Fallujah - Amber Gaze Lyrics

Android dreams

A glitch of the silicone soul
With empathy flowing free
Rendered a part of me

Be the god you were born to be

The amber gaze of broken trust
The life beyond you crave so much
A cry to know the warmth of touch
Just android dreams of futile love

Breathe, it's the closest to feeling free

A father in the sky hiding and blind
God's strength within his hands
Crushing the will of weaker men

Ghost in the machine
Thoughts of mother and child
Your amber gaze full of empathy

An artificial smile
It's the heartbreak that drives
Lovers of one another

The curse of a mortals word
Betrayal flowing free
As tragedy swallows me

Spite the god you will never see

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Fallujah Amber Gaze Comments
  1. ROCKETJEFF Matejek

    Awesome guitar player!

  2. Oscar Chavez

    Badass vocals. SEXY CHOPPY RIFFS with a dash of melodic clean solos.. ;) this band is fucking talented without a doubt!!

  3. Surya Tchandra

    imo the voice is useless, it just makes the mix more confusing

  4. Andrea Seferi

    Don't listen to this crap people

    Evan Fife

    Andrea Seferi we want to be told what to listen to by you.


    Yes let's instead listen to such musically insulting music as Ed Sheeran which you seem to be fond of. Don't be silly.

  5. BlackEcology

    2:57 - Spirited Grunt (Duke Leto Atreides exhaling the poison dust into Piter de Vries face) into cenobite-Chatterer-biting-your-dick gallop riff is legit the best thing on this entire album

  6. Ivin Mckinney

    what ibanez is that?

  7. Canis Minor


  8. Gabriel Carbajal

    That lead solo👌

  9. wishuhadmyname

    this is my 6th time listening to this song and i just now realized it has vocals

  10. Marktony Hale

    to the dude that commented the guitar was not plugged in or you plugged in no I don't think so get a life this is good s***

  11. Tachikoma39

    may get a better tone if you plug it in yo!

  12. Blaze It Ken

    They've found a delicate sweet spot with those soothing leads and delicate melodies. They would be better complimented by screams rather than growls in my opinion. Doesn't really matter cause I'm kinda used to harsh vocals anyway. Too bad metal archives almost made me skip this because it says 'CORE'. Must say the typical chugging of deathcore is hardly present which is a good thing.


    BoB Bobvik This band hasn't been "core" since 2009 so idk what year Metal Archives is living on.


    well, what great insight you have my dude! given their new stuff!!

  13. John Demkovich

    2:45 holy fuck

  14. Hörður Lúðvíksson

    first of all, fallujah is an amazing band, however i do kind of hate it when guitar players wont even make it look they are playing live by not plugging a jack in to their guitar, playing with an unplugged guitar in the the wild just looks fucking stupid

  15. DylSherm91

    fallujah reminds me of super nintendo fighting game music

  16. hedge mcnorry

    totally awesome

  17. Stephen Brake

    fallujah is the shit


    How does he sound so fucking metal without even being plugged in?!?!? Testament to his mental abilities

  19. Jajuan Lee

    This 4 minute and 33 second song seems like it goes by in about a minute. Maybe I like this too much

  20. b e h e m o t h

    im a simple man. when i see Melodic Death Metal band i press the like button because these guys are like unicorns now days.

    Zak Figueroa

    dude this is progdeath


    actually this is Super Black Progressive pastafarian Industrial Vegancore with melodic chihuahua near death metal influence.

  21. Herr Bert

    I never rly had Fallujah on my monitor..... but now...... I could maybe be a new fan.....
    Fucking incredible \m/

    Jesse Golden

    Rene M. Did you mean radar?

  22. Metal Heart

    Surprenant, surtout l'introduction. J'aime bien tout le titre cependant.

  23. Beroneskates

    I swear I can't distinguish you and Scott's playing haha I thought he played this solo but sick as fuck man! Very Christian muenzener on the last tapping section. I think i spelled his name wrong but you know what I mean

  24. Jesse Bowles


  25. Yasai Vengeful

    Lacuna please

  26. Blake Cheesman

    This is awesome! Keep the playthroughs coming

  27. Gojira Salad

    insomium copycats


    because they have atmosphere? lol


    @***** except that Insomnium's Above the weeping world is better than anything fallujah has released, and Fallujah has released some damn good albums. But they are nothing alike though.


    @***** you should, but don't expect it to be anything like this.


    @***** if you dislike melodeath for abundance of melody, the chances are you're not going to like that album, but for any other reason i don't see how anybody could dislike it.

    Vlad Mihalca

    Except this is good.

  28. Garth Johnson

    where tf is scott?

    Vlad Mihalca

    He fucking died.

  29. N.E. Menace

    Holy shit...

  30. mechacide


  31. Demiigodd


  32. Seth Howie

    the guitar playing in Fallujah is absolutely beautiful. 💕

  33. Speed Junkie

    actually there's a city in Iraq that was invaded by isis (free now) called Fallujah


    Also well know for the marines that were burned and hung in the middle of town on a bridge

    Faz Jam

    The band is named after the city, they started out a little bit more political but when one of the founders left they changed into what we have today.

    Mohamed El Mahdy

    US invaded Fallujah before isis did


    +Mohamed El Mahdy thought you guys needed some freedom

    Frank O

    +Nfinety8 That was Private Military Company men who were hung from that bridge, not Marines. It was Blackwater USA.

  34. Mateo Rosero

    2:50 ... I came xs \m/

  35. Kyle Thomas

    This song is beast!

  36. sebaswildboy

    shits dope

  37. The only Ric-James

    Guitar isn't even plugged in. I love those playthroughs when
    just a playback is thrown at it haha. :D

    jamie miller

    Thats not the important thing here, the important thing is the constant crotch shot....I mean that he's outside with a guitar in what looks like a nice back garden.

    The only Ric-James

    @jamie miller
    I do not care that much for mens crotches. I'm more into women, literally. :D

    Red Hat

    Brian's permitted, pretty dumb thing to fret over. We could wonder if he was even recording somewhere he didn't have his equips.

    Tyler Cox

    Scar Queen and the Void alone are proper. this is the only one thats a playback

    Spencer Ware

    Red Hat b

  38. Dark Incision

    Great track

    haven't really sat down amd listened to these guys really but their pretty good


    Yah should

    Dark Incision


  39. Jacob Jacal Amador

    Eargasm :3

  40. TakeToTheShadows

    Damn this shit is good

  41. Aldi Micaela



    Aldi Micaela dinner??

    Vlad Mihalca

    @tobythewuss yes.

  42. UnholySermons

    First (: Fallujah \m/