Famous Dex - Fast Lyrics

Lil bitch on section eight
While that bitch stay on her heels
I get that money for real
Run up on me swear to god boy ya peeled (what)
Fucking that bitch I swear her name Jill (what)
Busting so hard I think I'm a peel (wait)
Lil bitch on section eight
While that bitch stay on her heels
I get that money for real
Run up on me swear to god boy ya peeled (what)
And I'm busting off a pill

Lil bitch on section eight
I get that money today (wait)
Lil homie ain't safe
Banging so much write you're name on the K
And I'm looking for the pills
Yes I be rolling off pills
My bitch name Jill don't do drugs
But her friend will
I know these boys wanna be me
Copy the wave I swear they can't see me
My diamonds spray like an A/C
I get the money can't break me
I drop a four in a sprite
This is a levvy I got it from AP
Look at my watch its an AP
I know ya bitch wanna date me
Trapping no bond diamonds so frosty
25 for my charm
Pounds coming from the farm
That lil boy lacking the arm
Yea I be getting all the money
I'm balling so hard
You think I'm Nick Young
Can't fuck that bitch cause she young
I put my dick on her touge
I drop a six in a sprite
I get the money you might
Yo bitch she a dyke
I fuck that bitch cause she high
Told that lil bitch to be straight
I get the money no wait
Lil baby ain't fake
Lil bitch on section eight

Lil bitch on section eight
While that bitch stay on her heels
I get that money for real
Run up on me swear to god boy ya peeled (what)
Fucking that bitch I swear her name Jill (what)
Busting so hard I think I'm a peel (wait)
Lil bitch on section eight
While that bitch stay on her heels
I get that money for real
Run up on me swear to god boy ya peeled (what)
And I'm busting off a pill

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Famous Dex Fast Comments
  1. TimeStampz

    This dat brush ya teeth to music

  2. Jiggy Josh

    Damn bro ... In 2017, Dex was unstoppable

  3. 700ftabove

    What happened to this dex bruh😔 im finna tear up

  4. 2glockshawty

    Had to listen to this one more time before the decade ends... 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ shit

  5. Nhc Yayyay

    2016 and 2017 hit diffrent foreal🔥🔥😭💯


    Slime Yayyay On god 💯

    Nhc Yayyay

    @BlockBoy you got a Instagram I'll follow you if you follow me

  6. Nhc Yayyay

    Dis a throw back famous dex ain't even like die noemoe 🔥🔥🔥💯😭


    Slime Yayyay he getting there 🙏🏽

    Nhc Yayyay

    @Edwin yeah he lowkey is


    Edwin He really ain’t he don’t even sound like this no mo it’s sad

    Shyneboy Rocky

    BlockBoy it’s over with for this era i just had to accept it

  7. loboy Dolo

    2019/2020 who else still fw dexter 🔥 🏄

  8. Ronn 2323

    Miss this dex



  9. William Mason

    Yes I be rolling off pills

  10. William Mason

    How lil bitch stay in a hills??

  11. black armor

    flex on any bih to this..

  12. PLR 88

    Why doesn’t he have his own channel ?

  13. PLR 88

    Him & Chief keef need to do a album

  14. Jayy Money

    2017 was so underrated 🥶

  15. Ryan Haight

    The golden age of dex

  16. Chapo x ABK

    Goku's even left impressed after this one (GN)

  17. Yon Gucci


  18. 1300 Bandit

    I miss this dex

  19. Bigmeed YT

    Who listen right before 2020 ?

  20. KudaKofi

    Miss this dex😪

  21. prblm


  22. M Love

    The real Dexter✨🔥🔥

  23. Zeke Piceno

    Praying For Dex 🙏🏽

  24. Kimala Fraise

    Le son est magique honnêtement y a un truc très addictif 😳🇨🇵❣🏄‍♀️💫

  25. Dom Smith

    I love this fuckin song “don’t do no drugs but her friend will “ 😂😂💯

  26. Natasha Pearson

    We need this Dex back

  27. Beamzi

    Take me backk

  28. Reese John

    This was the best dex no cap 🤯💯

  29. Giorgio cartier

    This is the Dex we need back

  30. Russian Bot

    "Cant fuck that bitch she too young, put my dick on her tongue" 🤔

    doyouevenlift 1744

    Lmao wow

  31. Michael Henderson

    He snapped on this beat no capp

  32. Michael Henderson

    Lil bih on section 8 💀💀

  33. Terrell Jackson

    Nintendo Wii start up sound sample lit

  34. Jovon Johnson

    Halloween DeX aye this ride I luv ya dex

  35. Jayden De Leon

    We need this dex back🙏🏽🙏🏽😞😞

  36. SBG Rell


  37. Yung Brando

    Dex can’t bring back these vibes 😔

    T-shirt power

    on god now were just left with a confused junkie he cant just be on pot and lean new shits garbage

    Yung Brando

    T-shirt power Facts


    T-shirt power he straight up fried his brain


    I miss that "run up on me"

  39. Lance Hatch Boxing

    Don't do no drugs but her friends will💨🌿💉💊

  40. ahh bees

    i need fauni on this beat too 😫

  41. BAKE1

    this some legendary shit

  42. Sean Don

    Famous dex is the best

  43. chance hammers

    He was at full power when he had the dex chain

  44. ben crust

    2019 still knockin this shit


    rambo and xool?

  46. Seamus Cares

    miss this dexter please come back.


    Who is for famous Dex

  48. Candi Osama

    Has anyone ever met a girl named Jill before?

  49. Jordan Go crazy

    Who still listening in 2020🔥🔥🔥

    Joshua Williams

    This still bump in 2019... and hell yeah I'm bumpin this in 2ky19


    Had to before the decade ends

  50. Princess harp

    why that bitch stay in the hills? 👀🥵

  51. TheKidYungs

    2019 this still bang no cap

  52. YFN Solo

    Somebody tell Dex to get at me💪💪🏆🏆💯💯

  53. Rome Cruz

    Hes so funny...lol

  54. 3past6

    I miss this Dexter so much

  55. Hicthaprod

    we need this Dex WTFFFF

    Kurt ivoring

    Hicthaprod why can’t rappers go back to the roots? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

  56. Patrick Simon

    Dexter🔥🕺🚀💣🚬🐐🎱😤🖕🏃‍♂️🤦‍♂️🔫🔌😬🤓little bitch on section🎱8🏘🤷🏻‍♀️💁‍♀️🏚

  57. Young Flair

    Best song he ever did miss this dexter ever since the got that chain took he hasn’t been the same

  58. Timi Turner

    Who else here hoping he go back to this sound?

    Justice -

    Timi Turner bro I miss when he used to flow on wavy beats like this

  59. Marcus

    .75x Speed & Enjoy. This Shit Go Crazy

  60. Hicthaprod

    This song really started 2017


    vintage dex songs all 2019 !

  62. StucBoi. CC

    2017 was dexters year

  63. King JA

    old dex 🔥🔥🔥 DEXTER 😂😂😂🔥🔥


    I swear 🔥🔥🔥

  64. Russell Ramirez


  65. Marcy Mane

    Dexter still a chiraq Goat!!! I don't care

  66. Coleyfrost FrmDaValley

    This is my shit🔥🔥🕺🏽

  67. JwoodTV

    I’m the 1,000th comment

  68. dirtbag

    this shoulda been waaayyyyyy bigger

  69. yjm je

    I feel like after his dexter chain got stolen he lost the energy smh I miss this dex !!🤦🏾‍♂️🤧🤧🤧

    Omari Jenkins

    yjm je damn that’s real cuz i feel the same way


    No cap is like his dexter chain held his super powers on the beat 😭 kinda like when thor lost mljonir but he don’t know the power inside of him not his chain

  70. yjm je

    This was my shit lol

  71. Benoit Chambers

    His last good song right here.

  72. Carlos Jimenez

    Who’s here missing this dex?

  73. MMCGIRTH12

    We need this Dex 2019

  74. Sonia Dos Santos

    O cara e muito fera

  75. Prod. By RxdMxn

    2019 & still one of my top fav songs

    Noya Boyy

    Prod. By ImHerDad Definitely this shit Original asf


    Oh yeah yeah DEXTTTER oh yeah yeah


    Oh yeah yeah dexter oh yeah yeah

  78. Trap God


  79. The Geek Channel

    This shit is so good bro like everything bout this everybody talk bout 2016 dex but noone mention this phase

    Justice -

    The Geek Channel Fr bro, this was when he used to flow on wavy beats like crazy

    Natasha Pearson

    @Justice - I miss this Dex the 2019 Dex seems like a whole different person😢😢

  80. ion whooked

    2019 wave shittt

  81. James Wortham

    Make a pt 2 🔥

  82. iss magnolia

    Diego money on the back

  83. lovely joseph


  84. E5 Emg


  85. Marcy Mane

    I always play this song when I wanna get turnt!!!

  86. Isaac Albright


  87. Jordan Go crazy

    0:41 dexter was lit asf no cap

  88. SK Films

    enjoy the new video 💯 what y'all think?

    YFN Solo

    damn that shit fire on ma

    YFN Solo

    What I gotta do to get a beat like this,we feeling this shit down in here in Bama


    Who is here for famous dex

    Вера Красновская

    @YFN Solo lol why comments 2 years old`