Europe - Yesterday's News Lyrics

Hey, hey,
Mmmm, I got somethin' to tell ya'...
Got a story 'bout it...

I'm catching a fast train,
Soon I'll be long, long gone
And I shoot through the night like a
Bullet from a loaded gun

They've been tryin to use me, lie and abuse me
They've been tryin to break me, no one can take me
No way

Now I'm way down
I'm so down I'm readin' yesterdays news

I woke up this morning, leavin' on my mind
And I said to myself, I ain't gonna waste my time
I need someone to save me, love and embrace me
They've been tryin to get me, trying to set me up
Bad luck

Now I'm way down...

But I got time on my hands,
I know what I'll do
One day babe I know I'll come through
Cause I know in my heart, how it feels to be sad
From the pain that I suffer, and the price that I pay

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Europe Yesterday's News Comments
  1. maxi rodriguez

    huuuuffffffff!!!!!! exelente!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ragin' Ronic

    Some corrections here, FaxekondiFFS....the line you typed here that reads 'I got time on my head' is actually 'I got time on my hands', 'One made bed' is actually 'One day, babe', and 'And the crush that I'll pay' is actually 'And the price that I pay'. Plus, the 'From' in what you have displayed here as 'From the pain that I suffer' is actually 'For'. So, I'm hoping you'll make the changes in the displayed lyrics here. Okay, Fax? =)

  3. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietne zdjecie zespolu europe

  4. Raymond Kapitan

    The best jamming ever from a europian band

  5. jaimeres

    Too bad they ripped off the riff from No Release from Rainbow. Maybe that’s why it’s a pretty good song.

  6. dado zele

    pure robbery of riff (no release - Rainbow!!!!)

    mercedes vázquez martín

    Even though the riff is exactly the same, I don't think it was intentional. They've always said Rainbow was one of their favourite bands and their influence is very clear in a lot of songs, especially this one. I guess the riff got stuck into J. Leven's head

  7. Brian Meyers

    Great song

  8. Alonso Ortega

    Too bad it's a rip off from Rainbow's No release

  9. Ryan's vlogging it

    kee Marcello was a great guitarist he fit the bands music style wrote like journeyish songs ootw was there best albums 1988 was great

  10. dbtrbnd

    The riff sounds just like Rainbow's "No release"...ouch

    Fast Horse

    They said that this is Levéns riff. I don't know if he has stolen this from rainbow or it's the same thing what came out of his head. I don't know what is the truth but my love is so strong to Europe (:

  11. LioMessiel10

    for me this is the best hard rock song ever

  12. oscarcr80

    This song is Guns N´Roses 100%.

    Jovi Bootlegs

    Europe was formed long before guns

  13. juan ignacio sugo

    yahoooo,a classic

    Ignacio Natale

    @juan ignacio sugo virgen

  14. Cristian Martinez

    This song caught me "way down" love it! XD

  15. NotOrdinaryInGames

    Gotta love old school mastering.

  16. Synthpopfreak

    they go all out on this track !!! Sometimes I play this track to boost my morale and spirit !!

  17. ladymalcomfraser

    One of my favourite songs !.

  18. Ben55607

    Yeah i agree, its definitely Kee - even without studying the scales it is obviously his style

  19. Julio Angelo

    its not john norum whos playing it its kee marcello i studied a lot about kee and norum i know norums or kees pentatonic scale dont be angry i just said the truth

  20. yeotao

    3.22 : Michaeli became John

  21. zimohhh

    Sono andati a Roma nel LLAE (Last Look At Eden) tour a gennaio 2010. Col nuovo album non so se tornano a Roma, ma per ora so che vanno a Firenze e Milano.

    Simone D'Angelo

    Alla data di Roma c'ero, la prima volta che li ho visti dal vivo. Sono andato a vederli anche nel 2016, sempre a Roma, per le celebrazioni del trentennale di "The final countdown". Eseguirono tutto l'ultimo album (album all'ora era "War of kings") e poi tutto "The final countdown"... concertone!!! 🤘🤘🤘🔝🔝🔝❤❤❤

  22. Tiago Pinto

    I never thought Michaeli one excepcional keyboard player, but he simpply ROCKS in this music...

  23. Katie Shonebarger

    i like this song 2.

  24. Daniel

    I feel sory for the replay button :P

  25. Craig Beto

    1 person is reading yesterdays news...

  26. Jonas Brodin

    @vesslan00 SVERIGE FTW!

  27. horse mango phillips III

    @impellitarian fuck you, if you say that then nearly every 80's rock song has a stolen riff, now fuck off

  28. fificaramelo

    very good...........

  29. Rose Hannah


  30. Viktor Palmkvist

    the solos are just asskicking

  31. Smokeweed D Bear

    After all these years these are still a very underated rock band

  32. AuroraOfRhye

    Hell of a song!!! One the best rockin' ones by Europe! :)

  33. Lorenzo Fiutem

    Very Very Good!!!!

  34. vesslan

    1. metallica 2. europe 3. disturbed4.slipknot 5 iron maiden 6. mustasch

  35. vesslan

    europe are from sweden!!!!!!! me2

  36. Tresha7

    great song

  37. Stefffanos

    I agree with Kalia from Cy ;).