Falz - Paper Lyrics

Dem say see danger oh
You no dey see danger oh
No go lose your center oh
All because of paper oh
Dem say see danger oh
You no dey see danger
No go lose your center oh
All because of paper oh

All because you want to live the faaji life
You ready to pay the price
Do the sacrifice
You ready to pay the price
Take your mama life
And even you no fit explain this your appetite
You want the benz
You no wan take the taxify
You wan order gold bottles
Maybe 35
You wan halla "private jet things"
When you catch flight
Now you don dey shey weyrey lonso
You don dey bark for night

Skeleton is in your closet
You murder to chow suppper
All the wraps of powder
You swallow to pass border
All the person pikin you carry for tight corner
I see you when you collect
Ekun je Oga olokpa
Dem say you talk say you dey find raba
Na say you go and dip your two hands in foul matter
Oga this one you dey do
E pass arm robber
You turn criminal
Because you want to chow dollar

Dem say see danger oh
You no dey see danger oh
No go lose your center oh
All because of paper oh
Dem say see danger oh
You no dey see danger
No go lose your center oh
All because of paper oh

All because they offer you a little dollar
Na which kind foolish marriage wey you throw your daughter
Small girl pikin wey her hero still be Dora
Small pikin dem wey never suppose leave the mother

You need to hammer
You need to get the dough
E dey important
You want to chop national cake
You dey pray for contract
Dem give you Ghana must go
Make you change the number
Voting never start
You don dey say your congrats

Why your people no fit hide this long throat
No go use your dirty hand stain the white for my cloth
Mouth full of jokes
Hand full of notes
Oh I hear your people collect rice for some votes
Dem say you talk say you no like suffer
Na so you go and deep your two hands in our coffers
Oga this one you dey do e pass arm robber
Throway moral
Because you want to chow dollar

Dem say see danger oh
You no dey see danger oh
No go lose your center oh
All becasue of paper oh
Dem say see danger oh
You no dey see danger
No go lose your center oh
All because of paper oh

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Falz Paper Comments
  1. Felix Khale D Entertainer

    who is here once again because of headies.

  2. Lawrence Manu-Gyan

    Falz + M.anifest =🔥

  3. Uti Osuyah

    Once AAC is voted in 2023 all of Nigeria’s problems will be solved

  4. Suleiman Bashir Shamsudeen

    #moralinstruction 💯💯💯

  5. justice sagada

    Falz is really Good
    one of my favorites in Nigeria
    Am a GHANAIAN and A M.anifan

  6. DavidO Somwan

    I got all the lyrics, Falz is the greatest 👌👌💪💪👍👍

  7. Okolie Kelvin

    Truth life talk

  8. kalxite

    Shout out to Dora

  9. tikara augustine

    i never comment on any song no matter how sweet or meaningful is it, but i have to. falz u are God send i love this song

  10. Rhapsody of reality

    E go better for you Falz

  11. Tifemi Ladimeji

    Moral education

  12. Rymzo1

    #Vote4EconomicRevival #VoteYPP



    #VoteForCompetenceNotPersonalEgoPopularityOrOnTheBasisOfTribalEthnicSocialDivide #VoteForNigeriaAndHerUnbornGeneration



  13. Franklin Ulrich Ogechi Onuoha Ohaegbulam

    keeping saying the truth, it hurts the guilty

  14. tech /gamers

    Hit me if you love falz lyrics..

  15. Kouame Stephane

    u too taik true.. i wil always put u in prayer so dat God wil open ur eyes more to see de truth nd tell my Nigerian peopl...hw de government ar usin dem...much love for u ..4rm Egypt

  16. Daniel 08135520135

    You are the best

  17. Ifeoluwatomi Elizabeth

    Their father is here again.....faaaaaaaaaalz🔥🔥🔥

  18. Ezra scarlet

    Thank you Falz. This song has given me the motivation to work towards making my country a better place. We must move forward even if it means taking 2 steps backwards.

  19. bright HKT

    Falz, you day game

  20. Négusfirst

    That piano is lethal!

  21. Dania Samuel

    Why does this song sound new every time I listen to it?

  22. KoollifeTv

    You are the greatest we promote it on koollifetv

  23. Baro Erasmus

    True talk Falz

  24. Abubakar Dukuly

    Falz is so underrated in Africa.

    Falz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Ibol Isaiah

    Please vote AAC for president

  26. David martins

    falz done kill song....really moral instruction...the "brother's keeper" touched me, bcs thats what is happening. He is this generation fela. Humanity should be a major concern in our nation.

  27. Daniel Kelvin


  28. cantonment boy icekid

    Am a Ghanaian but loves Falz and all the Nigerian artistes. Show me some love Naija 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
    *cantonment boy icekid*

    James saye Tokpah jr.


  29. Valentine Maobi

    Fela reborn!! Bless you broda. We love you.

  30. Kingsley Nkem Umunna

    This is My fav song on this album ✔✔

  31. Niyi Awe

    Nice hook

  32. Emmanuel Adehi

    Falz is indeed on fire.My brother,pls speak up and the GOD of truth will back u up,IJN,AMEN.

  33. Don E David

    Chai, see song! Bomb💥

  34. sucsy Maury

    Big up Falz.....this me and you matter no go end like broda muri o. Am charging you to court for keeping these talks for too long.

  35. Emmanuel Xzel

    Falz is not getting the recognition he deserves. Voice of a god!

  36. dominic andrew

    People go still enjoy Falz music and moral instruction and still vote PDP or APC. Our mumu don do abeg...listen and act. Vote Omoyele Sowore; vote AAC #TakeItBack #Naija #OmoyeleSowore #AAC #AfricanActionCongress 🖐🏽🖐🏽#Fela

  37. victor chukwuma

    Moral instruction is now officially my favorite album by a Nigerian... More grease to your elbow man. Inspiring our generation

  38. Uz chizzy



    No words! Falz is the TRUTH

  40. ola simeon

    falz , the felt of our time

  41. Leonard Adinya

    Falz is Fela in 2019, if you agree hit like

  42. Bangtan Insfired

    This album needs more views but we don't want the truth

  43. Ozisco Ozisco

    Next fela

  44. Jose Official

    Thank you falz for your efforts towards spreading the good news ... This is real music !

  45. ochonu ochoge

    Just love this guy. Lyrics filled with content and strong messages. Falz de great!

  46. Jac Ochia

    Second fela

  47. Matthew Riches

    Nice one

  48. kabiru ayomide

    So emotional, tears dropping in my eyes after listening to the song one after the other. Falz you too much Sir....:✊✊😥😥

  49. yinka obisesan


  50. Zona Dada


  51. Princewill Nathan

    Falz now has my attention.
    Bro spitting facts.💚💚💚

  52. Olly bounty

    I just love this guy?? Hit like if you with say Falz go still run for office very soon..

  53. Tokyo Boboye

    U nail it all bro. We value paper than life. Thanks for ur words..


    Falz thanks for this album this is reality

  55. oscar raymond

    I am Speechless, the dude is extremely intelligent


    Falz u are truly restoring my confidence and respect in the Nigerian Music Industry. Ibu odogwu

  57. Clara Cole

    Fela representing Falz the bad guy

  58. Veronica Okomi

    Chai! Falz is killing it with this album

  59. Becca Ojie


  60. Christopher Samuel

    If no be FALZ then forget it i no go listen to any stupid songs again🚫

  61. Ebuka Abalobi

    I no know if na only me they feel this guy with this his new album

  62. Sammiea818 Akins

    dem say voting never start you don already they say congrats

  63. Rogie ISI

    Boss I give u the highest salute from far🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
    Please nobody should call my phone in the next two days am chilling 🥃🎶

    Chris Oghenetega Maloney

    Rogie Isibor abi oh

    Rogie ISI

    Boss you are feeling me! Greetings & respect I nor know where we dey go for Nigeria 🇳🇬 ooo

  64. Hossanah Okon

    moral instruction #salute

  65. adedapo yusuf adedamola

    Deep talk


  66. Ayiri King Josh

    Talk you own make Naija beta. Falz is among the best.

  67. Mijamin Moses Shallangwa

    The dislikers are politicians 🤷🏾


    Prophet Falz.

  69. Djsoundtown vevo

    Always on point

  70. Djsoundtown vevo

    Nice one presendent falz

  71. switch official

    Who so ever dislike this song will disappear this year,in the name of paper carry you away 🤔.

  72. Waiyo OBE

    After all, you can still say the truth and have xters dance to it's rhythm. Kudos to you FalzFearless!

  73. vivian iyere

    Na so carry gooooo

  74. Joe Omonghibo

    Finally reality music.

  75. Gifted Ese

    this is the kind of song we need now. is about Ass,love I am happy you talk fact about life not like the rest celebrities

  76. Dr Ugo David

    Falz you is an Igbo man, born by Yorubas, to save the Hausas😂😂😂. Correct man.

    Dr Ugo David

    Ayo Knightz have some sense of humor. The message simply means that he is a TRUE NIGERIAN

    Maryam Okusanya

    +Dr Ugo David I agree

    winsome T

    naso bro

  77. Carslin Kevin

    This one na advice to the desperate men. Hit me if u really like Falz

  78. Netjunior Müzik

    Falz you're the best ❤❤

  79. Zacfrancis Bonny

    the bad guy

  80. duduoshunn

    Falz for Senate. Oya abuja we dey come!

    Soonenter Adi

    Falz for president

  81. Jeff nice guy

    Vote AAC, take it back

  82. Tony Bless

    Your hit na fire

  83. Peter Josh

    I have been crying listening to your new album, everything so emotional 😭 #truefactstory

    Kel Savage



    A Legend Is Born Not Made.

  85. ThugKingTuSwag


  86. Angel Five

    Chillz I see you bro🔥.. Falz the Bahd Guys in the Building..

  87. Chikadibia Jonas

    Dis one na gbedu

  88. Chinwe Uzondu

    Most underrated musician in Nigeria. Period!!

  89. Rae Swiss


  90. Afri Media

    Serious Moral Instruction!!

  91. Dominion Timi

    God bless you FALZ

  92. Ratty Ana

    Omor Ghana is here Jamming before 1mill views 💎💎 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. Vivi esangbedo

    Yes I'm early for the first time in eions :)
    Edit:I deserve likes now♥♥


    Haha Falz is the best no lie

  95. Chuks Justin

    Falz keep it up your the best as long as Nigerian music is concern, at list you have a conscience

  96. Valentine babatunde

    If this new drops by falz open your eyes more to realities in naija hit like ✊🏿