Fallujah - Hollow Lyrics

Callous always builds from pain
Shelter only protects from the rain

Give me a reason
Give me a reason not to fail
I'm trying to claw my way up
From despair

If I drown
Trying to come up for air
Tell them I fought
But only made it halfway there

Hollowed out
From within
Breach the surface
Drowning me

All around
Something calls
Follow it down again

I cannot give in
This is treason
This is not how we're meant to live

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Fallujah Hollow Comments
  1. Michael Andrews

    so goooood

  2. Dev1n The Dud3

    First time I heard this album, I didn't like it because the vocals. I have grown to love it though!

  3. george allen

    heard this live the other night and couldn't figure out the song. Idk it sounded way better live. PRobably because Scott Carstairs was turned way up in the mix. But he fucking wailed on his parts and it just made this song 10x better

  4. Conor Keenan


  5. Cortez Johnson

    God damn so good