FIDLAR - I Just Wanna Die Lyrics

I tried to call you up cuz I'm feelin alone
But my minutes ran out on my telephone
So I'll get
Fucked up until I cry
And you'll be
Passed out with another guy
And I'm just freaking out
Cuz I'm getting super stoned
And when I tell you that I love you
You think it's a joke
So I'll wake up and I'm super high
And you'll be
Passed out with another guy
I just waaaaannnaaaa die

Oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh!
When I wake up next to you
I feel at home and
When I hold your hand
I never wanna let it go
So I'll just pass out on your floor
And I can
Never ever ever find the door
And I'm ch-ch-chuggin all my roommates wine
Cus you're t-t-t-t-taking all your time
And I never ever wanna DIY
Cuz I reallllly reaalllly want you in my life
I just waaaaannnaaaa die

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FIDLAR I Just Wanna Die Comments
  1. Strider Games

    So you're wondering what LA is like eh?

  2. auto hubb

    you sucks your music garbage piece of crap

  3. Toaster

    Fine youtube, I’ll watch it

  4. newayne gallagher

    Post this shot on apple music

  5. typical twat

    Tfw I'm now prob on some NSA suicide list because "I wanna die" is on my YouTube search history 20 times in one month

  6. no rkn

    I clicked on this accidentally, and thought that I'll watch just a few seconds of this and then go back. But now I'm listening to this song literally fucking everywhere

  7. wallflower ·///

    They predicted Gen Z

  8. Cole Johnstone

    Made a tutorial for this song

  9. Semaj Soroj


  10. ay b

    Wow this song really slapped..

  11. Dream Sezer

    Напишу что-нибудь по русски, чтобы англичане не поняли меня))))

    no rkn

    Эй 👀

  12. Thomi Agustin

    El algoritmo de YouTube aveces funciona muy raro

  13. disturbed

    Great tune.

  14. Fairy Acids

    I listened to this song everyday when I broke up with my bf cause he was cheating fun

  15. seafood

    this is music for people that have no future

  16. David Benoist

    I'm guessing it was a meth lab fire?? Seems right

  17. jimin's tiny hands

    did they ever get that fire out?

  18. _HappyFace_

    Anyone else knows some other songs like this?


    _HappyFace_ imma comment here so I get notified if anyone replies

  19. samutalyist

    LAFD Did a really nice job in this

  20. samuel :D

    this is good

  21. Malteehhh

    this was way ahead of it's time damn

  22. Ulfric Stormcloak

    Keeping the spirt bright while in a void of darkness. Thank you FIDLAR

  23. iselltylenol

    everyone wants to have their crush, everyone has many of their own reasons
    everyone wants to die
    *shit we're sad lmao*

  24. Gamer Dude

    This is the opposite of I just wanna live by good Charlotte

  25. Sam Dwayne


  26. starcasters

    This is the most perfect thing ive ever heard/seen

  27. game over

    Am I the only person here that doesn't want to kill themselves

  28. pizzaboss

    shut up nigga

  29. Ishmael Moby

    Not depressing enough

  30. typical twat

    Man this song

  31. Mitsuko

    Jesse Pinkman be like:

  32. Zachary White

    Never heard this before, but that's 2012 alright

  33. Drako

    Big mood

  34. Angel Delich

    whoa this isn’t on spotify :(

  35. Ulfric Stormcloak

    This song makes me wanna just hang with my friends do dumb shit and feel free

  36. Matthew Shafer

    nothing like drinking a cold one while kicking it by the fire .....

  37. Ulfric Stormcloak


  38. Skull Duggery66

    Amber Alonzo, if you ever see this comment. This song was about you...

  39. sail

    i love this song

  40. bbz232

    Unfortunately fidlar is the soundtrack of my life

  41. mattroski007

    If your girl is passed out with another guy, she's never, ever, never-ever, going to be your girl. Don't be a begger, be a chooser.

  42. Matthew E

    Not to be emo but this song fucking hits

  43. Paul Wan

    just heard from a friend that a girl i wanna date isn't interested in me ahahaha

  44. Skiivin

    dude, everyone was so fucked up back in the day were all fucked up back in the early 2010s, shit was the wave lol

  45. Ace Menzel

    Is anybody in the comment section still alive to this day? Somehow I made it

  46. strawberryshortcake

    why is this never on spotify or apple music

  47. ash uh oh

    listen to this drunk

  48. Mandy M

    anyone else listn to this when theyre about to go to work

  49. Ivan Peniche

    haha mood

  50. Angel

    This song sums up my grade 11 year, felt the tension between myself and another person and before I asked her out it was too late. People knew the pain and my friend wanted to invite me to an orgy party to cuck me on purpose cause everyone enjoyed my pain.

  51. joelsstuff


  52. Doge Cruise

    Fucked up how I started listening to this band so late

  53. Allyski

    i wanna say this is some real indie type shit but idk if haven’t a state fire department feature is indie

  54. Jana musique

    If you're read this one day Ben... Fuck you - you were an asshole and this song don't tell the way you feel cause you treat me like shit ;)

    Btw nice song - love it 😂😋😜

  55. Mr Groceries

    Please put on amazon music. Danke shön.

  56. Andy Lovanpheth

    Ahh i remember feeling this song so hard in high school. Edge as fuck

  57. Ace Menzel

    i fucking love this

  58. Axolotl Forlokero

    Conocí a Fidlar por una morrita que conoci online y la neta hablar con ella era lo mejor de la perra vida, no se porque vergas me bloqueó pero alch que bueno que la conoci. Tammy si lees esto espero que te este yendo muy muy chingon ❤

  59. Brady WasHere

    Relatable somg

  60. The Inferior Channel

    Why is this the best music video ever

  61. Anthony Ayala

    Goddamn I miss 2015, and being a dumb 15 year old listening to this song with my best friend.

  62. Amber Iyanna

    Why isn’t this on iTunes?¿?

  63. Marc Zeider

    Plot twist:shut the fuck up

  64. doobie hood

    LA is always burning

  65. trevor rededly

    i have gotten over many girlfriends to this song

  66. DripsOnAnalogs

    Man these guys are great!

    trevor rededly

    youd love all my friends hate me and wavves then

  67. Lilli Payne

    ch ch ch ch chuggin

  68. im just really sad

    whoever else is here before TikTok finds this, I respect you

  69. Exo

    damn FIDLAR is depressing but the music still good so that's cool :)

  70. 蕭條傷心

    listened to it one time stoned, all i remember was "When i say i love you, you think its a joke"

    now i just realised its kinda of a homo song

  71. Flávia

    Anyone got this recommended too?

  72. dripson

    damn i just discovered this song today, neato

  73. Hellfire2122

    Any reason this isn't on Spotify?

  74. Cole e

    gives off some titanic sinclair vibes

  75. Jesse The Koolest Kid

    put this on itunes please god

    Jesse The Koolest Kid

    wait this is so old why was this recommended

  76. Helmi 78

    Amm, hi ?

  77. riflelord2

    took me seven years to find this gem so glad i did

    Enoch Hitchcock

    riflelord2 same

    trevor rededly

    dude i dont give a fuck by them is so great too, check out a band called all my friends hate me aswell

  78. Beeblebloop

    fuck I feel so bad
    and I want somebody's help so bad
    but I know no one can help me
    so i just stay alone

  79. Gunter! Dance party!

    What's this song that's playing?

  80. Björn Eriksson

    Soon in a Doomer playlist near you!

  81. Brittany Sheets

    I’m waiting for TikTok to steal

  82. Josh Cheek

    Someone post chords plz

  83. communistdaughter

    I was expecting this to be like, a meme song or some shit, but’s it’s actually pretty good?

  84. Tuxx

    glooks recommended

  85. Jay Heartviel

    Anyone able to figure out the chords here?

  86. zandkroket

    I'll put this in my "Important" playlist

  87. Лукас Артеага

    Truly ahead of it’s time theme

  88. All My Friends Hate Me

    Still so goooooood

  89. Rpie

    Spotify please

  90. 殴恩移2083

    So this isnt on Spotify??? Why??


    Finn because it wasn’t released in a album, it was released as just one song so that’s why. Spotify is retarded like that

  91. Holi Garsia


  92. JadeTunes Tv


  93. JadeTunes Tv


  94. Victor Andersson

    Yo i thought lafd was another band lmao

  95. Артём Валиев

    Youtube knows something about me

  96. Jason Day

    FIDLAR understands how comedy works and I love.