Falz - Talk Lyrics

Anything I talk make you talk am again
Eh eh, talk am again
Anything I talk make you talk am again
Eh eh, talk am again

Brother Muric shout finish, we no see am for court
Eh eh, we no see am for court
Election don dey come, they go need your support
Eh eh, they go need your support

Since EFCC burst in, we no see you for club
Eh eh, we no see you for club
And you get legit work o, na wetin you talk
Eh eh, na wetin you talk

Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o
Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o
Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o
Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o

Four year tenure, three year holiday
Eh Eh, three year holiday
Our senator, don dey fight, Kung-fu again
Eh eh, fight Kung-fu again
Shey dem never tire, They wan continue the race?
Eh eh, they wan continue the race
We buy your story, but you no give us change
Eh eh, you no give us change
Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o
Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o
Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o
Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o

Anything I talk make you talk am again
Eh eh, talk am again
Anything I talk make you talk am again
Eh eh, talk am again

Month don end, oga pay salary
Eh eh, oga pay salary
In 2019, Nineteen (19) eight (8) alawee
Eh eh, Nineteen (19) eight (8) alawee
Instead of may you work, you dey find Alhaji
Eh eh, she dey find Alhaji
You come turn your body to cash and carry
Eh eh, she don de cash and carry

Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o
Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o
Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o
Na you talk am o
No be me talk am o

Three private jet, you say you buy am for church
Eh eh, say you buy am for church
But your congregation no dey follow fly am of course
Eh eh, dem no dey follow fly am of course
Why your people still dey carry carry eye for someone
Eh eh, dem dey carry eye for someone
Shey I no be person
Cause no be your tribe I come from?
Eh eh, Cause no be your tribe I come from

Small man thief for market
You set fire for em body
Big man thief money we dey hail am like dummy
We dey suffer, we dey smile
We dey fear to talk
My people no get chop, my people no get work
These days we no know if authority dey for office
Cause the yawa wey we see, no be security we you promise
And the cup e don full, we don tire for all the rubbish
All the punishment
Na me talk am o

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Falz Talk Comments
  1. American Credibility

    True talk

  2. Antonia Lily

    Who is listening in 2020. And is tired of buhari's tenure

  3. Uzoezi Odueme

    Who is here after the Okada ban "My people no get job"

  4. Saheed Badru

    100% Truth

  5. Precious Emmanuel

    "we buy your story, but you no give us change." 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽


    If you continuously listen to this song on 2020 like me put a thumb

  7. John Yateh

    anything i talk make u talk am again

  8. Rotimi Best

    Damn. ..so creative. Now I want a game where I can choose senators and fight like Mortal Combat.

  9. Alpha MECH

    Yo New York City on the check this fire fam big up.

  10. Anita Lokoson

    Why your people too dey carry eye for someone? Because no be your tribe I come from? In 2019, 19800 allowee. Excellent!!!💁‍♂️😂 APC your reign of terror will end one day.

  11. Stella Collins

    Na me talk am ma falz talk am

  12. Hidden Truth about them

    Great music.

  13. Bose Akinwale

    Me: Hello fire department
    Fire department: Falz again?
    Me: Yes

  14. Emmanuel Skilful

    Mhen am on steady repeat, greatest song of all time💪. D msg is jux so clear nd 100% true💪

  15. Emmanuel Skilful

    So happi seeing dis amazing great single winning an award at d 2019 headies. Falz never ever disappoints💪. Kip waking up our conscience wit ur great message passed in a music way🙏. U re a Legend already sir💪

  16. Felix Khale

    best jamz

  17. Gomashie Christian

    If you are for Falz kindly hit the likes button💥💥🇧🇴

  18. Becky Nabs

    This guy deserves being a comedian

  19. Williams Usifoh

    We buy your story but you no give us change. #facts#🔥🔥🔥🔥😁✌

  20. Tega Izu

    Just magnificent! MAGNIFICENT!!!!

  21. Constance Badare

    lol.. 4 years tenor 3 years holyday

  22. Austin Godsmark

    nice one

  23. Vivian Onwudi

    Living legend

  24. DublinGreen

    4 years Tenure 3 year holiday = Buhari and his many medical trips abroad

  25. alele flash

    Do more songs like this.

  26. Serena Gold

    Nice one falz

  27. Wonuola Ajayi


  28. cleartone movies

    Falz is fela of our time you’re blessed

  29. James Godday

    Nice one falz keep exposing them. much luv bro

  30. Onyedikachi Johnbosco

    Three private jets you say you buy am for church, but your congregation no dey follow fly am of course 😂😂😂😂😂😂.
    Falz is an exposing machine.

  31. Precious willz

    Chai.....Falz is on his way to Legendary status.

  32. Oboro Folusho

    The visualsssss is beyond legit!!! nah mi talk am o...

  33. Bonham Mbenza

    respect to the legend greatest of our times Falz

  34. Aj Boy

    na you talk am next level

  35. Angu Ransom

    When ever you watch musics like this wit low views then you understand that people are happy with politics. Can this be why Falz created #hypocrite

  36. Heart Reena

    "Weh done sir"✋
    Much love from me😍❤😘

  37. Mcvictor_a

    falz the bad remember the time we de run matters..we love u man😁💯

  38. army be everywhere jungkookiex

    My guy keep going

  39. Global hottrends

    Falz's level of creativity is at another level


    Hit the like button if you think Falz is redefining the concept of humanity and morality in Nigeria through his music. sending love all the way from Cape Verde

  41. amaka oguike

    We BUY your story but you no give us CHANGE 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  42. Samuel Oluwapelumi

    Falz, I stand with you. #nametalkamooh

  43. Christian Mokwe

    Falz never seizes to amaze. 👍... My guy just alternated our child hood poem "Old Roger"... They planted a mango tree over his head, hum, ha, over his head😆😍😆.... Gather here is you know.

  44. Djakson Cleber Gonçalves Filho

    Awsome! Much love from Brazil, looks the same right here.

  45. Toki

    Cheif daddy?

  46. miss ugicynthia

    True , a like for is sincerity😍😍😍

  47. Nehemiah Atudo

    This is a song with a message,something relevant relating to our daily struggles as Africans,I love it

  48. Nitrate900

    Sega Mega Drive <3

  49. James Anderson

    The wild thing is the beat sounds alot like Yemi Alade's Open and Close. Yet Falz' lyrics have alot of social commentary that criticizes Nigerian society.

  50. Boma Epelle

    My interpretation from the broom scene: APC are the ones pouring the trash they claim to be sweeping #NaMeTalkAmO

  51. top fun't

    Came from This is nigeria

  52. Lamidé ilori

    i love this song!!

  53. Bunmi Bimbo

    I see the next Legend (Fela), keep it up man.

  54. Whole Electric

    4 years tenure 3 year holiday!.
    Absolutely hilarious falz. I love you 💕

  55. aikins ben

    Falz is my favorite Nigeria artist
    Nice sound with a quality video
    From Ghana

  56. naturalforme

    I haven't seen any other artist speak truth in their music other than Falz. Timaya use to do it but I guess the truth wasn't making money so like the western world they went on to talk about money and women.

  57. Nicho Flame

    Thanks boss u too much

  58. king john luke

    Broda muric ....shout finish will no see am for court........ FAAAAAAAALLZZZZZZZZZZ.. U TOO MUCH...lol

  59. Anaele Augusta

    I just really wish Nigerian artist can make sense like this guy. The youth will be greatly impacted. 🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻 falz

  60. Moses Emmanuel

    God bless falz

  61. best naija comedy

    Best man known

  62. Dennis Efevwerha

    The people's advocate

  63. Kings Omoruyi

    Falz again........Your place in history is very sure bro!

  64. Musa Israel

    Falz is d only musician who uses his position to air out d good and bad in dis country

  65. Duvessa Clove

    That driver.....😍😍

  66. Yvonne Opara

    Let’s talk of underemployment! It’s too much in Nigeria! You want you workers to be loyal to you yet you aren’t loyal to their development.

  67. Sunmisola Emmanuel

    My favorite artist, he is d best artist I know

  68. Lauvette Nji

    Falz sings just like Cameroonians with plenty mboko and langua

  69. Gallant

    God bless Falz. Na me talk am

  70. Ubastar info

    Tell them more

  71. Fatima Mohammed

    Big boy

  72. Michife Nolisa

    Bless your heart falz, you are pure mouth piss of Naija..

  73. Khoded Vevo

    I just love your work of art, your perfection on pointing out the odds is uncanny

  74. Ruona Oruovo

    This is amazing!!! Phenomenal!

  75. Maigari Timothy

    guy keep it up I love the means you use in speaking the truth about this our corrupt politians

  76. OHIZI K comedy

    Falz please don't know how to contact you
    I got a song but I can't because no sponsor (09023278894)

  77. Jumoke Ibigbemi

    Man i love you falz this is music #nametalkamooo

  78. Emmanuel Skilful

    Dhope song

  79. Jesus serve my life bro

    I greet you falz

  80. Philliomena Larbi

    Authentic bhad guy, d fela of our time

  81. Raskidon hiphop

    So Falz decided to make this fire 💥
    I decided to break it down. Falz I will🙏 love ❤️ if you check my breakdown lyrics video I made for you.

  82. Ebuka Obijiofor

    Baba Muri shout finish, we no see am for court

  83. Star light Kid

    Excellent! Falz keeps raising the bar. Kudos to him.


    wow i love this song, Weldon falz

  85. Arrey Anna

    The only reasonable Nigerian musician I know 💪💪 much love from Cameroon 🇨🇲

  86. Racheal Banta

    Ever so conscious rapper! Clap for Folarin Falana 👏 👏 👏 👏

  87. Joshua Uzoagulu

    Respect to this man.. 🙌

  88. Humble Love

    AAC.. take it back.. hit like.. falz is with us..

  89. the spyTV

    The ending action hook bad .bless u bro💜👍💸🎶👃

  90. Funmigbemi Owolabi

    Falz is doing what his father can not do. Thank you Falz. More anointing.

  91. Natasha John


  92. Akande Victor

    Falz .... A man of intellectual

  93. Jim szn

    Dope video

  94. satan

    Hitman 47

  95. Bestoes

    election don dae come, den go need ur support

  96. Toyin O.

    Wow!!! Falz.

  97. wilson beloved

    Nice one bruh

  98. Matthew Ajimati

    Common sense no easy o. U make sense pass others wey dey middle road. If u want dey right dey right, if you want dey left dey left, which one be middle ground? #StandForWhatIsRight #FalzStandsRight #ITakeAStandWithSowore #SoworeStandsRight #StandTallNigeria