Fallon, Jimmy - Slow Jam The News Lyrics

Hit me three times!

After years of insisting they undermine our very democracy, President Obama recently changed course in regards to super pacs, political action committees which can independently raise unlimited funds for a candidate.

Awww yeah.

Sounds like the president goes both ways on this issue. I ain't mad. Ain't nothing wrong with a campaign getting an insertion of back-door cash, but be careful. When corporations pay for favors, they expect you to put out policies that they like. Nasty.

Corporate money is used for attacking so Obama changes stance to show he's super packing.

Now, for his part, President Obama claims he would be at a huge financial disadvantage if he runs against the GOP challenger who's already been taking in millions from these super pacs.

Mm-mm-mm. Take it from my man Brilliams. Obama's relationship with super pacs is finally consensual. Corporate sugar daddies now have permission to get all permissionary, and leave a few million dollars on the night stand, you dig?

Corporations in politics is a dangerous game like Chris Brown reuniting with what's her name.

Although the supreme court paved the way for these super pacs, some democrats assert the president should stand by his initial opinion that unlimited corporate money could erode the foundation of our democracy.

You ain't lying Bri-Bri Will-Willz. There's so many singles getting tucked into the candidates' G-strings, the super pacs are getting super freaky.

"It's a super pac super pac they're super packing"

Now, despite the barrage of criticism, the president maintains he's got to accept the reality of these super pacs if he wants the battle for the White House to be a fair fight.

I can't believe you came up here talking about super packages Bri Will.I.Am. You keep that kinky stuff on "Rock Central". Besides, we all know when it comes to super pacs, you love to give.

I don't give, Jimmy.
Oh, so you receive?
You know what, you're a mess, Jimmy.
You kinky, Brian Williams.
It's better to give than receive.

Super pacs are making this year's election dicey.
The cost of being a pac-man and getting super pricy.
The money is flowing the war chests are going but is this the way U.S.A. should keep going.
Will more money decide which man voters choose and that is how we slow jam the news.
Oh, yeah.

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