Fallujah - The Ocean Above Lyrics

The Sun that sets
I felt a sickness
Grasping from beneath

Do not be afraid
Just pour your sorrow into the sea
It's written in the waves

I can feel
The way life ends
An ocean of sunlit swells
Drags us through the cold

Dusk can set
The darkness sets in
An ocean of sunlit swells
Drags us through the cold

Sunrise sinks above us

As sunlight begins to sink
Home has become
A place just out of reach

Our home has become
As broken as us

Home has become
A dream we awoke from

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Fallujah The Ocean Above Comments
  1. Bryan McDankington

    Jams. Yeah the album is different but i will always love fallujah.


    I want old fallujah back! bring hoffman back!!

  3. Schrodinger's Cat

    You guys literally ran out of riffs, lmao

    daniel raleigh

    that's what your mom said last night!


    @daniel raleigh gottem


    This is actually true, These riffs are so boring compared with those of the last album.

    Bryan McDankington

    Really? What a stupid comment

  4. Barto Osz Osz

    best track from the very disappointing album


    Barto Osz Osz I agree, what happened with the old vocalist?

    Barto Osz Osz

    @OddTimes Idk maybe he got bored with metal


    Barto Osz Osz that’s a bummer. I’ve been listening to the band since I was in middle school. Thanks for the reply though.

    Barto Osz Osz

    @OddTimes he is also owner and operator of Cypher Visual, maybe that's the reason


    Barto Osz Osz makes sense too.