Famous Dex - Fully Loaded Lyrics

I'm talking bout...
She just so...
What the fuck?
Gramz you see this shit?
I can't believe my eyes (Dexter!)
Ooh hah (yeah uh what)

I walk in the room
I bust on lil' cuties
I wanna feel on her booty (I do)
She wanna go to the movies
Come to my house and then get in jacuzzi (yeah)
Doin' lil' hoe she a cutie
I'm ridin' around of course she a two face
[?] we ridin' round shooting shit like a nudie
Pop me some percs and get to it
I get me some ones to slap on her booty, ha (let's go)
These bitches thinkin' I'm stupid
I'm fucking her face cause I don't want the coochie
Ooh I know you a groupie
Ooh I saw you in movies
You wanna make a movie?
I got my slime he shoot it

(Yeah) Slimes stay together walking and creeping like they the three stooges
Hotbox a foreign riding with a check you know that I do this
Hit with the choppa 50 send em to jail [?] frooties
HA me and slime ridin' round with 30, hell yeah, we do this

With glocks, run up on me keep a mop, run up on me it don't stop
I be high off the Wock (the lean)
I fuck your bitch she a fiend
She sucking my dick, got my magazines
She want a magazine I call slime he slack with me

Yeah, I keep the mop with me yeah stick baby keep a mop with me (stick baby)
I get that hoe out the spot, hell nah, that's no drops on me (hell nah)
No wonder he pay me to drip, hell yeah, drip drops on me
Ooh I get the drip from my walk, hell yeah, come walk with me

A bad bitch wanna on stalk on me
She sucking my dick her brains on me
Hold on Dexter
Hold on Dexter
Yeah Gotit, uh yeah
Hold on Dexter (let's go)

The glock gon' talk for me AR gon' walk for me
Chanel it cost on me, VVS diamond floss on me
Car got the Bossitbe in a beehive with some bumblebees
I keep some racks on me stack this shit up with palm and knees (slatt)
Lil Gotit he YSL Ape I got the juice no tangerine
I fuck that bitch one time she grabbed the dick I'm making a scene
She wanna sing on the mic I told her to bling bling bling

Ooh the diamonds on me, ooh the diamond my teeth
You run up on me, I got a gun-surgery (for real)

Ya dig
Me and slime in the studio messing around making hits you know what I'm sayin'
Slime shit Dexter
(Dex talk to em)
Its a bop
You gotta take a dictionary [?]
(Ooh yeah swa...)

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Famous Dex Fully Loaded Comments
  1. Rivaldo Vlone

    Hol on Dexter🔥🔥🔥

  2. Kalekale Lit

    I’m flexin I don’t want the coochie 🔥🔥

  3. idontplayboy imnotcarti!

    They need to make a tape together. i feel like Gotit will turn dex back up

  4. PTX

    I though it's was SOULJA BOY on the banner hahaha

  5. Jamaya Ricks

    They need a mixtape 🐍🐐

  6. amellsj80

    This hot 🔥 🔥 🔥

  7. TylerInsane M.M.E Money Makeing Empire

    dexx is back no cappp

  8. Beazy Brad

    DatPiff.com BeazyBrad check me out

  9. Beazy Brad

    DatPiff.com BeazyBrad


    My gta crib

  11. just left his bitch house she had a bubble back tv

    gotit fye asf!

  12. kenny miner

    Hope dex is recovering well I fuck w him soo much

  13. itsonsale

    PULL UP NAKED !!!!!!!!!! - famous dex

  14. starze rakkz

    Hmu dawg this Starze Rakkz

  15. Spiff Da Jedi

    Lil got it fucked this up tho fr

  16. Richard Taylor

    This shit 🗑

  17. Tobia Bacchini

    This song is straight fire 🔥🔥🔥


    We need more of this

  19. Black Prime


  20. sir flexington

    Honestly I don't understand how this video only has 700k views. This song makes me get STOOPID

  21. MrCaptainStfu

    Damn dex rly upgraded his hoes! good for that young man!

  22. Kenji Ward

    Slept on fr

  23. Lawrence Blue

    Oh you a learn from me.

  24. Ugly Boy

    I’ve this song and I’ve the beat on fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  25. sam Gist

    who is she at 0:48?

  26. Lenday

    what is the red hoodie Gotit is wearing with the gemstones all over it? i need it haha

  27. Isaiah The Character

    I thought that was moneybag yo

  28. Elijah Ashman

    He need work this producer again shit fye.

  29. max gonzalez

    this should’ve blown up more

  30. T D

    Lil gotit look like a shark bruh

  31. C Avila

    Dex Looking like he has some Brett heart glasses on about to pass em to a fan

  32. Garc

    *OH* *YEAH* *OH* *WHAT?*

  33. Surfin Ghoul

    I see gotit use his real voice this time

  34. Raymond Montgomery

    Tell yaaaaaaa🗣

  35. mecahs playhouse

    Slime slack...

  36. mecahs playhouse

    Grams you see this shit

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  38. Nolimit_ Rich


  39. manman1871

    This nigga decisions is so funny for that outfit

  40. elvis92795

    ooooo babby yes so much better than RocKsTaR tocKstar BoachStar LifE

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    Hol up. Is dex coming back 😨

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    This hoe fire. They sound good on the same song

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    This song underrated no capppp 🤧

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  51. Dream

    Gotit b funny asl

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    Dexter has the Gucci curse, when hes sober hes lame.

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    Crazy thing dex really bout it and he from chriac


    Anyone who hates this crap, please make it known so we can kill of this virus of ship rap

  56. Ya Boi Legend

    Dex lost his percs before so that's why he seem sober.

  57. Sambo is bacc

    The bootys was nice but i didn't understand one word they said


    Ohhh drxxxterrrr

  59. 4L Tae

    Haard ‼️🔥✍🏽

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    Almos there dex😈💯⚡

  61. Just Someone With Pajamas

    What I need to undersrand is how they not gettin' boners?

  62. Christian Rivera

    I hate it when people are I miss the old him . Stfu dex has always been dex !

  63. Christian Rivera

    I wish I could like this video multiple times

  64. The Vibes Fam

    Wtf is lilgotit saying

  65. Michael Goodwin

    They high as fuck of them perks in the intro 😅😂😂

  66. Afterglow Beats

    I got so many beats Dex would murk, would be a dream come true

  67. XxX Ŵrld

    We’re did this dex go ??

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    dex look cleaner

  70. Jonny Flame

    Stop doin drugs dex

  71. Keishay moore

    this shit fire 10/10

  72. leatherfacerules

    COULD SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT KIND OF LENSE's Gotit Is Rocking need to knw for purchase reasons thankyou :) love the purple tinted lens and the style is what i am looking for (:

  73. DallasDinero

    Dex always say " run up on me & i swear" 😂😂

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    Why does Gotit soun d like guwop

  76. scrawnyfrumdalbc fuk12

    like an odd gay couple

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    HAHA! Yall trying way too hard 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  79. whyisthisinmyrecommended

    what's it called what famous is wearing

    edit : his race car jacket

  80. deepvxbess

    song hot as hell man 🔥☀️🌟

  81. 14,652,014 views

    Bruvh was Dex wanking @ the beginning

  82. CC 420

    Other gotit songs where he raps like this? I can't find anything without autotune and he went INSANE on this

    Rejalla Desuse

    Now/Pop My Shit

    G Chapo

    Pass it out wit lil Keed go stupid

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    Is this on Apple Music ?

    T D

    Synai Mccrae yeah

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    hold on dexter

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    Lil gotit learned english

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    Nigga tears ran down my eyes as soon as I heard old Dex 🤦🏾‍♂️😭

  88. Μαξιμος Αρμπιλιάς


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    Hit him with the choppa 50 cent just like some lil frooties... that shit 🔥🔥

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    Dex killed this shit ! Reminds me of the older dex

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    That is a lot of asssss🍑



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