Falz - E No Finish Lyrics

Corruption and indiscipline
With no regard for the life of a citizen
So sickening
I hope you greedy motherfuckers is listening
Shey you dey see the insecurity
Still no regard for the life of a citizen
Ahn it’s so sickening
I hope you choke on your dinner this evening

You carry million dollar
Keep put for house
When many brother
Never see food to chow
And many sister come dey prostitute for am
Just to make sure they keep something in account
This no be club song
I no come to shout
Na real strong matter I wan talk about
I see many thief now
Dem don dey renounce
I wake up from sleep
I put song for mouth

Baba Fela talk am
But E no finish
E no finish
E no finish
E no finish
Oh oh
When e go finish
Say baba Fela talk am
But E no finish
E no finish
E no finish
E no finish
Oh oh
My brother when e go finish

I get many things to talk about
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
To talk about
I get many things to yarn about
I never talk finish
To yarn about
Na so I put my mouth for song
I never talk finish
Mouth for song
I say I put my mouth for song
I never talk finish
My mouth for song

Unemployment and nepotism
Ori mi gbono ema do mi si
E je kin soro ton
Sho li gba ti gbo gbo le gba jo ni si
I no know how long we go dey recession
My cousin tell me university no dey in session
Get to the house and nothing to chow
Many don kpai go
Many dey depression
Somebody tell baba Fela say e too talk truth
Say the government still dey shoot on youth
Animal dem still dey put on suit and agbada
Our leader dem still confuse
Nothing wey dem talk
Dem never talk before
Political robbers
All of them be fraud
Big thief talk
My people je applaud
Wey dey still dey cause sorrow, tears and blood

Baba Fela talk am
But E no finish
E no finish
E no finish
E no finish
Oh oh
When e go finish?
Baba Fela talk am
But E no finish
E no finish
E no finish
E no finish
Eh eh
My brother when e go finish

I get many things to talk about
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
To talk about
I get many things to yarn about
I never talk finish
To yarn about
Na so I put my mouth for song
I never talk finish
Mouth for song
I say I put my mouth for song
I never talk finish
My mouth for song

In Nigeria of today
The irony is there is, the people are not conscious
Cost of living
Nigeria is even recent now like
Where the poorest people in the world
Sometimes I look at Mr. Fela
Where is he
Come and see oh

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Falz E No Finish Comments
  1. siben gerard


  2. Uti Osuyah

    Continue with this and according to your singing please endorse Sowore for 2023 he will definitely change Nigeria

  3. Adedeji Usman

    The 9 who disliked are probably politicians or their relatives

  4. Leo Aigbokhaevbo

    Bless you Falz.
    You are my most respected Nigeria Artist.
    You will continue to flourish.

  5. King Kristie

    This album is sooo good

  6. Tifemi Ladimeji

    Tell me more bro

  7. Ajileye Gbenga

    When Falz said he is the Brilliant and Highly Distinct (BAHD) guy, we never truly understood until now.

  8. Franklin Ulrich Ogechi Onuoha Ohaegbulam

    FELA is alive, he's FALZ


    Everybody waving Fela flags in their music videos, but the ain't about shit. Finally an artist to speak truth as it is!

  10. Jane Claire

    Falz for Mr. president, with him Nigeria will be better

  11. tech /gamers

    I pray for God to protect him.

  12. Albme Da Mystikah

    Falz you are chosen for this path, just knowing your music and i throw cap for you, big up bruh!

  13. Efe Nosa

    Awa Nigerian legend🇳🇬
    Reincarnation of fela
    If you are here in 2070
    I was here
    Hit me like🙏

  14. kingrace music

    Falz 🙌🙌♥️

  15. Moj Queen

    E no finish oooo,

  16. Dj Gajelo

    Double shout to FALZ ...you are a king

  17. Lordmillz SM

    Am speechless about this album, we need to collaborate with this man and give him the support fela never had during his days

    E go finish with one minded Nigerians

  18. WellBorn TV

    Na real strong matter...my brother

  19. Ogunmola Philip

    Falz posterity will remember you of these things, I must tell my grandkids to tell their grand kids of you

  20. Ruth Chinasa Amagwula

    🙌🙌🙌🙌 baddest

  21. Tony Flame's

    great guy, you deserve d best award's in the world for these album. I play your songs all day, esp d tracks (Amen, hypocrite, Johnny) in fact all of the a very gud, even d concept of d rap self, m a n, you kill this album, them olamide, phyno, illbliss etc,.... dey go come after you now on the chart. Gr8 leGENT :)

  22. winsome T

    Fela of our time...... More blessing bro

  23. tonwe ani

    Falz any day any time remains one of the best lyricist we av here in Nigeria..


    Falz keep the good work going, you are the best nice one bro

  25. Gladhiz Mind_of_artz

    Enemies of naija disliking this... Nah wa o

  26. Soonenter Adi

    All of them be fraud 💯

  27. Ibol Isaiah

    Please vote AAC for president

  28. Nokia Btflex

    Falz have broken record 2019

    Nokia Btflex

    Fela falz

    Nokia Btflex


  29. Juliana Timothy

    this is Fela Kuti of the day even his son cant do what Falz is doing keep it up bro

  30. harry jones

    New génération fela. This no ne club song my guy

  31. Reetah Okey

    D spirit of fela lives on!!!!!Hot 💥💥💥💥💥💥

  32. Neverdietrying Brown

    ‘Fela Dropped The Weed And Music, Wizkid And Burna Boy Picked The Weed But Falz Went For The Music

  33. Kelvin Ambassador

    A bomb🗣💣💥💥💥

  34. African Entertainment Home

    Have come to understand that making it in life is not about ur age

    It's about the way you think
    If Nigeria can be 57 without no future and UAE is just 47 with big dreams and future for the citizens and the foreigners.

    Give me reason why AAC candidate can not become the next president.

    Remind you Atiku has is office in Dubai because Dubai, UAE. Is the most safe country in the world.

    Don't sale your vote for cheap things.

  35. Project Nasir

    Fela is quite proud of you. U can imagine, all his children can't even replicate him. Now we have fela in Falz. #Falz leading the flame. We truly love you, fight from tym, i knew diz guy was exceptionally.

  36. Daniel Godlive

    Falz is my no 1 now

  37. Erhuvwu Makava

    True legend boss falz.

  38. Darlington Agwu

    Jah bless falz

  39. Emma Agbo

    Baba thank u sir

  40. sucsy Maury

    Stand out Falz. E no finish! E no finish!! E no finish..!!!

  41. hiskonxeptz

    Coming just at the right time

  42. onyemauche peace chizoba

    I fit use all my mb listen to the full album. Moral instruction na die

  43. Emmanuel Xzel

    Keep preaching the gospel brother

  44. dominic andrew

    People go still enjoy Falz music and moral instruction and still vote PDP or APC. Our mumu don do abeg...listen and act. Vote Omoyele Sowore; vote AAC #TakeItBack #Naija #OmoyeleSowore #AAC #AfricanActionCongress 🖐🏽🖐🏽#Fela

  45. Opeyemi Janet

    Fela now as successor lol


    Nice one


    I’m a simple man , I see falz and press play

  48. Onyinyechi Onyechere

    I can't find the lie.The truth is so glaring.

  49. elegas emeka

    First time after centuries that I am playing all tracks in an album 💪

  50. Atolz Bro

    Falz just to creative...and he's communicating the raw truth!.../👏👏... #falzthemusicarchitect🇳🇬

  51. mexy cubes

    Falz keeps painting the right pictures and speaking the truth to those vagabonds in power with their cohorts in religious circle's. The question to those who don't see beyond those 2 Jokers contesting for Presidency is when una mumu go do????#takeitback.

  52. Aisha Busari

    Respect! This is the proper way to use platform! All the yeye musicians listen up!

  53. Lucky Ozero

    Wait! Some guys did dislike this video? He already told you this ain't club song. Kudos Fall for using your platform for the right message

  54. Sir Shine

    God bless you broda!

  55. Bangtan Insfired

    You are a true man of substance

  56. Bangtan Insfired


  57. celina icee

    I am happy to be born in the time of legend falz, I am tired of hearing baby oh baby. Nice vibe

  58. Samuel Egunjobi

    thank you falz.....the rest should keep praising yahoo boys and oloshos

  59. Maryam Okusanya


  60. Ebuka Abalobi

    The rest of them boys just they waste the weeds.falz keep talking the wise are listening ✊🏿

  61. Leonard Adinya

    Falz is Fela in 2019

  62. sniddy zamani Muazu

    May the lord bless you my main man falz

  63. augustine ishola

    Much love boss

  64. yomi Odus

    talk it

  65. Gbemiga Salako

    this will remain relevant in years to come

  66. Justice Brown

    Seriously fela most be happy for you falzthebadguy more grace BRO🏆🏅

  67. Destiny Oyo

    Vote #AAC # sowore # thanks bro

  68. Awe Opemipo

    Hypocritical Nigerians, we want someone that'll speak the truth, well here he is.. But check out the low views.. Who's deceiving who, Nigerians are two faced morafokas

  69. ilesanmi kehinde

    I'm addicted to falz music....no doubt....

  70. ayo SHRM-SCP

    Low lives disliking this video

  71. Tommeh Tochukwu

    Falz for president.
    Talk abt it boss.

  72. Tye Okon

    Falz baba💯🔥🙌🙌🙌

  73. Øyi

    is this some kind of afro hip-hop it just works

  74. Micheal Mojekwu

    Good pumps o.
    Falz is genius!

  75. Oluwatunwase Sinmiloluwa

    This is what is called the truth. I quote "the others have Fela's weed trait but Falz has the music trait" #nobemetalkamo

  76. Kody Martin

    They must choke on their dinner this evening

  77. PAINT it

    tell them fazla

  78. Clara Cole

    Bless u for the truth Falz

  79. Onyekah Princewill

    I just love Falz!

  80. Kwamena Bentsi-Enchill

    Beautiful sax and spoken word interlude

  81. Kwamena Bentsi-Enchill

    Go on.E go finish when things go change now.

  82. otasowie hamson

    I like this falz strength

  83. tri Osaz A

    Dis fela shoe wey falz wear so...its a size infinity o. God will grant falz d grace to grow into d shoe.
    Naija govt av wake up inside one chance in 2019..youth takeover.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. Christopher Samuel

    If no be FALZ then forget it i no go listen to any stupid songs again🚫

  85. Desmond Wallace

    God bless you falz

  86. cantonment boy icekid

    Any Ghanaian here??
    *cantonment boy icekid*

  87. Ebenezer Uduagbomen

    Thank you Falz... God bless you. Greatest musician in Nigeria in this era

  88. Mc Golden Comedy

    If you love falz hit me likes

  89. Abdullahi Ismail

    You can finish it El falze

  90. Abdullahi Ismail

    You can finish it El falze

  91. Abdullahi Ismail

    Fela reborn El falze weh don sir

  92. Etebu Tari

    And Fela has been reborn. His name is Falz

  93. Etinosa Idemudia

    keep dey talk am because they most hear word


    Falz is the man 2019💣🔥🔥🔥

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    🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 to me please

  96. Kouame Stephane

    i wish u wil contest for president i wil vote for u...caus u ar Gods sent to Nigeria..speak de truth nd let de devil be ashamed 4rm Egypt

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    Legend way


  98. Ena Tese

    Nice to meet you Fela

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