Failure - Heliotropic Lyrics

Right now we're sick of everything
Tonight we'll bind up our brains again
With eyes pinned I'll fly around on your bed
We'll grow close while our hearts disconnect

Morning is limping into the room
Pleading that we blind ourselves again
Rip out that heliotropic rose
Back off please let the lost get lost

I know my faith has meaning
But I've forgotten why
It's so important to me
I can't remember why

Living a phantasm of the nerves
Girlfriend's chemicals in your head
Good days eventually oxidize
Put them with thoughts that escape your mind's eye

I know my faith has meaning
But I've forgotten why
Its so important to me
I can't remember why
Seems like I'm fucked forever
Seems like at least right now
But I forgot why
I need to feel these things

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Failure Heliotropic Comments
  1. QTee

    Uhhhh and thiiiiiissss. . .it's going to sound megA at the Plex 😏😏😏

  2. SkagSlag

    I remember working in a kitchen when I first had this song and I used to listen to it on repeat through out the whole shifts. One of the most unhappiest times of my life and I hated every single second of working in such a horrible place, had stuff thrown at me and was told to pick up boiling hot pans with my bare hands and take them to the sink. This song brings me back in the nicest way possible

  3. Classic Chrome 70s 80s 90s classic rock and Metal

    Perfect circle
    Breaking Benjamin
    Cold all owe failure for inspiration for sure. Definitely underrated


    those are some pretty mediocre bands all in all, this is much better than all of those

    Charlie Lowry

    @normal deftones is up there too

    Devoid Synth

    Tool (I heard Pro-Catastrophe might have influenced Aenema)

  4. Jimmy Marrow

    My God. It never gets old.

  5. Michael Fowls

    That dirty distorted bass means business.

    Ben Palermo

    best music comment i've seen in 20 years


    Hell yes.. of all kinds

  6. Ben Palermo

    Why was this amazing shit never played on the radio? wtf

    Eric Schwan

    Just a pro tip: radio sucks.

  7. Lance Shelton

    Rip out that heliotropic rose! Failure, thank you for the many years of motivation and perseverance, in my life, through your music!

  8. jcm9273

    Deftones probably based a lot of their sound around Failure

    Camero Williams

    Thats exactly what I thought.

    Alexios K

    Deftones cited both Failure and HUM as major influences on their sound, which explains why they stood out from their contemporaries, imo.


    Love Cup - Grefus Gronks and Sheet

  10. bcaprari

    I finally got to see them at Warsaw a couple weeks ago, and I can honestly say, this was the loudest song I have ever heard a band play live. It was like I could feel it in my bone marrow. They were so unbelievably good; I'm still thinking about that show.

  11. Cameron Williams

    right now...wasting up everything

  12. Traine Lavalais

    I like the lyric "Back off, please let the lost get lost." This is why the lost ones will never understand this song.

  13. Traine Lavalais

    People with limited minds will never listen to real music like this.


    lol fuck normies we're smart people for liking this right guys

    Traine Lavalais

    @atom I agree.

  14. Frank Rohr

    Your favorite bands favorite band

    Jimmy Marrow

    So goddamn true. Check my videos for some awesome vids.

    Not Sure

    My favorite band period.

  15. keyser Soze

    🔥🔥🔥🔥this band has meant so much to rock.. People sont even know

  16. myguitardidyermom212


    zero zipper

    Sounds like the cabinet is rattling apart it's so massive in tone. I bet in the studio it made the walls shake!

  17. Casper Illuminated

    Feels like I'm fucked forever, or for at least right now. I forgot why.. I need to feel these things