Fallon, Jimmy - Old Town Hall Lyrics

[Jimmy Fallon as Bernie Sanders:]
Yeah I'm gonna talk to voters at the old town hall
I'm gonna tell 'em we don't need no wall
I'm gonna rant and rave about billionaires
Ain't gonna take a break to comb my hair

I got money in the stacks, forget your super pacs
Bernie Bros and back, you would think this is a frat now
Got a chance to see Mayor Pete's ID
We're both born in '83 but in different centuries

Everybody's asking something
But I can't hear nothing
Everybody's asking something
But I can't hear nothing

Got a few frustrations with these corporations
You can call me grandpa, I'mma spank the nation
Loved by all the children, worth a couple million
Say my rhymes are ill then medicare will bill them

Everybody's asking something
But I can't hear nothing

[Black Thought (Jimmy Fallon as Bernie Sanders):]
Biden, Beto, Kamala and Klobuchar
Add up all their ages, he's still older by far
We've got a decision and the field is getting crowded
But just don't forget Bernie Sanders is the loudest
Here to win when we vote next year
(Whatever Snapchat is, that's my biggest fear)
So we gon' roll on down to that old town hall
We're gonna see a geriatric brawl

[Jimmy Fallon as Bernie Sanders (Black Thought):]
I'm gonna talk to voters at the old town hall
I'm gonna tell 'em I don't need no wall
(He's gonna talk to voters at the old town hall)
(He's gonna tell 'em we don't need no wall)
I'm gonna yell at the voters at the old town hall
I'm gonna yell 'til I can't no more
I'm gonna yell at the voters at the old town hall
I'm gonna tell 'em we don't need no wall

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Fallon, Jimmy Old Town Hall Comments
  1. David Thiel

    It's a shame we have to go to nursing homes to find our next democrap!

  2. Daniel Mitchell

    I'm gonna talk to the voters at the old town hall
    Saying I like Medicare for all

  3. Dawn Littlefield,md

    So surprised to see a rich white guy insult a man who represents the working class and poor. Punching down is fun.

  4. Miriyum1031

    #Bernie2020 #PeopleOverProfit #Integrity

  5. Hali Guy

    Bernie might be older, but he has the least stuck mind among all the 2020 candidates. He's able to listen and understand and truly fight for the needs of working people. That's impressive.

  6. Eva Phoenix

    He manages to look older than Bernie himself...

  7. P Rose

    I would like to see one of these networks take on tRump's obesity issue. He lies about his height so people won't realize he's clinically obese. Bernie is in far better shape mentally and physically than tRump. When tRump has a heart attack (which he no doubt will based on his diet and life style), the doctors will need to dig through many inches of fat just to locate his heart. He'll need months to recuperate - if he's able to. Bernie was in and out of the hospital in 2 days. That says a lot about his overall health. By the way, David Letterman had major heart surgery years ago and is still going strong.

  8. Nathan W

    Awful, typical, mainstream media portrayal of Bernie. Sanders has never used a cane or motorized wheel chair. Ageism for Bernie, and not for Hillary, who couldn't walk up a set of stairs by herself, and Biden who is showing signs of dementia.

  9. Cindy Demambro


  10. Weirdbutneat

    Damn it we need Bernie in the White House

  11. Ashleigh Pay

    1:14 - the moment I realized that it wasn't actually Bernie Sanders rapping

  12. Lars Lewis

    This is very demeaning.

  13. Imjustanoob HD

    Boo berney

    Imjustanoob HD

    Go joe Walsh

  14. Blake Barbee

    OMG this was golden.

  15. Yes Sir!

    Crazy Bernie.

  16. Ampheta.miner Cometh

    Bernie 2020

  17. Lil_SaintJames

    _Wow this is really fuckin lame. Doesnt suprise me that _*_Trump will be reelected in 2020._*

  18. lynwood bryant

    Fallon a POS real talk, Trump supporter

  19. Duke of Bread

    This could've been good if it wasn't and endless smear.

  20. mikellasa

    "You can call me grandpa, ima spank the nation" LMAO

  21. Abraham Lincoln23

    *Bernie 2020* 🇺🇸

  22. Jae Park

    pathetic attempt at smear. Bernie is not worth several millions, he's worth a million thanks to the book he wrote. he's old but very alert and sharp.

  23. Sister Cyclone

    Geriatric brawl

  24. Anton Nathen

    love you bernie

  25. BlakGod

    not a bit of rhythm or soul.....scary.

  26. Andrew Moorhead

    Donated $30 to Bernie +$3 to Act Blue off this song + debates top me please WE NEEED CHANGE LIKE WE DID IN 08" please contribute to Bernie Sanders!

  27. Prestone L

    Trump 2020!

  28. Jorge Rodriguez

    Bernie has a bag full of goodies

  29. ¿ DE4D0LH3RO ?

    Oof 1:53

  30. LENNY!

    The beginning of this was quite funny

  31. Bryan Roschetzky

    im from corpus christi , texas the home of Koch Refineries , trust me ... i am thrilled to see that the fossil fuel industry is finally starting to feel the BERN!

  32. Bryan Roschetzky

    thank you so much Jimmy Fallon! For real! thank you from Austin , Texas! #BERNIE2020

  33. Bryan Roschetzky

    this is the greatest thing ive ever seen! thank you so much!

  34. Jala Bala


  35. Paris Durand

    Sounds just like him omg

  36. Gamseeyy Gaming

    I hope Lil Nas X sees this lol

  37. John Cicione

    JIMMY check my parody OLD TIME BALLS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTKTqfRTUg8

    John Cicione

    let me work for your show pleeeeeeeaaaasseeee

  38. cassl14

    What happened to respecting our elders? Why is age such a big deal? Especially when you're talking about a man who fought in the civil rights movement. I'm in awe of him and his accomplishments. Never hear shit about Biden or Trump being just some old fart, only Bernie. Oh, right, you're paid pretty well aren't you Jimmy. Fuckin neoliberal tool. Fuck fake ass Hollywood!!!!

  39. Dr Eyezic

    does grandpa need hearing aids?

    also good impression btw

  40. magicpony9

    This is just kinda lazy. The only "joke" is his age, which isn't really that funny and REALLY isn't clever. Could've been cute - missed opportunity.

  41. Keiko Katze

    I don't get what jimmy has against bernie, hilary is at least the same age I believe. He interviewed trump back in 2015 but never interviewed bernie!? 😒

  42. Thomas Michael Schwarz


  43. Joel Cooper


  44. ken dr

    that was funny as shxt.....hope Bernie sees it....lololololol

  45. Eogeaux

    Bernie bros? What's with this corportist, sexist, ageist bullshit? I expect more from you....

  46. Nicholas Byrne

    Bernie 2020!!

  47. Submarine in the Sky

    I'd complain about clickbait, but I'm laughing too hard.

  48. Onlin Me

    Thought it was Bernie :)

  49. Renee Mc Queen


  50. Improv.com.

    The two things I hate the most together aren’t that bad

  51. Oliver Chen

    I didn't even realize it was Jimmy Fallon until he got in the chair.

  52. Hi there

    The only actual funny entertainer left on TV, all the rest are way too political and hypocrites

  53. Dhellylah

    We need Bernie to do an actual version of this. It's a matter of national hilarity.



  55. Zelda Williams

    Scandalous! 😂😂😂

  56. Andrew Pearce


  57. illustratumable

    Damn I didn't know that nearly dead people could run for President

  58. jacksprrow

    fuck communism

  59. hellopuppy00

    Forget the murderous regimes 🤣 let's make socialism cool again!

  60. John Randol


  61. Shahaan G

    Gilbert Gottfried's voice and looks like Brooks from The Shawshank Redemption.

  62. AlternateKek

    God this is fucking horrible

  63. Sakuya Starwind

    This is so much better than Old Town Road. Why is this not on Apple Music yet?! #JimmyFallonDownloads

  64. vjm3

    Absolute cringe.

  65. Leoben Xero

    This is shit.

  66. Benjamin Archer

    Each like is a heart for Bernie Sanders



    #nineinchnails #ghosts34

  68. Pedro Johnson

    Crowder’s “Dr. Trump” is way better! This is cringey asf.

  69. Kels


  70. Billy Joe Riley

    Actually the first time I laughed at something Fallon did.

  71. underballbutter

    Bernie: exists. Trying to repair our broken system.
    Biden: 1 year younger than Bernie. Been a Wall Street Lackey passing racist laws for decades.

    Jimmy Fallon the sellout king of ass kissing: "Bernie is so old tho"

  72. Sandra Jiménez

    Quien de ha quedado flipando como yo porque ¡¡ESTA CANCIÓN ES DE TIK TOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Mr Sedlav

    The democrats' handpicked candidate will fail once again. People are not stupid, you can move this huge mocking campaign against Sanders and people still won't vote for Biden.

  74. Awkward Otter

    I want to see him do this for real. I would make him a billionahh if he did

  75. John Scopes


  76. Hunter Price


  77. Mythical Entertainment

    Now the liberals are making fun of their own people

  78. Jacob Black

    none dare call it conspiracy socialism royal road for the super rich!

  79. Dess D

    I actually thought thst was him for a sec lol

  80. I Do Monologues

    Yep, old man posture to suggest he's too old? Check. Bringing up he's made a lot of money? Check. Bernie bros? Check. It's a smear.



  82. zack frost

    Yet we still have people stupid enough to vote for Bernie. Wale up simpletons

  83. Martin Fischer


  84. Lisa PfeiZi

    Awesome! 🤣👍

  85. Andrew Hudson

    lol man fuck jimmy fallon

  86. SeeLan

    I was really hoping Bernie was actually rapping

  87. Jokerman _158

    Did anyone see the horse head on Bernie’s motor-scooter?

  88. milspire

    "you can call me grandpa imma spank the nation" wow those bars doe

  89. James Love

    *Is this supposed to be funny??*

  90. QDibie

    how dare you diss my boy Bernie like this

  91. Andy P. Hoffman

    Bernie 2020

  92. Caleb Medina

    This is low-key kinda wrong...

  93. Aryaman Bordoloi


  94. Talkative Tech

    I would love to see Bernie actually do this. It would be funny as hell! 😂