Everclear - I Am Better Without You Lyrics

Sometimes I need your sex
Like a junkie needs a hard drug
We are poison to each other
We are like opposites attract on crack
Sometimes you hit me in my sleep
We are poison to each other
We will never be friends
We are that movie that never ends

You call my house
Wasted late at night
You wanna come over and get in my bed
Maybe you just wanna fight

Please, please, please baby
Leave me alone
I know you blame me
For a not-so-happy home
I cheated on you
You cheated on me
We will never be happy
Until we see each other toothless
Crazy and living on the streets

You call my name
I kind of lose my mind
I just can't help myself
You are my favorite waste of time
You call my name
That crazy pain only you can do
The voice inside it tells me
I'm better without you

I am better without you
I am better without the shame
Yeah the only thing
I never had sex with you
The voice inside it tells me
You are better without me too

I will never admit it to myself
I will never admit it to you

When I hear your name
It takes me back to the day we met
Didn't have to try so hard
Yeah nothing to forget
I hear your name
I think about the changes we refuse to see
Or the fact that I don't like you
And you don't like me

You call my name
I lose my fucking mind
I kissed my daughter good night
I drive to your house and I set myself on fire
You call my name
That crazy pain only you can do
I will gladly take the blame
If it will make you go away
I know I'm not the only one
That feels this way

My cat doesn't like you
She thinks I'm better without you
Your boyfriend says I'm awesome
He says I'm better without you
All my friends in New York City jail
Tell me, I am better without
All the games you play
I am better without you

I am better without you
I am better without the shame
And your friends believe in all
The stupid things you say
I am better without the drama
I am better without you
I am better without you
I am better without all the hate

I don't wanna see your face and
You don't wanna hear my name
We will meet again some day
We will stand there face to face
You will smile at me, I'll smile at you
And we will turn and walk away

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Everclear I Am Better Without You Comments
  1. lisaann1213

    Hahahahaha how dysfunctional is it that both the cat and the ex's NEW BOYFRIEND like him better?!? Only in America I guess.

  2. Jim Zorn

    Allison i miss u everyday life is so boaring with out you just cant


    7 people realised their cat didnt like them.

  4. KCon

    sounds like all the their other crap. their good stuff never was on radio

  5. Chris Pennock

    Got my divorce settlement conference tomorrow. I want to walk in there playing this or 'Hater'

  6. henry lacruz

    dude by my calculations he has had way to many girl friends his music is therapy man wow.

  7. Emma spaz

    everyone has that person

  8. Nikki Corona

    Resonates so hard right now.

  9. ron potter

    My cat doesnt like you!
    Always listen to
    your furry friends!!

    dana potter

    Kick ass

    Patty Duenas

    Hey Ron Your Wife CALLED and she is waiting. For Maria.See ya soon.The Dutch

  10. GLABB69

    Love them. Over her.

  11. ZakkandtheJ

    I uploaded So Much For The Afterglow. You can see if it still works.

  12. Gilbert Rogus


  13. Lilly La Fon

    I lov everclear! they keep the essence of their sound

  14. stickycube1

    amen brother/sister, amen

  15. pyoumans36

    So many great lyrics in one song. "You call my name....I lose my f*cking mind....I kiss my daughter good night, I drive to your house and I set myself on fire"...probably my favorite. Great song.

    Henry Lacruz

    pyoumans36 pretty much if have cheated on as many woman as art has dated/fucked yeah art you are so fucking cool. how about filing for bankruphy and three failed marriages. write a song about that king douche or how band members can't stand you. every album he loses people yeah he must be as much fun on the road as chewing on glass.; )

  16. loganrising

    i love everclear . every album feels like a sound track to my next or recent experience in life....it gets frustrating waiting in between the albums so i can play them contemplate what im going through with musical accompaniment lol

  17. DeusExDMX

    Ever think about laying off the hyperbole?

    Henry Lacruz

    DeusExDMX every think about playing in traffic?

  18. David Clarke

    me and my ex girlfriend lol

  19. Patrick Chavez

    I think this is an awesome Everclear song been a fan since I was 14 years old that was 15 years ago

  20. Chaston Baird

    Well how old are you now?

  21. BrainzFreek

    Everclear will always for eternity and forever and ever be the best band. No other bands especially today's bands can ever compare. Why couldn't I have been a teen in the days when music was good????? I love 90s bands!!!!!!!!

    Henry Lacruz

    BrainzFreek they suck they are an after thought pearl jam is bettr, the shashing pumpkins are better, weezer, i.e anybody even mm is better. art is a loser nobody cares about his music.

  22. Tyler Birth

    "I kiss my daughter goodnight, I drive to your house and I set myself on fire."

  23. Guba

    the drums not the same man.. something missing~!.. ughhh~~