Faith, Paloma - Pawns Lyrics

[Baby N'Sola, Janelle Martin & Naomi Miller:]

We want to use our vote, so then, we just vote. So we vote. But we don't, we're not actually, I feel like we're not actually being heard. We're just kind of being patted on the head, and quietened. We really care about these things, that's why we're here, that's why we're getting together in force, to be here and to say something, to show you and to make a change. But then we really kind of, we're just, pawns in this, and you're like, allowing us to have our playtime.

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Faith, Paloma Pawns Comments

    *SWEET ...* 🌹

  2. John Castellenas

    Love you dear Paloma. Thank you for the song.

  3. FROOT

    WTF this is Still Around

  4. Lovely Bambi

    This album was probably THEE best thing to happen to this decade

  5. mark

    sis uploaded 'still around' audio

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  7. patricia bennett

    That is a nice song. The sound is excellent. Paloma is remarkable. Thank you so very much.

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  10. Luis Velá

    🥰🥰i can’t sleep

  11. Reka Pardi-Kezi

    You uploaded 'Still Around' instead of 'Pawns' 😉❤

    Adalle Clouser

    Great song though, not complaining

  12. Duics Tünde

    Very nice 💝

  13. theresa w

    Love her ❤

  14. Arpine Ginosyan

    just got here. ah, Paloma, beauty

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