Falz - Brother's Keeper Lyrics

While my brother Seyi never chop
E no get reason to shine 32
Me I no get issue
My whole family don belle full
Can't you see
This is proof
Am too selfish to be moved
Don't you know that am too big to put myself in his shoe
I for tell you the truth
But mi o mo bi ti mo fi si
Shey be mi mo so kpe musulu mi odo do ni mi
Born again christian ni mi
Sho mo ye ti mo ti ji
Servant of God dey break law?
Melo lo ti ri

I beat the red light
Carry speed enter
Like person wey get spare life
I no dey send why
I carry tanker enter road
Even when I know it
Say the traffic e bad
And any crash
E go explode

Man down
But I can't help
They will attack me
Na arm robber tactics
But wait
Make I snap pix
They brought a man
With a gunshot wound to my clinic
But I go need police report
Before I treat it

Me am not my brother keeper
I no dey send my brother
Cause we no get the same mother
Eh yea
Me am not my brother's keeper
I no dey send my brother
We no get the same father
Na only me come this world

Na me be your problem
If you no know
Make you check well
I no give you light since
Because I want to sell fuel
And if to say you get light
Then you no go buy generator
I be criminal
Am the one that you should pay
But you should pray for
Am so heartless
Am probably the biggest kind of monster in the whole planet
I dey use tax payer money to dey flex
I go buy jet
When my people start to kill each other
I go quiet

E no concern me
Crisis never reach my town yet
That one na one aspect
I never pay civil servant salary for a few years
I don't listen to them
Their wives or their children
But you for check my convoy
I just add one new benz
Oh boy I'm so prudent
Pharmacists dey sell some fake drug
I no send if people die
As long as I dey make buck

You start from a young age
Poor girls
I'm about to turn them into sex slaves
And then get paid

Me am not my brother keeper
I no dey send my brother
Cause we no get the same mother
Eh yea
Me am not my brother's keeper
I no dey send my brother
We no get the same father
Na only me come this world

Why you no be your brother's keeper?
Why you no dey send your brother?
God na everybody father
You should be your brother's keeper
Abeg send your brother
God na everybody father
No be only you dey this world oh oh
Hmm hmm
No be only you dey this world

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Falz Brother's Keeper Comments
  1. Ayobami Fajemisin

    My best track of the year

  2. John Wellington

    Falz, may your days be long

  3. Zakari Maryam

    God please fill our hearts with your love. 🙏🙏

  4. Ushurhe Michael

    Falz u too good. Infact, if i don't know who ur biological father, I say fela kuti or fela in another form. Actually ur true father is good in law but u are the best from urs father ,omo oko, affecting your generation +vely

  5. David Ikechukwu

    This song brings tears to my face

  6. Harris - Isa Olawole

    I wonder while it is not a video

  7. Chimex End

    True talk my bro.. use to hate on you via your attack on g boys.. but it’s all cool now

  8. Henry Chuks

    Why am I shading tears listening to this whole Falz album? May God touch our hearts in this life.

  9. ben wizzy

    Falz ur the best African number 1....

  10. Tifemi Ladimeji

    Fella of the 21th century
    I respect you

  11. Itz RIckmiz

    i cant find falz d bad guy abulm why itz like dey reported it because youtube is saying itz a coyright why nigeria dose it mean somebody can not say d truth again

  12. Gabe Crypto Gold

    Falz going doen in history as a social activist like 2pac, malcom X and co

  13. Odosa Erhabor

    I love this song so much😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥a new king was born

  14. augustine matthew

    I was crying wen I download dis song dis na better material we soppose buy am, let try fight piracy, God will bless u falz for dis preaching

  15. Prince Kobe

    FALZ is the Truth.. 💪🏾💯
    I only wish we Nigerians would pay more attention to Truth not Fame.

  16. Sarah A


  17. Olumuko Olakunle

    falz the fela of our time

  18. grace land

    Now I go tell u d truth... now I know why even a few can thumbs down. This was u, Falz was talking about. Bug up to those whose thumbs stood up cux we are more than them. Nigerians will be brothers keepers. 👍👍👍×1M

  19. Chef Chu

    I looooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee Falz ♥️

  20. Moor Ferg

    Hada 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Abraham Edward

    this guy he is best


    This is the True Gospel

  23. Cyprian Daniel

    Luv u bro falz🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐🐐💯

  24. adefenwa adeyemi

    Individualism, Greed, religious anomalies, corruption, failure and insensitive of the government, insecurity, the prevalence of fake drugs, health practitioner neglecting the very ethics of their profession for bureaucracy, poverty, child trafficking and exploitation, gainful objectification of sex and prostitution .....All codify in one track...bravo falz..

  25. adefenwa adeyemi

    Thanks Falz...thanks for the redefinition, thanks for reawakening our consciousness to very ills of our society....thanks for highlighting the individualistic mindset of humanity and of Nigerians in particularly...I tell you falz, the chorus and the depth of thought embedded in your lyrical verses...are frank but disturbing messages that humanity at large and Nigerians specifically should look into and hurriedly seek to redress....

  26. Olatunji Olayiwola

    man! you are making sense.keep it up bro

  27. Dania Samuel

    I actually have this album on my phone, I just want to add to his view. This song diserve 1million views!

  28. winsome T

    hmmmmmmmm na true talk ooooo.... almost everybody including our leaders are heartless 😔

  29. Ebuka Samuel

    I love this song make naija learn

  30. iboi isaiah

    Please vote AAC for president

  31. lolly dee

    This is the truth right here. A lot of Nigerians are selfish and greedy. They are not their brothers keepers and they are so religious. Falz keep speaking the truth.

  32. Juliana Timothy

    this is Fela Kuti of the day even his son cant do what Falz is doing keep it up bro

  33. Reetah Okey

    Guilty people dislike. #falztalk

  34. Reetah Okey

    Nigerian gospel!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  35. Solomon Ekwalla

    1:50 upward to the end of the verse is the CAMEROON government.God bless u Mr.Falz
    U carry the same mantle of bob marley. Preach prophet preach

  36. Rejoice Rosar

    True talk😍😍😍

  37. Joshua Owie


  38. mean uncle

    MI keeping the rap game alive! Falz bringing back conscious music! 2019 will be lit 🔥🔥

  39. Akinseye Famutimi

    Guy u too much not like those musician wey support yahoo boys and olusho. Much respect from here in America. Guy i love your song, wit time other musician will follow real song now

  40. Gary Kalambayi

    MI's true legacy✊🏾

  41. Onyeka Onwughai

    Falz is the bomb!!!

  42. hez tope

    5 dislikes from Oloshos.

  43. Emmanuel Xzel

    Every track on this album is filled with messages.

  44. dominic andrew

    People go still enjoy Falz music and moral instruction and still vote PDP or APC. Our mumu don do abeg...listen and act. Vote Omoyele Sowore; vote AAC #TakeItBack #Naija #OmoyeleSowore #AAC #AfricanActionCongress 🖐🏽🖐🏽#Fela

  45. Opeyemi Janet

    Falz vomitting fire

  46. Onyinyechi Onyechere

    The legend is born

  47. Christine Attoh

    Honestly! This is some good music❤️

  48. Uz chizzy

    One love brother. keep us together

  49. Alhaji Mansaray

    Falz you just got fan from Sierra Leone

  50. Darigasyman Mosh

    Very soon Nigeria will be better.

  51. Micheal King

    God nah everybody father...


    Keep spitting the truth bro

  53. A.Q Bayo

    As much as i love this Album, i am a bit worried why at least Tu face wasn't on this Album.

  54. celina icee

    Pure message

  55. Samuel Egunjobi

    more strength, inspiration and wisdom..bless you Falz

  56. Micheal Prince

    Falz I can't stop listening to this new album🇳🇬🇮🇹

  57. Okpamen Jimklien Obasogie

    Falz shaking all the tables...
    This is what we need in our country right now.
    Too much wickedness and suffering in our country.

  58. Ozisco Ozisco

    Hit respect

  59. Leonard Adinya

    Falz the Fela in 2019

  60. Real Jose

    Falz has forced down emergency rain drops down my cheeks ... I love you Falz !

  61. Quadri Ajibade

    Falz, where do you always bring out This evergreen song always in top

  62. Humphrey Edo

    My G never disappoint..
    Job well done falz


    Straight up falz

  64. keo roth

    Falz the new fela I feel like buying this album for 180 million Nigeria and give to all to listen cause this just a real a message from a legend in the making hit like for Falz

  65. ogubuike benedict

    Who are those disliking this music ? be careless , what is your guys problems, all you people want is naker girls kissing and romancing boys.
    Nigerians be careful

  66. Scent Eltno

    To much sense in this song✊


    African china
    Orise femi
    And the other real musicians like Falz abeg make una put mouth for mic this time and wake up Nigeria

    Chris Oghenetega Maloney

    IBEABUCHI NWANKWO where flavour, runtown, tekno humblesmith hmmmm that guy always praising apc politician... humblesmith a disgrace... where zoro wizkid them.. abeg the list many wey no carry about brighter Nigeria


    Olamide please classify rap by yourself.
    Falz Nigeria no 1

  69. Desmond Wallace

    Bastard people we dislike


    Falz is restoring my confidence and respect in the Nigerian Music Industry. Nice one. I've since lost faith in their arse and boobs songs until falz moral instruction happened.

  71. Sylvester Africa

    Mad jam

  72. Dennis Uzama

    after fella death u are the one who sing again like him talking sense

  73. Bamidele Stevens

    Falz for President! Argue with your ancestors! This is just fire 🔥🔥

  74. Yirah Israel

    Ghana Got you Falz.

  75. Diepreye Guembe

    So emotional 👌👫

  76. Kizzy Book

    Monster Album 🔥 Falz 🤓

  77. Christopher Samuel

    If no be FALZ then forget it i no go listen to any stupid songs again🚫

  78. Becca Ojie

    Falz is on 🔥dropping dem real hot

  79. Dj Azed Dapen

    Falz.. GOD.. IF ONLY GOD CAME SAVE NIGERIA TRU YOU😭😭😭 my family is passing Through pain in Nigeria.. Sending money to avoid poverty.. God Save Nigeria 😔😔😭😭😭

  80. Rogie ISI

    What a wicked lyrics

  81. Raymond Otom

    Fela of our time whether the like it or not

  82. Etinosa Idemudia

    The fire is too in u nd I sey more grace 🙏🙏


    Falz the best Nigeria Artist🔥🙏🏾🙏🏾 emotional

  84. Mengpeng M

    🔥 🔥

  85. DOLLAR_KENT Official

    Baddest job falz, I real love you more when you are with simi

  86. jekuthiel nnamdi

    Please oh the 4 people that hit the unlike button quick question, are you even human beings?

  87. adedapo yusuf adedamola



  88. Mariam Allow

    Amazing Album

  89. African Entertainment Home

    Don't need to listen before I like...God continue to extend is music career
    Thanks for this lovely album 😍❤️💕

  90. Xixtin The Great

    Falz just finish work here. If everybody in Nigeria listen to this album we will be a better country.


    This song is a food to soul of humanity..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  92. Zibo Batoua

    Falz really works for us. Thanks brother for alerting us!

  93. Jason Burna

    Falz on fire 🔥... Nigga be giving us real vibes... Listen to d lyrics people

  94. king sunshine

    More love from Dudai you are my man
    I love my country Nigeria



  96. O7even

    On fire

  97. Edika Martins

    Please feat patoranking and mi please please Falz.

  98. silver bwoy

    This music deserves an AWARD,,,hit me like broda shaggi if u agree