Fates Warning - Pirates Of The Underground Lyrics

So you learn real hard, babe in the woods
Fight for your keep cause
Deep in the dark wolves rip at your heart
As you lie asleep.
Endangered specie of the megahertz
Follow the yellow brick road,
Your asylum awaits you.
Sign on the dotted line.

Pirates of the underground, mutiny is in the air.
You're the wind in the sails mother ship
Drifters at sea remain to be
Till land which speaks our tongue is found
On our way
Cut the tongues of dragons breathing fire
Ride the waves
Through the air down below the mire.

Preacher man spins backward secret messages
What are you looking for?
Something your subconscience can devise
Such a sin to disappoint your suspicion
Your force is ours, there are no hidden lies

Tuned out in neutral vegetation, prime time
Bleeding hearts howl at the moon.
Foul temptress, oh she sings seduction,
As vultures feast forbidden fruit.
Live an abstract life in your hibernation.
A rude awakening for the underdog typhoon,
Set the Thames on fire.
Climb aboard this man of war
She'll take you far away
To a land of fantasy in your imagination.

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