Fates Warning - Kyrie Eleison Lyrics

Never thought my time was coming
Wasn't in my dreams
Twice I visioned I was falling down,
Down to the ground, I screamed out loud,
Woke on a cloud.
Never really a holy man even though
I understand the father son and Holy Ghost
He's the on that scares me most
Ashes to rain you feel no pain.

Hell fire burns my conscience. My mind explodes
Spine is severed, blood runs cold, confess the
Deepest of sin, envision a king
With a white violin.
Crucifix hung above my death bed begins to bleed.
Imagination, lunacy, has he come to hear my plea,
Grant absolution condone my sin.

The lady in black I ask what do you see.
A glimpse in your glass what good fortune for me.
The lady in black said your lifeline is damned.
The tarot of death card she held in her hand.

Kyrie Eleison. Christe Eleison
Kyrie Eleison. Christe Eleison

Segments of my life flash through my mind
Things never seen.
It must be fate warning me for now
The walls are closing in.
Rosary in Hand,
Lost grain of sand.
Here I go I start to fall again.

Try to scream I'm mute
It is the end of my last fall.
To the land of nevermore
Shatter her glass I woke on the floor

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Fates Warning Kyrie Eleison Comments
  1. mike Lindemann

    interesting they say -fate warning- in the lyrics,i saw these guys once at T.A. VERNS MILWAUKEE WI

  2. Hayabusa

    The perfect mix of Power and Prog metal. Pogger Metal.

  3. Steven Anthony

    Much better song than Mr. Mister

  4. Black shuck

    Crispin Glover was such a weirdo in that movie but he plays a weirdo and all movies I know but this one just the fact that he played a metalhead

  5. Mario Pastorini

    I fuck with this...

  6. Ethereal Catholic

    Much better than modern heavy metal.

  7. nukedrums

    "John is not an asshole!"

  8. Mario Pastorini

    Now Biff...

  9. ProgrammingFlaw 3489

    This song is so killer.

    Ian B

    perfect build up to the chorus, love how doom-y sounding they get with the "Lady in black" section, then they soar with the chorus. awesome contrast.

  10. Raulduke duke


  11. Mario Pastorini

    Rivers edge introduced me to this song and the band...

  12. Jackson Rhoads

    What do YOU know about Feck??!

    Jay McBurney

    C'mon, I'm dying for a joint

    Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago

    Jackson RRXT more than I probably should

  13. Seymour Losers

    This song FUCKING. rips it's like having a stroke ! Think that calls for a fatty for your daddy,-yo I'm sorry 5000 sneak ya later✌

  14. dragondog 59

    (^<^) very nice

  15. J G

    Every time I hear this song I think of The River's Edge.

    Black shuck

    Yup same here

  16. robert pacho

    watching rivers edge right now


    my dude

    The Aviator

    robert pacho dude that movie is part of my youth...I felt like a member of the cast I watched it so much...I was on that riversedge when John murdered the girl

    ProgrammingFlaw 3489

    robert pacho that is such a great movie.

  17. Noah Dillon

    Anyone know any covers of this? I dig everything except that operatic style heavy metal singing. It's like listening to Frankie Valli.


    you clearly weren't here for metal of such an AWESOME time... !!! this was massive ...

    that said , the Frankie valli joke was funny...

    Noah Dillon

    @Big/Badass BLUES Guitar​ Heh. Now I want a cover of this, and a parody substituting the lyrics with a medley of "Sherry," "Big Girls Don't Cry," "Walk Like a Man," and "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." 🤘🤘

    Noah Dillon

    Terry Nugent Yeah, I love it. Delicious. Eat it all the time. Good point.

    Noah Dillon

    Terry Nugent Yes, please. Let me at it. Let's fuck.

  18. MRImage1987

    Rivers edge is how I found Fates Warning.  One of my all time favorite bands.

    Mario Pastorini

    same here

  19. AOWGroundBeef

    Bought this LP when it came out...Loved it then and never understood how this band never became "bigger" in the metal scene. Still prefer John Arch to Ray Alder.

    Black shuck

    Yup same here

  20. Gavin Linkson

    killer soundtrack and film is too!

  21. Crimson†Krypt

    This song was playing while Layne was driving to the Rivers Edge


    +Kendall2001 I literally have no idea why it's not. The movie is so fucking great. It's weird how many "rock/metal" themed 80's movies there were, but this one captures the real essence of it perfectly.

    Danny Hood

    +fourcrippledhorses At the time i thought the skull on keayna reeves, jacket was fake , But long run doesn't matter, old english' bud in bottles runnin streets (guitarded center little bastards outside ill wait in parking lot, just to get em in headlock ) no reason, Personal, i gotta steal this joint mom , we'll talk later, dont cry i gotta take this joint , Cm on! Dope! Dude'' So you got any dope? I wouldn't even joke about thaaaat, .. Get your numbchucks i know where we can get gun, You seee thaaaat? Feck! Feck! knock knock ! Here i come points gun in his face My friend, you say? Ahh cm on feck just a couple joints, '(guilty)' You say your my friend? Points gun' watchin you?? Man, She had it comin! Crispan glover is all' '' I know feck women are evil.''. (guilty) , their still after me, you know?.. slams door ,, Alright 'feck whatever' thanks for the weed! see ya! Inside feck turns looks toward his rubber doll, your my friend. In the classroom Im laughin haha! i can't laughin was real! early 80s teachers ex hippy's hah!

    Mario Pastorini

    +Crimson†Krypt George Mc Fly the headbanger...


    +Danny Hood you're right... when they were either going to find her body or move it or something. .. the song in Layne's car that he's referring to was DIE BY THE SWORD , from slayer ... great soundtrack in that flick... agent orange too...

    Jay McBurney

    I POKED at it with a STICK

  22. Mario Pastorini

    Rivers Edge movie helped me find this song. This is killer!

  23. Hugh Janus

    What an amazing album!

  24. kewrock

    It's a shame so many early metal albums suffered from poor studio recording. This isn't terrible, but it's not great. some bands like the first Overkill album sound like they were recorded in a tin can.

  25. Kevin Samuel Haber

    Is this Spinal Tap?

  26. raybeez55

    great tune

  27. raybeez55

    great fucking tune

  28. pavcon

    Kyrie Eleison , God bless(or show mercy depending), christe eleison Chris bless

  29. zubey91

    Feck! What you you dying in there?

  30. montroclq

    what do you think this car runs on gods own methane?

  31. montroclq

    best movie ever fucking made!

  32. Giannis Mitsop_75


  33. Evi Vappa

    no ..in greek this means "god-lord show mercy"

  34. Hana Gemini

    i thought kyrie eleison is a girl's name.haha

  35. Abbe Abyss

    0:28 - 0:47 is heavy as a motherfucker. Great example of how a combination of mere power chords forms a narrative.

  36. zubey91

    Rivers Edge Bitches!!

  37. Jacob

    how the fuck did you notice that? lol

  38. MrCharhead

    i thought it meant to support gay asian rites

  39. Jack Underwood

    @morgolorth i thought it meant lord have mercy...same thing i guess

  40. Swell

    @VideoGameMetal01 o by saying that ur trying to convince me that FATES WARNING is "tough man" music? roflmao

    if i told u what i listen to u'd prolly piss ur panties

  41. Stelios Politsidis

    @protsimer no shit!

  42. DemonRulis

    John Arch - Privileged Voice

  43. Prodromos Tsimerikas

    It's no wonder. I think Latin was very much influenced by the Greek language. In general, the Romans occupied the divided city-states of Greece with superior armed forces, but thei Roman culture was eventually dominated by the "superior" Greek one.
    p.s. I'm Greek. :)

  44. b coutts

    @protsimer Oh, that's weird. I just assumed it was latin because that's the language that ought to have been used by the Roman priests, who would have written the mass.

    Actually, just looked this up, apparently the entire mass was still given in Latin, but Greek was an older, traditional style of giving the mass, and just the kyrie eleison part was preserved for Latin services. Food for thought, I guess.

  45. Prodromos Tsimerikas

    @blitzforthewin It's not latin. It's Greek. The chorus you also mention and translate accurately is also Greek,.

  46. redofdeathGR


  47. b coutts

    @morgolorth It's actually latin. The name, and the chorus itself, comes from the dies irae, which is spoken at funerals. The chorus, "Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison" is translated to lord have mercy, christ have mercy. Somehow, knowing this origin makes the sound that much more awesome.

    Also, maybe I should put in my will that I want the priest doing my funeral service to say the dies irae in this style instead

  48. Noel-The She-Male

    heavy track. Luv this band.

  49. Κώστας Μπουγουλιάς

    yes kyrie eleison (κύριε ελεισον) means 'lord show mercy' το ξέρω (means i know)

  50. samohʇ taog

    m 9imizei tn prwto disko apo iced earth.... ein i idea m?

  51. welcometomygrave

    re paidia pos to leei etsi to kirie eleison...XD alla daxei den peirazei akoma k me asteia profora to tragoudi ta spaei

  52. firebrand420

    @morgolorth it means lord HAVE mercy

  53. thefateshavewarned

    @uzickimajmunac Dude Catholics still use Latin in Mass all the time, especially during Lent. You're obviously not Catholic. We used to say the whole mass in Latin up until Vatican II. We also still use some Greek sometimes, particularly during the Kyrie in Lent. Greek was actually one of the first languages the mass was said in. Kyrie Eleison means "Lord have mercy."

  54. Humanity Zero

    etsi re.....ellinares gia panta na goustaroume

  55. Kobe_23

    I'll have to be honest this isn't the best song in the album. but its still good :)

  56. Mavromitros Xristos

    @manenir DO YOU SPEAK GREEK??

  57. manenir

    actually "kurie eleison" comes from ancient greek and is one of the most commonly used hymns in the catholic church, so this is not really "greek" By the way it has been used by rock bands (in the movie easy rider) and most notably by death metal bands. My favourite is the opening tune of "graves of the archangels" by Dead Congregation, which is THE GREATEST greek death metal band

  58. double42

    @alexanderpyro Are you a musician ? I didn't mean to sound rude , only people Ive spoke to who know musicians would say the touring is where a lot of money comes in . There are pros and cons with almost every job , so if a musician can't tolerate being away from home for a few months then maybe they should choose anther profession .

  59. Dickbrain McGee

    "You think i would least rate a Michelob"


    oh,it's warm even!

  60. GoldenRule4Life

    @DihColorado. I assume you meant that in a good way. Hahaha...because this song is awesome!

  61. Swell

    wow this is shit lol

  62. armistice07

    Christe eleison!!!
    Smashing song!!

  63. wingedassassins

    this song makes me wanna watch the movie "river's edge" lol.

  64. wingedassassins

    i always thought this song was about a girl named "kyrie eleison" lol.i didn't know it means lord show mercy in greek.

  65. Jerry Davis

    @konerak9 it wasnt easy to get when i got their 1st 3 albums from a small record store in San Diego back in '91. being a small store they had to order them for me.

  66. double42

    @Angrist1 yeah , ok , like they don't make enough money from touring , fuck that shit I say

  67. BriggsMullen

    @uzickimajmunac Catholics do use latin, except for this part of the mass, I believe. I'm not totally sure, 'cause I'm protestant, but if I remember correctly, that's what I learned in my music history class.

  68. alvaro guzman

    cristo ten piedad...(8)(8)

  69. mongo426

    @Angrist1 i have ths on a record got it when it first came out now i want it on cd to.people should always buy the music of the bands they like.i hate it when everyone says just get it for free.do you go to work for free,no .this is there job.if they can't suport themselves with there music then they will have to get a job and stop making music.

  70. Extremmetzger


    yeah, you're right. If this music means something to you, support the bands/metal/scene and pay for it!

  71. tom5coat

    or can't find the album. I have never seen any of these albums at any stores where i live.

  72. BriggsMullen

    This is the version played in all the contemporary Catholic masses.

  73. Sup Mayne

    @Angrist1 Even some more mainstream stuff is over 20$...
    What bands are you talking about?...

  74. Angrist1

    I don't know what kind of bands you listen to- but even the rarest stuff is on ebay one time. I haven't payed more than 20$ for any of my Cds and I really don't own much "mainstream" stuff but a shitload of classic Heavy Metal.

    Btw- There's a re-release of The Spectre Within for 12$ in the shadowkingdom records shop.

  75. Sup Mayne

    @Angrist1 I guess you buy albums that are over 50$?... Most bands I listen to are out of print so I download them
    Plus at a minimum they cost 20$... I own like 26 heavy metal CD's

  76. desertrat 218


    lol, I've had this CD for 25 years!

  77. Mithrys

    bought this album when it came out, I liked the cover.
    ofcourse I was an immediate fan.
    saw them play in San diefo, when Psychotic Waltz opened for them.
    then met and hung out with the band.
    good times.

  78. Kolenschopper

    I put this song in my last will 15 years ago. It should be played at my funural!
    Its amazing, but not the best song from the album i come to think now, but appropiate i guess.

  79. SonataFanatica

    This is the song that totally got me into Fates Warning. Before that, I mostly listened to other great US classic progressive power metal like early Steel Prophet. When this song got me hooked, I instantly bought more Fates Warning albums. :) Great times!

  80. konsuelo1912

    it sounds so funny hehhehe :D baut i adore this song :D:D

  81. futuretense84

    @Angrist1 I totally agree with you. Copy kills music!

  82. jimstas17

    yeaaah!! I'm a greek so i know it!! :P :P

  83. Sirtehndeth

    Arch kind of reminds me of a dickinson meets halford with the harmonies of a king diamond. The lyrics were badass also.

  84. Joe Trout

    i hear this and i remember jamming in my 85 mustang and smoking a big fat one!!!!!!

  85. Joe Trout

    john's voice makes tates and dickinson sound enemic!!!!!

    Greg Berry

    Joe Trout QueensMaiden

    Joe Trout

    Greg Berry \m/(-_-)\m/

  86. Martz

    That is exactly my thoughts it is a shame that this band and even Queensryche are not as known as they deserve! Sometimes John Arch sounds like Bruce Dickinson, and sometimes he sounds like Geoff Tate.

  87. Gonzalo Barrera

    HEHE...The first time I listen Fates Warning I though it was the band what Dickinson had before Iron Maiden or some alternative band with Dickinson in vocals...well, it happened in 1985or 86, I guess...You're not the only one who was wrong, Mr. Jesusgnr12

  88. Jaqen H'ghar

    it's called Avalon, i just looked it up

  89. Jaqen H'ghar

    every time i see this album cover i think of that one from "Roxy Music", idk what its called cause i dont listen to them though.

  90. Angrist1

    Why do you idiots always want songs for free?
    If you like this band support them and buy the CD!

  91. Ronald van Bruggen

    Aarghhhhhhhhhh !!!
    Real good ol' Fates Warning time !!!
    Sorry, but I have nothing with the new shit, this is what FW should stand for !!!