Faithless - We Come 1 Lyrics

All the subtle flavors of my life
Are become bitter seeds
And poisoned leaves
Without you

You represent what's true
I drain the color from the sky
And turn blue
Without you

These arms lack a purpose
Flapping like a humming-bird
I'm nervous 'cause
I'm the left eye
You're the right

Would it not be madness to fight
We come 1

In you the song which rights my wrongs
In you the fullness of living
The power to begin again
From right now, in you

We come 1

I'm unafraid
Never never scared
Worries washed
Pressed air
I am the left eye
You're the right
Would it not be madness to fight

We come 1

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Faithless We Come 1 Comments
  1. vik

    Kdo to sleduje na vánoce, já ano

  2. Ethan keenan

    Probily my fav tune ever

  3. djon silver

    Давно не слышал ребят этих☝️✌👍

  4. Roman Hundred percent

    Its just burning my mind ! :D but great tune!

  5. Teresa Cullen

    Seal of one 💖💫💚thank you 💖💫💚

  6. Stevan

    How did I not know about this song before? Brilliant

  7. Fred Barbier

    Le meilleur morceau de leurs compositions,, clips et musique ,,,👌

  8. Oğuzhan Alak

    Who is here 2019?

    Павел Е


  9. Lenny Dado

    how you then can come , if i come first

  10. Remi van Dongen AKA Jimmy Walter, CIA

    WE CARE!

  11. rejebe

    ####### Timeless Track ########

  12. James Ravonsheed


  13. Euphoria Emporium

    Blast this one more time for my fallen brother Rodney LaPoint

  14. Mario K.

    Good time 👌👌👍

  15. Антон Павлодарский

    Народной энергии - да! Тухлой вертухали - нет!


    Плешивого педофила на каркалыгу и в мавзолей, нужно обновить вовку, а то старый совсем залежался!

  16. High On Fire 88

    So gooooood 2019

  17. Ken Personal

    👎 Censored my comment 👎 Orwellian pigs 👎

  18. Ulli Ginster

    Im still in from swakopmund Namibia.

  19. Graeme Thompson

    The dancing is amazing in slow motion ♥️

  20. Joe Escobar


  21. colette duke

    This video leaves .you speechless

  22. Juice Jakerabbit

    maaaaaan so damnhot f*ckingsexy!

  23. LgLotta Granstrom

    CODE IS..
    7512 IS WHAT..GOOOooo

  24. Jennifer Godfrey

    We Come 1

  25. Jennifer Godfrey

    You represent what's true

  26. Евгений Ш.

    Когда залпом жахнул целую упаковку аскорбинки

  27. Egon Olsen

    Absolutely smashing as it was back than.

  28. George

    Whose listening in 2020 ? ! ?

  29. Walt Kowalski

    tu tut tuuu

  30. Daniel Gillespie

    Robert Millington

  31. Leontii Zainchkovskyi

    Anyone played Shaun White Snowboarding?))

  32. Ivan Bubnov


  33. James Heal

    Best dance song ever 👍

  34. Albu Razvan

    Nice song.

  35. Richard Walker

    I thought brilliant but this is just better

  36. Daniel Bernáth

    how come Faithless has only 170k subs??

  37. Fallen Angels

    This is definitely 1 of the best music videos EVER made!! RESPECT ✌️

  38. Celine Gebhardt

    Mmh komisch manche Szenen.. Passt zu heute...

  39. Danielle Mitten

    Go into a whole other world listening to any song he’s done

  40. Kristina Peric

    Bake su energicne bozice

  41. idrak Mustafayev

    love from Azerbaijan

  42. rosemberg christian alberto trigos chuquiruna




  44. Helen Logan

    This brings back good memories of 2001! Wish this was the music nowadays!

  45. Iow3freq music

    WE COME FROM 2001! Bought the CD single in 2001 and I'm always up for long extended versions (quite clearly the 8 minute Rollo and Sister Bliss Remix is what this edit is based off) but in this song's case listening to it now the 4 minute radio/video edit has more energy and is arranged better with some very different parts particularly after the breakdowns compared to the longer mix. Also the intro to the short version obviously comes out of knowhere when played and is instantly recognizable. So what I'm trying to say is the short version always seemed a slightly brighter trancey style track to me (and played on daytime Radio 1 a lot) and the Rollo and Sister Bliss Remix is a darker more progressive/experimental version which retains most of the same elements as the other but not just in a copy/paste type of way. I've got to love all three members of this group <3

  46. Evgeniy Master

    Только уебаны спрашивают кто из этого года


    fuerza Chile!

    Rafael Guzmán

    parece la banda sonora de lo que se esta viendo estos dias


    @Rafael Guzmán así es, y la letra de la canción calza perfecto.

  48. Crazy Reels

    this was a great tune and show your respect and thumbs this up 👍👍👍

  49. MrPodda

    and you and you and you and you number 1 all times.

  50. Mathias Bodewell

    EST. 1999

  51. Art Cretu

    Türkler burada mı ?

  52. Nurcan Dede

    Bu şarkı güzel olmuş
    Ben yüce Allah

  53. Jonny G

    Anyone in 2020?

    Let’s kick Boris and Trump out 👍

  54. mladen dzomila mitic

    Are you ready for 2020? 😂 madrfakarrrrr bre

  55. Greg Alexander

    In Case Of Emergency Break Glass...

  56. Dyaus Allback

    People of Chile, become one.

  57. neznam nisam zaboravio sam

    In 2o20 ? Mdma

  58. Tomas Snarskis

    The end of the clip looks like from #Osho meditation.

  59. Kaxaber Chauchidze

    me brooo

  60. Philip Johnson

    Tramlines 2020 PLZ 😊

  61. Adrian Kaniewski

    Now Do You Remember Me, Brother? Up there? You remember these lights

  62. Arjen Simon Scheer

    o jinga and janga

  63. Russian butcher


  64. تركي تركي

    إضافة تعليق عام. ..

  65. Foot Steps

    Pure class ,,, am the left eye ur the right would it not be madness to fight,,, 😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 2019 anyone ✌️😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 become one ☝️

  66. Rima M


  67. Crystal Method

    They used to be so creative with music videos...

  68. J Chr G

    Stay tuned

  69. お化け

    Brings a smile to my face every time I see this video.

  70. Rise Griffin Spencer

    Me ☝🏻

  71. darko pranjic

    would not be madness to fight......….1111 a aaaaAA love pease and andy BECOME love


    Это просто шедевр на все века !!!

    Danilka the best#



    Anyone listening at 0153 on wedensday 30th October 2019 GBR time

  74. Bojana Bojana

    Perfect 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  75. Johnny

    Nostalgia hits hard with this one .

  76. Hunter Hunted

    Solid song

  77. Mark O'Neill

    Epic song from a bloody good group.

  78. Art Tsonis

    We will all still be here in 2029


    We will all become one in 2030

  79. Aamir Bahyt

    Who listening in oct 2919?

  80. Jimmy Glass

    Keep on raving. Much love and power from Chile! We are raving against the goverment!

  81. Genadij Ovčinikov

    good old tune, still good after 18 years in 2019

    Graeme Thompson

    Genadij Ovčinikov it’s a banger when the synth kicks in.... turn the volume up then

  82. Rana Iatisam

    I am the right eye
    I am the left eye
    We are one
    On the time of death.

  83. Ali Sahan

    17 years ago... we come one

  84. Kateryna Morozova

    Тема крутая. Всегда нравился видеоклип этот. Сейчас, сегодня нас зрителей и слушателей стало не так просто удивить. Посыл в треке в сочетании с клипом заставляет задуматься...

    Danilka the best#

    О.Я думал один русский слушает это)

    Мак7 Ка

    @Danilka the best# Мне очень нравится эта вещь! Частенько вспоминаю и слушаю 😊. А клип это шедевр! 🔥

    Danilka the best#

    @Мак7 Ка Прошли времена, и не песня не потеряло смысл.За 17 лет не надоело.

  85. Michal H

    song good but clip is terrible :D

  86. Flex It

    We come 1

  87. burteriksson

    A very nice track from Faithless. Reminds me of the good times with my mates.

    This one is for you, T.K.!


    Anyone listening 2021? 🤟🤟

  89. Eternal Flow

    Low key god of electronic music.

  90. DenisBMW2020 Ivanov


  91. Луиза Гим

    Слушаю в 2019 году. Это до сих пор актуально?

    Evgeniy Simakov


    Danilka the best#

    Вот это искусство!

  92. Виктор 1

    Просто бомба 👍✌️

  93. green eyes

    Faithless tunes will never grow old. My mate saw these in Sheffield few yrs back, she said it was bouncin. Wish i could have been there!!!!

  94. Mariela Bertolini

    We are one with the infinite father almighty, chief of all armies who is Is will be Forever