Everlast - Weakness Lyrics

Met a fine red boned mami
She told me that her name was Lucille
Met her on Fountain Avenue
Sitting on a Cadillac Coupe De Ville

She said, I'm a liar, a thief, a junkie
And I used to be a whore
And I've been trying to shake this monkey
So long, I just can't take it no more

I got a weakness
I got a hunger, I got a jones
I'm sick and I need to get well
I hurt deep in my bone

I got a weakness
I got a fever, I got a thirst
I'm sitting on the edge of the bubble
Just waiting for it to burst

We talked all afternoon
She made me cry, I told some jokes
She looked me deep in my eyes
And told me love was nothing but a cruel hoax

Her grandmother died when she was five
And she never did know her folks
Her father fell in a gun fight
And her mother by an overdose

I got a weakness
I got a hunger, I got a jones
I'm sick and I need to get well
I hurt deep in my bones

I got a weakness
I got a fever, I got a thirst
I'm sitting on the edge of the bubble
Just waiting for it to burst

She said, I've slept with gangsters
Thugs and smugglers, congressman and governors
I've seen therapists and holy men
But this weakness is my only friend

It feeds my need, it numbs my soul
It starts to creep and take control
I sell my flesh, I pierce my skin
And tomorrow I'ma do it all again

'Cause I got a weakness
I got a hunger, I got a jones
I'm sick and I need to get well
I hurt deep in my bones

I got a weakness
I got a fever, I got a thirst
I'm sitting on the edge of the bubble
Just waiting for it to burst

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Everlast Weakness Comments
  1. Jae Shades

    Been there endured that

  2. chill out

    Heroin killed my mother, what a song _ grabbed my heart, 👌

  3. Virtuosity

    Dang man, it’s some bs that Eminem put this guy under the radar. This is a good ass artist

  4. Pete Dyer


  5. Christian Vance

    I have been struggling with crack addiction for some years now and I’ve been through so many ups and downs and this song hits me right in my heart man. Addiction is a problem and sadly we who struggle with it will always have to fight it.

    Dru Z

    Stay strong. Keep on keeping on and better days will be ahead https://youtu.be/TgoK1npGvoI

  6. Paul Kruger

    He's great.

  7. Akrafes

    God damn thats an incredible song. It took me years + JR's rewinds to discover this


    Akrafes everlast is one the best check out his other stuff

  8. Martin Dale

    Remember people ! drugs are not bad! do drugs please!

  9. goatitisful

    God Damn this version is good! 9

  10. William Heslet

    Its been awhile since I have listened to this song. Weakness to my x and i sit and think what could of been. The great times camping, holding hands laughing is what i fell in love with. She relapse and well, the drug took her. Nothing i could do but feel responsible. But i educated myself after awhile. Learned a lot. She lives on with me. The heart break she caused. The void she left. After awhile i only remember the great times. It takes a special person to beat addiction. To change. Chase dreams and be outside the norm we call life. She is gone but not forgotten. The pain slow turns into forgiveness and into understanding. Days to months even years. I use to see me fight her demon. Her love once fought to see me smile. Her demon hated live and ate it away slowly till nothing less. This is my song to remember that she struggled as i do. Im drug free but struggle in my own way. Cause always has an effect. Like touching water and the ripples flow out. Set goals and watch them fall with hard work. Be motivated and motivate others. Understand that we all have a story. We all need something and a someone. Please be kind and stop the hate. We are all victims of society.

    William Heslet

    Sorry im just emotional hearing it

  11. horsebrass

    damn. how often do you hear a song and say damn!?

  12. Live Free

    My cousin had a weakness.it was called meth! He's not here no more 😭R.I.P CUZ love you

  13. Keith White

    I love this song it helped me through the hardest time in my life n I believe it save my life

  14. Live Free

    My cuzin had a weakness an now he OD yesterday:(

  15. Spacecakesupreme

    so dam good thank you

  16. Matt Laddusire

    All I have to say is power through it and you might win.

  17. Mercy

    Seeing him in two days, hope he odes this song...

  18. Live Free

    When Everlast sings with his acoustic guitar the songs gain so much more feeling

  19. Trubel T

    Uuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh......how concrete cool is this???

  20. James Mcgrady

    Awesome friggin' song!!! If you've been on the edge of the bubble its a scary place! Still rockin' this 10/2018

  21. 1.618 ᏒᎪᏆᎥᎾ

    Fucking beautiful.

  22. dewayne smith

    Anyone that's ever been addicted can feel what he is saying right there I got a weakness can be spoken out well for a generation of mankind

  23. Gar Guiney

    Man I listened to this podcast back in 2012 everlast is so inspiring deep and talented probly best rogan podcast ever, Eire

  24. yackta

    Keep creating

  25. Patience Lavoie

    Hard to believe 21 people disliked this beautiful song! ✌🎶

  26. ZioN

    anyone can tell me the chords?

  27. ZioN


    Daniel Salisbury

    ZioN majority of the song is C and Am but there are 2 chords i cant figure out, its the 2 chords in the beginning.

  28. William Heslet

    hits home for sure. I turned my weakness to strength. not sure why but I feel the need to comment. it's a long road. determination hard work and lots of undetstaning. my love took my heart. I never thought I'd be going down this road. I never sold my soul. it is hers to own. this demon can kiss my ass

  29. William Heslet

    I'm in love with a recovering addict. Love to all you strong souls. I stopped getting mad. educated myself. I taught myself to be understanding. I love this chick and I'd die by her side.

    P F

    William Heslet you're a good man

    Kryssie Carson

    It's a tough thing to do... but the payoff can be huge when in love with an addict, in recovery, or not. Kudos to you for educating yourself

    matt moore

    Good for you. Truly.

  30. Eric14 Bishop

    I'm not sure.o

  31. Eric14 Bishop

    I'm not sure.

  32. Eric14 Bishop

    I'm not sure.

  33. whosthatgirl69

    My Son had a weakness called heroin and it took his life.
    Now my greif is my weekness.

    Eva Pitchenese

    I'm sorry, my daughter has a weakness and I pray daily she don't go to join the angels. Prayers to you and your family.

    Boomer Finch

    Thats was some real shit man . keep movein and keep him your memories. Much love .

    Matt Schleicher

    My heart goes out to you.

    Matt Schleicher

    I awake everyday trying to find a way to feel again, but the scars just keep getting deeper and the healing just out of reach......

  34. larry palazzo

    c - am - c - g - am - c - am - c - am - c - am - c - am - em - am - c am - c - em


    +larry palazzo If the shoe fits, wear it! :D

    Daniel Gulutz

    When words can't heal, chords can try

  35. Stefan Dekanski

    Can someone tab this please?

    Dev Deving

    @Stefan Dekanski Am C

    Petar Cvejanović

    +Stefan Dekanski Am,C and G

    justin k

    +gaga gagić
    do you play open chords? it looks like he is playing bar chords in the vid. I'm having a hard time finding the hammer on and pull offs be adds when I'm butchering his art.lol

    Petar Cvejanović

    Yup all bar chords actually :) 

    Petar Cvejanović

    intro is C,Gmaj,Amin,and then Am,C,Gmaj

  36. Аlex S

    Тут такие эмоции... и эти закрытые глаза представляющие всю картину....

  37. Leann Ferguson

    My mom died when I was 9 of an overdose. She was 33. I am now 33 myself and all I can think is WTF was she thinking!

    Morvan Daniel

    +Leann Ferguson May she rest in peace


    +Leann Ferguson I am so sorry for your loss.
    On11/04/12 I lost my son. He was 28 and my only child. My Son had a weakness called heroin and it took his life.
    Now my greif for him is my weekness.

    s b

    whosthatgirl69 I'm a recovering heroin addict. I put my mom through so much pain and she never gave up on me. So many times I could've died but she held me together. You sound like my mom, may God bless you ma'am I'm so sorry for your loss.

  38. Cassie McLennan

    Everlast is my all time fav. His voice is so sexy

  39. Nick Moore

    By far the best song by him!!!

  40. Angelofwar 92

    if a zombie apocalypse ever broke out they would have the best team. joe rogan n eddie bravo armbaring/choking out zombies joey coco diaz crackin jokes duncan trussels got the bottles of whiskey and everlast got the backround music to such a fucked up time

  41. PunisherPrime81

    Love everlast. .keep writing keep playing keep moving forward

  42. CliffemAll1983

    Happy birthday Eric!

  43. jmfa10420

    powerful whity

  44. heck noo

    as of now there are 446 people who play this song over and over.......and 6 dislikes from people who never felt the hopelessness of drugs....they do not have the sky fall down and the sea's rise and the whole world closing in.......i  wish i was a poet to tell you of the suffering one can put them selves through........the "Need" of drugs, and how quickly it can all go wrong........but i don't have too.....i simply have to press replay.........

    matt moore

    +heck noo You don't have to have had a drug experience to understand this song. It's not just about drugs, it's about having that hopeless feeling of not being able to give anything up that you know will get you in the long run. For me I connected with this song because I was adopted when I was 7, and I generally felt lonely growing up. My weakness was not feeling loved, even if love was around me.

  45. Joshua King

    This is the story of my life. Hell yea. Much love!

  46. bob bobo

    Everlast is a poet for our times let me tell you.

  47. Lag Swag


  48. Nathan Olson

    Over all the years Everlast and Johnny Cash has been making music they have both been my music idols and main inspiration to how I make my music. Everytime I was going thru some bullshit or at my lowest of low points ready to give up and end it with the sound of a gun there music was always there for me with that real shit unspoken of that needed to be herd. The stuff they sings about cuts deeper then any knife ever could in my book. Over all the years him and ol Johnny Cash also inspired me to come up with my own style and sound. My dream is to jam with Everlast one day. And one day I will cuz I put my all into my music just like him. Life's a dream we can grasp by the tail end and ride it all the way through if you work hard enough.. Thanks Everlast bro You don't even know how much your art has done for me !! Without your work I would have given up years ago.... I think it's also hella badass Johnny Cash was 1 of his idols. I think us three are all hella alike. We sing the unsung truth.

    bob bobo

    Very cool man, I hope your dream comes true=) He's got me through sometimes too, I can relate to it.

    Nathan Olson

    Word bosses I need to find sum artists to jam with either get signed to a label or tour. I'm going thru a lot right now so jus get at me anyone I also need a top manager for booking but whatever happens happens. 1 love 1 life it's a gift. Love ya fam everywhere !!!

    Tommy O'Neil

    If Everlast did Hurt I would cry with joy

  49. DCook

    I bought his acoustic album just because of this episode. Pooooowerful Everlast.. Great album, talented dude


    I've lost many friends to heroin and meth... Now i see myself becoming an alcoholic... Addiction can get anyone...

    Jesse James

    @Jimmy0240 It gets A LOT of people. I just overcame a few battles myself but it took a few years of bullshit and telling myself, "ill quit tonight... Ill stop tomorrow" .. Years later it finally ended. Life is beautiful and has a ton of great stuff out there.. it's up to you to chose what you want. Ill battle this with you, friend

    F W

    "Bought" yeah I bootle... I mean bought it too after this 🤫🤫

  50. Tyler Earl

    This song gets me every time

  51. crotismann

    Powerful Everlast

  52. 100pjp001

    Is this really the same man from House of Pain that sang "Jump Around"??? Good stuff though I have to say!

    D. Truth Raven

    go check out his acoustic  "Jump Around" from the acoustic album   brilliant artist :)

  53. StaySharp215

    They always go back to being white people no matter how black they act at first!!

  54. D. Truth Raven

    ya know all that dissin was all to make the fools spend money for shit while they wrote the real shit sukka's!!!!!! Thnis is D shit!!!

  55. joetownful

    Well said clif

  56. Clif Haley

    I think Everlast's studio albums are over produced. This performance is WAY more meaningful than the album version...it's just stripped down with guitar and vocals and lends the song and lyrics the heart it deserves. He's a great songwriter and singer and THAT should always take center stage.

    MMA Connected

    So true

  57. Clif Haley

    This song is beautiful.

  58. Grayl13n

    If you haven't gotten the answer to your question, if you look at this performance from the "CraveOnline Session", you're able to see much more clearly. Hope that helps a little; I am not a guitar player, I am the vocalist. Lol.

  59. Roxanne Kisser

    nobody cares about that shit.

  60. Comatoseq

    He got dissed by eminem so bad he does this now???????????

    Chris Dobbs

    Comatoseq ..he owned emenem in that battle btw 😂😂

    Paul O'Brien

    Never will be another artist who can tell stories in music that touches my soul the same way.

    Only someone who has lead an uneventful sheltered life would bring up that event with Eminem.

    I like Eminem music, but it's mainstream. It doesn't speak to a troubled soul with familiarity and understanding the way Everlast does.

    Basically I'm telling you to go fuck yourself.

    Live Free

    Eminem shit was so fucking weak it is actually pathetic for Eminem.Everlast served his ass......maybe you should listen to Everlast alittle more might learn something lol

  61. Todd Pritchard

    awesome lyrics

  62. Shinomori Ryuichi

    Everlast takes my favorite podcast to a level that makes it legit, Joe and Brian's comments make it that much better. I never listen to podcasts more than once but I always come back to these.

  63. Deez Steez

    Best. Fucking. Everlast. Song.

  64. Aaron Cook

    Can anyone who plays guitar figure out the tab/what he's playing this song is fucking amazing and I can't figure out how to play it..can't really see his hand in this video

  65. thebigcarri

    when i listened to the podcast i could hear that sick ass keyboard a lot better!good shit cant wait for his next album!!thanks for bringing in the good shit every week.

  66. Scania 124

    EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. james wigen

    I feel this... And I'm a dude. Weird.

  68. designermite


  69. Jerryd Moore

    you paint with a dark brush my man

  70. Greg

    This song gives me chills... POWERFUL EVERLAST.

  71. jeremy slone

    it's Monday morning just on you tube listen to all my go getter songs so I can cow boy up for the week and get ready for work just got back from the clinic pack my lunch and lets get at it this still gives me goose bumps and this is still my favorite recovery treatment song

  72. Samantha

    Real shit!!! I love this..

  73. Tyler L

    It does get better.

  74. Tyler L

    "I'm sick and I need to get well...I hurt deep in my bones."

  75. jeremy slone

    I've been on every pain pill known to man and 2 or 3 to monkeys I suffer from true honest chronic pain and yea I know im a addict but I just don't ever see myself without having opiods in me

  76. goatitisful

    i had to quit cold turkey man. smoked a lot of weed to hel[p the withdrawals. still do occasionally. but methadone is just as scary as any other drug in my opinion. you can do it though. and life does get better.

  77. jeremy slone

    as a recovering addict this sends chills up my spin and I get goose bumps every time I listen to it I've been in the methadone clinic for over a year now but I know i'll never leave cuz I've had 2 shoulder surgeries and I have seziures from chronic pain and lack of sleep and im just a dumb ol country boy so all the jobs I can get and work at is gut renching manual labor and the clinic has help me get as stable as i'll ever get or ever be I guess

  78. Stephen

    How long did it take before you started feeling right again? I've been clean for a little over 2 months and it's still a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. I was on Suboxone maintenance after Methadone maintenance and it feels like I'm never gonna get right after that shit.

  79. ronnie willis

    Anyone know the chord progression for this song?

  80. davekenobi32

    Powerful indeed, I'm just now getting help for my addiction and whenever I feel like I'm about to relapse this helps me get my shit together. You don't need to drink every day to be considered an alcoholic, but when you notice it changes who you are then it is truly an addiction.

  81. nonphixional1


  82. Greg

    damn this gives me goosebumps every time i watch it.

  83. sangetube

    I wish youtube had a repeat button, I'd play this song on a loop.

  84. SuspectD3vice

    This version is so much better than the original. I hope its on the new album

  85. illanoid1

    This is Joe's channel. Probably thanking Redban.

  86. mikepenson5252

    Powerful Everlast

  87. Grom Hellscream

    know where i can buy some drugs?

  88. luis reyes


  89. Cheminacci


  90. J Tucker

    Thanks to whoever pulled this from JRE, when I heard it on the podcast I was moved. The acoustic version is far superior

  91. goatitisful

    well said, me too. I'm a 25 year old man with 3 years clean from heroin and this shit made me cry.

  92. MMA TUBE 1

    true ! keep loving everlast

  93. Nelson Evora

    I know it's sounds gay if that's a bad thing but i f-ung love that shit.