Everlast - Deadly Assassins Lyrics

What, you think it can't happen
Soul Assassins, two-thousand, word
It goes somethin' like this
Ah-ha, I'm Vision-Quest, Fresh Fest era terror
Krush Groovin like a low budget movie
I'm Wild Style like Lee Quinones, stop ridin' on my cajones
I talk with a speak that's much unique
While you desperately seek for that Susie freak
Yo, word to Rob One he used to like the big ladies
My name's Everlast I started back in the 80's like
All up in your nostril, actin' hostile, 13th appostile
Going postal, holy ghost mode
While you walkin' on the host strow actin' bicoastal (???)
Bitch, try to play the middle, snitch, wind up in the hospital
Cat on a hot tin roof with no fiddle
Put your money in the middle get broke like coal

Two deadly assassins makin' the ???
I'm Real, I'm Everlast and I'm takin' 'em all
Just when you thought it was safe to make a tape
Two deadly assassins seelin' your fate

I spit out the fire you won't know what hit
Watch me lace you up quicker than the joint gets lit
I got tears in this shit what do you got a couple
If you gotta hustle, what do you want, trouble
Jokin' (???) at the two who go way back like chucks (???) (way back)
With a hand on the pump by the big black trucks (fools)
You can't trust a soul in the City of Angels
The strange hoes want a piece look at these lame hoes (???)
I stained those with hot blood and changed clothes (???)
And main fools who wanna rock the same clothes (???)
And use the same flows, these son originals (???)
Niggas, all of a sudden if anyone wants to run up (???)
You get chastised and baptised and blood (???)
When the gat lies it don't matter, you scatter (???)
You run, you ungrateful most hateful leech niggas (???)
Swollow in your misery I'm out of reach niggas (???)

Two deadly assassins makin' the ???
I'm Real, I'm Everlast and I'm ready to brawl
Just when you thought it was safe to make a tape
Two deadly assassins seelin' your fate

Two deadly assassins makin' the ???
I'm Real, I'm Everlast and I'm takin' 'em all
Just when you thought it was safe to make a tape
Two deadly assassins seelin' your fate

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Everlast Deadly Assassins Comments
  1. Paul Browne

    So sick no one can fuck with the alc

  2. Solo Marco

    The Alchemist are kill the beats and so does B-Real 🔥🔥🔥

  3. 100,000 subs without a video challenge

    https://youtu.be/myUisKM0s5w Oh boy did it better

  4. Isiac Frost

    I low key like this was a small eminem diss

  5. David Frazier

    Dope beat&b-real=fire

  6. Isiac Frost

    Stop riding on my cajones🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💪🏽👅


    F***k lov it heads noddin 🙏

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Everlast is Real and Real is Everlasting!

  9. weather Less

    Dopeness on the reallness.

  10. caballero solitario de la noche

    Buen rap hold schooll la vieja escuela rifando putos mother fuckers viva la marihuana

  11. TreezyE83

    Cypress Hill /SOU L Assassins!


    First track of both 2gheter

    Scimon Scisick

    https://youtu.be/ryucwodP-l8 And what is this? ;)

  13. Samantha Allman

    No. This is not everlast

    Jason Carman

    Samantha Allman I don’t know your age but yes this is Everlast off his 3rd solo album “Eat at Whiteys” he is also the leader of House of Pain “Jump Around”, Whitey Ford is (Everlast), La Coka Nostra, Warpornindustries, Sam he was my idol in High school he’s 4 yrs older than me, I know him and House of Pain, Cypress Hill, & Funkdoobiest are the original Soul Assasins (Hence the song name). He has a singing career but he is the original white rapper starting in 1988 under Ice T’s Rhyme syndicate. An album was put out at 17. This album has a cool song called “ I can’t move/video. Sorry, but I’m in the business and Irish which we celebrate with House of Pain in Boston or New York. Btw new Everlast album coming out 9/7/18 already preordered. First single is on here “The Culling”. So much more including movies but hon Everlast, & Whitey Ford is the same.. his real name is Erik Shrody. Take care.


    Jason Carman Let her know!!!!

    Jason Carman

    Samantha Allman Are you ok? You know he is a hip hop artist don’t you? I spelled it out for you and he is one of the best, unique rappers ever. He came out with What it’s like after a heart attack in ‘98. That album is half singing/half rap. The 10 years before was all rap the good shit listed below. He’s all hip hop even his singing. Not a good style for him? It is his style! Here’s when he was 17. https://youtu.be/W8f-6siFakk

    House of Pain (Everlast) https://youtu.be/XhzpxjuwZy0

    Do some homework and get the knowledge he can hit you hard with a rhyme and sing a ballad. It doesn’t matter what you think it’s what it is. Peace


    Samantha Allman I love all versions of Everlast.

    Julius Caesar

    lol u wat?

  14. Willy Wonders

    everlast fell the fxck off.. what kind of shxt beat is this.. (garbage). very disappointing. extremely.. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

    Axilleas Axillefs

    whatttt th e fuck are y saying?willy fucking wonka shut the fuckkkk up...
    thats a fucking ALC beat...if i dont say hymn....

    Robert Fanson

    You are a hater. Got no will or wonder left in you to come up with something better.

    100,000 subs without a video challenge

    https://youtu.be/myUisKM0s5w this guy was way better

  15. AMDICantSee11 NotASacrifice

    This song is out of order.

  16. kahvenimlinovi43


  17. 776ClassicK

    straight KILLER!!!

  18. Alexandros Thomas

    Soul Assassins x Ev x B x ALC!!!!!!

  19. irishmayo4sam

    dope, but too short... ALC !