Eva Cassidy - You've Changed Lyrics

You've changed
That sparkle in your eyes is gone
Your smile is just a careless yawn
It's all over now
You've changed

You've changed
Your kiss is now are so blase
You're bored with me in every way
You're breaking my heart
You've changed

You've forgotten the words
I love you
Each memory that we've shared
You ignore every star above you
I can't realise that you ever cared

You've changed
You're not the angel I once knew
No need to tell me that we're through
It's all over now
You've changed

You've forgotten the words
I love you
Each memory that we've shared
You ignore every star above you
I can't realise that you ever cared

You've changed
That sparkle in your eyes is gone
Your smile is just a careless yawn
It's all over now
You've changed

Yeas It's over now
You've changed

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Eva Cassidy You've Changed Comments
  1. Don Strasbaugh

    I love everything she does. This one is truly one of her greatest. A true treasure. I don’t mean to make light of this but it’s just Eva breathing. No tricks. No additional effort. Just Eva breathing. Wow! She is just the single greatest courier of song to ever deliver to us. Pure heaven. I wish I could’ve experienced her wonder in person but I didn’t get to. Thankfully we have the recordings. What a blessing. Thank you so much Eva! Thank you so much.

  2. Pham Son

    that Jazz with that voice HEAVENLY

  3. mariadenise1965

    I only discovered Eva Cassidy recently when she showed up as a recommendation in my feed. The song was Autumn Leaves and once I listened, I was hooked and changed forever. I then listened to her rendition of Over the Rainbow. My God...the angelic pureness of her voice, her ability to give each song new life and make them uniquely her own. She can touch my soul in a way no other singer can. What a shame that she was taken from us so young. I picture her in heaven with her guitar, sweetly singing, with the angels all sitting around her in pure rapture.

  4. Davebow Hol

    When EVA passed I know , SECRETLY a few female artists were relieved ..............! Everytime I hear HER ...............I get this SAD SAD Feeling. Oh My...............!

  5. ahoi hedviggen

    yup. you have changed.

  6. Cynthia Corcoran

    ALAMATER (can be only be one in the same his century)

  7. James 0

    What more can be said about this beautiful person ,that hasn't been said over and overR.I.P. EVA YOU AND YOUR TALENT ARE GREATLY MISSED .J DEUCE RNR TORONTO CANADA

  8. retractedwan

    Hundreds of thousands dead and you expect me to stay sane and normal? Outrages like that DOES change people.

  9. retractedwan

    Take a legally defined individual whom is classed as severely mentally impaired then put devils in his brain torture him sleep deprive and subject me to the murderous idiocy of lunatics and expect me to exist as a shining beacon of light. I can't even watch TV ffs. I've held the fort for circa 10 years. Where the fuck is the cavalry? Get the fuck of the island as I'm fucking cannon fonder.

  10. Tremendous Sax

    I knew this song from Dexter Gordon's remarkable instrumental version of it. Eva takes it to another level with the vocal. This song has some serious power. Overwhelmingly beautiful stuff here

  11. wikedwhich1

    And this is 6 months before realising that the cancer had come back

  12. A'Doris A

    I am a jazz purest, so I of course PREFER Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday's versions of this song. But this is very well done. I actually enjoy her voice and tone. I can tell that you listen to a lot of SISTAS (black singers) because you are appropriating our intonation, but all I can say is; well done Ms. Eva.

  13. M.J. Leger

    She errs a bit on the initial lyrics, but the beauty of her voice, her inflection and emotion in her voice brings me back to hear her again, such a beautiful talent, taken from us too soon!
    (Intro): "I've an awful feeling that this thought that's been a-stealing through my brain is not to be ignored, But to really tell the truth though I'm not a well-known sleuth, I honestly believe that you are bored,
    You've changed, that sparkle in your eye is gone, your smile is just a careless yawn, you're breaking my heart, you've changed,
    You've changed, you're kisses now are so blasè, you're bored with me in every way, I can't understand, you've changed,
    (Bridge:) You've forgotten the words "I love you" and each memory that we've shared, you ignore every star above you, I can't realize you've ever cared,
    You've changed, you're not the angel I once knew, no need to tell me that we're through, it's all over now, you've changed,"

  14. Donna677

    She was so very special.....gosh I wish she was still with us! Amazing voice and control.

  15. Candice Cattles

    So happy l found her she is wonderful gone to soon R~I~P miss U

  16. Perry Weiner

    Yes, she sings it well. But let us not forget, the song belongs to Billie...

  17. Sample Owner

    She was terrific. It's was sad that she died so young.

  18. joe payne

    Sarah and Eva do this song the best

  19. Allan Payne

    Sultry - right out of the 40's. Tony Bennett has been doing duets with a variety of female singers. She and he would have been a perfect "combo" together. Wish he could find out about her and do a duet with her posthumously.

  20. discoveryman59

    Very few singers would ever go to the places Eva Cassidy did in this video vocally, even in the studio let alone live. Singing to her seem to be like breathing to us mortals.

  21. Art Of Sound And Vision

    You give me wings to fly.... Thank you..

  22. TheMandysings

    What an absolute talent she was. Flawless. Timeless. Fabulous. 🙏🏻

  23. Johnny B Good

    I bet there wasn't an empty seat in that club xxxxx


    PURE CLASS !!!! WOW !💋

  25. john whipp

    So so sad

  26. Angela SQ

    The BEST.

  27. Fernando Piñón

    Cuando canta Eva Cassidy, con esa pasión, esa magia y esa concentración , para mí se para el mundo y no hay nada más bello y emocionante que escucharla. Suerte para los que los la disfrutaron en directo y pudieron conocerla.

  28. Алмат Агманов

    I got goosebumps like a fist? This is normal?

  29. Marianne Dressler


  30. Charlotte Skiftun

    Thee most magnificent voice ever.....pure platinum....rare....gone far to soon....

  31. Ian Burry

    It's not just sbout having the vocal ability to sing these songs...it's also having the balls to stand up in front of however many people are there at the time and deliver ....not too many people have it....Eva was one of them

  32. Paula Barnes

    I sometimes sit and listen to her music and relive the good and bad of my life. She is so captivating.

  33. Jeff A

    God, I love this song. I've been listening to it several times a day. Eva's singing was perfectly inlined with the human spirit. She's timeless.


    The finest female vocalist in my lifetime. Awesome

  35. Cindy Jones

    You chanced so much you don’t care what happens to us.

  36. connie tolentino

    So sad that in less than a year she would be gone!!!!

  37. M.J. Leger

    An incredibly beautiful song, sung by such a lovely, talented lady! This is a favorite song of mine and her version sends shivers down my back, it's so touching! I would have loved to hear Eva in person, -- such a "wow" artist, you have to forgive her for skewing the lyrics!

  38. francis mcdowell

    I keep listening to this and each time it's different. Precise, delicate and

  39. Joe Bangs

    ...pure...power....control....straight to the heart...

  40. Silvan FSilva

    Simplesmente incrível!! Maravilhoso. 💘💚

  41. Roberto Pereira Simões

    Um anjo que voltou para o céu

  42. Ray W.

    For me, it goes beyond the obvious beauty of her voice, the impeccable phrasing, her unequaled ability to re-interpret the most well known standards making them breath new life thus making them her own (yes, very possibly surpassing Frank) and her clear cut commitment to the songs and those who gave them birth . For me, it's the words and emotions inspired by the thousands who've written posts on each of her Youtube videos. They alone are an inspiration, moving real time tributes to a young woman, who in my opinion was the greatest female singer of all time.

  43. Stephen Quinn

    Timeless. Never heard this song- by Eva or anyone else- but anyone above the age of 12 can testify to the truth of her singing. A heart once broken, never again quite heals.

  44. Cindy Jones

    She just was so great like her jazz

  45. Cindy Jones

    She is amazing wow

  46. Cindy Jones

    You have changed I don’t know you from the love of you.

  47. foneeshun

    OMG she was so amazing. She had the potential to be a great american treasure. RIP sweet angel

    Ian Burry

    She HAD the potential to be a great American treasure...she IS a great American treasure but the music industry will not acknowledge that because she is dead..e.g...dead ..no money..she will be remembered long after some of the so called stars of today are just a very distant memory. It's not the music industry that will remember her though..it will be those people that love music and recognise a truly great artiste when they hear one..

  48. redguitar12

    Unbelievable ... so great.

  49. Lo Lo

    Heavenley Eva Cassidy...
    It doesnt get any better than this...
    Ure voice will live forever

  50. Mark Anthony

    Wow! 03/01/96 Alley jazz club. Was one a hell of a gig. Damn I missed that one.

  51. Allan Brooks

    I can hear in her voice some licks that sound a lot like licks Nancy Wilson would do. Super voice!

  52. Oh Lordy

    The heart and soul of a jazz singer right here....

  53. Cali Craig

    Eva did this Gig while suffering from Terminal Cancer. She died 10 months later.

  54. Apollo Reinard

    Looking forward to the resurrection. Jah's songbird.

    Robert Befumo

    I wish I could be there, but I blew it.

  55. billyblais


  56. Nicky Depaola

    I LOVE THIS WOMAN !! We were both born in 1963, she was a once in a lifetime talent !! ( We were just 33 when she passed in 1996) ..I am now 56 and will always turn on the " kids " of today, letting them know who Eva is !

  57. David Scott

    this lady could sing anything....
    best in the business

  58. M.J. Leger

    I"m back to hear my favorite version of this great old song, Eva Cassidy pretty much owns this song, her interpretation of it is just incredible, it shows off her remarkable range, and unforgettable talent. We miss her. She had so much to give and left us far, far too soon. RIP, EC.

  59. Richard Wallace

    Lovely, sad that she was taken so early—miss her bunches!

  60. Paul Blankenship

    What kind of toad headed SOB would give this a thumbs down? This is musical perfection.

  61. Davebow Hol

    "Thumbs Down" REALLY? Is that a JOKE?????? Please stop listening to ALL forms of MUSIC................................! You are all IDIOTS .

  62. Susan Rayat

    Beautiful ❤

  63. Nico Oyarsa


  64. Tom

    I'm gonna say this is the most extraordinary vocal I've ever seen and heard. Simply amazing.

  65. shihlin1

    Probably the best version since Billie Holiday‘s. Eva is prob the only artist to make you wonder: "Gee, I didn‘t realize it could be sung that way !"

  66. Ken k

    Wow definitely gone to soon

  67. JAZZLlFE

    I never heard of her until now (Jan 2019) ...was blown away by her voice and shocked at her passing.
    What a talent and what a loss. She was amazing!

  68. Julie X

    This was the first song that introduced me to Eva Cassidy back in 2014 on an instrumental easy listening radio station in Northern Colorado and I am just grateful that she left us an impressive catalog of her music. Thank goodness🙂. Great talented impressive natural singing voice! Gone but not forgotten!

  69. Bryan Taulbee


  70. Al Berke

    Right up there with Aretha!

  71. Tricia Hunter

    You that disliked Eva your either tone deaf or clueless

  72. Ian Burry

    Through the wonderful medium that is YouTube I have listened to all the acknowledged great versions of this song. They are all of their time and it's beyond me to judge them. I can say that Eva Cassidg's version has a place among them.

  73. Judy S.

    Her diction =, so right!

  74. Jacqueline Paul

    If it gets any better than this ..I'd like to see it...just shit hot all the way through....and the band..superb

  75. Ian Burry

    I much prefer her live performances to her studio recorded stuff. The essence of her seems to be lost in the editing room. I firmly believe that money never motivated her..she just loved to sing and wanted to share her love of music with everyone

  76. Andrew Ongais

    STUDIO HOST: "And now, 4 minutes and 43 seconds of heaven."

  77. Sunspot Dawn

    Your smile is just a careless yawn.

  78. L L

    Lovely, thanks.

  79. Mario Tulio

    I can not stop thanking you for having been amongst us. RIP.

  80. Court ney

    She's a master of voice. And that pianist😍😍

  81. Court ney

    Ahhhh! I thought I'd heard all her songs already and then this one pops up!

  82. Robert Nall

    Just an unbelievable singing star and one that would have become very famous had she lived longer!   God Bless Eva!

  83. Zanky Watanabe

    This song broke mah heart.

  84. Ramaz Khatiashvili

    My God! What a performance!

  85. MrMahlerman

    f-ing she really did that! Amazing and so very wonderful.

  86. Clinical-labo Mikage Kazu-chan

    なんという素晴らしい歌声、歌唱力! 彼女の声がもう生では聴けないのは寂しい限りです。
    この歌は彼女が皮膚癌で亡くなる年、わずか10ヶ月前のライブのものです。 おそらく体調は思わしくなかったであろうに・・・



  87. Mark Stewart

    For me this is the best version and voice I've heard. Listen to this with your eyes closed, it's amazing.

  88. V Bear

    This was perfectly sung!

  89. Luis Fraire

    Oh my god ! Never heard something like this !

  90. Miguel Perez

    A shining star !! Who leaves a stella of light for many years to come.

  91. John Kittlesen

    Love you Eva

  92. Jerry Mariano

    Amazing! You are so missed.

  93. Susan Kande Sings Hindi Classics

    Pure awesomeness! 💐 💜 💖

  94. Barbara Baldwin

    Sings in Heaven now. How lucky they are!

  95. kathleenb1947

    Maybe my favorite Eva. Not that I compare or choose but it IS a favorite. Reminds me of a Leonard Cohen poem, Annie. "With Annie gone, who's eyes to compare with the morning sun. Not that I did compare, but I do, now that's she's gone."

  96. john lennox

    RIP Jazz Stylist !

  97. Leon Erin

    " I would liked to have known you Eva but your candle burned out long before your legend ever did ".Thanks for your voice and music . Rest in peace