Faithless - One Step Too Far Lyrics

You can sleep forever, but still you will be tired
You can stay as cold as stone, but still you won't find peace
With you I feel I'm the meek leading the blind
With you I feel I'm just spending wasting time

I've been waiting
I'm still waiting
I've been waiting
I've been waiting
I've been waiting
I'm still waiting
I'm with you (with you)
It's always one step too far
One step too far

You can walk too far but still you won't be found
You can look down on the world but still you won't find love
You won't find love

[Maxi Jazz]
Only with mellow
Are you thin enough to slide through,
Don't let nothin' ride u,
If the sun or the moon would give way to doubt,
They would immediately go out.
Only one swallow doesn't make a summer
But u gotta start somewhere (maxi's bit)

I've been waiting
I'm still waiting
I've been waiting
I've been waiting
I've been waiting
I'm still waiting
I'm with you (with you)
It's always one step too far
One step too far

I've been waiting
I'm still waiting
I've been waiting
I've been waiting
I've been waiting
I'm still waiting
I'm with you (with you)
It's always one step too far
One step too far

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Faithless One Step Too Far Comments
  1. E. I.

    Dido is the most sexiest girl ive ever seen !

  2. Incomplete6230

    Those responsible for making this absolute shit video need drowning.Dido should never have allowed this garbage.

  3. Maria Tudor

    2019, 2020, 2021.... 2100 and always FAITHLESS

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  5. Tyler Durden

    Dido's voice is amazing!

  6. Slawomir Martyka

    This lady has a very nice voice/Ta pani ma bardzo ładny głos słucham a ktoś teraz w 2020?

  7. Luay Abusammour

    December 2019

  8. craig rupp

    tomorrow has to start somewhere

  9. mwafrika4

    This will always be a classic

  10. Ира Тасина

    Dido super были же музоны для клуба

  11. Алексей Реверс

    Singer!!She's so cool!! she's just Unreal, awesome, insanely hot! Love always!

  12. rash b

    Damn, that hook mixed with the sound is like on some other spiritual level/ plain, and then that funky part where Maxi Jazz is rhythmically rhyming leading into them cutting up Dido's voice going "I've been waiting." It's all so special. What a song!

  13. Pittiplatsch, der Liebe

    1018 unsuspecting

  14. Onur Gec

    Faithless,Evanescence,Linkin Park,Eminem,Korn,Moby,Chemical Brothers,Coldplay,Dido,Justin Timberlake,Nelly Furtado,50 Cent,Gorillaz,Green Day,U2,Radiohead,Placebo,Travis,Robbie Williams,Usher,Kelis,Pink,Britney Spears,Outkast,Shaggy,Ricky Martin,Shakira,Destiny's Child,T.A.t.u and already remembered your teeange years in early 2000's.

  15. Аслан Дюсенбаев

    Дайдо молодец,🕊🌹❤,🇷🇺-2019!!!

  16. Super Mario

    It's Bit Like The Estonian Entry Of The 2007 Eurovision

  17. Michael Harbron

    I am back here because of R Plus

  18. Mostafa Crespo

    2019 & i'm still waiting ! 😭
    Nostalgia at it's finest 😍 😍

    Ranya M. Hussein

    A true masterpiece! 💝

  19. Рустам Али

    Есть кто из Казахстана 2019😊?

    Babaika iz xisgini

    Есть старичок из 90х 🧙‍♂️

    Рустам Али

    @Babaika iz xisgini 😉😊

  20. charles furber

    Awww my beautiful bright eyes in red love the video love you sweetheart as always xxxxxx❤️❤️❤️

  21. Delfhinium Lutikov

    When I was a teenager I used to call the radio (in my little town in Russia) and bothered them to turn on this song. LOL My generation was raised on high quality British music, and look at this trash playing from every speaker now. I see the tendency that normal people are sick of current crap and music trends, they prefer to listen to the old good singers and bands, best songs were written in the 90s anyway.

  22. L P


  23. sandra k

    Big like 👍.
    2 of the greatest preformrs !!!!

    Rich Smith

    voices are so opposite

  24. Dilan Ayşe Hatipoglu

    Dance 💃

  25. George McCallister

    This was recorded 1000 years ago. 3001 im here!!

  26. Sepehr Shafizadeh

    my song

    Rich Smith

    its Dido's and Faithless' lol

  27. Marcelo M.

    2019 <3

  28. Ioanna Aslani

    Adorable 🥰

  29. Róbert Èvi


  30. Michael Kleinegesse stimmt also doch....Engel haben eine Stimme....könnte sie stundenlang hören....

  31. Józef Witek

    jestes w tym " klipie "{ najladniejsza istotota na tej planecie, puzniej z twoimi relacjamii , jest " inaczej. z pawarznianiem .....

  32. jay walker

    the irsih comes out clearly from dido on this song

  33. Sadik Tat

    . . . . . .....

  34. TheAuthorphil

    So does Seal but not seen him live as yet !

  35. TheAuthorphil

    What a voice and tune ace live 2019 dido rocks ..

  36. yoshito9412

    ¿Soy el único que escucha un molesto "click" en el minuto 1:01-1:02 del lado derecho? (En el álbum se oye del lado izquierdo ese chasquido) Seguramente ha de ser falla de la canción. UwU Está muy buena la canción <3

  37. tamir elhaj

    one another step then iwill be deep in your love

  38. NikonChic 954

    First seeing this vid omg!!!

  39. Isa

    House and trance ❤️🔥💊

  40. Crazy locovox Locovox

    Mix song’ Style 90s 2000s

  41. Рустам Али

    Казахстан 2019 есть кто?


    2019.. still love it ❤️❤️🔥

  43. Mark Arsian

    نعم غيري نظرتك بنظرة المستقبل .

  44. David Rees

    I'm here 2019, class track.

  45. gwenaël Quintin

    Sublime J'adore !! En Plus La Voix de Dido est Sensuelle!!

  46. Simon bolivar

    Beautiful memories with this masterpiece greetings from Morocco ♥

  47. Ctrl Alt Delete

    I Am DUMPING You All With Your Own Spiritual Guided PATHS

  48. Ctrl Alt Delete

    You Are In A Big Combination Of Randomness Nobody Can Tell You Were All Evilly Bad You Do Not Look It But WARRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Ctrl Alt Delete

    I am against you all you might not even notice or care I got all my notifications off and I'm glad nobody cares and so what if you do previous lifetimes you lived hurting others now I know where you go SOWN

  50. Sujeevan Srikanth

    listening to this for the first time...and WOW...just love it

  51. Pop Andreea Florentina

    2:31, that little cute shy smile.

  52. Виктор Федоров


  53. Виктор Федоров

    B.E.N.E.T.T.O.N. , AND .....

  54. Ralf Bobka

    Who does The Music Sister Bliss

  55. Jean-Marc Fraussen

    Un seul mot géniale 😉🙂😉🙂😉🙂🙂

  56. ggeneh71

    Wow!    Just WOW!!

  57. Józef Witek

    DIDO kocham twuj " wizerunek i ciebie - cala ....DODO ....

  58. bradengels

    2010 still listening to this

  59. Талант Бекенбаев


  60. 999apophis666

    Evergreen masterpiece, my dearest song in entire life is Insomnia, because it was first electronic song i was introduced with electronic genre by my friend who was by then already deep into techno way of life. It took simply to hear We come one and God is a DJ to be completely mesmerized by this type of music. One step too far thou was the final nail in the coffin. I was 7 years old when Insomnia was created, I was 16 years when I heard you guys first time. You changed my entire life, your music did. My perception of life, my way of thinking, I will honor your legacy with my future children n children of their children. Besides that Dido was my crush, and when i heard this song, i fell in love with you completely. It was first song i heard of Dido. You are double my age & we will never meet (because mortals do not get the chance of meeting goddesses in this short of a lifetime span) but I will love you forever along with entire Faithless who I admire and appreciate in this Universe and the next. There is only a small aspect of words in human dictionary to express all the emotions one would want. So I ll express it with one word only.
    L O V E you guys & and thanks for changing peoples entire lives with your art, music and creativity. You are the real gods who shape people's realities, worlds and entire destinies <3 <3 <3

  61. samvel duryan


  62. Daniel Horgan

    2019 who's with me?????

  63. glen fitzgerald

    who is sexier... Sister Bliss or Dido


    2019 Noviembre Auditorio Nacional 🇲🇽

  65. Judith Kreische

    Dido is awesome...ingenious voice


    Life is too difficult and I prefer the easiest things, so I prefer I was nothing '' nonexistent '', it is the easiest situation, ever !!!!! 🖤

  67. Arshad Qureshi

    Dear Dido, you always provide us with pretty decent songs, trance trending, we enjoy them a lot...most of all your songs does not have nudity and still they are awesome. Sending you greetings and loves from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

  68. Юрий Самойленко

    Дайда красава

  69. Adrian Stanciu

    Amazing song,I still listening

  70. Mathias Wölfel

    Immer noch Epic 2019

  71. Artur Ismagilov

    Cool! )

  72. Shyne1504

    Le va muy bien este estilo por eso no es la única canción con Faithless,arriba Dido Armstrong.
    This song is so hypnotic O.O

  73. mr qatar

    Dido and Faithless thumbs up!!! ;)
    Adoro a voz da Dido
    Le va muy bien este estilo por eso no es la única canción con Faithless,arriba Dido Armstrong.

  74. Allan Beaton

    Blissful ❤️

  75. Tao Meng

    Omg, forgotten how much I love this amazing track
    years ago in Romania on a tv without remote ... running for the VOL+ button ...


    I want to thank you, for giving me the best days of my life.. more of this please! ❤️

  77. Jack Beissel

    years ago in Romania on a tv without remote ... running for the VOL+ button ...
    Dido is one stunningly beautiful woman.

  78. HLNGR

    Man, Dido was the real deal all the way

    rob shelley

    Still is, saw her in concert recently, so good srill

  79. Finn MickCool

    Prithee what is this?
    Satan get thee hence from me.

  80. Richard Gifford

    I have a crush on sister bliss😒

  81. benyapmakne

    Her voice is awesome.

  82. Spanish John

    dido is actually sick so much better than the trash now

    rob shelley

    Went to see her in London a couple of weeks ago, still sings everything live and in tune,, shes still awesome, shame Faithless didn't come along

  83. Dmitry Churkin

    I need more songs like this one.

  84. S A

    Wow, can't imagine that this is 16 years old !!
    it feels like it was yesterday,
    in my 11th grade in High School !!
    Time run sooo fast !!

  85. Alison Forbes

    Faithless and dido together is a dream

  86. Ikaro x8

    💪😎 👍

  87. Марат Маркеллов


  88. christopher Lloyd O'connell

    18 may 2019 😍😎

  89. tastycheese34

    I have found my new anthem!

  90. paul van der molen

    great !

  91. Melody Fox

    Sister Bliss~Maxi Jazz~Dido (Rollo, Dido's brother)...It's never *One Step Too Far*, with this group!
    Awesome memories coming back here...

  92. daniel manning

    Just want to thank Dido for all her wonderful music and things.Thanks Dido love you !!

  93. Андрей Ростов

    Всегда ждал этого клипа на MTV

  94. Jaaagama Cisdandres

    Faithless with Dido is the greatest fusion.

    Allan Beaton

    Andrés Her brother is part of band too.⭐️

    Jaaagama Cisdandres

    @Allan Beaton who is her brother?

    Allan Beaton

    Andrés Rollo Armstrong,He is a producer as well

  95. Cloud Cloud

    Dido'yu çok seviyorum sesi harika 👍👌👍🎵🎶📽🎥👍🎬📸📷🇹🇷 i love you so much Dido her sound perfect..

  96. Juli Suarez

    Never gets old.. Beautiful song.. Beautiful lady..

  97. Thomas

    I've just heard the original. Both are really good!