Falz - Follow Follow Lyrics

Shakara kpo
A la curry
E mi ti mi oh owo a la kpo mi
Follow follow wan kill the boy boy
E just dey go like zombie
OG na God I take beg
Una no go fit to stop my fake flex
My iphone x takes my complex
Teacher don teach me nonsense
Me I want to rock the latest
Shey you no dey feel my swag dey make sense
I dey tell the boys of how I go take spend
Do you wanna know
Account e dey red

My mates dem dey reason how to make bread
Me I still dey wonder how I go take blend
I go need to talk for matter wey trend
If I see the likes on top my jpeg

No brain
No jah
No sense
Aja oh
Ro ja a jo
I beg God
Where the parole
I don show
Oh no no no
I must blow
Gimme large
Chop kobo
Come collect
How you like the large
E no know oh

Na me and you go dey inside the trouser
I see wetin David buy for chioma
I need to break my bag to feel among nah
Came here a ti boys no jora
Sho li wedding Banky and Adesua
Sho ti gbo kpe
Toke tiwa range rover
We fu ya
I go borrow pose nah
I go be the talk of the town
I go take over
I need followers
E dey important
To see pesin dey Lekki wey dey pop yansh
I need HPB
I need congrats
I need mansions
I need more

My mates dem dey reason how to make bread
Me I still dey wonder how I go take blend
I go need to talk for matter wey trend
If I see the likes on top my jpeg

No brain
No jah
No sense
Aja oh
Ro ja a jo
I beg God
Where the parole
I don show
Oh no no no
I must blow
Gimme large
Chop kobo
Come collect
How you like the large
E no know oh

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Falz Follow Follow Comments
  1. Abdulmalik Kana

    I love Falz .my favorite Nigerian artist

  2. NANDO

    Fck me, this is fire!!!!!!! asf

  3. Moka LARE

    Falz Fela Jr.

  4. Brais NL


  5. Karo

    that sample and beat tho 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Dixon Ekuri

    to those blind fools who dislike this,
    "If my sermon worry you, e mean say the shoe fit"

  7. Gen john Francis campbell

    My mate dae reason how to make bread,me I still dae wonder how I go take blend,that one enter my head well lol

  8. Chijioke Ukaere

    This song is a classic. A remake should be better

  9. Humphrey Edo

    Can you just pls contest for president let's thunder fire any youth that will not vote for you.

  10. David martins

    The only confident fela now. This new track na pure truth.

  11. Sule David

    FELA-FALZ Just went speechless THANK YOU FALZ one word for you RESPECT

  12. Eric Odogwu

    Mad track🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. dominic andrew

    People go still enjoy Falz music and moral instruction and still vote PDP or APC. Our mumu don do abeg...listen and act. Vote Omoyele Sowore; vote AAC #TakeItBack #Naija #OmoyeleSowore #AAC #AfricanActionCongress 🖐🏽🖐🏽#Fela

  14. aristotlecomedy

    nice one boss

  15. Miss Lipika Official

    Wow awesome man, rocking


    Issokay modern days fella

  17. charles Nwokoma

    Lol @ 1:40. Dem say person dey for leki wey dey pump Yash "."

    Idowu Odupitan

    I laughed when I heard that part.

  18. Uz chizzy

    I'm proud of you falz,

  19. kyng lloyd

    #Falz 🇨🇲🇬🇪🇰🇿🇨🇾🇦🇪

  20. Inaton Eke-spiff

    This is incredibly brilliant!

  21. Maryam Okusanya

    Forget FALZ is their father

  22. Destiny Oyo

    Vote #AAC # sowore

  23. kabiru ayomide

    An enthralling album, feeling you all the way.

  24. adedapo yusuf adedamola



  25. Flexwarish Flex

    Africa rapper nuber1

  26. Nii Okine Isaac

    @falzvevo pls remix this song with @m.anifest of Ghana it's gonna be dope

  27. Bruno Sauvagnat

    Damn, I was expecting zombi in this.

  28. Lekan

    Naija artist no dey tell the truth but always claim felaa...and we stupid citizens too like glorifying dem...Falz is the next man..is music is reasonable dan all so called wizzy burna badoo and davido...cus no be international recg country goh chopp...Fela still remain in pple heart not bcus he was an musician but bcus he his a freedom fighterr...I love u Falz...The lord is ya strenght...

  29. Damilola Kuteyi

    Falz...on the beat!!

  30. Obasa Olusola

    Falz. Falz. FALZZZZZ!
    You gats contest for President....

  31. Scott Osarenren Otos

    This is the kind of music Nigeria needs now but unfortunately people are disliking it because it's not about bobs ,ikebe and no erotic massage.

  32. Kayode Sanmi

    You for see the likes on top my JPEG (pictures are in .jpeg format)

  33. Dennis Obi

    This is definitely #FALZ. He doesn't #faff like most. He is standing in the gap and doing it effortlessly and fearlessly.

  34. Klex Iriowen

    Well done falz

  35. Caleb Randy

    Falz you're god of Nigeria music

  36. switch official

    True talk

  37. Leonard Adinya

    Fela in 2019 if you agree hit like


    This guy is on fire! Like if you agree

  39. Marie adesola

    Back2back !!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Abel Gare

    More blessings bro

  41. Ibrahim Yusuf

    Omo Yoruba with swag👊👊👊👊🤜

  42. Esther Okure

    Seriously, this is my favorite song from the album

  43. St. Abidek Elijah

    Ride on Falz, u are always too much.... Far better than many Artist who are political oppressors instrument.

  44. Chima Henry

    Education is paying off

  45. Sandra

    FALZ!!!! you are a legend.

  46. DraraTv

    God bless you bro

  47. Mosira ibaakee

    You actually did pick the mic fela dropped, facts only

  48. Kouame Stephane

    falz is goin to bring bck our country to love nd peace..if only we can support him nd take our right from de government...he is God sent to Nigeria...tnk u for ur moral instruction..i knw wer he is headin to...4rm Egypt

  49. Terry Matilda

    Woooow Falz my love for u have increased 😢

  50. Nzube Ikoroha

    That joy whenever Legendary Fela Kuti is sampled...

  51. J Nuy

    Falz for President!

  52. Ojiakor Precious

    SBA; well-done joor🙋

  53. young king

    I’m dancing moonwalk on this song 😂😂


    Loved every second of the song. Falz baba you too much. After you na you. You too much. Falz for president!!!!

  55. ayanfe adeyemi

    I don't know if to call you Falz or fela but the truth is you're born for this generation and you're so talented to feature the dead.... You brought fela back to like, truly he's anikulapo owns death in pocket

  56. Mc Golden Comedy

    If you love falz more than MC Golden comedy hit likes


    I never once thought to tap on that fela track.... Creative.... Heshima toka Kenya

  58. Aghedo Gideon

    Badt guy much love

  59. Majekodunmi Olaolu

    Man of the revolution 🔥🔥🔥
    This is real good music.Bless up falz

  60. Excellent Boo

    Can't stop loving u

  61. UcheBabii

    WOOOOOOOW!!!!! Keep spitting that hard truth! Don't let them silence you

  62. Mr PreciousVevo

    Fela Jr

  63. Endurance Samuel

    Banger after banger

  64. Iwebuke Frank

    nice one bro

  65. ebube Akachi

    You are good Falz

  66. M CH

    I love this

  67. Izekor Fredrick

    Dis guy is good

  68. Monica Hidoon

    Legend 🙌🏻


    Fela of our time

  70. king sports

    Falz!!! giddem

  71. Gift samuel


  72. Flawless Stone

    Am a LIB🇱🇷 lady living in the US🇺🇸,& am one of you biggest fan

  73. Dranix SoilDust

    Jesus the beat is sick and sample is on

  74. Emmanuel Damilare

    I guess this is our generation's fela .. am beginning to divert totally from from ordinary hip hop bt diverting totally to being d mouth piece of our society

  75. solly wilman

    That One artist who doesn't / rarely sing about girls, love, plenty money or bragging about buying luxury things for girls ..very talented young man.

  76. Jonny Robin

    Just pretend I said something funny and like my comment 😁

  77. King Freeman

    I so love this guy.

  78. DJ CALIX


  79. Bright Isuekebhor

    Omg 😍😍 can't stop listening to this song 🔥


    I almost unliked your comment. thought u said stop listening

  80. Mojisola Wadsworth

    The sample here of Fela's 'zombie' is really good. Na wá o, Falz dropping these hits like it's hawt! Thumbs up.

  81. Mc Betapikin

    Mad jam🔥 🔥 🔥

  82. Ayuba Musa

    God bless you man✔

  83. Preye Yinkore

    Afro pop

  84. Ayuba Musa

    @falz the legend

  85. Michelyn Boateng

    Lit 🔥

  86. Aisha Busari

    Ooo im early!! Thank you!💙💙💙💙Keep Going💙💙

  87. Daniel Eronlan

    Thanks for being you baba......thanks for all the inspirations!! just the watched NO SHISHI FOR BRIBE......you were the only one that dropped the lines!!

  88. Kings Tv

    dope sound

  89. Gen john Francis campbell

    I've always known Falz to be really creative,I think he's the music architect

  90. Ojisan642

    Damn this beat is fire 🔥

  91. Pue Cyril

    God bless you Falz
    Tell the zombies

  92. Mr Samskid Gold

    The new KING 👑