Famous Dex - Speed Way Lyrics

Park the Audi on the one way
Bank accounts talkin' gun play
We ain't really in the neck goons
Four niggas get your car pulled
This ain't nothin' you ain't ever heard
Countin' up flippin' every birds
Fuckin' bitches make them hit the curb
And duck the laws like my name is Larry
Bitches told me that they newly married
But I fuck 'em later in a 'Yota Camry
Shawty want me, come and meet the family
Cause that baby for the pockets on Stanley
Super savage like I am Randy
But my cousin Randy really come in handy
I could make you [?]
40 gang [?]

[Famous Dex:]
I throw niggas in the Cadillac
I'm pushin' pack like a jumping jack
Baby girl wanna fuck me, suck me
I know I ain't feelin' that
Me and Nato in New York
All these bitches really dorks
I ride around in an Audi
Oh shit, I bought me a sport
My real name is Dexter
I fuck that bitch right, but they callin' me Baxter
My.40 might get ya
The boy is soo much I told him to catch up
Your lil boy better watch his mouth
Diamonds in my mouth like I'm down South
Yeah, I'm runnin' 'round the house
All these bitches in my house
It was me and Nato
Around in New York, you know how that go
All these bitches in the studio
I'm poppin' pills everywhere I go
Now I can't feel my face
Baby girl soo nice like mase
Run up on me I'mm spray
Have a fuckin' nice day

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Famous Dex Speed Way Comments
  1. J C

    My real name is Dexter 🤧🔥

  2. Life Life

    1:44 nigga busted a nut or something?

  3. Bass Boosted RAP/HIP-HOP/TRAP

    that's is lit :D <3 2018?

  4. Bape Metro v24

    Why dex sound like rick ross when he starts

  5. Daniel Wheeler

    let s get it dexter this is my favorite track off the tape

  6. chief beef

    Ahhhhh wha a ahhhh dexter, woah, oh man got damn best part

  7. Hellchildren


  8. Officialseanondabeat

    Gang 😈💪💯

  9. ugly

    Famous Dex ft Jay Z

  10. Budlight

    nato ▫🔥

  11. xᴇʟᴍ

    Ppl sleepin on this album. Fuego.

  12. vCxmbos-

    they need to make more songs fuck rich

  13. Laszlo Kiss

    Park the Audi on a one way fake accounts talking gun play

  14. Im Finesse

    Can i see how many likes i can get for no reason

  15. Green Geniyous

    NATO gotta stop getting on the track w Dex , Dex always kill it compared to nato haha not 1 or twice but every time . stop the embarrassment


    nato make way more sense than Dexter. Dexter over the years has became asssss.

  16. Jackavelli


  17. Bruce Calimee


  18. GoshMan ManGosh


  19. Turn me into a pack

    Instrumental sound like famous dex dmc lmao

    Thunder Beatz OFFICIAL PAGE

    i sampled it lmao

  20. DeshawnA1

    who got an instrumental

  21. adei Evans

    Song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and 🌊

  22. Angel the Clipper fan

    Its the gang homie

    absalom mallory


  23. Im Finesse

    this hard af

    Thunder Beatz OFFICIAL PAGE

    but this is the full version thk

    Bac King

    The one on pre 40 longer bro

    Thunder Beatz OFFICIAL PAGE

    +Bac King this is the SAME exact song 😂😂😂

    Bac King

    You right bro 😑 i be high af my bad

    Thunder Beatz OFFICIAL PAGE

    +Bac King lmaoo its aii bro

  24. Travontae Townsend

    bruh he sound like pappy

  25. King Heavy

    Free my mother fucking brother super savage randy 🔫💯

  26. Torrez Nesbit


  27. Mr Romeo

    Hardest on the tape.

  28. Jordan Davila

    they go good together tho even tho got that same flow

    Jordan Davila


  29. Jordan Davila


    JC Smith

    Better then Rich The Kid yeah

    young nigga

    Білий Fredo USSR fuck no!!


    Jordan Davila nuh

    JC Smith

    @young nigga Lol I know I just said it too fuck wit people

  30. Thunder Beatz OFFICIAL PAGE

    Prod. Me 😈💯

    Beast Within

    Thunder Beatz can I buy a beat from you?

    white chocolate A.K.A sexy mudafuka

    yo your shit bangs fr

    Thunder Beatz OFFICIAL PAGE

    +Savage Within hit my email [email protected]

    Thunder Beatz OFFICIAL PAGE

    +Tommy Umpierre thanks 🤘🏾💯

    Aaron Aguilar

    Thunder Beatz OFFICIAL PAGE can i buy one of your beats man?