Evidence - Throw It All Away Lyrics

I got some money I'm a blow it all today
They say Michael don't throw it all away
And my reply was there's more on the way
When I said it I was walking in the rain

I did a show in Chicago on the first
Now I'm back in LA like Chicago and First
No sun but I'll father this verse
That's all I'm probably worth
And I'm from sunny CA to rain on all of this earth
Rainy terrain, receive the God sent messages
We know the answer, but dance around what the question is
What is it
It's back to who's on first
It's my dog
It's his tail
It's the chase
It's the search
It's the ignorance that causes all the bliss in my surroundings
Cause dealing with reality's like drawing out your boundaries
And I refuse to be referred as less than a creative so catch me when I'm live in town as I've been demonstrating
That I could find my greatness in the waking of my absence
And absolutely kill it when they're dealing out these bad hands
A player plays what a player's dealt
And carries baggage like conveyor belts
And never fucking saves his wealth

I got some money I'm gonna blow it all today
They say Michael don't throw it all away
And my reply is there's more on the way
When I said it I was walking in the rain

I write to Alchemist cause others don't inspire me
I got my people and they got my back entirely
I kill with Iriscience on the side of me
And by myself I lay em' out and iron out the irony
What a long winding road it's been
With no sign of slowing up around its turns and bends
How many have friends that ain't foes within
Dirty laundry in the wash, but them clothes don't spin
I mean really, I kill two birds with one bullet
The target's when I line it up, the triggers when I pull it
Out the gate a bit late, but the champ is back
I need a third hand to wear my rings and hold plaques
I hit the track like the runners new
Hands high like a stickup Killer Michael running jewels
It's true, the eyes slanted, my fam rock the planet
Don't take fans for granted like the money is due

I got some money I'm a blow it all today
They say Michael don't throw it all away
And my reply was there's more on the way
When I said it I was walking in the rain

I got some money I'm a blow it all today
They say Michael don't throw it all away
And my reply was there's more on the way
When I said it I was walking in the rain

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Evidence Throw It All Away Comments
  1. Kizomba Fusion

    In the middle of so much trash and rappers sounding like they have had an aneurysm, always feels good to hear some lyricism. Not rappers, lyricists!

  2. Danny

    So, the beats was produced by Alchemist or Apollo Brown?

  3. Jermain Allen

    Both Alchemist and Madlib worked this sample. Cant choose which one I liked the best though.

  4. leeroy lerato

    evidence my heart rapper.all the way from south africa cape town.they say Micheal don't throw it all away

  5. Joar Bergh

    Nice beat man, love this track. Respect..

  6. Catherine Dixon

    Why? Because I never was my face, just like everyone else. Why? Because money is shit to me. Why? Because someone needs to call the gold digging chickenhead police, and retrieve my microphone. Why? Because IDGAF about being seen, serving face or being dipped in glitter. Why? Because this song is better than most hip-hop can ever hope to be. Why? Because God runs this, so throw it all away ...there will always be Evidence.

  7. Vymp

    2020 vibing

  8. Manuel R. Knipping Reynoso

    Hype Dope Fresh Thought .God Soul Time Flows. No ticks in exchange for digits. One

  9. Ozekishop Nice

    I will listen to this since the end of my life, too deep but true!

  10. ian diedericks

    2020 till infinity

  11. LOl-AUDRINA*SUPRISE Subscribe

    Fool cut your hair

  12. HigherrConsciousness

    Please don't die on us

  13. DonalD MagneSS

    The reason I'll never listen to M .

  14. Red Clover

    Real hip hop/rap didn't die... It stayed underground like it was intended to be

    SWiFT 240

    I'm glad it stays out of the spotlight myself. That's what makes it even better to listen to imo.

    Red Clover

    @SWiFT 240 oh without a doubt I agree 100%

  15. diego cabrera

    which is the best song Alchemist?

  16. humanoid d

    Nice 🙏

  17. Soulist

    this is so real holy shit

  18. Pluralithic

    wudup peeps check my music AND continue to enjoy Evidence....he's the shiiiiit!!! and i'd know, im the schmidt!! hhaa.

  19. EST Beatz

    The best remix THIS WAY
    Check! https://youtube.com/watch?v=4hWvshTgoRs


    One of the most unappreciated Heisman Supa Emcess ever!!!! Fresh from the West....Much Love to EV WorldWide #Blessings

  21. NewWorldTV

    one of the best rep sound tracks. so real. i always think that views are just low cuz people are not yet discovered real music, too many brainwashed shit now days! Respect for real music. humble comment coming for wasted dude in 2020 ~!

  22. Hubert cumberdale

    Got dudes auto graph at rock the bell one of the best shows I ever saw

  23. Yousif Khano

    No drugs no sex no flexing money just a guy rapping some real shit about a struggle take notes future rappers

  24. alizarraga86

    Tip toe the line Ant —2020

  25. sam chooch

    No son but I’ll father this verse —

  26. bigtime732

    Where can i get that L/A jacket!!!💯

  27. Timothy Lewis

    I don't listen to Evidence much but I need this one frequently.

  28. Jaaa Beee

    He* always speak right.. it helps more people than many know.

  29. Jose Miranda

    Just Throw it all away

  30. R.O.B. UNiQUE

    1 ❤ keep ☉ ✌

  31. Harvich Sambo


  32. Killumi Nati

    Sick AF

  33. METTI1986LA

    When your childhood heros are still on fire and age well

  34. Real OG

    Back in the Days ! When People were Not fans of nobody but Hip hop ! Now it's all abt some shit going on . Defaming others is easy , I'd say beef is easy without facts but this thing ? It's hard.

  35. Gift Malefane

    "... It's the ignorance that causes all the bliss in my surrounding, 'cause dealing with reality's like drawing out your boundaries"
    Man! he said it best while riding on a beat that takes one's mind on a deep state, along with those very words that can be interpreted in a number of ways you (can) relate .... A masterpiece!




    I just resurrected your family your wife and mother they revived in East Africa but now they are in South Africa they are coming but they have no money I redirected them Ho-Ki energy from Cabo Yi brother Jìésüs just told me they’re in South Africa trying to get back

  38. Solution Seekers

    Its truly a blessing to hearing something real and substantial that we need more than ever these days.

    Mamadou Ba

    well said!

  39. ֆegʌիu

    Love from Australia bro.
    This real shit, word.

  40. S Soare

    I have listened to this album for about a month, every morning, walking to work...
    One year later, when I hear any of the tracks from Weather or Not, it gives me a really nice vibe... Something that I can`t describe, not even to myself.
    Thank you, Michael ....

  41. JUG SBP

    Love this song

  42. Eduard Friedmann

    Is that a Debo T-shirt?

  43. bookieplow

    I'm sorry Alchemist, but Madlib did it better: *Dudley* *Perkins* - *Falling*

  44. Mark Gillan

    Thinking bout this track today.. AMC..

  45. aRe BlocK

    Love this shit.. foo said "what a long winding road it's been with no sign of slowin up around the turns n bends" .. real rap you know he felt the struggle speaking on shit like this

  46. Word Gunner

    Still ONe LOVE 4
    this <3 #PEACE

  47. Isaack M

    Noma sana!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 This shit is lit!!!! All the way love from Africa!!!.

  48. Profane Shane

    MC Evidence, I just wanna ask you one thing, what exactly did you do to piss off Sikander Kahlon so bad?

  49. Johnny Hammer

    Is it me or does it look like hes been smoking some other than weed 🤔🤔🤔....i hope not

  50. sunbro84

    well...... thats hip hop right here.

  51. Self Elevation

    This jawn is crazy!.. Evidence crazy nice on the mic yo.. Al on the beat.. this is a true banger here. . word life

  52. Rafael Yenokyan

    Anyone know where I can find the L/A jacket?

  53. Mark Gillan

    Rained like arma.. 4112019..

  54. ViewPoint

    No son but I father this verse!


    Respect de la France un classic

    Mamadou Ba

    Je valide mon frère

  56. Alessandro Chiri

    Brah brah brah!

  57. duke one

    Micheal dont throw it all away

  58. Stacey Hernandez

    Indrid cold ! I miss u man!

  59. BoxCrossed

    The secret to eternal youth and eternal peak is being Evidence.

  60. Максим Панчук

    Привет с Украины!

  61. Andrey Ponomarev


  62. Matthew Gonzales

    Rainy day in helLA

  63. Nope No

    If I could smoke or have a drink with one person

    Crow Sword

    it'd be with You - right after the laughter & before the next recording ~

  64. Deriv801

    Dope joint but after hearing Dudley Perkin's album collabs with Madlib.. Falling remains king!

  65. Christian Alvarado

    Vine por un estado de zone en Facebook jajja

  66. sixthsenseofficial

    If you got time please check out the homie’s music on his official youtube channel: Blessed Be Entertainment

    He goes by Captive.

    Blessed Be.

  67. John Rambo

    This is a masterpiece. I've listened to this at least 300 times since it was released. If Evidence comes anywhere near the PNW anytime soon I'm comin

  68. ArmageddonMusiq

    Don't know how I never heard thisbefore damn flame!

  69. Thee High Speed

    i've thrown it all away today :/

  70. Nuno Miranda

    One of the most underrated MC´s ever. Love Ev.

  71. Fevhar

    Too dope.... Ev

  72. TheNickcorbz

    It’s sad that evidence can’t find a feat artist that can compliment how good he is as a lyricists. That saying I love these solo jams ✌🏻

    The Melons

    TheNickcorbz Yep..RIP Sean 🅿️❕(Mic Tyson The Bar-Barian)

  73. Sowclass Music


  74. Spit Habitz

    Fucking love Evidence. Legend!!

  75. D. Moss412


  76. unbuerger


  77. FLIPSKO 074

    Much Love Dilated Peoples! #DilatedLifestyle

  78. Osiris Osiris

    Ev got so much better over time it's crazy. It's like he found himself over time! This entire album was incredible.

  79. josh crawford


  80. KiN CAMELL

    Heaven Yes.

  81. Quicksilver

    Perfect autumn song

  82. Patrick Isselhardt

    Video Killed It!..

  83. Chad Gummit

    *not hating on the song, but

    why does this song keep playing youtube??? y'all have all songs I like lead to the same playlist?

  84. A.P. - Productions

    Must respect Evidence is a good rapper

  85. dennis lingotti

    alright... this is some good rap too, good flow, very soothing lyrics too.. Good job, keep up!

  86. caleb waggonner

    the influence of hearing “don’t throw it all away” may have helped me more than I’m aware.

  87. Michelle Kim

    Whats the brand of the windbreaker?

  88. IIV Raptor

    Love this shit

  89. IIV Raptor


  90. Antonio Montana

    This is the reason I fell for h.e.r.....beat. lyrics and video

  91. John Worley

    This is the jam

  92. Cat Dixon

    Yum words like food

  93. steven

    "we know the answer but dance around what the question is"

    Crow Sword

    'tell me something, I don't know'

  94. Eman Presto

    So underrated.

  95. Jason Voorhees

    you got my attention, well done sir! good shit