Famous Dex - Faneto (Remix) Lyrics

Aye, Gang, Aye, Squad, Gang, Let's get it! Let's get it! We loose, Gang, Let's get it! Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Let's get it, Let's get it, Gang, Let's get it, Let's get it!

I'm DDB, Bitch you know about me
I hang in these streets
50 deep
No talk to police
Feds they shoot for me
OMG, I just killed this beat
Put it in disease
In these streets
You ain't in these streets
Boy I'm in these streets, Let's get it!
Xans for the low nigga
You can get these bitches boy 2 fo' 4 nigga
You can get it from the window or the door
Try some fu' shit my bro gone blow (for the low)

Talkin' like you got it boy you will get poked
7 dudes with me who don't smoke
Green Glock, it's on go
Jimmy run up on em', shoot em' in his nose
I'm ridin' with my Tec
I ain't got no fuckin' type of respect
This bitch all up on me I want neck
She just want the fame that shit ain't shit
Aye lil' bro let's do a hit
He sayin' fuck Dex so we on that
He talkin' to the feds he a snitch
Chop his fuckin' body, put it in a ditch (Let's get it!)

Aye, Gang, Aye, Squad, Let's get it, Let's get it! (Gang x7) Squad, Gang, Squad, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Let's get it, Let's get it
I'm DDB, Bitch you know about me
I hang in these streets
50 deep
No talk to police
Feds they shoot for me
OMG, I just killed this beat

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Famous Dex Faneto (Remix) Comments
  1. Rambo Jones

    ik I'm not the only 1 day think it sound like 1 of dem smokers commercials😭😭💀

  2. lul rucker

    2020 we here still a slap

  3. Sharecia Newsome

    I miss drill/faneto dexter ... 😬🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. nxwak JD

    Miss old Dex


    1:49 When she Say All The Gang members can SMASH 🤣

  6. Jammen

    I:34 when def kid get mad

  7. Dylan Tetlow

    You could tell this video old, cans really used to be 2 for 4 now the rap game got the prices fucked up. Niggas be charging 2 for 12 now

  8. Pablo 300 sosa

    2015 he did not start saying esketit 😂🤣

  9. Pablo 300 sosa


  10. Kboi Solo

    The most lit video i ever seen😂

  11. Nelson Davinchi

    2019 🔥

  12. Aj Armas

    Esketitttttttt before pump

  13. Rob Rob

    Eskiett is just a Chicago term rappers use for everyone that thought dex started it,😂.He didn’t

    Kha'li V

    He was sayin "let's get it"

  14. chris washington

    Gang gang

  15. _latto_

    Best believe all these niggas Rollin of the molly

  16. Clout Lord

    Smokepurpp and lil pump owe dex their fuckin careers..yall Florida niggas owe chicago so much man

    Antonio Delao

    Purpp from Chicago

    Clout Lord

    Antonio Delao born not raised

  17. Ija Boone


  18. TheGloReferee

    LMAOOOO the English captions ☠️☠️☠️

  19. Lul Melo

    Stop it never compare to young pappy

  20. Clampgod 2wavvy

    If you really like dex the like this

  21. CMZ

    I can’t believe sosa made this beat😂😂😂


    CMZ why cus it’s good


    LegendaryGamingChannel ya it’s so hard


    CMZ true

  22. F.W. Dayday

    Ayeeee gayyyyy ayyyee gayyy Squad

  23. bussdown thotianna

    Lil pump for listen 2 this way 2 much. I see were he got les get it

    Glo Boy Bandana

    big fact

  24. Og Lin

    1:33 me after when using mint mouthwash

  25. JoJo_Osama666

    Who still bump this in 2019 🤔

    Ticori Burns

    On god💯💯

  26. SavageVIX 4

    0:56 wtf?!? Explain pleas someone

  27. Cartrell CBE

    Lil pump who?? Dex made that

    Glo Boy Bandana

    big fact

  28. BasicZ 223

    The best remix idgaf what anybody say

  29. Glizzy 2K

    0:16 when u steal for the first time and u didnt get caught

  30. AG40 Bangout!!!

    When u look up how to be a drill rapper

  31. Clout Lord

    Lil pump got it all from dex i swear to god

    Glo Boy Bandana

    big fact

  32. soiceyjoe

    dis da song you play when you finally pipe the girl you’ve been wanting

  33. Jay SLiME

    0:56-1:01 “you can get it from the window or the doee”😂💀

  34. AmirKingW

    0:46 he shakin tf out that soda💀💀💀

  35. Chase إله الشباب

    still hard

  36. 45 Jugga


  37. Tiger Woods


  38. David Mullings

    Dex will never be the same smh

  39. ㄚ҈ ㄖ҈ 凵҈ 几҈ Ꮆ҈ ҈

    *𝗟* *𝗘* *𝗔* *𝗡*

  40. GenesisBlastBoyZ

    They got to hyped 1:33

  41. Bruce Wayne


  42. Leek MAHL

    He look ashy or like a zombie and naw he wanna be lil jay so bad

  43. Judy Mark

    When you fake sleep so you can get off da phone wit a broke nigga

  44. Rahmel Malloy

    Thotiana let's get it

  45. Rahmel Malloy

    In his fucking nose whewwww

  46. Rahmel Malloy

    This shit ass but its funny at the same time

  47. ¿Honz40HanDs? 1st

    Everybody wanna be Chief keef

  48. Savage X Man

    Wait so did Dex make eskitit


    Savage X Man ciraq

  49. Ainsley Jacquis Gilbert Jr the third

    Hoes mad (24x)

  50. Msg bound Msg clan

    0:25 when u pass a test u guessed on

  51. Elixify


  52. Elixify

    the adlibs sound like what happen when u scream through a flip phone 😭

  53. Xavier Swain

    So he made esketit and thotiana


    Xavier Swain ciraq

  54. Baykuh J - T.U.Tv.


  55. Patrick Simon

    He talking2 the📞☹🚓🚔🔫🔌he a snitch

  56. prod.Jplugee

    When you buss but her test negative

  57. HOF Duck

    When its the last day of school and you get lit after

  58. TyDoMeDirty [T.D.M.D]

    1:33 when the roach start flyin

  59. Kanga


  60. 00 777

    Uhh dexterrr

  61. G.T.L.

    Wtf... 🚮

  62. Basedpage

    “AYEEEE AYEEEE AYYYEEEE AYYEEEE” imagine listening to this first thing in the morning

    Michael P


    Michael P

    That lil jog he did was lit🔥😈

  63. Austin Elliott

    Boi hell naw you trying hard af to be the cheif. You aint

  64. RAGE Hurrican 55

    Wtf is this

  65. Arthur Chapman

    This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo horrible

  66. Apex Da God

    Wtf was that

  67. hehe WicK

    Mumble rap in a nutshell


    its drill dumb nerd

  68. Cameron Rodrigue

    Back when he look like a demon

  69. LeThanos

    Today is april 4th, 2019. My birthday. I miss old Dex

    vule god

    LeThanos happy birthday

  70. Peter Arellano

    Dex just said esketit and thotiana in 2015

  71. non ya

    Did he just say thotiana at 1:32?

    Members Only

    chiraq created the term thotiana

  72. Fat Boy X

    Shit sounds horrible

  73. Clout Da God

    This is ass worst faneto

  74. X CHRIS

    that walmart flannel tho

  75. Tacticaltay Johnson

    He yelling at a wall wow ....😂😂😂

  76. Tacticaltay Johnson

    He almost hit his manzz wit the gun dammm dex

  77. Tacticaltay Johnson

    He almost took himself out in this video tho ...💯🎲😁😁

  78. BigMoonDawg1


  79. Hector RR


  80. Hector RR


  81. Xenoz

    Still crank

  82. Eli Allison

    Angry bird shirt

  83. Jacob schmidt

    Damn wish dex didnt change up


    this chief keef flow wym

  84. 2g4u2c yulook4

    The guy in the back no up at the front

  85. 2g4u2c yulook4

    2014 , fbg dex

  86. Adrian Lloyd

    Those who watchin in 2019, compare his voice here, to his voice in Japan 😂

  87. Lor Bmoreflow

    Bring fbg dex back😤

  88. Apache ___


  89. Trần Minh Quang

    This video should be "The Exorcist" trailer

  90. Animatonia

    Rondonumbanine's long lost cousin

  91. 3VC

    1:40 6ixnine

  92. Isaac Pantoja

    I love his screaming 😍😍😍

  93. asap xdnvsty


  94. Dean Teles