Fantasia Barrino - Side Effects Of You Lyrics

I was looking for a cure to pull me through
Try to decide which medicine to use
And every bottle has your name on the label
Doctor said you keep me stable
So now, I'm taking three a day to help me smile
They said I should wait and try it for a while
So I've been ignoring my symptoms
And the small print on the back of my prescription

What I'm gonna do with
Fever over 98, you hold me and my body shakes
See nobody told me, nobody told me
The side effects include
Losing balance, falling down
Sleepless nights whenever you're around
Nobody told me, nobody told me
The side effects of you
The side effects of you

I double checked the recommended dose
Cause recently my headaches getting worse
Sometimes every part of me is shaking
Is this still right pill that I'm taking

What I'm gonna do with
Fever over 98, you hold me and my body shakes
Nobody told me, nobody told me
The side effects include
Losing balance, falling down
Sleepless nights whenever you're around
Nobody told me, nobody told me
The side effects of you

You're supposed to take away the pain
But it hurts the same
And it's getting harder
I thought you were taking care of me
But I can't breathe
And it's getting harder

Fever over 98, you hold me and my body shakes
Nobody told me, nobody told me
The side effects include
Losing balance, falling down
Sleepless nights whenever you're around
Nobody told me, nobody told me
The side effects of you
The side effects of you
Baby, the side effects of you

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  1. Trishan Gray


  2. iboodini why

    Who here 2019?

  3. Kiara Mendez


  4. Whitney Wallace


  5. Cosplayer Lostdreamerpro

    Who’s listening in 2019??

  6. Samantha Saxton

    It's the first time am hearing this song today and I am appauled it didn't get any real sense of recognition. It's very good !!!

  7. Sylvain Cousin

    j aime beaucoup sa musique

  8. #ZD4L #II-XI-XVI

    Who is listening in 2019 ? My fav song ❣️😌

  9. Jaidon Dixon

    2019 anyone

  10. Tanisha Burns

    2019 here all the way!!!!!!

  11. Taneshia Lewis

    Still an amazing song

  12. TheMisslilbit

    Listening to this 2019 ☹️😖 you suppose to take away the pain but it hurts the same.

  13. #WAR Boxing

    Who listening in 2019

  14. Sun Shyne

    This song stays on my playlist

  15. Taylor Merissaint



    Pandora brought me here listening in 2018

  17. Sempiternal Serenity

    Does anyone know what instruments this song has?

  18. 843 Diime

    April 2018
    Never forget😚😚The Songs This Queen Made♥️

  19. cole9019


  20. Tee Baker


  21. Irionne EYE REE YON *

    yasssssss always come back to the real

  22. Diary Of A single mom

    I listened to this song and cried so many times when my son dad was cheating and lying to me it hurt so bad I always felt alone even when he was there fast forward four yrs later I meet another guy I think he’s the one but honestly he’s just like him but worst and our twins are due in July smh I’m a very nice person I just want to be genuinely loved is that too much to ask for??? 😢


    Omg thats so sad i wish you good luck!

  23. Dee Thomas

    Who’s listening all alone in 2018

    843 Diime

    Destiny Thomas me♥️

    court phil

    Not alone but the memories.... this song helped pull me through in 2013 pregnant alone in the hospital first love no where in sight❤️ But I had to lose to win

    Ace 007


    Lonna Bunny

    Dec. 23, 2019

  24. Jasmine Hubbard


  25. #Team B


  26. Caitlin Meyer

    October 2017

  27. TerribleTwos_ Terri_Cole

    favorite Song

  28. shanie lazard

    Love this song... I'm a Lyricist so I understand every bit of it

  29. Labresha Brown

    This song is about a toxic relationship! Love it been there over n over

  30. Yvonne Clervoyant

    Who's listening to this in 2017?? 🔥🔥😝🔥🔥

  31. Fantaci_k

    who's on this in 2017?

  32. Tiphany Gonsalves

    fever over 98 you hold me and my body shakes

  33. Caleb Davis

    this song has been taking me and I just heard it. the began reminds me of adele Hello! this should be WAAAAY BIGGER! Love the song writing and arangement!

  34. Alexis Blount

    who's listening in 2017

    Kevina Moore

    Alexis Blount me

  35. Latrice Jones

    sleepest nights when your around

  36. Saddia Kendrick

    songs like this everybody ignores they listen to drake and rhianna

  37. Morris-Ann Chung

    Love this song.

  38. Morris-Ann Chung

    Love this song .

  39. dont-hate -on-me

    I lov dis song

  40. Kaylan Brown

    I have our collection of ur DVDs

  41. Kaylan Brown

    I love your song

  42. Jazmine Thomas

    2016 may4th

  43. Meya 7777777

    Whoses watching this in 2016? and who clicked the replay button 1000000000000000000000 TIMES?!

    Tippany Wills

    Me 👏👏👏

    Jewelisa Sky

    my man is lock up and all i can say is nobody told me the side effects of you. damn i miss my king.

    Reema Sleit

    August 2017 😂

  44. Jeremy Martinez

    still my song in 2015

  45. Jp Reddy

    She should re release this song, I don't think the world was ready the first time around!

    david mclendon

    Yesssss!!!!! Say That! I don't think they EVER gone be ready tho! smh...If adele released this song it would go to #1

    Jp Reddy

    @david mclendon Yep! Both Adele & Sam Smith are played all across the airwaves, but soul singers are kept within their genres. Folks like Fantasia don't get crossover play no matter how amazing the song is.

    david mclendon

    @Jp Reddy​ it's really unfortunate that they are depriving the world of these gems. Fantasia, Jazmine Sullivan, Brandy, etc...are overlooked in today's music climate. Smh. Only 2 black girls get love on radio: Beyonce & Rihanna. And they are actually scaling back on playing Bey! :(


    Yes! I heard it on Pandora a few weeks ago and its been on repeat ever since!

    Sincerely A Girl


  46. Ebony Smith

    this is the best song😀😀

  47. shamaria hinton

    I love this song every time i hear it i sing along

    kwabena blackshear

    want song

  48. shamaria hinton

    I love this song every time i hear it i sing along

  49. Neisha Forbes

    I love this song....fantasia u go girl you have a marvelous voice continue shearing it with the world ❤

  50. Valerie88 _Brynxx

    love it

  51. Nikki Hubbard

    Beyonce who???

    Dana Burks

    That's rude
    Queen Bey is better than Fantasia
    The both of great but in my opinion Bey is better.

  52. DeeDee Runningtree

    Will never understand how these lyrics dont get as much fame and whatever but beyonce's "bow down bitches, respect that, bow down", gets all the attention. Her career should be over by now. wtf is wrong with this society man..

    Marcell McKenzie

    Why are you comparing two different artist of different genres? It's not Beyonce's fault her fans actually support her.

    Tiffany Bishop

    +Marcell McKenzie if you saw award shows they were both in the same category


    Why are you complaining about Beyonce stfu

    Marcell McKenzie

    @tiffany bishop Okay regardless, this person is comparing "Side Effects to You" to a completely different song in terms of style and thats what I meant. Why not Poison, Save the Hero, and literally any of her other ballads?

  53. Alasia Thompson

    I Would Love To see Fantasia In Concert She Gives You Your Money's Worth She Really Shows Her All ! and Her Heart ..😩🙌🏾💕👑

  54. MzLadymo Lawrence-Phillips

    That's song touch me because I know What it means

  55. Janijia Dale

    This is a good song baby sing it

  56. Jubilee

    Her voice is magical.

  57. mario arias


  58. syani campbell

    Great song love it

  59. Ameria Miller

    U have a good voice keep it up and every time I hear this song I cry in tears

  60. Shamecia Fortson

    Love this song ❤

  61. Jalina Bineyard

    my fav song

  62. Wannella Lawson

    She should had gotten an award for this. She can run circles around beyonce. You go girl. You have a beautiful voice.

    Terrel Boudreaux

    And she's way more entertaining


    @Terrel Boudreaux This girl does know how to entertain! I had the blessing of seeing her in concert before. We all had so much fun with her!


    Keep Beyonce out of it and stop piting them against each other

    Riah Leshaé

    Wannella Lawson thats how you know Beyonce is the standard and goal bc this song has nothing to do with her and yet her name still gets out in something

  63. Calisa Miller

    I love this song

  64. Anisah Thomas

    Wh did she make this certain song

  65. JLOstayLO

    Follow my friend on instagram at _og.kev_

  66. Smiley Believer

    An real artist <3 Love you <3 Fantasia

    Smiley Believer

    Yes it's beautiful

  67. VallyreMusic

    Good song....

  68. Sarae garcia


  69. Akeelah Wilson

    I so love this song

  70. Ayan Ahmed

    This song is describing my whole life

  71. Shania Evans


    Tracy Wright

    2019 and this song came out in 2013 still a masterpiece.

  72. TraitorByTrade

    Such an underrated beautiful song.

  73. T'Lia Miles

    Listen to the song 365 times

  74. Deonia Brooks


  75. Epic Halo

    So nice

  76. Shamshan Clarke

    love this song

  77. Lo L

    i love this song


    Is this song about being in love or bad love?? Debating with someone try a argue me down

    Shanequa Smith

    That's what i wanna know

    Denene Edwards

    Getting over a relationship that bad for you. And not wanting to let go!!!

  79. Nosy Rosie

    Love found in a hidden place.

  80. Zhaniera Gordon

    ♥ I cry every time!

  81. skateordizzy

    Is this about addiction? Or a love song? It kinda seems like it goes both ways

    Nicki Manajaih

    Haters will hate really dats petty shit u could have kept that to yourself but I
    💜u fantashia keep being a insparashion

    Kathy Michel

    It's about not getting over someone

    Daundra Campbell

    +Kathy Michel I get more of an "I'm in a relationship with someone who turned out differently than I expected them to, and my dream relationship from Heaven has turned into a nightmare from Hell" vibe from this

  82. Quavetta Bell

    I love this chick. Her voice is beautiful and she write exactly, what we be going through. It's always better as fans when u can relate to what the artist it's a great thing because you get what the meaning of what they saying

  83. Aria Glover

    my favorite song

  84. whittney saintj

    Exactly how my baby makes me feel..I love you shawn can't wait for you to come home..

  85. Nicole Smith

    well i can see you can not spell BALANCE right, but other than that I love this song

  86. Archie Phillips

    i cant get this song out of my head its like a wing worm off of spongebob 

  87. Kimberly Russell

    2.28.14 , 1st heard it. Incredibly sad song **repeat**

  88. J M

    Love this song. So needed to hear this

  89. Charlisa Duncan

    Wow she can sing $$$$$money sign all about i love her.

  90. Charles Floyd

    I have no words

  91. mzfreeportqueen

    Looking forward to the concert in the Bahamas!

  92. Drew Green

    That is really deep!!!!!!!

  93. Montrice Stevenson

    My song I live it so much!

  94. Ldt3030

    She POPS that song!  Whew!

  95. Ldt3030

    The lyrics are SMASHING.  Beautiful!   Never been here but felt