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Johnny just drop
Na person shout am down
Johnny wey dey innocent
Johnny wey dey new in town
Them kill am for Jos
For no just cause
Nobody fit comot for house dem no born us

Johnny no get priviledge
But Johnny want more
E wan go study
Johnny say e wan be doctor
Em family die for the same floors
Same floors wey em blood pour
Why we no fit be one bros
What' you wasting all the blood for
Shey na religion abi culture
Abi politician wey dey sponsor
Wetin be the thing wey dey cause war
Wey you no stop to dey drop blood

Who do you need to stone me the Matchete
What is the point of the gunshot

Johnny just drop
(Johnny just drop)
Johnny just drop
For no just cause

Johnny come
Johnny go
Johnny just complete em youth service
Passing out tomorrow
So the guys dem do party
For the place
Wey the boys dem dey meet usually
One or two drinks to relax

No be say dem too shack
Time don go
Night don show
Make dem come go house
Who stand for road
Make I horn oh
Na em po po shout
Park there
Where your particulars
And where do you think that you are going like this
Nu wo yi ale
Elu kpe le ma beh
Te ba soro ju, ema teh

Una don run go chop life
Oya give me my share
Before them talk one
E say shut up
Small boy, who dash you liver?
Talk more I go cock gun
Small time e don pull trigger
E don kill am oh

We are gonna have a short break
Everybody say yea yea
Yea yea

Johnny just drop
Na po-po shoot am down
This motherfucking trigger-happy nigga
Just cause unnecessary sorry for em family sha
All because them no oblige you when you ask for some cash
No fucking dreads, no weapons
Just him and his guys in his car
You have the guts to tell me you accidentally discharge
Mad man
You be bloody bastard
You waste a life and try to tell me that you sorry after
Trying times and dark days is just becoming darker
It's still the same sad story just another chapter
Johnny drop for Borno
Johnny kpai for Plateau
Some blame it on religion
Some they fight for Malu
Johnny drop for Lagos cause a foolish man overdo
Johhny continue to drop
Eyan melo lo maku
Eyan melo lo maku
Eyan melo lo maku

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Falz Johnny Comments
  1. sesay umar

    i can feel the energy of falz, on this song ....

  2. Umar Sesay

    this album is actually fire , i love it :) the social conciousness is crasy ...

  3. geeaiye

    fela reincarnated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OluwatoyinAshabi Ashabi

    Thumbs up

  5. oharisi emuobosa precious


  6. Uti Osuyah

    Vote Sowore/Rufai for the Nigeria of our dreams

  7. nick Nice

    Tell them

  8. nick Nice

    This music is bomb i love you falz 😍💚🖤💖

  9. Liberty Esan

    Good music🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Frankky Frankky

    Jamming this all the way from London. Where are you jamming from?

  11. Junior Jnr

    If you're not gay turn this blue

  12. Chigaemecha

    Chai na wa he dey speak the truth na abi

  13. Ayodeji Babalola

    we need to appreciate Falz as people appreciate Kendrick Lamar

  14. Dj Gajelo

    FALZ A KING 🖤💛🖤💛💃

  15. Olawale Omiyale

    Eyan melo lo ma ku (How many people will die) Eyan melo Lo ma ku(How many people will live) Same spelling different meaning! @Falz ijinle pro ni yen(Words with deep meanings)

  16. Baro Erasmus

    May the Almight God guard and protect Falz and the innocent Nigerians.

  17. Ibol Isaiah

    Please vote AAC for president

  18. richard golden

    Nigerians Nigerians Nigerians... Make una get sense o, make una vote well o... If PDP or APC enter power again, I go know say there is no more hope for my country Nigeria...vote wisely o, no more police brutality, no more corruption, no more killings, unemployment and so on, una know wetin i det talk about

  19. Reetah Okey

    I can hear the anger in ur voice Falz. Love for one's country can't be faked. Vote wisely.

  20. dominic andrew

    People go still enjoy Falz music and moral instruction and still vote PDP or APC. Our mumu don do abeg...listen and act. Vote Omoyele Sowore; vote AAC #TakeItBack #Naija #OmoyeleSowore #AAC #AfricanActionCongress 🖐🏽🖐🏽#Fela

  21. Cele Nto

    Please who know where I can get this falz album? Thanks

  22. Tommeh Tochukwu

    Falz the Gudguy

  23. Teddyboy VEVO

    Falz I will always love you and God will guide you for us.

  24. oscar raymond

    This is the best album of the Century

  25. nwaiwu bernard

    Falz, the truth speaker

  26. otasowie hamson

    Second FELA

  27. faith mimi

    A living legend!!

  28. Usenmfon uko

    Falz coming in HOT 🔥 🔥 🔥 2019

  29. solid solid

    The revolution of Grace to all Nigeria's that believe in future

  30. Nick Adiele

    The pain in this track, I've got tears in my eyes.

  31. Nick Adiele


  32. Emmiasky Ojex

    E don kill am ooo!

  33. George Mbam

    Ladies and gentlemen, hip hop is back in Nigeria... Thank you Falz

  34. Okoli, Moses. U.

    Unfortunately, Johnny drops every day in Nigeria. Johnny would continue to drop

  35. ken ken

    If you don't know Johnny thump up let's know ourselves

  36. MusicBankTv

    Dope record.listening in our studio in Nairobi KENYA

  37. Emeka Oliseh Chukuma

    Long live falz, long live Afaraka👉Africa.

  38. Itbrown Mcbrown

    if you love FALZ like 👍

  39. Klex Iriowen

    I SALUTE!!!!!!

  40. Ajayi samuel

    Goosebumps all over 😍😍😍

  41. Leonard Adinya

    Falz is Fela in 2019, if you agree hit Like

  42. Vivian Ekie Monluo

    Why do I love Falz? Always speaking truth thru his music. If we need change why not speak truth to power? We’re always selling our votes and recycling politicians in Africa. The giant of Africa is asleep; rise up great nation Nigeria.

    Love from Liberia

  43. Miracle Basil


  44. Abel Gare

    Falz..... 💥💥💥💥💥💥

  45. Collins Chuks


  46. wisdom Aniefiok samuel

    Falz God continue to strengthen you for saying the truth 💪

  47. Dguy night river

    Wow what more can i say...this is voice for the youth 100 percent perfect message

  48. Ibrahim Yusuf

    Falz you are the best...

  49. Ejidike Chibuisi Promise

    Vote for AAC #takeitback

  50. Lucky Odeh

    Falz is truth

  51. Opeyemi Janet

    Falz welldone,vexation of the spirit

  52. Chelsea Nash

    Johnny just drop .. na person shoot am down .. too deep.. Johnny is anyone who relates to this .. RIP to all the Johnny's that dropped in Cameroon and Africa in general ..

  53. Jimmy Cafe

    U a monster bro

  54. chukwu chidiebere

    Tears dropping... I will name my first son Falz

  55. Maryjane zona

    Falz talk.....truth is bitter

  56. Ogunniyi olumide

    Thumbs up Falz... Fela of our time

  57. Jahbemerciful TV

    At last, Johnny wey yemi alade Dey find, don die killed by police and boko at once...

  58. DraraTv

    God bless you brother

  59. Ever Kings

    Falz Is The Man

  60. Rex life Hacks

    Vote sowore for a better Nigeria vote AAC

  61. Alabi Kayofe

    I love you Falz! Wish other musicians can also follow your trend

  62. Daywon concepts

    Five folks disliked this, nawo!

  63. Nzube Ikoroha

    That joy whenever Legendary Fela Kuti is sampled...

  64. Bem Abu

    Falzzzzzzzzzzzzz! GENIUS

  65. ayomide olanrewaju

    The song is so powerful!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾


    Falz thanks for the enlighten, Vote Omoyele Sowore for president #AAC, take it back .🇳🇬✌🔥💪🎤🥁🎻🎷📯

  67. Leonard Kolade

    meeeen, hands up, no comment

  68. Olutobi Soge

    The second version was lit!!!
    Respect all the way bro🙌

  69. Mind of freeky comedy

    🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 to me please God bless you all

  70. Kacci Ajike

    Dammit.... Johnny my man

  71. P-G Bassey

    Falz please don't stop . Mbok

  72. Samuel Eweka

    Falz...god bless you

  73. Mengpeng

    Dammm!!! I barely know what he is rapping about, but that sounds intense.

  74. badmus abiodun

    Fela second

  75. anna enebeli

    I love falz mehn. Our new Fela

    Maryjane zona

    Am in love with falz

  76. Jude Eliboh

    Holy shit, Falz came hard on this one. FALZ is nobody's mate i beg

  77. Adjaino Ochuko

    Falz U second Africa china ona music is passing massage to our Bad leaders

  78. Joshua Orji

    Jezz... Falz!!!🙌
    That intro though.

  79. CAsH BABA

    I love this falz for life....

  80. Ibrahim Faruq

    Nice one falana

  81. Brunomaxwell Okocha

    If you love this music hit the like button..


    More BLESSINGS to you all..

  83. Samuel Akinola

    Falz u are truly ur dad son omo ti ekun ba bi ekun lo n jo keep it up God is everywhere for you.

  84. Odimegwu Ngozi

    Fall just killed me tonight ✌✌✌

  85. wagumu tz

    U brain is just in the next level#enstein in the music industry

  86. Ayoola Ajele

    Fela Lives on and his Spirit just call on Falz stand up for the people.. Music is the powerful tool to the revolution Nigeria need.. we are with you brother and thanks for being the real MAN....Big Balls we are with you... #Respect

  87. damilare Arohunfara

    Hot stuff.

  88. Kelvin Fintan

    "They kill am for jos with no jos cause"...takes an high to understand it's deep meaning

  89. Daniel Ifedapo

    This is what is called "BRAVERY" Shame on those artistes who can't stand for the country because of the changey-changey that the corrupt politicians are giving them
    All hail FALZ

  90. Sam Oche

    And just like DAT FALZ just became my favorite artiste!!!

  91. film hoodtv

    I am worried, Why is falz too good self.. Can someone explain

  92. kelvin chuks

    funny how when it comes to speaking the truth, everyone gravitates towards fela's rhythm and vibe, that says a lot about Abamieda. I miss him

  93. Ogundairo Segun

    They don kill am o. Johnny don drop. And all they say is they are sorry after. Eyan melo lo ma ku?

  94. son of the land war onto inequity

    No doubt bro, you are trully a messenger. 2019 year of freedom by peace or violent. No more hidden for them

  95. Goddi Babale

    our new fela hit like button this is what we want from nigerian artises no signing about booty and breast and how they became rich and how they are living life. Nice one falz 2baba and burna keep it up

  96. Peter Emmanuel

    It pains me so much to still see our Nigeria youths believing in the old Leaders (PDP and APC) who never care about our live's and future even after hearing this inspiring song..
    Please let stop being their victims, vote them out, vote people with ideas and Human feels, into power as a way to push this Old selfish and greed leaders away....
    Please do your part, for God will not send another Jesus or Mohammed for us..
    Do your research about the candidate, Don't say my dad, mom, brother or sister, Uncle or aunty, pastor or prophet, youth leader or village head ask me to vote him,
    Please is your right to vote, so vote what you believe in and not what people say..
    please don't not sell your vote because if you do then you already sell your destiny,.. please Just do the right for once.
    For me I believe in Sowore
    I believe in AAC...

  97. Unknown Star

    Falz is a living legend if u believe hit like