Falz - Hypocrite Lyrics

People just dey do like say dem no dey shit
People just dey do like say dem no dey breath oh
People just dey do like say dey get superpower
People just dey do like say dem no dey weak oh

Ah ah ah ah ah
Nobody wan dey sow where e no dey reap oh
Everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite oh
Eh ah
Everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite oh
Oh na na
Everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite oh

People just dey do like say na dem be Jesus
People so wicked but they so religious
Who dey calculate
E no dey show the figures
Who dey demosnstrate wey dem run leave us
People too complain but they fear to speak up
You don’t want to die but nothing to live for
Christian and corrupt no suppose be mixture
Real mosu lo mi no suppose dey thief jor
Real talk no be fight rara
Everybody get fault for inside matter
We dey talk human right
We no be specter
Who are we to crucify the homosexuals?
Most of una don dey involved from time
But no be anybody business who you wan climb
You dey form gentle man when we dey with you
But you go still go home beat your wife to stupor

People just dey do like say dem no dey shit
People just dey do like say dem no dey breath oh
People just dey do like say dey get superpower
People just dey do like say dem no dey weak oh

Ah ah ah ah ah
Nobody wan dey sow where e no dey reap oh
Everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite oh
Eh ah
Everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite oh
Oh na na
Everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite oh

Pastor wey dey do like say e no be sinner
I see the speck in you eye
No dey point finger
What about the really greedy politician
Acting like you really care for the layman
And what about even you voters
Wey dey act like say you only see two jokers
Recycle the same corrupt men
Later you complain, you say you hate government

And the fake prophet
Some dey for convent
With underage boys
Wey dem make boyfriend
And you claim consent
When you messing with a minor
Some say na devil box oh
No telli for their parlour

Eh eh
Because she no be virgin
You no meet am well
But the one wey tie scarf
You no give am hell
But you say you no dey smoke
You no dey drink liquor
But your heart dey evil
Shey you see the picture

People just dey do like say dem no dey shit
People just dey do like say dem no dey breath oh
People just dey do like say dey get superpower
People just dey do like say dem no dey weak oh

Ah ah ah ah ah
Somebody wan dey sow where e no dey reap oh
Everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite oh
Eh ah
Everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite oh
Oh na na
Everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite oh

Of course I know say truth is bitter
Bitter gidi gan pass bitter leave oh
What is the essence of debating
When we know the truth in our mind
Why you come dey do like say you no dey shit
Why you come dey do like say you no dey love oh
We no fit be the same
Everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite oh

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Falz Hypocrite Comments
  1. florence anwatu

    Nice one

  2. Rebecca Ekwuruke

    My main attraction when it comes to songs is the lyrics, the words in the song. Falz has some excellent lyrics and I Iove his songs.

  3. First Lady

    I love falz

  4. Mafe Aye

    I love your music

  5. Abi Idowu

    This track is the truth! It's one of the few times I've not minded the language at all. The lyrics are FIRE and that hook? Damn! It's on point! This will be played 70 years from now and people will still sob into their hankies!

  6. Plumrain1

    Mehnn this one hit home jare!! Naija which way????

  7. Dela Jones

    Dope song ...Say what you want but Nigerians are the most talented Africans .. Respect !!

  8. Wale Aiyedogbon

    This is so deep

  9. All Day


  10. Naija Chik

    My God! This is a banger

  11. DR. MAG

    why im i now seeing this

  12. Pasy Jae

    Dis song got great messages

  13. Teresa Clay


  14. omondiale ezekiel

    Pastor they pray 4 private jet... Every body is a motherfucking ipociteoooooo

  15. Ima Ojionu

    Well said Falz

  16. Musukwa John

    This song speaks sense than that of the so called spiritual leaders.thank you falz👏👏


    God bless you

  18. Eddy Shawn

    This song gives me goosebumps

  19. Signa Brooks

    New Fan from the U.S.!!! Love this music...where has it been all my life?? #comingtoMotherlandsoon

  20. J Chr G

    You self hypocriet dan so be-it!

  21. Courtie Shay

    Why is this not at a million views?😒. This message is lovely. If it's the songs that falz will be talking about sex or women shaking nyansh, this video would have had more likes.

  22. Oladele Nifty

    Falz I respect him and wish to meet him someday.

  23. Turner

    This is truly awful

  24. MadamCJda3rd Productions

    Literally everybody!! I always love the messages in his songs...

  25. Ire Williams

    This dudes talent is honestly out of this world!❤❤❤😘😍

  26. Godwin Abraham

    Falz indeed what a real artiste should be... Preaching the gospel of truth to all men. I love u man

  27. 1000 subs Boring videos

    Please come and help us with Sowore and revolution now

  28. Husein Ahmed

    Love this song...There's nothing in it supporting homosexuality.Falz is talking from a perspective that every kind of social vices are equally criminal.

  29. Nigerian Prince

    How and WHY does this have less than 500k views?? Should be getting 10 Million views with the message it sends.

  30. Lulu Dahliah

    You are lyrical genius

  31. Jude Tochukwu

    Falz nothing do you gareee...

  32. Ibiri Ka mbiri


  33. Sotonye Chukwu

    Omoluabi when did you become so vulgar? There is enough talent without cheapening yourself with so much vulgarity. I have said freemasonry will destroy Nigeria. They are the ones who promote such vulgarity. Did your fathers and grand fathers use such language, did they practice homosexuality. Freemasons are using the shameless in our societies to destroy our norms. Are you Omo Oduduwa or Omo Akata. Everything you see you want to copy copy. Is that what freemasonry teaches you? You feel strong as they reward you but they weaken you. The sad thing is you have talent but you let them destroy it by cheapening yourself. Ono Oduduwa, discipline, discipline!

    Courtie Shay

    Shut up joor! The message flew over your head.

  34. Fortressbaby Fortressbaby

    Beautiful song!!

  35. Aondona Saint


  36. Victor Omoseh

    This song is big❤🙏🙏

  37. Fave odion Ehiakhina


  38. nonyagbo

    FALZ is the Real Deal - Both Moral and Social Lessons LOADED .... if you believe this MUSIC is loaded 👍

  39. Reggi Bee

    Well spoken Felz! Took the words right out of our mouth of our mouth. Love it when artist use there platform real shit.

  40. antoinelorenzolyons

    Omg!!!! I have mad respect for Falz!!!! Please tour in Nashville TN!!!!

  41. faith kizzy

    Cool song

  42. Tony Alfred

    I really love the way Falz addresses social issues through musical art...much love from the +254 🇰🇪

  43. shadrach ushie

    Because she no be virgin you no meet her well,The one wey Dey tight scarf you no give her help😩😩🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️

    Courtie Shay

    It's you don give her hell

  44. Oyibo Dundun

    I love this song because of lyrics and messages thanks to u bro Fazl

  45. j shuga

    Those with 👎are just moda fucking hypocrite oh 😂

  46. Jen360 changing my life for the better

    Sheep's in wolves clothing is the description in the bible ex

  47. Jen360 changing my life for the better

    I saw him in yemi's video and was curious. Talented artist

  48. Chrysantus Awagu

    I love Falz as much as I love Fela. Tells the truth as it is


    thanks man

  50. Hamilton Fidel

    Disliked by 199 hypocrites

  51. taiwo akinlose

    I have watched this song multiple times. We are really hypocrite in this country. Even myself

  52. Sapphire Fenty

    This song should have millions of views by now, But no, the truth hurts, pple don’t wanna hear it. It’s too much for these hypocritical pple to handle.Keep preaching it falz, pple wey go hear go hear. Long live bro

  53. Emmanuel Ogbonnaya

    this video touched me seriuosly. thank you falz

  54. Iria Amiti

    Love from Namibia 🇳🇦
    This is original and 100% accurate to the actual truth.

  55. Karo King

    Mad Ass Jam Fi Life !!!

  56. Oyibo Dundun

    God bless my guy.....not singing about girls all d time

  57. M E

    well said

  58. ZimusiQ Ent.

    This is music with fine content, served well.

    Falz, uniqueness is key to true success. Thank you!

  59. Olusola Emmanuel

    Falz, u know i love you....chia this is my best song...........................not popular cos awon oloshi wont like it cos the truth is bitter.....please we need revolution in nigeria

  60. mexy cubes

    This dude is always addressing societal ills with his songs,using his platform and lending his voice to all these anomalies,unlike other singers who will always shy away from these hot topics for commercial gains. The Bahd guy is miles ahead of our Pastors and other musics put together.

  61. Adebayo Seun

    You don't want to die but nothing to live for. Falz always with a message

  62. ayosola omisore

    this words can change a bad heart

  63. James Kelechi

    “As if we only see two jokers” ... we need more like minds. God bless you

  64. Clara Steve

    U must live long u are always different

  65. Clara Steve

    Falz I like u die always saying the truth


    Truth. We are all hypocrites in Nigeria

  67. Herline Bazile

    Respect for you Falz love from haiti

  68. jimmy ireke

    Falz just defined Nigeria in this track

  69. duduoshunn

    If I say I don't like this song and falz; call me bastard.

  70. Adewunmi Aloy

    Some people here Dislike this song all bc Falz didn't talk about sex and drugs. Good jobs . You are fela of our time. 👌👍🏼👍

  71. Nehemiah Atudo

    Falz always keeping it real🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. boom elixir

    You see Falz, I see Fela!!

  73. Arch Angel

    Fuckin love this long 🔥🔥🔥

  74. Abdul Tony

    Ok this is off tha sheezy mad jam putting this on replay

  75. john chukwu


  76. Kelvin Monday Udoh

    Funny enough no one is talking about Demmie Vee for putting up such an outstanding voice in this track. God bless you bro! Omo Falana never disappoints, God keep you focus.

  77. Mz J4zzie

    Guyz, i just released my first music video titled 'What's love https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CB4HawYe8yg Please let me know what you think about it🙏🏼🙏🏼

  78. Bonham Mbenza

    realest artist in Africa and probably the world i must meet this genius before i die i swear !!

  79. cissy smith

    Falz is a true son of his Father, I pray the use with all use their voice and their voice. To make a change, o ya carry go. You are doing a great job.

  80. Afam Onyimadu

    Love this song. Love the guy. Nigerians looking like they only saw two jokers, I wonder how they thought one was better than the other. The guy makes me think of what Fela would be saying if he was still alive in today's Nigeria.

  81. KillaManYaro_FMJ

    Falz my guy, preach bro! Big up from the Netherlands ⚔

  82. Yvonne_Adabekee mummy

    Well done!

  83. Wisdom Brains

    #Falz is underrated chaa who else noted

  84. wendel Sr

    I RESPECT FALZ 100%!!!!!

  85. Omego Uzoma

    Falz for president

  86. the clique

    everybody is a motherfucker hyprocrito

  87. Sculptor Isaac Aladeogo

    This is the best thing I have seen in my life.... Weldon sir

  88. imoLitesTv

    Rubbish Chorus. Nice Lines Verses. Moda fvcking Demmie

  89. Wendu Iyama

    I love this falz too gud and its actually ture


    Awesome Falz. Awesome...

  91. paul okwudiba

    U never cease to amaze Falz!!! Big up bro!!!

  92. Atieno Mkubwa

    Falz see your life? Since you decided to leave politicians alone and started attacking Yahoo boys and pastors and calling Nigerian citizens criminal your videos no dey smell half a million views, much less one million. See how you have destroyed your career. Years back you were winning music awards, movie awards. ...then you deviddd to change tactics...disparage Nigerians, call girls prostitutes...you wan become FELA..Just see your career now.


    Thank you falz for this!!! You’re on of the best with Good message💕💕💕

  94. Adebiyi oluwole

    so true... everybody is a mutherfucker hypocrite... Falz the bad guy never fall my hand. keep the fire burning bro

  95. Tefo Tlale

    I am in awe. I am a South African and a colleague introduced me to Falz, so much resonance. I am literally in tears!

  96. Angela Jepkemei

    This song is so relevant for Kenya.. Heck most African countries

  97. Gideon Emakhu

    You don't want to die but nothing to live for #FactsOnly


    Perfect bro just perfect

  99. Richard Swuavey

    I love this song die. Dont just listen to sound but listen to words .