Faith, Paloma - Crybaby Lyrics

Oh, it's okay to be
A little broken and beat
But I'm alright with that
You're with me, relax
And you call it weak
Baby, you're just unique
Come out of the black
Never hold it back

You got such sad eyes turn blue to grey
And it hurts me to see you hurt this way

Oh, go on and cry, baby, crybaby
'Cause you don't have to keep it inside
(Just cry, just cry)
Go on and cry, baby, crybaby
And there's no reason you got to hide
(Just cry, just cry)
A real man shows his feelings
Tears they can be healing
And I can be your savior tonight
So go on and cry, baby, crybaby
Just cry

You keep coming home drunk
And I don't know what's up
You can talk to me
Spare those whiskey dreams
Don't have to man up
That phrase kinda sucks
Let yourself be free
And open up to me

You got such sad eyes turn blue to grey
And it hurts me to see you hurt this way

Oh, go on and cry, baby, crybaby
'Cause you don't have to keep it inside
(Just cry, just cry)
Go on and cry, baby, crybaby
And there's no reason you got to hide
(Just cry, just cry)
A real man shows his feelings
Tears they can be healing
And I can be your savior tonight
So go on and cry, baby, crybaby
Just cry

Nothing's the end of the world
Spinning and spinning, it's gon' be alright
One day you'll look back and know
It wasn't worth all the heart ache
This could be the making of you
So let it all out, let it fall down, yeah

Oh, go on and cry, baby, crybaby
'Cause you don't have to keep it inside
(Just cry, just cry)
Go on and cry, baby, crybaby
(Let me see you cry)
And there's no reason you got to hide
A real man shows his feelings
Tears they can be healing
And I can be your savior tonight
So go on and cry, baby, crybaby
Just cry

Sweet darling
Let it all out

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Faith, Paloma Crybaby Comments
  1. BK Sriwichai

    Love from Thailand

  2. Jacqueline Filo

    Women need to learn how to respect men. They don’t...especially old ones. Women in their 50s and above despise men. That’s not ok! It’s not ok for women to mistreat men and abuse them! Women get away with a lot!


    Not all women are the same. For fuck sake my oldest sister is 50 and she is modern young women compared with some of the selfish brats around, although they might be younger in age they are really backwards. I reckon the main problem in ALL these arguments is seeing the World as divided to men and women, adults and children, young and old, black and white etc. Besides I do not see in the clip that the message is just for boys, she hugs a girl in the end, we are all hurt, we all need to cry sometimes. There are bad people around the world and unfortunately they built large portions of social and educational systems of our World. Don't you remember any such situation from school? The one chosen as week one is persecuted by teachers, kids from psychotic families join in and sometimes they literally hunt the one to the ground.

  3. Pink Slip

    I remember when everyone absolutely ducking hated this song

  4. Jayne Goddard

    Love this song

  5. Grace Wells

    Now this right here is a feminist anthem! Men should be able to express their feelings just as openly as women do without being judged. Thank you Paloma❤️

  6. M M

    "And it hurts me to see you hurt this way" - A line that defines a lot.

    But video is totally disconnected to the soul of this track, reminds me of 'We don't need no education - Floyd'

  7. Pixies Corner

    Pure talent

  8. yomoxy

    Please do a tour in USA

  9. Tina K. VaLant

    Love her voice and the song. This video.....not so much!

  10. xxaleenazxx

    Who else hears "murder on the dance floor"?

  11. Stella DeVito

    Heard this at 7/11 and have been looking for this song for like 5 days. I hope it’s that song. I thought it was Sia. 💗

  12. Jayne Goddard

    Love the words

  13. Jayne Goddard

    Yes I'm here

  14. angela135899

    What an amazing song, so much feeling xxxx

  15. Chris Parkey

    I love this song. It’s sad that nobody else I know knows about it, but there’s so much truth in this

  16. paul jardine

    up to the job,,?

  17. eoin hogan

    I love her she’s unreal

  18. Elvis Ramon

    Sério, que clip incrível e que música incrível!!!

  19. deejaydoubleyou1966

    Great song. Heard the music as background on some programme and it sounded really good....She definitely sings better than she runs!😂

  20. Elaine Lecchi Parrini

    remember swing out sister :)

  21. DaOneFame only

    November 2019!? This song will be on repeat forever 😍 😍

  22. Garth Mikes

    Paloma is Great and one of a kind.Unique voice.

  23. hey

    Way too underrated

  24. Jayne Goddard

    Good song

  25. dumpling bob

    underrated song

  26. carmen maldonado

    me encanta PALOMA

  27. Lorena Kituco

    This should've been in fifa 20

  28. Paulette Shah

    This song brings back memories its such a good song

  29. Jordan Luces

    Simple yet deeply meaningful song, this is certified one of my faves!

    A real man shows his feelings,
    Tears, they can be healing...
    And I can be your savior tonight...

    The way she sang that part? Is very unforgettable...

  30. Firewolf _58

    this song helps me when I'm stressed, I love her

  31. Incredible 18

    Could anyone please tell me the story? Xx

  32. Paula Becker

    Wowwww 2019/2020/2021 etc were still going to be rocking to this song ....💓💓💓💓💓💓

  33. Cry baby

    Melaine Martinez


    Is not relevant here, why are we bringing her up?
    Why compare the two?
    At least compare her to other Brit Divas, not a Tumblr Princess riding on a " dark " lolita gimmick that Kerli did better a decade ago.

  34. Miku Hatsune

    Al final me gustó

  35. Технологии Жизни

    Съёмки были в Киеве.

  36. Nick Biskinis

    Superb song - and one that touches upon mental health in men, with the double meaning of 'cry baby'

  37. Peter Batah

    So refreshing. Brilliant.


    I Love music

  39. anna151515

    Fantastic!!!!!!!!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  40. Rejhenneis Karunanithy

    Best female

  41. Beatriz Vieira

    2019 ❤️

  42. H3AD

    Finally found this mind can now be at ease.

  43. Dyme_Capitan DJ

    I dont understand nothing of the video but I love the song :)

  44. • Morangos Mofados •


  45. Megan Jones

    im not really sure what this music vidoe is about x

    Mark Sieving

    It's about a society in which boys are taught not to cry or show vulnerability, and Paloma's message that it's OK to show your feelings.

  46. Jan A Faux

    Its a great song n well done to that person below whom wrote lyrics all dwn ,,cheers my friend

  47. Harry Gawthorpe

    She’s underrated

  48. Polina She

    Kiev <3

  49. Mark Chona

    Beautiful song.

  50. Sanaa Mahmood

    I heard this in tk maxx and thought it was sia

  51. Hayllon Soldier

    Love ♥️🇧🇷

  52. Adrian Turner

    what a tune

  53. DJ23

    I feel as if this song has been so forgotten despite being such an amazing song


    Music I LOVE YOU

  55. Ish 2 Da Choppa

    I'm here from Pennyworth.

  56. Ab Original

    Great Singer! Just can't get enough of her songs.

  57. Matthew Leitch

    I really like Paloma's songs but often not her lyrics. In this case, the advice to cry is not advice I would give or take. The first thing to do when faced with a great loss or disappointment is to check that you are not in imminent danger, then to calm yourself, and then to start working out solutions to the challenges you face. When my father died it was sad of course, but added to that was the challenge of the funeral, the reception, supporting my mother, and so on. All these are challenges we do not face often and it's hard to know what to do. The practical problems combine with and feed the grief. Staying calm and helping those around me through those first few weeks was the best thing for me to do and did not cause me emotional problems from 'bottled up' emotions. I can't find any scientific research on sadness, but the research on anger is pretty clear: express your anger and it just gets worse, and more damaging. I can't think of any reason why sadness would be any different. I'm glad I grew up and gained the level of self control that I have now. It helps me think straight and a lot of people rely on me for help when they are struggling.

    Mark Sieving

    @Matthew Leitch One should be angry about injustice. That's an entirely appropriate response. Rationalizing away appropriately anger, convincing yourself that you are wrong to feel that way, helps no one.

    Matthew Leitch

    @Mark Sieving A person who is experiencing strong feelings of anger, even if it is as a result of injustice, may still find that their feelings are unhelpful and unhealthy - getting in the way of living life. In the case of the invasion, perhaps the more rational perspective is to understand that (depending on circumstances) this is a situation you cannot do anything about for now, so it is better to be calm and wait for circumstances to change. With the ex-spouse's behaviour, you might realise that angry feelings are not helping, and (again, depending on circumstances) better alternatives might be to let go of things that are wholly in the past, to recognize that the unfairness was not as one sided as you thought when you were battling over money or children, or to set in motion a legal action, which requires calm focus rather than angry displays. The point of these examples was to show that just going over the reasons for your anger with another person does not necessarily lead to dealing with those angry feelings effectively. Other thoughts that might help include: 'Is this something I need to act on?', 'Is this something I can act on or is it too long ago or outside my power?', 'What kind of effort is needed now? Is it an immediate, physical one or something that will take a long time and probably require thought and focus?'

    Mark Sieving

    @Matthew Leitch You seem to believe that feeling and expressing emotion prevents one from thinking and acting rationally. That's not true. You can express strong emotion, while remaining calm and acting appropriately.

    Matthew Leitch

    @Mark Sieving No, I said they 'may' still find that their emotions are getting in the way of living life.


    This song is not about anger, it's about sadness.

  58. Matt Kelly

    I have to listen to this at work everyday. It's not that bad

  59. Lullaby Jones

    oMg ShE cOpIeD mElIaNiE mArTiEnEz (if you cannot tell I’m kidding)

  60. Bboy DS

    2:47 это я

  61. GS Darkness

    Toca direto na antena 1

  62. Juveniah Harris

    My Song love it..

  63. Grace & Bella

    I went to school with the boy dancer person she hugged!

  64. Ciara Park

    This MV reminds me the film “Never let me go” 2010

  65. Braedy Blake

    The main boy with long hair in the video goes to my school 💙

  66. Mia Pilcher

    I still dont get the last bit why do they have bats

  67. safira amanda


  68. Astburysring

    She has the sexiest mouth since Debbie Harry , great talent and one of a few who can sing live so well...

  69. Vesna Karic

    This Is on the Serbian radio

  70. David CONNELL

    It's OK to be, a little broken and beat

    June 2019, fabulous voice.

    Sam Kay

    shut up

    David CONNELL

    @Sam Kay away and take your face for a shite

  71. Shaktfer

    This song's just so powerful and moving!!!

  72. Edward Downey

    This is a tuuuuuuune!!

  73. Alistair Caskie

    I got a Skoda ad with Paloma Faith in it lol

  74. MC7

    I remember when this song released, and I love it sooo much!

  75. M0l X

    I got an ad that Paloma faith was in

  76. Mario Meyer


  77. Colin Chompu

    Really love this

  78. Edward Downey

    Loooove this song..

  79. King Connor

    Lil peeps crybaby is better trust me

  80. Derick Lucas

    Antena uuuum

  81. Валерия Юрченко

    1:54 its my brother!

  82. Jamis Ins

    Its morons like this who have ruined music. Soulless shallow rubbish.

  83. Peerawat Phompan

    She got it all, beauty, voice, good song.

  84. Cari

    Okay....a HUGE shout out to Dominic Cooper for introducing me to this AWESOMENESS!!! 🙌💖🥰

  85. Dioslanie Martinez :v

    v: I do not know why I'm listening to this music the truth is that I put cry baby by Melanie Martinez and out of curiosity I put this song and the verdsd is very good :3 💖💖

  86. Rossi Fan73

    Brilliant song, video is somewhat dystopian reminds me of Hunger Games.

  87. User 01

    Paloma: Steals Melanie's song name

    Me: Bishwahhh

    Mark Sieving

    List of artists with songs called "Crybaby" or "Cry Baby" (not necessarily complete):

    * Garnet Mimms, 1963 (covered by Janis Joplin, 1971)
    * Utopia, 1984
    * Kix, 1985
    * Stray Cats, 1992
    * Cheap Trick, 1994
    * Mariah Carey, 2000
    * Jemini, 2003
    * Cee Lo Green, 2010
    * The Neighborhood, 2015
    * Melanie Martinez, 2015
    * Demi Lovato, 2017
    * Paloma Faith 2017
    * Lizzo, 2019

  88. Susan Gloag

    I absolutely love this song, Paloma is just truly amazing.

  89. WILLC0C0

    Obsessed with this song and Paloma Faith

  90. China Tech

    good song but I don't understand the video, like who is the angry man? meant to be

  91. LucienPilon

    sorry paloma u had me crying with this song

  92. Oforid 222

    This should be played more on KISS FM UK

  93. Halya Hailey

    OMG My UKRAINE!!! love you, Paloma~~~

  94. Terry Knierim

    Digging the sound But Not dark concept of the video theme music does not match HAPPY sound of the music get a new video director