Eve - All Night Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Eve:]
Soon as I walked in I caught his eye
Grabbed me and said he wanna be mine
Told him to hold up and take his time
There's a lot of dudes waitin', so get in line
So listen to me, I’m not a regular bird
Gotta be special to see my world
What you gonna do to give me thrills
To get with E V E you gotta have skills
So if you want it, come and get it
Go, I’ll show you things you never saw
I can get you tickets front row to my peep show
Can be like an animal, really can you handle, though
Need to see that you can have it all

All I need is a beat like this
And I lose my mind
All I need is a girl like you
We can go all night
All I need is a beat like this
And I lose my mind
All I need is a girl like you
We can go all night
All night, all night
All night, all night

[Verse 2 - Eve:]
You ain’t ready for this boy, you know you scared
It takes a lot to make the sexy kitty purr
No cheap thrills over here, fuck what you heard
Have you geekin' like Screech, nerd
Rude boy, why you sweatin' me
You can’t even handle me
Man you need to stop
Can’t you see I’m outta your league
To impress me you gotta have caliber
Put some precision in your swing, Excalibur
I done gone pro, you still a amateur
You could test it out, but boy you’ll damage her
Back to the drawing board, you gotta get your swag up
You in love baby boy, man up


[Verse 3 - Propain:]
Shawty say it real fast, that’s how she want it
I told her I’m from Houston, understand we do it slowly
I said her eggs was a'snaking and she wish she never known that
I hate to break the bad news, but baby I pack the cobra
Shots of Henny and soda, man we twist it and roll it
From the door to the sofa, she scream my name like promoters
She tell me that I’m the hottest
I said correction, the coldest
I be in it all night, she wake up makin' mimosas
Gotta her caught in the feelings, textin' and Twitter mentions
She givin' me up her heart, gonna be credit cards in a minute
You are rockin' with the trillest, trillest you ever witnessed
I swear the first time I hit it, you went in and get addicted


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