Fates Warning - Fata Morgana Lyrics

Morrigan you come again
Morgan La Fay, raven on my sill of frost
Far away from the sea of the setting sun
Island of fire and albatross
Taught so well magic merlin the wizard
Maiden of beauty dressed in rainbow
Come to me

Damon girl daughter of saul queen of the under world...
She'll have us all
Damon girl foul temptress of lust
Peasants to kings your heart surely turn to dust
Damian she's the mortal of man
Lives in your dreams in darkness, reaches out her hand
Come to me

Fata Morgana... She will take you
Hungry scarred harlot hunting another heart
Morrigan fallen angel queen of magic
Kneeling at the widows altar, temptress of my...
She's the widow of my dreams

Far beyond the realm of dream, your wildest dream
Ascend to the plane, an imaginary game to play
Past the golden pillars of the lore to Lemuria
Imagine your queen... take her she's yours
Damian upon her throne mirrored mirage of your desire
Of my desire
Passion slave, her life I gave
Jump into her fire

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Fates Warning Fata Morgana Comments
  1. TheJess Man

    I love the drum pattern, 4, 2, 4, 2-fill with that beautiful guitar harmony...

  2. Magnus Wettermark


  3. Dawn Robison

    Just saw them in Cincinnati a little while back , no John arch, but Ray sounded great ,and so did the band!!

  4. Michael Reffett

    This is Metal my friends

  5. David Brown

    This song makes me want to fart bad. I can't though because I'm around a lot of people.

    Dawn Robison

    What a fuck tard comment!

  6. Pussy PaTroll

    Used to listen to this, in highschool, on the bus in '86 / '87 on my way to the gym...

  7. hqmcjep13

    Sounds like something from the Priest Stained Class or Point of Entry albums

  8. Michael Reffett

    Classic metal...in my top 10 metal albums of all time...front to back !

  9. Chad W Batey Jr

    Reminds me of my Dad! Always grew up on awesome music.

  10. MichuP1

    I've heard this for the first time when I was in Kniven bar in Oslo. I was driking some beer and then I heard that track and it was like: wow, this sounds epic! Good memories in that epic Fenriz's place!

  11. J G

    Takes me back to when I was a teen rocker.....almost 30 years ago.

    Dawn Robison

    Used to jam this in my basement before I would go to the high school dance . 1985!!

  12. David Lopez

    Great band!!

  13. Attrition101

    I'm brought right back to a moment with this song...

  14. lying to the moon

    Pure heavy metal!

  15. Juan Fernando Ramirez Marin

    Maiden of beauty dressed in rainbow
    Come to me

  16. Pemarvi

    I have de vinyl, fantastic.

  17. Oliver Oyanadel

    In a world of urban styled hip-hop dance music, this is the one album that is always there for me when I need to unwind and release that tension of being one of the last of my breed, as are all of you I hope. This is the album to throw a kegger to. And if you don't mind, I know you will love my new novel, as it is based around our kind of people. You know, the last of our breed. Please buy a copy along with Arch era Fates Warning. http://tinyurl.com/n6q8vjp 

  18. mgdarenz

    Nice post. I pretty much wore this cassette out back in tha day.Each record showed more maturity in composition. This is, by far, my favorite Arch era record. Saw them in Seattle w/ Dream Theater during the "Inside Out" period. I have tickets for Dec. 14th, in Seattle. Cheers.

    James MacLellan

    My cassette as well! I agree with the maturity of each album. This was their pinnacle album in my opinion.