Everlast - Long At All Lyrics

All my money's spent
All my prayers been said
Walking up that hill
Legs are nearly dead
It won't be long at all

Heartbeats tick away
Feel it in my bones
Will I see the day,
Pay off all these loans?
It won't be long at all
It won't be long at all

Long and winding roads
I walked 'em all in vain
When that trumpet blows
Hope they call my name
Won't be long at all

Put your rifles down
Abandon all your arms
Sing your prayers out loud
The Gospel's in your song
Cuz it won't be long at all
No it won't be long at all
It won't be long at all

Stop your warring way
Only kill your bros
Put your season skies
Kindness to your mom
It won't be long at all
It won't be long at all

Teach your children well
Beg them to be kind
Cuz they'll be running shit
When you're old, deaf, dumb and blind
And it won't be long at all
No, it won't be long at all
It won't be long at all
It won't be long at all

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Everlast Long At All Comments
  1. MrJasonmclelland

    How's Pepper? Anyone have an update?

  2. Slovenia94

    Does anybody have any info on Pepper?
    Any links?

  3. Chris Henniker

    Didn't one of the people who worked on this video and song work with GG Allin?

  4. Blaine Woodruff

    This is a heartbreaking song and I don't get watery eyes. Amazing tune I made it it's only song on a playlist. I see broken people and I want to help. Love everyone who was also moved by this song. Heard What it's Like at 8 years old on the radio, 22 years later still listening. *edit easily

  5. Shawn Bradshaw

    good song great video

  6. ricky palka

    nice one mr Ford

  7. ricky palka

    Bless-Up Mr Ford luv frm Australia.

  8. ricky palka

    Bless up luv frm Australia,Carleen .

  9. Deuce Devil


  10. Reba Johnson

    Still 💓'n you "playa"!!

  11. theykilledthegiggler

    I hope Pepper is doing better. Just tell him to keep love alive and to keep seeking Jesus.

    We all fall short, we all sin, and none of us can save ourselves.

    Pepper keep getting up and every day remember to praise GOD and Jesus.

    May you find your way off the streets and get yourself in a place where you can write a song devoted to GOD.

    All the best.

    John Brown

  12. Christin j Smith

    This song is pure truth!

  13. Ambar B Capoor

    I met this cat while we were filming on 6th st bridge last week. He was such an amazing guy, easy to talk to, polite and very gentle. I wish him the best in life. If you're ever by him, spend a minute to chat with him.

    vexi vex

    realy? i heard he died i think about pepper alot i hope he is alive and has his life where he want it...

  14. Preston Roundtree

    One more thing do y'all really call that a river?! :/

  15. Vasil Georgiev

    Lonelyness is my best friend, so you can have everything even without love,

  16. James P.

    My favorite video of all time


    One of my top five for sure. Curtis Lowe by Skynyrd is another one.

  17. Socrates Chocoholic

    It teaks a bigger man to walk away !!!!

  18. allreptiles1966

    If this guy wants to go to the ocean,I'll take him instead of putting him into the LA River.

    Steve Jarvis

    As long as your of sane mind to have a gun and you don't go shootin' up innocent people, who cares if you have a gun. Use it as it's meant to be used. for self defense, not just to go on a personal vendetta or something like taking the law into your own hands wrongfully. There are people out there that shouldn't even have a gun.

    last frink

    Fuck your guns ya nut!

  19. Peter Wolff

    -.How does that guy on this video - a particularly dangerous criminal, an anti-national
    element, the provocateur is not immediately solved by the Fedal Police
    and the water-at-night monitored by the Secret Intelligence Service ?! Because this is a clear terrorist! We do not suffer from things like this, and they do not show the video to decent people !!! :-))) the best...

  20. Desttt.t

    I love this. Pepper is an amazing guy he's out on the streets living and he still gives. I just helped out with Hiccup who helps kids with cancer and other illnesses. We just gave food to the poor, being here is like going in heaven. Everyone's sweet, if you want more info on this msg me on Skype Just search Destiny Teutli. Pepper is a great guy though he comes to every single one. Like I said msg me for info

  21. Susan Ward

    True this!

  22. michael

    Hope your doing ok brother.

  23. Joseph Keeler

    How the hell do you even end up with a dislike on something like this? The haters live! lol

    Blaine Woodruff

    Haters gonna hate, fans still appreciate as Crazy town would say brother.

  24. Rayvonne Slide

    x1.25 is dope

  25. Artyom Dubstep

    I think Pepper is a very special charismatic person.I hope your doin well!!

  26. Larryhill519311 Hill

    No larry hill didn't. Deficate i did. Annette

  27. Larryhill519311 Hill

    Dedicated this and cody and waylon what's.on my mind.U TUBE EVERLAST IT WON'T BE LONG

  28. Scott Riner

    Love this dude.

  29. mcscorpio1

    It's Time for Change! Try Love, It's Stronger Than War.

    Preston Roundtree

    mcscorpio1 no, it's not

  30. Jallu

    vitun hyvä biisi!!!

  31. Tatoke kokipa

    Thank you, universe:)

  32. Johnny

    Love this song...

  33. Jason Graham

    that a keeper fo sure one luv to everlast

  34. Jason Graham

    i m lovin this heart breakin shit keep on the goog work

  35. Missy Baker

    Amen, Brother. God speed & God Bless you.

    ricky palka

    Amen to that,Bless up luv frm Australia.

  36. AmJustCrippin

    Jesus, thank you.

    ricky palka

    Amen to that, Bless up luv frm Australia.Carleen.

  37. lionofusa1

    Pepper went into a South Central Los Angeles Drug Rehab and is doing well.  Upon release he will be given a Section 8 Apartment.


    Pepper was in Rehab for 4 months, got tossed out and is back to his OLD WAYS....I saw him last night pushing a Shopping Cart and he looked like crap.  Additionally he has a brace on his right leg after being HIT BY A CAR.  He is living under the 6th Street Bridge.


    I have also spent 27 years on Skidrow....

  38. corey richardson

    beautiful fucking song

  39. Garrett Ferguson

    There is my dose of daily depression.

    nunya nunya

    missed the point ov the song then...

  40. Nyxful

    I have 2 sides of me, I love the NRA and America but this i can agree with, Truely is something amazing to see people giving the homeless the attention they need, You can say "Get a job you bum" All i hear is shit coming from your mouth, I never finished Jr. High but Being as smart as i am, I have no need to go back and do it all again, I've learned everything i need, Through time, Through my family, Through my friends, But i'll be damned if i let anyone say those 5 words in between me and a homeless person


    And again the fascist hick misses the message.

    marina nononsense

    @ZefkatMightBeGaming LOL true !

    Preston Roundtree

    KimberBattlette I'm with you darlin but I've bought a 'bum' clothes, twice! Just to give them a insensitive to better their life!! It's a shame...

  41. Bohman Warrior

    Everlast is a prophet :) 

  42. lionofusa1

    MIRACLE...Pepper is out of Jail and will go into a Drug Treatment Program on Monday.

    Mayra Martinez

    Thanks for the updates. I often think about Pepper, wonder what's happening with him. 


    He is in a Rehab in Compton California and is doing well.

  43. lionofusa1

    Pepper goes back to Court on Oct 14, 2014.....He will be held in the Los Angeles County Jail until that date.

  44. lionofusa1

    PEPPER is back in the Los Angeles County Jail on a Felony.  He is booked as Ronald David Brown, 7-9-66....please put money on his books.  I am afraid he is going to get some heavy time.  Last year he did six months, but was facing 14 years.

  45. Lisa Asmo

    Amen.. X3

  46. cheri capistrano

    when we die...we take nothing with  us....

    Betrogene Seelen

    sry .. but thats simply not true! no matter how nice the song is that makes this statment!

    critical ops bata ,

    @Betrogene Seelen it is true tho what you gonna take your tv?

    Christin j Smith


    Parallels and Tangents

    When I die I take the shames and secrets that I hide inside with me. That has got to be considered something...

  47. R.O.B. UNiQUE

    @ 3:12 Life without love & you got nothing! You can`t take materials with you when you die...& everyday I`m getting closer to GOD!

  48. kerim d

    Real words here

  49. Infidel Lives Matter

    Love it!

  50. Josh Smith

    The Realness

  51. AmJustCrippin

    I thank you Jesus for saving me. I will praise your name thru eternity for your work and holyness. Come to him, dont be afrid live hes life thru hes blood. Be happy let him give you a real life.

  52. Matthew Penner

    made me cry

  53. Ja Nisam

    yes, i also believe i have just broken my repeat button... awesome :D

  54. Ayla Mamutoi

    Whats with the throwing his right to bare arms overboard,has everyone fuck'n lost thier minds?What does it mean when he throws the gun in the river thing for some unsuspecting child to come and find it!You all better wake up and protect your inherent and constitutional rights!Dont listen to the mainstream! 

  55. Ayla Mamutoi

    Fuck this song,traitor to yourself whitey ford 

  56. Lauren Cotner

    Lots o' love Pepper!!   See you next month 

  57. lionofusa1

    Pepper recovered a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver and turned it into the Police.  They actually reached into their pockets and gave Pepper a cash gift.  Pepper is a "HERO" once again.....

    ricky palka

    Amen to that.Bless up luv frm Australia Carleen.

  58. steven cain

    awesome song.

  59. lionofusa1

    The latest on PEPPER....the heat is on in the ARTS DISTRICT, so Pepper is laying low.  He has also been seen with a New Girlfriend who is some 40+ White Sexy Girl....More Info Later.

  60. lionofusa1

    Author Glenn Langohr (ARYAN BROTHERHOOD) and former cellmate at San Quentin with PEPPER, has just released his 5th book on Amazon.con.   Pepper attacked a San Quentin guard in the "Chow Hall" in front of 300 inmates 15 years ago.  He was a "Crash Dummy" for the "AB", but today he is "NOT RACIAL"

  61. Wanda Colon

    Great song...Everlast.


    What dude said at the end was pretty deep.! Great song Everlast.! #OneLove from the #Deathsquad crew.!

  63. lionofusa1

    We were filming an Animal Rescue Video under the 6th street bridge and of course here comes Pepper. Well, he was on his way to eat and never made it back to tell his story how he saved "HE MANS" life after the dog had been stabbed by a Maniac. Pepper is a true life Hero.

  64. lionofusa1

    Pepper sends love

  65. valbymaleren

    Put it up for Pepper!

  66. Egal Nicht Wichtig

    Without love, you got nothing!!!

  67. luckydevil121

    What an inspirational genius.

  68. lionofusa1

    LadyBunny, Pepper sends his special "LOVE and PEACE" to you.

  69. mebodeck



  70. lionofusa1

    Pepper is glad that this is at 149,000....He sends Peace and Love...look him up at Ronald Pepper Brown on Facebook, his loves your comments.

  71. kamil bebe

    teledysk ogarniety zjarany i ogarniammzesz byc gluchy alewidzisz i kumasz j baja brak słów 10/10 zalezy kazdy jaklapie ja siedzialem prawie 10lat w england

  72. Karlovacka74

    Listen. Listen closely.

  73. lionofusa1

    Additional Info: Pepper was a "CRASH DUMMY" at San Quentin 15 years ago. He sends his love out to "ALL THE WOODS"

  74. lionofusa1

    PEPPER wants everyone to visit his page on Facebook...Ronald Pepper Brown. Pepper is back to his old tricks and has suffered no Ill Effects from his last Vacation at the Los Angeles County Jail.

  75. Nick Dunn

    Good song

  76. yusuf1608

    May the Creator grant him a top spot in heaven!

  77. lionofusa1

    INFO ONLY....Brother Glenn writes books about the Life of Inmates on the Yards of the California Department of Corrections. You can see his books at Amazon.com.

  78. Glenn Langohr

    Deep, sad and colorful

  79. Judublues

    Merveilleux Everlast... merci pour l'inspiration constante

  80. lionofusa1

    Additionally, Pepper recently spent 120 days in the Los Angeles County Jail on charges of Drug Dealing. He was facing 15 years, but he "Beat the Case". As of this writing he is back on the mean streets of SKIDROW in Downtown Los Angeles.

  81. lionofusa1

    Ronald Pepper Brown wrote songs with GG ALLIN. He is now a homeless artist, actor, community activist and singer. He wrote the song "I can take it from there" with GG in 1990. Chris Young picked up the song, rewrote it and made it a hit.

  82. daniel ainsworth

    who is pepper and what does he have to do with gg allin?

  83. Uheldigengel

    And Justin Bieber gets millions of views... This world is messed up!

  84. lionofusa1

    Also you can see Peppers brother "TONY", who is also on skidrow in the youtube video...."TONY DELIVERS".

  85. lionofusa1

    PEPPER wants everyone to watch "CAT LADY WITH BEARD MEETS CHICKY", these are friends of Pepper and GG ALLIN.

  86. lionofusa1


  87. lionofusa1


  88. lionofusa1

    Pepper is alive and well and defeated the L A COUNTY SYSTEM

  89. lionofusa1

    PEPPER IS OUT OF JAIL AND FREE. HIS FIRST STOP WAS "SOUL ASSASSIN STUDIOS". BIG HOME COMING PARTY.....PEPPER'S MESSAGE...."Justin Suicide is not the answer homie, to be precise it is the cowards/easy way out. If that was the case I would have taken myself out, since the State of California tried to give me 15 years in Prison. Keep the Faith Baby Boy"....Signed PEPPER....I AM BACK

  90. lionofusa1


  91. elly y

    sounds so Hugh Laurish :)

  92. lionofusa1

    Thank You for your prayers, Pepper Needs them all.

  93. lionofusa1

    Pepper is hoping the Judge will release him on July 15, 2013. If not he is off to "THE BIG HOUSE"

  94. Chris Drake

    So, its June 24th.... U alive?

  95. rory king

    This is the best



  97. Justin Welt

    Text me 780-885-1637 iam studied iam going to kill myselfe June 23

  98. lionofusa1

    Pepper called from the Los Angeles County Jail and said "HANG ON BROTHER"

  99. Justin Welt

    Iam going to kill myselfe I can't move I can't do anything right