mesh hip-hop dancing with punk

    FIDLAR: hold my cheap beer

  13. Jose Torres

    Hell yeah modelo time vatos 🍻🍻

  14. Fuck Face

    This songs so fucking sad wtf this is the place I was like a year ago too I loved this song cause the beat played along with my heart. ❤️ “Gotta keep my friends laughing or I am through”

  15. tony bologna

    They really got them crip walking.. and it really works

  16. KappitanKappa

    can i use ur music in my videos, i give u the credit in the credits i think :v

  17. Koiibitoo

    A RAT

  18. Xero

    yo i got a fender ad and too real was playing, why haven't i ever gotten this ad before?

  19. farewelltoaz

    love the music video

  20. crustydazai

    thought he was crip walkin

  21. TuHast

    Poor pup :(

  22. Ahmad Al-Syukri

    what type of dance is this?

  23. WiPeOuT !

    I've been 2 months sober guys

    morgue enamo

    from what?

    WiPeOuT !

    @morgue enamo meth, weed and alcohol


    Proud of you

  24. Justin Jackson

    Poor dogo

  25. Lelo Stimulous

    Whats golden honey?

    Name Name


  26. Deathtrip402

    Is this an original?

  27. I Love Cops

    The dance of ants in my pants

  28. pares lisergia

    Ese men como le gusta aplastar insectos :v

  29. Jessi Gill

    Please put this on Spotify

  30. dallin hansen

    Where is this

  31. Ask Me

    I remember when these dancing videos were cool
    Like... 2005 or so
    Brings back memories

  32. Aracnoidea

    anyone knows the notes of the molody?

  33. Seth Howard

    I was once told this was a cover. Who did it originally? Anyone?

  34. Andrew Cory

    As a teenager growing up homeless with my fiance wr lived at a golf course at a river drinking and partying lol

  35. R. Otto

    This would have made a great Johnny Cash cover

  36. Aiden Potter

    Sorry to be a music theory asshole here but: the chords are F, Bb, and C. There’s no A# in the key of F y’all, Theory 101!

  37. George.

    Why isn't this on fucking spotify

  38. George.

    I'm pretty sure the dance style is called skanking

  39. Georgia Greene

    can you fukinnnn put this on spotify please

  40. DadlessEmo

    c walk homie

  41. Brendan Boutilier

    Jackson by Johnny Cash

  42. Bawb Omb

    honest christmas songs for my generation... <3

  43. julka ?

    2011 fidlar makes me wet

  44. Eliud Lopez

    Wheres my potato

  45. Brikxz

    Ok but why are they bwalking?

  46. wawis231

    one time i was studying abroad in europe, which i was hesitant to do bc im already in college with a full ride and europe is just pricey, and well i wanted to travel and all...will never forget that time i was in paris and i didnt have money, and i didnt eat for 2 days until a friend gave me least i got an education lol


    I just did a semester in England and was lucky enough to have a boyfriend who was lazy as hell and ordered us food when i was there 4 days of the week. I didn't have money when I went back to uni though and i remember one time I ate 1 can of soup for nearly 3 days. literally a starving college kid

  47. J M

    I wish this song was on Spotify. It’s such a good song.

  48. Bálint Bukta

    I wish more of your songs would be available for purchase.

  49. Austin McFrizzle

    Listening to this song is like a window to my future

  50. themightysorsor

    If they don't add this to Spotify soon I'm going to neck myself

    Mark Johnson

    Still there?

    Foxtrot Mike

    Zac literally yelled "we're not Spotify" at the last Melbourne show hahaha

    Spencer Yancey

    Hang in there.


    Anyone alive here?

  51. money walrus

    i catnt listen to this one because it makes me too sad

  52. Poopy Joe

    is there a name for this kinda dancing?


    Poopy Joe C walking

    Poopy Joe

    @Sal thanks!

  53. Brad Worley

    I respect people who spend all their money on partying

  54. Tavaclis

    FIDLAR got me through two very difficult years of my life. for that i am thankful. fuck it dog life is a risk is something everyone should have somewhere in their being. it is the bottom of a ship that scraps the rocky shore. That shore, is where you need to be in that moment. i hope you find what youre looking for my friend.

  55. my2cents2u

    Some serious c walk going on here!

  56. Robbie Curtin

    Honey is heroine ya


    Robbie Curtin yes

  57. Abbey

    This is why we can't have nice things

  58. Isaac Travers

    Is golden honey heroin? I can't think of what else it'd be unless he's saying he spent it on a girl idk


    Isaac Travers yes its heroin

  59. Deniska definitely not rediska

    Listen with the speed at 0.25

  60. Arthur Renson

    who's gonna be at the DOOR festival in Belgium on Sunday ??? :D so stoked !! :D

  61. Gabriel Emerim

    Damn this shit is good

  62. Nigel Morgan

    This song’s so sad but I can’t stop laughing at the video description.

  63. Theragingcanadian7

    Why does this for some reason remind me of charlie brown??

    Landon Stainbrook


  64. Racso Hurnandez

    Take me back to when fidlar was fidlar

  65. Lautaro Ciancio Damsky

    J a c k s o n


    A lot of their songs are so underrated

  67. plant1234567

    Dear lord... This is me waking up every morning. RIP

  68. christopher pesce

    So good ffffuck

  69. Jami T

    Found this song when i was 13. blasted it all day every day. A few bad decisions later and now im 19 sitting here dope sick as a fuckin dog and this is the only things keeping me from strangling someone. Funny how life turns out.


    how you doin?

    SeaGraves Music

    TheTurtleneck64 she ded

  70. themightysorsor

    when life gives you lemons cut a hole in the godamn lemons

  71. C. M.

    who thinks of "Whistle Stop" the Robin Hood cartoon song when you listen to this song

  72. Ray

    I was a fan of FIDLAR long before Idubbz so imagine my surprise when I come across all these comments.


    Ray Charles same!


    I was a fan b4 saying I was a fan was cool

    marmooki j

    Ray Charles same

    x x

    Wait what’s video did idubz make about these guys


    Ray Charles holy shit did Idubbz put them in a video

  73. Kevin Soria

    I wanna tell you that I like you,
    But my heart is black and blue
    And you say that's such a bad idea
    That's hard to swallow but it's harder to chew
    You probably think this is funny,
    As I do too
    I gotta keep on just laughing
    Or I am through

  74. Tomaszek

    Red shoes brand?

  75. Monkeyliver19

    Man I love this song


    Sure does stick to you in a rehab against your own will.

  77. Nate Palmquist

    lol forgetting sarah marshall

  78. Solomon Freedman

    jeff wants top fuck mee.

  79. Solomon Freedman

    jimmy reynolds has bedbugs and lives in a tent in his back yard...... hes a piece of shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt..

  80. Solomon Freedman

    he sucks dick for beer

  81. juses crust

    2:18 steam notification???

  82. A Social

    *stands up*

    *falls on face*

  83. Andrew Kixz Offical

    what is that style of dancing called

    Honey Bean

    Andrew Kixz Offical c-walking

  84. dav mastain

    i thought dis was gon b a beck cover

  85. Gaming Blueberry

    anyone know the chords for acoustic guitar?


    Gaming Blueberry just e, a, and a7 i think

  86. koolkid13bad1

    due to the vent holes on the wall and the white stains I had the impression money was falling while they were dancing. ive played this a dozen times and just realize I was mistaken.

  87. Bamee

    damn i love your music

  88. Lucas

    play this on my funeral

  89. RVM

    I hate people who wear skinny pants

    red rover

    RVM why

  90. jed sampson

    Smoking beers and chugging bowls.......fidlar

  91. Johannes D

    this song remindes me of "Jackson" from Johnny Cash (and June Carter)

  92. donnalasman

    great band. any new skate tricks? I learned 1 yep.... me nurse u casualty...b x

  93. donnalasman

    Whitey...... welcome to scotland. u were Awsom man. seen u 3 times. thanks.

  94. shawn pfleegor

    where can I download this at?

  95. Annabel Lee Official

    sounds like jackson from Johnny Cash and June Carter

  96. jaden byron

    who's the 57 bitches that disliked ?!