Everlast - Little Miss America Lyrics

It's all been said, it's all been done
The war is over, the battle's won
Sour grapes, sweet revenge
Heaven starts right where hell ends
She was young, seventeen
She felt so soft she smelled so clean
Her aim was true, her heart was pure...
Until the day that her daddy walked out the door
She's lookin for a man and so much more
But her Uncle Sam sent him off to war

And Little Miss America, in all of your glory
She love the paparazzi, she's tryin to sell her story
She's gonna write a movie, she wanna be a star
But Little Miss America, where did you get that scar?

Desert sun, blazin sand
Love in my heart, gun in my hand
Lost a leg, killed a man
in mortal combat, hand to hand
Saw men killed, watched men die
so many times that I can't cry
It's been eighteen months since I've seen home...
I get a purple heart, a good G.I. Loan
They say God blesses every child with his own
But we're all gonna die in the dark alone


Back at home, it's kind of strange
Ain't nuttin happenin, ain't nuttin changed
Same old rules, same old game
Still I'm haunted by the names
of all the friends, left behind
They weigh so heavy on my mind
At night I miss goin out on patrol...
The desert went and turned my warm heart cold


Where did you get the scar? [6X]

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Everlast Little Miss America Comments
  1. Gas Fitter

    I'm a single dad doing all I can to keep my daughter off the pole.

  2. stephopal opal

    Much love and Respect ◇ New Orleans Louisiana StephopalOpal

  3. Mz Liz

    I Love Everlast so much! 🙌🏼🔥❤️

  4. Mrs Genesis420

    at 0:38 is that the gentleman in the picture with the dog from the "long at all" video???

  5. Serg Dorodov

    Очень круто! Мне нравится очень!

  6. Buxtonian1

    Watching from Georgetown Guyana and listening since 1997.....No...Joe Rogan did not bring me here....

  7. Дима Палем

    very truthly

  8. Fabiano Rodrigues Bahia

    So nice!

  9. Frank Gatto

    This is about g.i.'s returning from war, whitey ford said so. Look it up.

  10. Sheldon

    You feel that ? I do too.

  11. Justin Time

    No shit the real deal. The man has lived and put it to words. Love everlast.

  12. zoomom

    We love you here in Michigan.. Keep up the FIGHT... ~♥~.tattoos cover my scars too...?

  13. Thomas Jansen

    I love this Music 🎧😎💪👌👍

  14. Blaine Woodruff

    May be a late comment I don't care. My father taught me to respect women. Only 30. Everlast will never sell out. Hear any autotune? No. I have a son. Amazing lyric's as always.

  15. Abraham Soto

    I like the song, but it sounds like white trash Beautiful, it still works Good song👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  16. RSProduxx

    very strong piece...

  17. pablo lampasona

    wow man. i listen house of pain back in the 90, i didnt know this part of him... lovit... as an old punk boy im thelling that this is awesome... like a folk transplants, or tim timebomb and friends

  18. william de Marrais

    Love your music. You really tell like it is.
    are you a MGTOW man?

  19. holy minds

    is amazing, everything on this is amazing! EVERLAST is amazing! from Algeria

  20. Юлия Иванова

    много ми допада

  21. antonio bradiano

    Whitey Ford fixes life. Ur my fav of lirics. too me u need to be in Hall of fame

  22. random happens

    Dam, it sucks Everlast is so slept on cause there great

  23. Giedezet

    Who in 2k19 ? Bless!

  24. Тёма Ежик

    Everlast, thank You from Ukraine. Ideal music and words.

  25. Saint Soulid

    Everlast вы лучшие

  26. Joao Azevedo

    we´re all gonna die in the dark, alone...

  27. Vondra Victor

    This is so sad. God help us!

  28. RestAwhile Y'all

    We're living in the eve of destruction - WAKE THE FRICK UP PEOPLE.

  29. luca antonini

    sei un poeta senza paura

  30. Asdfrewq Asdfrewq


  31. Asdfrewq Asdfrewq


  32. M K

    je älter er wird desto mehr gefällt er mir

  33. Scamle 004

    From Cairo with love

  34. Michael Sanderson

    I about to get married a woman who likes this song and I love this song

    N Marx

    Michael Sanderson best of wishes!

    critical ops bata ,

    How's the marriage


    critical ops bata , bout to say the same

    TCB *

    Lol you all got trolled 😂

  35. Putermedic Ohio

    EVERLAST is the most awesome composer!

  36. Azte ka

    whats up Fred Durst


    Nothin' jus plannin ma comeback son

  37. Putermedic Ohio


  38. Miss Troth

    boowah.....gorgeous man but f bloody great talent......thank f he didn't die back then......I should have 9 years ago but for some f reason didn't....head hits the road ..... brain bleeds......ah haaaa.....if i'd had a brain the pressure woulda killed me so ......i don't taste food no more so drink to make up for it.....like they say.....HELL IS ON EARTH

  39. dusan keim

    clear american hero...

  40. Mary Kuzmenkova

    2016 still listening to like the first time


    What are you talking about? It's only been 5 years. You must be young.


    It was my first time hearing it today and i knew it was everlast second i heard it, i really like everlasts music

    Sanek Marusin

    Я за твой коммент готов положить себя перед тобой...ВЫХОДИ ЗА МЕНЯ

  41. AnnieO100

    I think we all need to meet Jesus in these times. Let's be friends with Jesus.

    Chris Morgan

    +AnnieO100 Jesus is the last thing we need. The world would be better off without fictional characters like that!


    +AnnieO100 I actually know two of them


    I've actually seen Jesus. He was on the walking dead.

    Er Den

    AnnieO100 you all right . Maybe you need only Allah

  42. Leah Kay

    Looks like a Jean-Benet Ramsey,.

  43. David Hammer

    Intro&Verse Picking: Am, Fmaj7, G6, Dmaj7
    Chorus: Am, C, G, F

    Ben Dodsworth

    +David Hammer Thanks man :)

    just me

    Ben Dodsworth m

  44. Chrizly

    Chords pls D:

    David Hammer

    +Chrizly Intro&Verse picking: Am, Fmaj7, G6, Dmaj7 
    Chorus: Am, C, G, F

  45. Jason carper

    I just learned everlast went to school with and came up with Ice T No wonder Candy boy rapper backed down so quick

    Oliver H.

    this guy has spoken sung and rapped more true words than most probably will ever cross your lips in any kind of form, so back off bitch.

  46. PullinWrenches

    So awesome, yet so underrated!

  47. Rob I

    Everlast - ICE T's Syndicate - Everlast _House of Pain's Everlast_Everlast aka whitty ford_La Coka Nostra _EVERLAST ................. different medium same story .

  48. Rafael R

    Name of actress? starting: 1:33

    David Dewar

    +Rafael R lol

    Rafael R

    +David Dewar ?

    Zach DeAugustine

    +Rafael R Justene Jaro

    Rafael R

    +zackman191 Thank's!

  49. Josh Woldstad

    Everlast is one of my favorite artists, always true to form, always from the heart, filled with energy from his days boxing to his acoustic music, the man is amazing beyond words, I have been a musician for 34 years and have yet to find another down home fighter/lyric writer like him, although I listen to a lot of music and play a lot of music my favorites still stay with the everlast name and Paul Thorn for music that just hits home!

    Josh Woldstad

    Paul thorn

  50. tiredofyou83

    Alone, that's how we die. alone

  51. wetmurder

    Everlast says shes17 nwo idiots put a 7 yr old in the viddy

    Mathilda Lagerholm

    I suppose he will demostrate that she has been growing up in that kind of enviroment 

  52. M C


  53. Aleksandra Janasik

    Czemu kiedy nagrwacie te teledyski to zasze som czarnobiałe i kolowowe

  54. A Gb

    U never blow broke arse niggah


    +A Gb Some people would rather be broke and make music than rich and garbage like most of these mainstream rappers. Wayne, Fetty Wap (the fuck kind of name is that?), TI, even Eminem nowadays. So, blow? No. Timeless? Yes.

  55. hellrazor117

    Need the girls name ASAP...for science purposes

    Jason carper

    +16gartonj do they serve any other purpose. lol take it easy girl people are allowed to joke and have fun you pc police are ruing my country

    David Dewar

    +Jason carper holy shit " you pc police are ruining my country" fucking murican

    no no

    Justene Jaro. She does masturbation videos now.


    You're a god amongst men

    Mr. DGAF

    You spelt masturbate wrong

  56. Nerses Tatintsyan

    Why doesn't this have more views is all I'm thinking this is a dope ass song from a great song writer

    Lenny Slauson

    Why do you care.. :D Enjoy that you don't get forced to listen to this song 10 times a day on the radio, so you can still enjoy this. The Mainstream is destroying good Musicians.


    Because that little girl is REALLY scary.

  57. Merrilyn M.

    A real DAD teaches his daughter how to RESPECT herself.............

    This is truly one of those "Thought you might like to know" moments...............


    That was so irrelevant it made Bob Saget matter.

    Frank Gatto

    It's really about g.i.'s returning home.

  58. frankootz

    Music with meaning and relevance thank you everlasting for not selling out

    Glenn Lee

    Props for knowing the root to everlast name ;-)


    Whos this

  59. John Doe

    The man knows what he's talking about - Respect!

  60. segura2112

    Don't like his rap, but the rest...love it!

  61. Nathan Mofield

    This dude came so far but never forgot where he came from.

    Timothy Hall

    shut the living fuck up

  62. beverly wright

    Good song. Great band !!!

  63. Zombiepull

    everlast is the O.S.T for my life.
    in the last 18 years there was not one day i hadn´t a Everlast Cd uploaded to my Mp3player/Mobilephone.
    if he stops making music.. i probably will stop breathing

  64. eximus freza

    this video looks like something out of a soft core horror movie

  65. vandal viaoeste

    justene jaro my favorite 

  66. James P.

    This, boys and girls, is REAL music.

    Werner Heisenberg

    +James M.P. :DDDDDDDDDD

  67. Zane Apine

    Didn't realize I knew so many Everlast songs, they're all pure gold!

  68. Jim Casy

    Way too many Christian symbols for a muslim artist :) love the song tho!


    @Jim Casy "America"

    Daithi McNally

    +Lynxchillin08 Everlast converted to Islam but grew up a Catholic in NYC I think

  69. Jojin Barbars

    Everlast is a GOD! :)


    Well everlast exists so...

  70. jesuz999

    Those sick contests are so damn sad. Let them have a childhood!

  71. ProfessorFatMan

    Damn I love these songs, so groovy.

  72. Gokay Bayazit

    Just i saw, it was excellent.

  73. Adam Furmánek

    Best song ever, for me, but your voice is amazing, clip is amazing, everything on this is amazing! EVERLAST is amazing!

  74. kerim d

    Music from the heart.everlast gives 100%

  75. El Risitas

    true artist

  76. Michael Quinn

    yeah... it is the sad truth. What makes it worse.. i was a 13B, and I have the ability to say... There is nothing left to fight for here, except family.

  77. Karola Eł

    f...king sad truth


    Truth will hurt but it has to be said.

  78. mcedik

    Really good!



  80. Fabjan Ceka

    What is the actual name of the grown up girl/model?

  81. Cruiseomatic

    Lets not forget, If there is one God, Why is there so many different "religons"? How many different ways can a people do the same thing? Hell, the worst offenders are the Catholics. Talk about contradicting bullshiters...

  82. Cruiseomatic

    People like lisa can't help themselves. They feel the need to spread their bullshit "beliefs" that have no hard evidence of existence then get pissed when people won't go along with it. Want to end atheism? Provide hard, non-disputable evidence. Not made up, twisted explanations, or terrible translations. Until then, Shut the fuck up Bitch. We don't care. if you want porn, go to redtube. You want REAL LIFE, Watch an Everlast video.

  83. cody baws

    the picture of the girls father in the begining looks like the homeless guy from the Long at all video. oor is it just me???

  84. Lisa M

    Everlast!! Thank you for sharing your gift!

  85. goodbar2332

    how is everlast bad for marriage?

  86. vantss shouting

    you obviously dont know the glory of porn or your husband loves it more then he loves you lol is that it big daddy doesnt wanna play when he comes home from work? just onto his computer to watch better looking woman to better things then your could do for him

  87. Gorehoundreviews

    thank you!

  88. Gorehoundreviews

    Get the fuck off the videos if you don't like then you closed minded bigot!

  89. Gorehoundreviews

    Jesus Christ man. IT"S A VIDEO! DON'T LIKE IT, Then don't watch it you biggot

    Kyle Lewis

    If people like the song the like button is representing that you like the song

  90. randy tinsley

    if you werent such an ignorant b*tch you would see and HEAR that this song is about how life doesnt always work out how you want it to. it is not soft porn or even porn in general....porn doesnt destroy marriges...and quit trying to force your religion on people. if you have shitty things to say about someones line of work KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!