FIDLAR - Got No Money Lyrics

I spent my money on a fifty dollar Volvo
I don’t really care if I make it to the city
I’m getting dressed and I’m lookin’ like a hobo
I don’t pay my bills cuz I don’t think it’s necessary

I got no money for you
I got no money for me

I’m getting tired of feeling like a loser
Watchin’ TV on my couch and I’m doing nothing
Hit the road and I’m lookin’ for a tweaker
Tryin’ to find my buds cuz I know that they want to party

I got no money for school
I got no money for school

I got no money from you
I got no money for me

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FIDLAR Got No Money Comments
  1. ludi trend

    spent my money on a fifty dollar home phone
    I don't really care if I make it to the city
    I'm getting' dressed and I'm lookin' like a hobo
    I don't pay my bills cuz I don't think it's necessary

    I got no money for you
    I got no money for me

    I'm getting tired of feeling like a loser
    Watchin' TV on my couch and I'm doing nothing
    Hit the road and I'm lookin' for a tweaker
    Tryin' to find my buds cuz I know that they want to party

    I got no money for school
    I got no money for school

    I got no money from you
    I got no money for me

    (From Google

  2. Aunnica Ortiz

    I got no money for speed (I Never related to this so much before)

  3. Connor Iquada

    Max looks fucked in this picture 😂😂😂

  4. Andrei Mihăilă

    The beginning sound like Eagles of Death Metal

  5. MrJoey4397

    What is max on in this picture I want some of that

  6. skid mark

    This is like, 3 minutes too shot.

  7. M-47

    What is the opening ramble? If we were to ever cover this at a live show that would be a great lead in.

  8. FuzzyFuzz

    you're single, bacause you have no money


    This song is SO PITTED!

  10. Moonanite 2

    where the hell did they find a $50 Volvo

    Matt Roberts

    That may be but I still wanna know where they're getting them. Volvos are build like fucking tanks so they're normally more expensive how ever old.

    epic gamer

    Moonanite 2 in the ship with the Vietnam shit

    This Isnt Me

    Jeremy clarkson got a volvo for 1 pound.


    @Matt Roberts Dunno if you have those in US but you can get a cheap ass V40 Volvo but is this still THE Volvo?

    New York Palm Trees

    i think its a reference to something not an actual volvo

  11. Bill Miller

    surfs up, daddy. ya got any money?

  12. James J

    So I'm just getting into being a stoner smoking every 3 days or so and I'm just listening to bands like sublime or the strokes and then my surfer buddy shows me this song on our way to the beach and now I'm hooked, all we listen to is rock like this

  13. Ipos Sitri

    So i listen to this when i'm broke..

  14. Ipos Sitri

    All my friends stole my money :(

  15. Dick Jams

    wow, this song is fucking legit.

  16. blvck


    Dandog Zbutt

    theyre saying WAZZZZZAAAAA

  17. TheGooodThings

    Doooooooooope tune!

  18. Thomas Schmidt

    Only fags listen to this ...  oh wait..

    John Hubbins PhD

    And yet somehow you're here...


    John Hubbins PhD i love so much how this has more likes than the other dude

  19. Athanasios Michalakis

    anyone remember the movie ? 
    from intro

    Smooth Operator

    Not a movie its from that surfer interview the dude who goes

    Izaak Glynn

    just search up so pitted

    Athanasios Michalakis

    yeah found it ! ty m8 cheers

  20. Loki

    feelin like a hobo ;)

  21. aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh

    best fucking intro to the best fucking song ever

    Nicholas Serrano

    I fucking know right


    @Nicholas Serrano FUCK YES

    Nicholas Serrano

    So I learned that if you go to sleep listening to some of FIDLARs songs on repeat, you will wake up feeling high

  22. boredkid1235

    I fucking love these vocals

  23. Kenny Freeman

    lol el cantante principal se parece a @CheetoSenior 


    Los cojones. xD Ni fisicamente y ni hablemos de talento.

  24. Todd Angeles

    As a guy that grew up on old school punk, I love this band.


    same tho


    Same man, their a breath of fresh air when everyone thought punk was dead.

  25. Rock Rap Metal Punk niggas

    Man..Love this fucking band.

  26. Ava Diaz

    or did they break up? jeez

    aw yeah man

    no they're still together. they're making new shit right now so they probably aren't gonna tour for a while

  27. Ava Diaz

    fucking love fidlar!! i hope they play a show soon uhg

    Dandog Zbutt

    sorry theyre to high right now maybe later

  28. доктор берестов

    Jesse Hughes likes this song:)


    Summsi also does

  29. purpleCHARGEx

    I got no money for weeeed


    I feel ur pain

    Athanasios Michalakis

    @purpleCHARGEx got no money for speed

    skid mark

    Fuck bud, come on over. I gotchu.

    Andrew Cory

    Fucking same :(

  30. Johnny Greens

    Groovy tunes man!

  31. The Large Hardon Collider

    Wow, I read this comment board and then got really disappointed that I did.

  32. HearingEveryRhyme

    Naw, Fidlar is about Vegans Eating Intellectuals.

  33. 09hanley

    If you like FIDLAR, go and listen to the Japandroids, it'll make your day

  34. Kaylei Nikole

    Fucking love Fidlar! Best kickback tunes man

  35. Kaylei Nikole

    Fucking love Fidlar. Best kickback tunes man!

  36. Ben Kuyt

    If this is hipster music, hipsters have great fucking taste in music.

  37. Roger Crump

    I read all the comments of this being "hipster" music and it just makes me chuckle. Shoegazing is great and so is FIDLAR for knowing how to be so fucking amazing while doing it

  38. john shields

    thank god someone is making catchy punk music again

  39. mooncreature

    You're the fucker who got his comment read by them

  40. Souperfridge

    lol hipsters?
    I thought hipsters did what was 'cool before cool'.
    FIDLAR basically is about skating, music, and not giving a flying f*ck who listens.

  41. k3v1n303

    seen them live L.a. weekly dope show. i cant wait to see the live again. they fucken get down
    FIDLAR ROCKLSS!!!!!!!!!

  42. John Petterson 222830

    Shit! Waterloo Road! Fenner will not BE happy! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. jordan king

    I want to hear the story of how he broke your nose hahhaa

  44. KimPetrass

    Max cant surf.......

  45. john shields

    why did i think of this riff?! you guys this....this is fucking great! raddest

  46. WGBH Music

    Cool sound. Love the retro/surf/punk vibe. I bet these guys are great in concert.

  47. Wachale Films

    come to mexico!

  48. leah lazareanu

    come to montreal!

  49. Robin Marty

    Yeashh ! Death Ride Guys !


    Tonight, for a free Tv concert in Paris

  51. Bromoteknada

    Thank you very much,we appreciate it :)

  52. Bromoteknada

    did he smell like barbeque?

  53. TheCastleintheair

    All time favourites: Black Lips, Fidlar, Ty Segall.

  54. zefer07

    reminds me of the one and only black lips!

  55. o4tmeel

    ipods dont have reply buttons

  56. Rory Connolly

    Putting '@' in front of your comment doesn't do anything. Y'all need to be hitting reply.

  57. o4tmeel

    @kevin roche just look up "best barrels ever dude"

  58. Kevin Roche

    what is the intro from?

  59. ExtraTimeFilms

    saw this band open for hives! fricking amazing band!

  60. MrLadfous


  61. Bradon B

    fidlar fucking kills it

  62. Dewey P90


  63. Trevor Mack


  64. Thomas Davies

    You've fucked FIDLAR?

  65. Thomas Davies

    Reminds me a bit of Eagles of Death Metal

  66. Okifurbi

    That hot girl from the adv "push it" made me NOT skip the adv for first time ever. DAMN IT!

  67. Suquet Hugo

    good job, thee maximators thanks !!!

  68. Panky1117

    I too have no money for weed, lol these guys rule

  69. deadpool1102

    it is what it is... I guess you're right about the hipster phenomena and their shitty fucking hipsterisms but i dont think FIDLAR is about vegan eating intellectuals who promote anti-mainstream lifestyles all the while conforming to it. it's music about having fun for fucks sake, the two sons of greg kuehn (from tsol) make great music in this

  70. Ashlee Reyes

    whaaaat insane haha

  71. Lord Of Dutch

    saw them once before burgerama but burgerama sealed the deal, super sweet band! singer broke my nose!

  72. Jérémy mimos

    blog news: rock, indie, pop, electro

  73. victor rojas

    this is great music and i cant get enough

  74. Ashlee Reyes

    freeeak me too!!!!! in regards to both statements.. (;

  75. shellder11