Fallujah - Dopamine Lyrics

Lost and left to fade
We are falling

I am falling apart
From the apathy of our kind
An abortion of our heart
They will tear apart
As we remain numb
So much has been corrupted by the
Liars and the thieves

Liar, bastard, judging us
As we succumb to our disease
Liar, bastard, judging us
We are left here without the cure

As I fall apart
All is going dark
As I fall apart

I must see
I must feel
All I fight for
Left inside

All I see
All I feel
I'll still fight for
What's inside my heart

We were the sons
We were the daughters
That must consume
As we have no choice
To give up our life
To a window made of light
We're lost

Thieves of man

We are falling

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Fallujah Dopamine Comments
  1. määp

    still think this is a good track

  2. A Sandwich

    Okay so I'm gonna shit on this album, because it honestly is a lot better than so much shit out there, in my opinion. It's a great album in of itself. But I will say that it dulls in comparison to Fallujah's other works. That's the only reason it's disappointing, because it doesn't hold up to Fallujah's previous albums. Were it not for that, it would have received a lot of praise. It is a great album, but their older stuff was immaculate.

  3. Michael Andrews

    This is dope as fuck, after the initial shock of hearing the new vibes it only took a few listens thru to be hooked - one of my favorite's again - great work guys.

  4. Cristian Martinez

    Its fallujah they all homies bitch!

  5. Brian Cuprys

    WEOW, how about you go watch this fucking band live and tell me they're not insane.

  6. Aaron Paul

    There are SO many salty comments in here. I love this album and their older material as well. This album is SOLID. We're all fortunate enough to live in a time and place where artists can express themselves, and share it openly with others. I'm glad they made changes, and I'm excited to see them grow and create more awesome music.

  7. DrUSSRBear

    *Poof* There goes my Fucks Given for one of my favorite bands. GG Fallujah.

  8. 1SecondToLight

    I might be not the biggest fan of the vocals, but I still really like their instrumental part. Yet it is very different from last 3 albums I am still digging it, but solo in this song oh my! it is one of the best Fallujah ever written, so melodic and tense at the same time

  9. SKULL

    I love the band.even if this record not fit in i buy it Support the scene

  10. Forest Goddard

    NGLl I do miss the technicality in the guitars and the atmospheric synths from dreamless, BUT I personally really dig the new vocalist's style and I think this song and a lot of the album has the potential to translate really well live and be really clear and powerful without too much stuff just constantly blasting away all at once

  11. Luke Shirley

    Every album they've released has moved me. I'm not feeling anything at all for this one. But I won't judge them off this one album. I'll just wait to see how the next one is. Hope this is just a fun experiment for them.

  12. ShaRMz6g

    Are you fucking kidding me? This is trash Fallujah was a top 10 contemporary metal band now it’s rubble

  13. samidare8690

    Harsh vocal + Hardcore like guitarworks = Cool Sound,If this is not Fallujah....

  14. Relentless Chaos

    Enjoy it

    Yung Wayne

    thats my favorite part wish there was more of that

  15. Herwan Dinata

    One Eye by Whitechapel and One Eye by Fallujah 👀

  16. Christian R

    Am I the only one that absolutely loves this album? I still might prefer their last 2 albums more but i honestly really enjoy the dumbed down guitar riffs as much as the crazier stuff

  17. randy porteous

    I'm turning 66 soon and after listening to dream theater exclusively for 20yrs or so it was time to move on. One of the first band's i discovered was Fallujah which was about three years ago and glad i did. Just their style alone brought me overwhelming to tears. Harvest wombs was my introduction to these guys and now I am here at this juncture with all you other cat's. Quite honestly I'm not a fan of growling lyrics but have grown accustomed to the singing style of this 2019 year. Frankly I cannot really tell the difference of guttural speak. I'm here for the music, and if puking up a harsh tone goes with what I'm pleased with musically, well, I must accept the total package. Dig? They are a wonderful band and I plan to grow them for as long as I can, it's all good to me and I appreciate their effort...

  18. Motobyte

    Look I like it. I wasn't a previous fan... but I like it now. Whatever. Sorry.

    Daniel Michels

    Agreed. This feels much more refined to me

  19. Sam Cronin

    Personally I enjoyed the old vocalist. Real problem here is the composer. Boring album.

  20. Doumstre

    This is the best Underoath song I have ever heard!

  21. xeyon

    What the hell are you guys talking about? The instrumentals are pure Fallujah. Sure the vocalist is ok (the old guy was kind of boring too, no range). Hes starting to grow on me actually. Havent seen anyone mention the best part of this song tho, that tasty groove!!

  22. Jerome Cordeau

    Very good .

  23. Shawn Mitchell

    Lost the vocalist an guitarist....things aren't looking too good.

  24. R Saldivar


  25. Adrián Magliani

    I play Cerebral Hibridization and Amber Gaze when i practice on the drums, and i like this. Fuck you all.

  26. MicShazam

    Checked out the three songs available on youtube right now and I feel like it's a load of really repetitive, monochromatic music that gets boring really fast. Not sure what the point is.

  27. huevason

    I like it to much !!!! Congrats !!!

  28. Rina Rosenman

    Sorry,but the band is in deepest crisis.

  29. Chad Martin

    Don’t really much care for the new vocalist...

  30. DrewD55

    Really not good. Alex was criticized for being monochromatic in his vocals, but his gutteral approach worked way better as a contrast to Scott's guitars than this high-pitched shriek thing the new guy is doing. This is screamo with double-bass drums, and it just doesn't work. Even worse, with Alex gone, it's missing all of the spacey ambient programming he brought to the table, which is the thing that made them unique--ambient tech death isn't a thing without the first three records and the Nomadic EP. If I turned on SiriusXM Liquid Metal, heard this, and didn't know who it was, I'd change the channel without thinking about it. Unfortunately, I know who it is, and I'm still changing the channel, but also shaking my head at what a shockingly bad decline this is. As soon as I heard Alex had left, I half-feared this sort of thing was gonna happen, and this, sadly, confirms my my fears...

  31. Hardy Silver

    Another dead band

    Not really, but they seriously need to reconsider this new thing they are fucking with.

  32. asdasa

    Lmao you guys are really throwing a fit over vocals 🙄🤣

    Bill Munny

    I know, considering that their old vocalist, while fitting nicely with their music, sounded like a generic metal vocalist. I mean it's not like he was anything special. It was always the music that was special.

  33. Dorian Grinder Gray

    Wtf is this? Am i on the 2012 Deathcore vocals era again? Yo guys, what happened? This is a very significant downgrade to what ur alredy done in the last album, holy shit. I'll probably listen to this album once, just out of curiosity and that will be it. What a shame. I came here so excited to listen to a new masterpiece... But, apparently is not that way.

  34. Gonzalo Morales Sánchez

    This is very bad. Guess Fallujah will remain a one-album-wonder band.

  35. Jackie Nihil

    Not saying that the new vocalist is bad by any means, but he's not a great fit for the band imo. Also the music feels a bit underwhelming compared to the previous two albums. It's not bad though, just a bit generic for Fallujah's standards.

  36. DeadMansBallet

    New vocalist is better in my opinion but the instrumental seems boring now, kinda funny cause I didn't listen to them because of their old vocalist.

  37. Yung Wayne

    This songs pretty good idk y all the hate. I’m gonna listen to fallujahs prior work and see what all the commotion is about

  38. Adrián Covelo

    Guys... you went really mad with the new changes that Fallujah make... they sound really really well, atmospheric and brutal at the same time. This new record will be amazing, for sure!

  39. Lucas Camargo

    Listening twice... the vocalist should stick to clean and drive vocals, and totally abandon the desperate scream crap. On that part, on that one single part, I feel an evolution.

  40. Lucas Camargo

    It took me 1 month to like Ultraviolet. I went to this one hoping to like since now, but didn't happened. Let's see how disappointed i'm gonna be next friday.

  41. matthew dupont

    That's a hefty disapproval rating. Surprised they didn't go back to the drawing bored. Nuclear blast fucks every band over.

  42. 1deepsixxx

    pouring down.

  43. tonythehero

    this hurts me

  44. Marek Víťazka

    it reminds me of skeletonwitch new vocals
    like the same case

  45. Zombot

    The bass line at the end. Just listen to that. I don't care it's not the old Fallujah, listen to that!

  46. CuckleCunt Fuckin'SuckaSack

    this sounds good. did Russia send some of their bots to Fallujah?

  47. Tyler Holdsworth

    Everyone is way too quick to judge! Directional this really isn't that different. You gotta think of the live atmosphere.. the sweet bassline and harmonies at the end would be too good live and this fits great with the rest of their variety! Don't be a bunch of squares. Fallujah hails 🤘

  48. Sacredgeometry

    How do you go from *leader of the pack* to _scrounging for scraps_
    My mind is blown away by this more than any of the new music.

  49. andreasb2211

    I like this too!

  50. Davbasss94 pardo

    It's a good !!!shit !!men... that sound y is powerfull

  51. Dennis Hestand

    Band: *Changes Sound*
    Everyone: "tHiS BaND sUCKz NoW"

  52. euro snuke

    Fucking posers at the comments again

  53. Alex Jones

    Not sure what everybody's problem is with the song? I really liked it.

  54. Dave H.

    It's not what I expect from Fallujah. Maybe it will grow on me. Going to see them in April in Cleveland.

  55. andrew small

    Guys. It's all good. Just listen irreversible mechanism. Their album is better than any fallujah joint anyway

    Lucas Camargo

    I love harvest wombs, flesh prevails and dreamless. And I agree.

  56. SuperPsychoterror

    Ugh....shut it off at 1:45

  57. dub reo

    Come back Alex

  58. Christopher Chambers

    I love all types of music, so I’m not always opposed when bands make jarring stylistic changes. While i do enjoy the vocals, it’s just not hitting the spot for me. Adrenaline came on shuffle afterwards and just totally obliterated this from my brain.

  59. peepeerogers

    Only DMC fans would probably agree .
    To make this song better
    Devil May Cry V
    Nero vs Vergil

  60. Noah Barrera

    as fans we continue with them lets be part of they're history through the worst and best cause who knows

  61. HandGrenades 4Balls

    Not bad, I can groove to this, but in terms of Fallujah....I'm sorry, but this ain't it chief

  62. Trippy Bruh

    I'm actually excited to hear what they've been working on for the past 3 years. I still mix Alex though :/

  63. David Lane

    Differents vibes but still great, can't wait to hear the whole thing !

  64. Canis Minor

    Vildhjarta had two vocalists going . Maybe this could work no? Cali native btw

  65. Z Designs

    The leads need to be turned up.
    Feels like this album is missing those Fallujah squeals and pronounced atmospheric vibes/tones. But haven't heard the whole album so idk yet but hoping they will come through strong on the rest of the album

  66. Jackson Johnson

    I'm digging it. Obviously not the same, but still good.

  67. slipknotsk8ter89

    Nothing irks me more than when a band changes vocalists

  68. Bradley Smith

    I like it. Haven't really paid much attention to them until now. I'm actually digging the new stuff.

  69. Piotr Kozioł

    It sounds more like some post-metal or new Atmopsheres release. Not bad, but I think it is a time for some other band to take the crown, like Rivers of Nihil or Inferi :I

  70. Fede G

    I like it! They adapted their music to the new singer. It's like atmospherical hardcore! Obviously really different from their previous albums, but worth listening to!

  71. Evelin Design

    I missed `The harvest wombs` please leave vocals and do like this type song without vocals.

  72. Ruslan Tarasov

    wtf? where is death metal???

  73. Ro0MSs016

    I understand the fans complaining about this sound but man... As an artist, you need to experiment, sometimes a change is not bad, its a thing that you all need to understand.
    I still can hear fallujah in this, they haven't lost their sound, feels more fresh, actually liked it a lot

  74. Hipster Octagon

    This is fantastic! If you forget what band you're listening to.

    Maybe the rest of the album will be better.

  75. Steven Sailo

    I get that people change up their music.... But damn i miss the old style.....

  76. sybreeder gn

    Boring. Just sounds like some def tones shit or smthn.
    Still love fallujah, but hope this entire album isnt structured like this song.

  77. Justin Powers

    Before you guys write off this album because of 2 songs, listen to the entire album when it comes before you judge whether or not it’s good or bad. Iv been a long time fallujah and sure it’s very different but not bad!!!

  78. James Parsons

    Don't listen to the hate, this is a step in the right direction people just haven't caught up to where the music went.

  79. Anthony Sarawanski

    Those vocals just KILL the Fallujah atmosphere..... musically, this band is also capable of so much more. Ya maybe they would be hard pressed to top something like The flesh prevails. How the fuck would you honestly do that!? its a masterpiece.... but common, this just feels so much like they were "rushed" to get some music out that sounded just good enough to be Fallujah.

  80. Christian Olave

    Its sounds gre...wait,is this fallujah? Omg :'(

  81. TheDropNL

    Great stuff, very passionate and peformed well!

  82. apierrakeas

    I'm more bummed about the boring guitar work, honestly. There aren't any interesting riffs in this song.

  83. Schrodinger's Cat

    *Why did you change your sound Fallujah? Why?*
    I am not going to bash the vocals. They can work. But fuck, you are simply empty.
    I am not angry. I am just sad.

  84. Jimvinsky

    Fuk I can't stand the vocals, I mean Fallujah was hardly known for having highs now they have nothing but highs and not even a single low, this breaks my heart, because I'm still here giving them a chance but it doesn't feel like the Fallujah I know...

  85. Randall Slater

    You know? I kinda like it.
    The old vocalist's style was rather monotonous
    I'd like to hear some lows from this guy though

  86. Cursed Chris

    Dug since leper colony still dig I understand the criticisms but at least they didnt pull a contortionist or veil of maya just saying


    lmaoooo clairvoyant was a great MUSICAL ALBUM. they were able to step outside of a limiting genre and produce and create something that nearly most if not all bands thrashing around and yelling could do. it will last longer than the flash in the pan scream and applies to a wider audience.

  87. Obama Bin laden

    Damn if this is the direction Fallujah are going this album is looking to be the most disappointing of 2019.

  88. luke bailey

    I dont think the vocalist is particularly bad the cleans were quite nice actually the issue is the writing, it lacks any dynamism, atmosphere and punch they previously had. The tracks go nowhere structually. Shame i loved their last 2 efforts.

  89. habitual line stepper

    What the fuck is this

  90. Сергей Турыгин

    Хуйня редкосная

  91. riff in peace

    this song kicks ass i like it alot. yes its not as brutal as we want it to be but this is just one song !

  92. Ahmedpipes

    I sure miss the days of The Harvest Wombs. That album blew me away. Never thought I would see the day where I would be bored by these guys.

    Lucas Camargo

    Right? You can't listen to this and to assemblage of wolves, and feel the same.

  93. UnendingGrimnesS

    Not a big fan of the new logo but I love me some falafel lol

  94. Krokodile Jaw

    Absolutely love this! I love old Fallujah and I love this. One does not exclude the other ya know.

  95. PainofRazeration


  96. Fran Lovel Šimić

    Well it's safe to say Irreversible Mechanism are the best Fallujah band since Fallujah went into a more bland direction but to be frank, they always had issues. They are a creative band no doubt but they do the same formula to death and have a lot of filler moments. The new vocalist ain't that bad but his decision to keep it high register all the time really doesn't do the instruments justice. In any case this is better produced but overall a bit too repetitive. Love the groove here, gonna check out the whole thing when it comes ofc and see where they're at.

  97. Heavy metal chainsaw -

    I'm trying, very hard to like this.

    But I can't. Maybe the rest of the album will be good but this just doesn't grab me. At all. Sorry but there it is.