Fates Warning - Valley Of The Dolls Lyrics

Bedroom mirrors do tell who's the fairest of them all
Lime light silhouette transparent attic walls
Dancing shadows cascade paper walls
Wailing ghost guitars send in the clowns

Painted plastic faces stealing mommies make up
Masque the false gods with mannequin smiles
Prima donnas play upon their pedestals of fame
Unborn girls false fascade illegitimate child
I won't play your game

Blasphemous black bible bias you betray bigotry
Slay the hydra pretty fair maidens spread leprosy
Hungry children feed from hype of perpetual ego's
I slay the hydra, burn the talisman, holocaust
Run with the pack illegitimate child the unborn wench at war.
Tear him inside she became a bride wedlock to a whore.
Shatter the dream the tangerine dream bow to kings not queens.
Back where you reign rule your domain Valley of the Dolls!

Bow to kings of yesterday
They have given you wings to fly away,
What have the phantom queens but deceived you
Army of shadows climbing
Silvery mountains lining
Molton and ask kiss my
Camouflage the battle scars
With oxy ten and maybelline
Cloning the hero's in hype magazine
Pirates of underground
Lightening twice the speed of sound.
You will prevail.

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